Sunday, May 2, 2010

The All Survivor Tribes

In the spirit of the NFL's ALL Pro Team or Major League Baseball's All Stars, I decided to go back through all 20 seasons of Survivor and come up with a true Survivor All Pro Tribe for each gender. Tribes are only 8 deep as this is truly a select group. In order to get in, player must have shown true All Pro ability. Player doesn't have to be a winner but must have shown the skill to be a master at challenges, scheming, game play etc. Here is what I came up with.

MEN'S Tribe

Richard Hatch: The original and the best player ever hands down in my book. Wrote the concrete blue print on how to scheme, build alliances, and most importantly (listen up Russell) how win over a jury despite this.

Russell Hantz: Not a winner which will always hurt his legacy. Sure one argument is he got royally screwed and was a victim of a bitter jury in S19 but the other argument would be that he failed where Hatch succeeded in winning them over despite the harsh game play. Still he deserves props for always finding unique ways to survivor and being the hidden idol king.

Boston Rob: Like Russell, was a victim of a bitter jury in All Stars. But hey he made out just fine as that million dollar check ended up in his bank account anyway and he also won the love of Amber. Rob truly is the biggest challenge warrior in Survivor history and the way he re-made his image in H VS V truly was remarkable. This from someone who hated his guts as much as I currently hate Russell but who converted me to a fan this season.

Rupert Boneham: Rupert deserves a spot on the tribe as the most likable player in history (who has a million dollar check to prove it) along with being one of the strongest ever. He ranked right up with Richard Hatch in providing fish for the team and he memorably outdueled the ripped Osten in Pearl Islands in the strength challenge. Only demerit is the lack of scheming skill.

Rob Cesternino: I couldn't stand Rob in both is seasons but the man did wonderous work in the Amazon. On a tribe of all men from the start, Rob was the weakest link physically but the most skilled in deception and game play. Would have won for sure if he made the finals but he lasted to the final three and began the first line of notable liars who used open BS to get further in the game (Jon Dalton, Hantz etc.).

Colby Donaldson: You got to includer Colby for the simple reason that he was so incredibly dominant in Australia. Sure he blew a sure win at the end by keeping Tina and not Keith but those are the breaks. I admire the gamble. Colby is one of the best challenge performers ever and despite producing a dud in All Stars, he still finds himself alive with 8 people to go in H VS V. Also one of the most liked players of all time.

Todd Herzog: Got to give Todd his props as he hands down was the weakest male player physically to ever win the gamein China. A true thinker through and through, Todd took a page out of Rob C's book and lied his way to the end. Despite burning bridges, Todd earned the jury's respect which guarantee's him infamy.

Tom Westman: Another champ loved by all like Colby, Tom was the guy who everyone liked that combined with his skill in the challenges made him a total package. It looked like age caught up with him in H VS V but Tom still won 5 individual challenges over the age of 40 which is quite an accomplishment.


Parvati Shallow: The last name is perfect for her but the girl has got some serious skill both in challenges and in scheming. She wrote the book on using sex appeal to get ahead and also put her stamp in challenges by winning a number of immunity necklaces. A triathlon at home, Parvati truly is the total package when it comes to female players: beauty, athletic, and a mind for the game. Number two all time in my book and if she wins H VS H, number one is hers.

Sandra Diaz: Many feel her win in Pearl Islands was a fluke but I beg to differ. Sandra always made sure she was on the right side of the vote and she is using her scheming skills overtime in H VS V to overcome some long odds of staying in the game once ally Rob was booted off the tribe. Just like Parvati, Sandra would have to be considered the best ever if she wins H VS V as the only two time winner in history. The woman is legit people.

Stephenie LaGrossa: Stephenie elicits a mixed bag from people but I firmly endorse her candidacy. Quite possibly the most athletic female ever, Stephenie had some horrible luck in her seasons from being on the worst performing tribe ever in Palau to getting caught in a numbers crunch in H VS V. Bottom line is that Stephenie proved her worth in challenges and as someone who could think the game.

Tina Wesson: This tough mom showed her stuff in Australia and took home a million bucks that you could argue she deserved. Despite her outward homebody appearance, Tina had a strategic side that helped her to the end of the game. Took one for the team when she stepped down for Keith to win the endurance challenge and get a leg up on Kucha.

Danielle DiLorenzo: Although I cant stand her personality, Danielle is a proven commodity having made the finals of Panama and doing another solid job in H VS V. She doesn't back down from anyone as her battle with Russell a few episodes ago could attest. She also is a very good athlete who was a college sprinter and soccer player.

Kelly Wigglesworth: Its a shame that Kelly hasnt ever mdae it back to Survivor as he played a very solid game in Borneo. Although many will say she rode Richard's coattails, Kelly went crazy in winning immunity toward the end of the game that she warrants a spot here. She also never received a vote along the way and was within one vote of taking the money.

Amber Mariano: The only reason I have her on here is because she won All Stars. Nothing more or nothing less. She rode her husband all the way (and than really rode him after the game...sorry I couldn't resist) and clearly benefited from the treachery he caused. She outlasted the rest of the All Stars however so she makes the cut.

Amanda Kimmell: Last but not least is Amanda. Anyone who makes the end of Survivor the first two times they play deserves a spot. Amanda was more strategic than she gets credit for and she always had a plan. If only she was not such a bust at final tribal councils.

So there you have it. The men were much easier to fill out than the women. Who do you think I left off? Anyone on here that doesn't belong? Let's hear it.

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