Friday, May 7, 2010

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: RE: Dumbest Move Ever Vote

As mentioned here hot off the presses this afternoon, on the finale of H VS V on May 16 Jeff Probst will announce the award for the Dumbest Move In Survivor History. No doubt the idea was spawned after JT stupidly handed an idol to Russell a few episodes ago but without further adieu here are the five nominees will voting ending the day of reunion show.

1. Colby choosing Tina to go to the finals of Survivor Australia instead of Keith thus costing him a sure million bucks. This has been much discussed on here as I firmly believed he blew it although he had noble thoughts in mind.

2. James Clement holding onto two hidden immunity idols that he never played when voted out of Survivor China.

3. Erik handing over his immunity necklace during a late tribal council in Micronesia and thus immediately sealing his fate at that very eviction ceremony.

4. JT handed the idol to Russell.

5. Tyson blowing the split vote for Russell and Parvati by changing his vote at the last second to Parvati and thus ruining the plan and getting himself sent home.

These are all no doubt the five dumbest moves in Survivor history. I would shocked if JT didnt win this award as its the most recent and most talked about. As far as how I would rank them:

Dumbest: JT giving idol to Russell.
2. Tyson blowing the Parvati vote.
3. James not playing his two idols.
4. Erik giving away his immunity necklace.
5. Colby choosing Tina instead of Keith.

I placed a poll up so we can have our own vote and see how it shakes out before the reunion.

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