Monday, May 24, 2010

Jeff Probst On "Lost"

Funny stuff on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night as he devoted one hour to the season finale of Lost which ended its run after six great years. In order to add hype to the show, Kimmel stated how there would be three alternate endings to how Lost ended. Kimmel being Kimmel, the three alternate endings were parodies based on other famous television shows with one of them being Survivor.

The scene began with the main characters of Lost sitting around a fire discussing things that took place on the island recently. At that moment Jeff Probst walks in and goes up to Sayid (to those who dont watch Lost, Sayid is the former Iraqi military office) and says "Sayid the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go." After a look of disbelief Sayid is shown during his "Final Words" scene lamenting how he just got kicked off the show because of Jeff *&(^%* Probst. Good stuff all around and you can see that Probst has some good acting skills for stints such as these.

Did anyone else catch this? What did you think?

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