Thursday, May 27, 2010

Coach Voted Most Annoying Reality Show Personality

WFMZ-TV conducted a poll recently asking responders "Who is the most annoying reality show contestant of all time?" And Survivor's own Coach Ben Wade took the top honor when the results were posted on their web site last night. Rounding out the top five were:

2. Rob Campos: For Love Or Money
3. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag-The Hills
4. Barbara Gates-Trading Spouses
5. Carnie Wilson: Carnie Unstapled

Now I know nothing about Rob Campos, Barbara Gates, and Carnie Wilson (other than that she was in that three person female band years ago). I do however feel that Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag deserve the top spot and I am basing this on only approximately 2.5 minutes I caught of the Hills recently when the two of them were arguing with a think Heidi's sister about something only people on that show could argue about. Those two are truly nauseating and are a complete joke to television.

I actually dont think Coach deserves this honor. I suggest those who dislike him or call him a nut job to watch the recently released videos posted on the CBS Survivor web site covering the ousted contestants from Heroes VS Villains at Ponderosa (which is the resort the jury members are taken to when they are voted out). Coach was incredibly entertaining and down to earth in these videos and on more than one occasions Courtney, Rupert, Amanda, etc. note how cool Coach is and that he is not what he is made out to be on TV. Sure Coach can get a little loopy during the game itself but everyone reacts to the harsh conditions in different ways. Overall I think he is a good guy who is painted in a harsh light.

What do you all think? Did Coach deserve the top spot or did somebody else? And who are the other contestants that I have no clue who they are? What is their story?

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