Monday, May 17, 2010

Heroes VS Villains Totally Got Spoiled

As I have stated too many times to count, this is a spoiler free site and I never have went out looking for them before or during a season. Why spoil the fun???? And I certainly have the means to get them and always have but I never was interested in spoiling the suspense, especially a season like the one we just completed. Many other however just cant wait and in an unprecedented level of spoiling, the entire boot list of Heroes VS Villains was released to the public online sometime last summer, a full six months before the season began. And the kicker was that the list was 100 percent accurate all the way through the winner which has never happened before to this level in Survivor history. Sure there have always been accurate leaks but never to this degree.

So the questions that I have in all this is not why would anyone want to spoil it for themselves: thats totally up to you and if you want to ruin it for yourself than thats your choice. I am wondering A: How does such a huge leak like this get out? and B. What can be done going forward to prevent this from happening again?

Strong rumors have hinted that Russell and his wife are responsible for getting the boot list out on the web with no concrete proof. The reason he is being looked at is that S19 was also spoiled with only 2 boots being off. Coincidence???? And we all know that Russell is not the most ethical person we ever met. And that brings me to how this is allowed to take place. We all know the contestants and the crew sign page after page of confidentiality agreements so clearly someone is totally dropping the ball. This falls on the producers to police this better and they have to bring down harsh justice to anyone they find out did something like this so that a strong precedent is set that this will be enforced to the highest degree.

As far as what can be done going forward to prevent this besides what I just mentioned at the end of the previous paragraph, there really cant be much more done. Survivor will never be shot LIVE due to the fact its only a 39 day cycle. So the leaks will still be unavoidable and its just up to the individual to decide whether they want to be spoiled or whether they want to be surprised. I know this critic will also fall in the latter group.

What do you think about all this? Were you among those who looked at the spoilers? Why did you do this?


  1. I've been watching Survivor since the first episode and I would never want to know the outcome prior to watching the entire season. Sure, there are times when you're dying to know what will happen the next week but, that's the fun of watching such a great show. I wasn't aware that there had even been sort of leak. I completely agree with you... CBS needs to do more to make sure that this information remains private. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Russell played a part. He clearly has no morals whatsoever.

    He drove me crazy but there were times when I could appreciate part of the way he played the game. But, watching him on the finale killed any of that for me. I've never seen a more pompous, ignorant and arrogant person in my life. Russell doesn't just need a slice of humble pie, he needs the whole pie!

    Really enjoyed your analysis of the game and I respect you for not reading or posting the spoilers. "Spoilers" is the perfect terminology because knowing all of that information before would ruin the show for me.

    I'm still surprised that ABC has allowed so many leaks that Reality Steve posts a blow by blow account on his website before the Bachelorer and/or Bachelorette's first episode is on the air!

    P.S. I'm wondering how the Sprint fan favorite votes played out... I realize that Russell won the 100K but, by how many votes? It would be interesting to know how many votes each of the top players received. I haven't been able to find that information online. Perhaps it's something you might know? Thanks so much!

  2. thanks for the comments and feedback Nancy. I will look into the count and report it here was soon as I get it if I can. I agree with you about Russell acting like a food at the reunion show. Was sour grapes and ridiculous to watch. what a loser.