Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Pirate Walks The Plank

Ahh good old Rupert. Once again he comes close but fails to close the deal. Russell burns another bridge and we are down to five as one more episode remains. You know the drill. First the recap and than the analysis. Here we go.

Things start out at the beach after tribal council as Jerri and Parvati discuss the events of Danielle being voted out. Jerri informs her it had to do with the fact Russell convinced her she was next if she didn't go along with it. The two of them reiterate the desire to get rid of Colby and Rupert as they feel it is a certainty that either one of them will win if they get to the final. The Evil One strolls over at this time and espouses on why he got rid of Danielle. He lies to Parvati and tells her Danielle was trying to vote her out and in a confessional details how he felt his game was on the line during tribal council and that he made the right choice in breaking up Parvati and Danielle.

The next morning, tree mail comes in hinting at family visits which gets everyone stoked. A cell phone is taken out with video snippets from loved ones. This leads into the reward challenge where the family members are brought in: Colby's bro, Rupert's wife, Jerri's sister, Sandra's uncle, Russell's wife (now soon to be ex-wife), and Parvati's dad. Emotions ran high as the challenge begins which centers on a race to fill up a bucket of water which is tossed from the tribe member to their loves ones which is used to raise another bucket above a line. Reward was a trip to a local tourist attraction with their loved ones. After a hotly contested battle (hot is a good word to use for Colby which I will get into later), Jerri edged Russell to win. Of course she was allowed to pick a companion couple (and later asked for a second couple which was granted). In a surprise move Jerri disses Russell and picks Parvati and Sandra and their loves one to go on the trip. The Evil One was ticked and exclaims to his wife that "she's in trouble now."

We than are taken to the reward trip which is to a series of Samoan geysers which gush water upward at different intervals. A good time was being had by all as photos were taken and laughs were shared. A picnic lunch followed and the game is discussed as the women anticipate Russell being angry. This proved to be prophetic as back at camp a pact is made between Colby, Russell, and Rupert to get rid of the girls. Russell devises the idea and swears a handshake oath to the two remaining heroes and Parvati becomes their target.

That night the girls return and Rupert annoys everyone with his sawing and snapping of wood, especially Jerri. This allows her and Russell to chat and he reaffirms his plans to keep her in tight in order to get a fourth person to make his new alliance with the guys to work. Immunity is on the dock early the next day as each of the tribe members have to simply balance two poles on the tops of their hands for as long as possible. If the pole falls than they are out of the game. 15 seconds in Colby continues his abysmal performance in challenges as he drops out with Sandra right behind. Russell was next, followed by Jerri. This leaves Parvati and Rupert as the last two for yet another challenge. And in an encore performance, Parvati outlasts the Pirate. Immunity for Parvati and the guys plan to get her out is finished. Sandra now becomes to the target by default according to Rupert.

Back at camp, Russell quickly backtracks on his deal with the guys and tells Parvati to vote out Rupert. Rupert and Sandra begin talking and she informs him that she wants Russell out. Rupert quickly rats her out to Russell and the game is on. Russell confronts Sandra and asks if she is with him or not and she quickly answers "I'm against you." Sandra and Parvati begin making jokes at Russell's expense which begins to set him off. The Evil One than decides it might be Sandra after all.

This takes us to tribal council as a rift is exposed between Rupert and Sandra. A lot of back and forth jabbering takes place and Rupert talks about how the villains are trying to posture themselves as the best villain to the watching jury. The votes are quickly cast as Sandra soon after plays the last hidden immunity idol in the game. Two votes were cast in her direction by Colby and Rupert while Rupert goes down with the other four votes. Finally after his torch was snuffed, Rupert gives the death stare to a smirking Russell as he exits the game.

Five are left: one hero and four villains. Now to the analysis as there is a ton to get to.

-First of all, the death stare that Rupert gave Russell was one of the best in Survivor history. Tom Buchannan held the title when he glared at Rob after his ouster in All Stars but this one took the prize. Should be a very fiery speech from he to the Evil One if the latter makes the finals.
-It is painfully obvious to me that for all his positives in the game, Rupert just doesn't have the people skills to do the scheming and plotting that is required to win the game. Big pluses in his legacy is that he made it to the final days in both All Star seasons but the lack of title hurts his all time rank. He is still top five in my book but is at the end of that pack.
-Russell once again has proven that he is a very flawed player. He wil never win Heroes VS Villains which I have concluded weeks ago as he once again has poisened the jury with his flip flopping and in-your-face brashness to the others. Making the plan with the guys and than quickly abandoning it was completely unnecessary and made Rupert an even bigger enemy than before. No chance of winning the game.
-As one of the first to report that Russell was served divorce papers by his wife Melanie, I thought it was telling that during the reward challenge, he didn't even kiss her hello or goodbye. Rupert was slobbering all over his lovely wife which I think any husband or wife would do after being away from their loved ones for so long. The fact that he didn't even give her a peck on the cheek tells me that there was already major trouble in that union before she came out to visit.
-Speaking of the reward challenge, I thought Colby was a complete jerk to his brother. After crying in the embrace when he first saw him, Colby than proceeds to scream and yell at him all throughout the challenge which they lost terribly. I couldn't believe how ridiculous he was. He acted like a complete asshole and he should be ashamed of himself. I understand you are competitive and want to win but he totally showed up his brother who came out a long way to see him. Totally classless. Once again another low moment in a season of lows to the washed up Texan.
-Oh yeah and one last thing on Colby: Fifteen seconds in and your once again the first out of the immunity challenge? Uhhhh yeah he totally sucks and clearly performed the worst of any player in H VS V.
-Jerri continues to play a quietly effective game that could very well pay off with a million dollars. She deserves it in my book. She made some big moves in this game that payed off.
-Sandra continues to crack me up. Loved when she gave Russell the finger right before tribal council and loved it even more when she said she was against Russell when he flat out asked her as much. She doesn't fear anyone in this game and is this close to staking her claim as the best player ever.
-Very clutch win for Parvati in the immunity challenge. She is the most athletic female to ever play the game and if she wins the whole thing, she too will claim the top spot of all time.
-Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. No doubt those lines will be replayed in Rupert's mind for quite awhile.

That's all for now. Should be a great finale on Sunday and it says here that Parvati takes it all. Colby and Russell have no shot for sure and Jerri and Sandra are right there. Let's see what happens.

Would love to hear what you all thought about last night. Post your comments below.

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