Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So things got a little interesting today as it appears somne disharmony is it at hand between the cast of Heroes VS Villains based on accusations that Parvati got some inside information about Russell's season before H VS V began. Surgar was the most outspoken on this as she out and out accused Parvati of knowing all about Russell's game play and the havoc he casued in S19. It has been strongly rumored that Parvati was in Samoa when the previous season aired and she was supposedly shown video footage of his maneuverings in ths game. Of course Parvati denied it:

“That’s ridiculous. She would do anything to keep her name in the news. She was the first person voted off and she wants to extend her 15 minutes or get her picture taken or something. No. That’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. I don’t even go to any of the Survivor events. I’m never involved in Survivor unless I’m playing the game or at the finale. So honestly, it’s just a ludicrous claim that anyone could even say that."

Whats also interesting about this was during separate exit inteviws of both Candice and Danielle, they both were asked about this rumor and both immediately responded with a "No comment." Covering up something??????

As far as Russell's take on the issue, "I didn’t even know Parvati. I’d seen her on TV. That’s all I knew about her. And in 10 days I was back on the island. I didn’t have time to take a crap! (laughing) I didn’t know Parvati. I heard that myself. That’s bull crap,” Russell said. (By the way, he also addresses his final episode comment that suggested he knew he didn’t win the game: “When you’re sitting there at Tribal, you read people. You know what’s going on. If you’re pretty good at reading people — which I am — I knew it.”)

Of course we will never know the truth about it. The producers will never admit to anything untoward such as this. My take is that I dont put anything past the producers to do something like this. If it did indeed happen, than that once again supports my theory that the producers have a strong influence on the outcome of the show. It is a plausible theory since Russell has proven to be a ratings hit and you can see a situation develop where he is "helped" in the game in order to maximize the amount of episodes he appears in. Parvati is a very strong player and would be the perfect person to hand pick for an alliance for him. Just goes to show you that anything is possible with this and thats too bad because it would be totally unfair for the other players who didnt get the head start.

What do all think??? Do you believe this accusation? Or is this just sour grapes by the others??? Write me a response.

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