Saturday, May 15, 2010

SURVIVOR UPDATE: Ethan Zohn In Cancer Remission

In a huge bit of good news, Jenna Morasca (winner Survivor Amazon) revealed recently that boyfriend and Survivor Africa winner Ethan Zohn is now in remission from stage 2Hodgkin's disease. The latest CT scan came back negative and now Ethan will get back to work on his charity as he will head to South Africa with Jenna next month and begin taping new editions of his OLN show. This is the second time Ethan has successfully beat Hodgkin's.

This is great news all around as I was really disturbed to see the condition that Ethan was in when he was portrayed in the Survivor special that aired the week before the season premiere of H VS V. One of the all time nice guys of the game and one of the most popular players ever, Ethan deserves nothing but health and happiness from this point forward. All my best to you Ethan and stay well. Hopefully we can see you on Survivor again.

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