Friday, May 7, 2010

All Time Survivor Ranks

Someone sent me an e-mail after I posted my ALL SURVIVOR TRIBES a few days ago (see below) and asked me how I would rank the 16 I wrote about in sequence. So without explanations (as I did that in the All Survivor Tribes post) here is how I see it all time.

BEST EVER: 1. Richard Hatch
2. Parvati Shallow
3. Sandra Diaz Twine
4. Russell Hantz
5. Boston Rob
6. Amanda Kimmell
7. Rupert Boneham
8. Colby Donaldson
9. Tom Westman
10. Rob Cesternino
11. Amber Mariano
12. Todd Herzog
13. Kelly Wigglesworth
14. Tina Wesson
15. Danielle DiLorenzo
16. Stephenie LaGrossa

Disagreements??? So far the only other suggestion I got was Cirie Fields which I have no problem with. She was very solid and I would have no problem bumping Stephenie for her.

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