Thursday, April 29, 2010

Amanda Finally Gets Snuffed

Why Candice? WHY???? Oh man she blew it tonight by trusting the Evil One. What is it about this guy that everyone keeps falling for his bullshit? Unbelievable. You know the drill. First the recap than the analysis.

Things starts off with Russell throwing a temper tantrum with Parvati and exclaiming how insulted he was not to be told of the hidden idol that she had played at tribal council. Thought this would be a much bigger eruption but it was pretty tame overall. Meanwhile the Rupert sums up the attitude of the heroes after the terrible defeat by claiming that he "is done."

The next day things start off with Russell chatting with Candice and doing a major sell job on how she should join up with him and go to the final stages of the game. Candice is Russell's insurance policy in case Sandra flips to the heroes tribe and grab the numbers. Smart move and very predictable. Candice of course sucks it all up as she has been desperate all game to get a foot hold into a strong alliance.

The reward challenge soon commences with a shuffle board battle between three separate random groups of tribe members. The object obviously is to get the stone as close to the target X as possible. Reward is a stay at the Robert Louis Stevensnon house and a private screening of the classic movie. In a very boring contest, Colby, Danielle, and Amanda win reward and head off for the evening.

Once at the house, they take a quick tour and than settle in for the movie. During the whole tour and into the movie watching, Amanada was intensly searching through every nook and cranny for a clue for the newly buried hidden immunity idol. Unbelievably, Danielle discovers the clue buried in the popcorn. Colby was oblivious to it all but Amanda's idol radar went off and she ran over to the other side of the room and picked up Danielle's clue. A cat fight erupts between the two as Dannielle threatens to hit her unless she gives it back. Colby quickly tell Amanda that it is Danielle's clue and in a JT worthy boneheaded move, gives the clue back to her.

Once back at the camp, Danielle tells Parvati, Jerri, and surprisingly Jerri about the clue and her and the Evil One go out for a look. Predictably, Russell finds it in two seconds while Danielle's back was turned and heads back to camp. He immediately goes over to Candice and confesses that he has the idol and shows it to her in a move aimed at building trust between the two.

At the same time as all of this, Sandra is in the process of spilling the beans to Colby and anyone who will listen about the chaos that Russell has created in the villains tribe. Soon a plan is hatched with her and the heroes to vote out Russell at first and than Parvati after they discover that he possibly could have another idol. Sandra is trying her best to pull it all together as they head to the immunity challenge. Once at the challenge, the tribe learns that they must constuct a 10 foot high tower built out of blocks. In a very boring challenge, Jerri narrowly beats Russell to claim her first ever immunity necklace.

Once back at camp, the strategizing begins as Russell instructs the others to vote out Amanda due to her resemblance to Boston Rob as a schemer. Candice claims she is down with the plan but she is than shown with Sandra and heroes confirming that they will vote out Parvati. Word is that Candice spilled the beans to Russell about the plans and she is grilled by Sandra and the heroes. She claims she is solid with the heroes and will vote with them. Colby seems unconvinced and says that if the plan doesn't work, it is her fault.

A very intense discussion than begins with Sandra and Candice regarding why it is a great idea to vote out Parvati as a means to eventually get out Russell. Candice debates with her and you can see the passions that Sandra has for voting out Parvati. Candice doesn't want to go that route however and we are left hanging as tribal council begins.

At council, Russell confirms that Sandra is the outsider in the villain five and the tensions is palpable. Rupert does most of the talking for the heroes and soon the votes are cast. In a very intense reading of the votes, Amanda goes down 6-3 as Sandra is forced to stick with the villains after not being able to convince Candice to vote with the heroes. Before the votes were read, Russell played the idol even though he didn't have to. That earned a rebuke from Parvati for wasting it. Good stuff.

Now that that is done, let's get to the good part. THE ANALYSIS:

-Candice really sucks. The heroes had it in the bag and had Sandra ready to go along but this bimbo blows it for them. Once again Russell has everything fall correctly for him. What a joke.
-Candice is so stupid and doesn't even realize how she is being used. I know the heroes didn't treat her very well and include her in things but Colby was in the same boat and still stuck with his team.
-Loved seeing Parvati give it to Russell for wasting the idol. The dickhead's instincts were off here as he incorrectly thought he was getting the votes. Crack in the armor? I wish.
-I was happy to see Jerri finally win an immunity necklace. She has put in her time and deserved it. You all know that I think her reputation as a villain is overblown but she frustrates me with her voting with Russell.
-Was I the only one who thought "threesome" when Colby won the reward with Amanda and Danielle? But continuing with the indifference he seems to have in the game, Colby showed no interest. Ummmmm....you have two hot as hell chicks sharing a bed with you. What's the problem man?????
-Watching Danielle and Amanda fight for the idol clue was an awkward bit of television. Was kind of ridiculous actually. Felt like I was watching a couple of 5-year olds.
-And what was with Amanda giving the clue back???? Are you kidding me??? Been hanging out with JT too much. This is a perfect example why Amanda will never win Survivor. She doesn't have it in her to make the right moves on her own. She needs Todd or Parvati to lead the way. She had the game in her hands and she simply handed it over to the enemy. You got to fight to the death for that clue. Nothing more or nothing less. Terrible.
-I don't know about you but I am getting sick of seeing Courtney's reactions at tribal council. Stop showing her making dumb statements after every comment. We don't care.
-Kudos to Sandra for trying to make the right move to bust up the alliance. You can't blame her for voting Amanda. Once she knew Candice wouldn't commit, she had no choice. Why incite them?
-The missed opportunities to vote out Russell reminds me of the frustration I felt during All Stars when everyone kept passing up opportunities to vote out Boston Rob or Amber. Will be too late before you know it.
-Colby looks like he is sleepwalking through the game but he showed some emotion when he won the reward challenge.
-Danielle is an idiot for telling Russell about the idol clue. And of all the people to take with you to look for it, why take the idol King? Do these people even use their noggins?

That's all I got for now. Check back for more tomorrow.

Survivor On Tonight

Full recap later on tonight! Enjoy!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Survivor Opinions

Was thinking of some of the best players ever and I have posted various points in trying to get your opinions on the matter. As far as how I feel about these debates, here is how I see it.

Best Player Ever (At This Point....Could Change Based On Who Wins H VS V)
1. Richard Hatch: Wrote the blueprint on how to win the game and toed the delicate line of playing like a jerk but getting the jury respect which is something Russell can't master.
2. Russell Hantz: Russell dominated in S19 no doubt. He badly needs the title to take the top spot however. If he wins H VS V than he moves up one.
3. Boston Rob: No one has been more entertaning than Boston's own. The Red Sox had to be thrilled with the free endorsement all these years. Should have won All Stars over his wife but was the victim of a bitter jury.

Underrated Players(non-winners)
1. Rob Cesternino-Loved the way he played in Amazon as he used his brain to pick off the alpha men in his tribe and than turn people against each other. Victim of own success in All Stars.
2. Rupert Boneham-The big guy is a tough, powerful dude who always gives max effort. Doesn't have the IT factor to win though.
3. Stephanie LaGrossa-Was a victim of the worst tribe ever in Palau but she is one tough chick.

Overrated Players
1. Amber Mariano-Hubby should have beaten her. She was a non-factor in Australia and only got into All Stars because of her looks.
2. Kelly Wigglesworth-Rode Richard Hatch the whole way.
3. Natalie White-The all time lucky winner.

Buggest Busts
1. James Clement: Had a Mr. Olympia body but was as fragile as glass. So much unfulfilled potential.
2. Ashley Massaro-WWE chick only lasted six days which was woefully short for one of the strongest women ever in the game.
3. Kel Mitchell-Beff jerkey boy could have done so much more as a former Marine.

Best Looking Female
1. Amanda Kimmel-No doubter here. She looks hot even when she is filthy.
2. Danni Boatswain-I dont know why but I always thought she was hot. Maybe its because she loves sports.
3. Danielle DiLorenzo-Odd looking boob job but the rest is top notch.

Best Looking Male

Most Hated
1. Russell Hantz: I can go all day. To save time just read any post the last three months.
2. Jon Dalton: Most infuriating player ever.
3. Rob Cesternino: Loved it when Jenna handed it to him at the final challenge.

Biggest Tools
1. Ozzy Lusthe: Porn star wannabe with that facial hair.
2. Jean Robert Bellande: Poker dude had too many eye rolling moments to count.
3. Richard Hatch: The naked thing was just creepy.

Most Likable
1. Ethan Zohn: How could you not like Ethan???? Let's hope he overcomes his health problems.
2. Rudy Boesch: The old guy we all rooted for. Best one liners in the game.
3. Roger Bingham: Close one with Bob Crowley but Roger was just a sweet old man.

Best Seasons
1. Australia
2. All Stars
3. Pearl Islands

Worst Seasons
1. Marquesas
2. Vanuatu
3. Panama

I am sure I could think of some more but thats all for now. Getting late. Check back for more soon.

Thoughts On Potential Winner

With only ten people left in Heroes VS Villains, I thought now would be a good time to break down who really has a shot to win the game or not. No odds, no rankings,...just direct analysis and a take on what most likely will happen. Without further adieu.

Colby Donaldson: I think Colby belongs on the list of potential winners. If he can somehow scramble from this point and get himself to the finals, he has a great shot as any to win. We all know the Colbster can get on a roll in winning immunity challenges and he has the likability factor working for him. The biggest factor in his favor is the feeling that he is owed one after losing a close one to Tina in Australia. I believe he deserved to win that season for sure. The only obstacle is that the likability factor could prevent him from getting there.

Rupert Boneham: I love Rupert as much as the next guy and he is definately in my top five all time. However I have to admit that Rupert just doesn't have the smarts of game play to win the game. He is stubborn with holding to dead alliances and doesn't think ahead in the game. I see nothing to suggest he will get to the end here as he has already made a score of bad moves along the way. Not going to happen.

Candice-No way Candice sniffs a victory. She could get to a final with the belief that she is an easy foe to beat with the jury but she has done nothing to deserve the million bucks. She has impressed me with her ability in challenges until the give up in last week's epiosde. No chance for her.

Amanda Kimmel-Amanda has been to two finals but go nowhere with the jury due to her terrible speeches and answers. More of the same if she gets to the end here but she doesn't have a leg to stand on now. Look elsewhere as she DEFINATELY won't win.

Russell Hantz: Many will disagree with me but there is almost NO CHANCE Russell will win the game. The clue that convinced me was the desperation he showed at the reunion show of S19 when he pathetically tried to buy the title from Natalie. This told me that he got A). Didn't sniff the final in H VS V or B). He was torn apart by the jury in the finals. You can debate whether he deserves it or not but the fact of the matter is that his actions spoke volumes at the reunion show and he knwos that was his best chance to win.

Jerri Manthey: As you all know I have defended Jerri often on here. Its not that I like her....in fact I am indifferent to her. I dont like or hate her. I have however said from the beginning that Jerri is a live long shot. I think if she got to the end of the game, she would have a chance to win due to all the time she has put into the game as a sort of lifetime achievement award. Has a shot.

Sandra Diaz-Good old Sandra. She surprised us all in Pearl Islands and is doing it again here. She has made some nice moves so far with fooling Russell into thinking Coach was after him to now plotting against him. Sandra has been here before and she seems to have respect. Put her with Colby and Jerri as having a chance to win.

Danielle Di Lorenzo: I think Danielle has a lot to offer. She is a great athlete, is very strategic, and is hot. Well I guess the third point has nothing to do with her chances but I felt it was worth noting. Anyway I don't think she is ever looked at as a threat or of deserving of the win. Her alliance with Parvati I think hurts her as she will be seen as a coattail rider. Of course coattail riders have won lately so you cant dismiss that entirely but I don't see her earning enough respect from the others to take it. Move on.

Parvati Shallow: The absolute favorite in my book. Parvati is outplaying Russell at this point in the game and she made a move for the all time books with her giving the two idols to Sandra and Jerri last week. I think her natural athletic ability will help her in challenges and I think she is one of the best schemers in the history of the game. If Parvati gets to the end, she should win. Plain and simple. She has my vote and if she becomes the first two time champ in Survivor history, than she goes down as the best player ever.

So that leaves us with the favorite Parvati and the longer shots Colby, Sandra, and Jerri. After Parvati I think next comes Sandra, than Colby, and than Jerri. If I had to guess I say Parvati with Colby the runner up.

What do you all think? Did I leave anyone out that deserves recognition as a threat to take it home????

Survivor Heroes VS Villains Extra Scene Info

Just got done watching the Survivor Heroes VS Villains extra scenes from the CBS website. Nothing major here for the most part. However here are some tidbits you might find interesting:

-Apparently there was a huge storm that nerly destroyed the shelter. The girls were all screaming and Colby, Rupert, and JT had to stand up and hold the tarp that covered the shelter down so that it didn't blow off. At one point the tarp did blow off but Rupert, Colby, JT, AND Jerri ran out in the rain and retrieved it. Rupert was very impressed that Jerri was the only girl that ran out to get it and I have always said that Jerri is a hard worker and is tough for a chick.
-Loved when Rupert called out Russell for not helping to keep the tarp from blowing away. He was the only guy hiding in the corner and not contributing.
-There seems to be major flirtations taking place with Danielle and Jerri to Colby. That Jerri is going after him is no surprise as this goes back to Australia but now Danielle is joining the fray. Apparently Danielle told Colby that she and her b-friend were on the outs to which Jerri immediately replied that she was BSing and had spoken highly of her b-friend before the merge. Girl fight for Colby???
-Russell informs how he is a gambler and plays big in blackjack.
-Rupert is a smoker back home (you think???? his voice sounds like a frog) and that apparently the heroes have been smoking banana leaves? How exactly you smoke banana leaves is beyond my grasp.
-Candice looked stupid by saying Sandra was lying in telling her that Russell is running the show for the villains. Care for a do-over with that Candice?
-Chuckled out loud when JT exclaimed that the tarp the villains brought to the camp and put on the heroes shelter made them look like white trash and that he now feels like he is at home.

That's pretty much it. Any thought on this?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What To Make Of Jerri Manthey????

When the theme for Survivor 20 was revealed that it would be heroes vs villains, one name that automatically popped into fans' minds as a lock for the latter group was Jerri Manthey. The veteran of the Australian Outback and All Stars was set to embark on a third try for the elusive million dollars. The question that I asked myself after learning she was on the villains tribe was ths: is Jerri Manthey really a villain or was she made out to be worse than really was? Let me get to my point.

In examining Jerri's history as a so-called villains in the game of Survivor, let's venture back to Australia where the title first took. The very first moments where we saw Jerri in a less than civil manner was in her exchanges with Keith Famie; the noted gourmet chef who somehow couldn't master making rice. In my opinion, Keith was a blowhard who was incredibly stubborn and annoying to listen to. So the fact that he and Jerri butted heads was not a surprise and this occured a few times throughout the game. Snippy responses to each other and sarcsm was the norm in their convos but nothing outrageous or show stopping. There have been scores of better fights in Survivor history from Alicia wagging a finger in Kimmi's face to Sandra bellowing obscenities at Jon in Pearl Islands. This was nothing like that. And just to show that Jerri was not out of order in going at Keith, the normally docile Colby went at him hard at the end of the game for wasting rice. Clearly the man had difficulty getting along with others.

Once All Stars rolled around, we got anothre dose of Jerri who started off by butting heads with Rupert about how to construct the shelter. This was when Rupert had the brainless idea of digging down into the sand in order to build the shelter which was argued strongly against by Jerri who worried about it flooding in a heavy rain. Rupert persisted however after an argument between the two and sure enough a deluge hit the beach and the shelter flooded. Jerri was right and vindicated.
Later on in the game she aligned with Lex who stabbed her in the back in his boneheaded move to save Amber for Boston Rob.

And that brings us to now with Jerri participating in H VS V and being placed on the villains tribe. So far through half the game, Jerri has had a minor run in with Parvati and turned her back on Boston Rob in a power play. Nothing more and nothing less. Also nothing controversial by any means. No blowups or rants. She has been on her best behavior so far through the game and actually has a shot at winning due to her aligning with Russell.

So in my opinion, this notion that Jerri is a villainous bitch is way overdone. There have been many much worse than her and true villains in every sense of the word. Jerri Manthey is a very intense competitor who always gives it her all in challenges which has earned my respect. I also believe she is very loyal and could be trusted. She was all set to go to the end of Australia with Amber and Colby but she was backstabbed by the latter. The same thing happened in All Stars when she was loyal to Lex until he stabbed her in the back. Now in H VS V she is going along with Russell for the time being. She never made an oath with Boston Rob so don't give me that. The one thing you can kill her on is that she can be overly dramatic such as when she went on that ridiculous rant during the reunion show on All Stars. Other than that I think Jerri has always been a solid player who deserves more respect that she gets. She is one of the all time players and I truly believe that she has a chance to win if she gets to the final three. I think people can respect her for her dilligence and the fact she keeps coming back for more. There is something to be said for that and ultimately I don't believe she is much of a villain at all.

What do you think? Is Jerri a villain and am I missing the boat? Or have the producers made her out to be something she is not?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Breaking News: Russell Hantz Arrested!!!!

Well the Evil One showed just how little class and out of control he really is as he took his act to the streets of Lafayette City, Louisiana during the Festival International and was arrested after getting into a confrontation with another partygoer. According to the police report, Hantz shoved this individual to the pavement and he was immediately cuffed and hauled off to jail where he was booked and later released. No word on if his wife bailed him out as they are rumored to be heading for a divorce. Come to think of it, partying in Mardi Gras territory without one's wife (Melanie Hantz was not there) is not a good sign for the couples prospects.

Anyways, this just goes to show you the kind of character he really is. I still can't believe so many people voted him the best player ever when he has never won the game. His bullying tactics and colorful quotes make for great TV but he is still behind Richard Hatch and is now getting passed by Parvati Shallow on the all-time totem pole.

Your thoughts on this? Is Russell's life totally spiraling out of control???? Are you surprised by this?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Parvati Shows The Evil One Whose Boss

Wow that was some episode last night. Never before were two hidden immunity idols played at the same time and the result of tribal council and the repercussion were huge (very bad for the heroes). The bottom line is that Parvati stepped up and wrested control of the game from Russell and at this point is the clear favorite to win it all. More opinions later but first the wrap.

We start off with the heroes sitting around camp with very bored looks on their faces. Apparently being together for so long has caused the tribe to become stir crazy so when Rupert and Amanda discover the merge tree mail, excitement overwhelms the group. The same sense of anticipation envelops the villains who must go to the heroes camp in order to make the merge official. Beforehand, a pow wow is held with Russell telling Danielle, Jerri, and Parvati his plan to tell the heroes that Parvati played a hidden immunity idol that resulted in Courtney being sent home. JT will also be the target at the first merged tribal council.

The plan is put into place as we see the villains marching into the heroes camp and JT expressing shock that Parvati is still in the game. A quick conclusion is drawn that she had a hidden idol and that Russell should still be trusted. The Evil One immediately kisses crazy hero butt, in particular Rupert and JT. He professes his loyalty and tops it off with saying the he swears on his kids that he is with them. JT eats it up and Russell is shown in a confessional saying how he has them hook line and sinker. Not to be denied, Sandra quickly tells Rupert about how Russell is lying to them and that he is totally in control of the women. Rupert tells this to JT and Amanda who stubbornly blow him off and call him paranoid. The big guy won't be denied in his concerns however. Meanwhile, Amanda and Parvati renew their friendship as Parvati shows her the idol that she secretly has.

Its now immunity challenge time as each of the ten members of the newly named Yin Yang tribe climb poles that they must hang onto for as long as they can. In a test of endurance and desire, Colby and Sandra drop off within seconds, followed by Russell, Rupert, Amanda, JT, and Jerri. Candice is next in a give up move, which leavaes Parvati and Danielle. A discussion ensues and Parvati decides to step down and give her the victory. This immediately catches the heroes attention which is discussed once the tribe heads back to camp. Colby and JT discuss how she must have another idol and its decided that they will now vote for either Sandra or Jerri. Amanda takes the info right to old friend Parvati and tries to throw her off by telling her the heroes are voting for her and to play the idol for herself. Parvati is all over the lie however and quickly blows Amanda off in her mind. With this knowledge in her brain, Parvati decides on making a bold move at tribal council. More on that later. As far as Russell in concerned, he decides to once again give Parvati his hidden idol which now gives her two idols to play.

As far as tribal council is concerned, Rupert lets it known that he doesn't appreciate Danielle and Parvati taking so many bananas, Russell exclaims that there is still fierce original tribal loyalties, and JT admits he feels he is being targeted. Despite his vow to vote with the heroes, Russell sticks to his original tribe and five votes are thrown JT's way. The heroes meanwhile settle on voting for Jerri and in the ultimate tribal council move of all time, Parvati pulls out her two idols and gives one each to Sandra and Jerri in order to protect as many villains as she can. So the five votes for Jerri are null and void and the five for JT are good. The former champ goes home as he salutes Russell for a job well done. The Evil One than turns to Parvati and tells her she has some explaining to do. Great stuff.

Now the moment you all have been waiting for: THE ANALYSIS:

-Parvati is definately the top dog now and The Evil One has been outdone by his "queen." I have to admit she is playing a great game once again and she is even at the top of my list of those who DESERVE to win.
-Parvati is very interesting to me as she runs and hot and cold in my mind. I think she is very trashy and her laugh sounds like fingers on a chalkboard but the girl has some serious game. I love the way she wrestled the game away from Russell. I have a poll up regarding the best player ever which Russell is winning going away. As a former winner Parvati has a leg up on Russell and she know is outplaying him. In my book, Parvati joins Richard Hatch in the all time rankings of best players ever. I think more and more people will agree going forward.
-Amanda is an idiot. You all know I think she is the hottest thing since the sun was created but her game sucks. She is so transparent and she completely bungled her talks with Parvati. She totally screwed her own tribe and now will pay big.
-JT made a terrible decision no doubt. One of the worst in Survivor history, if not the worst. To make matters worse, he continually fell for Russell's bullshit and it ruined everything for himself and his tribe. Now doubt he was awesome in Tocantins but he was terrible from the beginning of H VS V. Her played way too many alliances (James, Tom), he lied constantly, and he didn't stand out in challenges. Than the move with Russell solidified his place in the Survivor Hall of Shame.
-Kudos to Rupert who I have been hard on this time around after his stupid voting early on in the game. I lvoed Rupert in Pearl Islands and All Stars but have been dissapointed in him in H VS V. However he got back on my good side with his calling out of Russell's lies which was to no avail. He saw through the crap and should have been believed. Now unfortunately he is going to pay for that error.
-Candice wears a dunce cap this week for her give up in the immunity challenge. She has a history of excelling in this contest and she flat out threw in the towel when she looked totally at ease. She claims that Parvati and Danielle looked like they would be going for awhile (when in fact Danielle looked like she was in great pain). She could have made a big difference in winning as Danielle would have been exposed along with Russell. In other words more targets for the heroes.
-Russell is still a scumbag for swearing on his kids and lying about it. This is a huge no-no in my book and anyone with kids can understand. Guy has no class.
-Sandra is being underestimated again which I have warned against all season. She was overlooked in Pearl Islands and won a million bucks in the process. Can she go two for two?
-Colby totally hates Jerri still to this day. This is always a good side feud to keep track of.
-I think these hidden immunity idols are exciting but they are starting to get annoying. Do I hear overkill?
-Once again I get the nagging feeling of producer influence as Parvati magically gave the idols to the two people on her tribe that were mentioned as possible targets. Wouldn't it be more obvious for her to keep one for herself as she knows the heroes hate her? I'm just saying it looks fishy once again.

That's all I got for now. More updates tomorrow. I got a lot more to hit on.

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Sorry last night's recap not up yet. Has some serve issues. Check back later tonight. Boy that was a godo episode!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


A few days ago I broke news about how the 21st and 22nd editions of Survivor will take place in Nicaragua. Both of these series have officially been signed on by CBS and will begin airing this September.

I know have learned that if CBS signs off on Surivor 23 and 24, than these editions will take place in Caramon in the Phillipines. At this point it is too early to say that CBS will bring the series back for those two editions. If ratings are strong for S21 and S22, I don't see why not. The only problem is that ratings will surely drop off after Heroes VS Villains due to the lack of familiar names.

Things Are Getting Ugly With Russell and Soon To Be Ex-Wife

Came across some interesting info today. Its been an open secret that the boot lists of Survivor Heroes VS Villains has been completely spoiled and have been circulating around the Internet since last summer (this critic still hasn't seen it...NO SPOILERS HERE!!!). Since the sam thing happened in S19 (the other Russell season), it became fairly obvious that Russell or someone in his inner circle had let slip the results. Well apparently a poster by the name of missaya (forgive me if I misspelled his/her name) has been the chief spoiler on other Survivor message board sites and through it all had spoken very highly of Russell's game and how he is the best player ever. About two months ago the posts from this person suddenly stopped and within the last few days started to appear again. From what I have been told (and again I dont peruse the spoilers) is that now this individual is blasting Russell at every turn and ripping him to shreds as a person. Interesting. Could this missaya person be Russell Hantz' soon to be ex wife Melanie? Melanie....Missaya....close enough. Why the sudden change in opinion of the man????? Well since its no longer a secret that the Hantz' have begun divorce proceedings, (of which you heard it here before most sites had the info) it would make sense that Melanie Hantz would have an ax to burn nad relish the opportunity ti blast her ex-hubby.

What do you think? If this poster really Melanie Hantz? Did Russell get what he deserved in having his wife leave him????

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Plea To Producers: Get Boston Rob On Survivor Nicaragua VS Russell

How great would that be? Since its pretty much out in the open that Russell is going to be coming back a third time (most likely on Survivor 22....the second of the back-to-backs in Nicaragua), I think it would make great television for Mark Burnett and company to bring back Boston Rob once again so he can go head-to-head with the Evil One in an ultimate rematch from Heroes VS Villains. I must say that I have never seen a more intense or compelling Survivor feud that took place between Rob and Russell this season ever in the history of the show. I know for myself and many others, the battle left us wanting much more. So it would make perfect sense to bring Rob back and place he and Russell on opposite tribes to start the game. Let them pilot their respective units and show the world who is the better leader. Than if both are still around when they reach the merge, the ultimate battle will take place for bragging rights.

In fact to make it even better, Burnett should bring both of the tribes for S22 to the beach, minus Rob's spot on his tribe. Jeff will welcome Russell back and make note that one tribe is minus a member. The suspense breaks when Probst brings Rob in from the jungle, much to the dismay of Russell. Can't you just see Rob giving him the evil staredown as he walks by him??? That would be awesome television.

The reason I think a rematch would be great too is because now there will be a level playing field. Since no one on H VS V saw Russell's season, he had a major advantage in that no one knew how diabolical he was. Surely Rob and company would have booted his ass off first before he could wreak havoc. So now Rob has the book down on Russell in a rematch and may the best man win.

What do you think? Wouldn't this be an awesome season for Survivor?????

Saturday, April 17, 2010


This just in. Sources confirm that the 21st and 22nd editions of Survivor will be filmed in Nicaragua. Continuing with the theme of S19 and H VS V being filmed back-to-back in Samoa, the producers will once again due a double dip location to save money. As far as the cast for S21, they will be chosen next month and than filming will take place this summer and into the fall one right after the other. My only Q: Has Russell been studying his Nicaraguan geography? Expect to see the Evil One in S22 from what I hear.

New Preview For Next Week

JT And Sugar Sitting In The Tree?????

So apparently there was some romance that blossomed from H VS V. Not during the game of course since there is no room for that in such a cuthroat season but afterwards as it appears that JT and Sugar did the deed. I have no clue if it took place at "Eviction Lodge" (I believe only jury people stay there) but afterwards at some point. Either JT pursued her or Sugar pursued him. Either way, the sparks flew in the bedroom and neither has denied it.

My take on this?? All the power to JT although I think Sugar is easier than a game of Connect Four. And I know she is a model and all that but I don't know why. She is not attractive to me in the least. Why didn't he go after Amanda (is she still with that tool Ozzie???)? Or even Candice who is kind of cute but really annoying???

Whatever. To each his own.

Survivor Heroes VS Villains Spoiled??????

Disclaimer: Survivor Reality Show Blog is a non-spoilers site where spoilers are prohibited. I don't look for them and don't want to know them.

That being said, it appears that the boot order for H VS V was spoiled quite some time ago and spread like wildfire around the Internet. From what I have heard without hearing the results, this list has been 100 percent accurate from Sugar to Courtney and so whatever the rest of the order is, we must go with the idea that it is correct. Therein lies the problem however.

Apparently, the spoilers first went out during the summer and the strong rumor is that Russell was the one who let the cat out of the bag. Why Russell???? Apparently the same thing happened in S19 where the boot list was released early and proved to be dead on. The commom denominator in this??? The Evil One of course. Being ignorant to all of this until just recently, I have to say that this is nothing but a terrible thing for the show and certainly is the one gigantic problem that taped reality shows face. Once the leak is dripped onto the web, the surprise element and suspense goes right out the window.

In my opinion, any Survivor fan that actively looked for the boot list really did themself a disservice. What is the fun in watching the show if you know who is getting booted out? Coming from someone who has been surprised all the way through, the Tyson and Boston Rob boots went down in my memory bank as two of the greatest evictions ever on the show. Also, the desire to see Russell get voted out keeps me at the edge of my seat each and every week hoping for the day to arrive when his torch is snuffed. What's the point of doing that???? I just don't get it.

As far as Russell is concerned, if he did in fact leak all the info (and can't you just see him doing something like that????) than he should be punished by the show. I have a good source that has informed me that all contestants and crew have to sign page after page of confidentiality agreements and that if they are found to have let out information about the show, they would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If Russell did do this than the producers should throw the book at him. If nothing is done, than the floodgates will open for all contestants to do this.

The chances of him being punished however if he was guilty???? Slim to none. The reason? He is the favorite sun of Mark Burnett and company. Russell has been a godsend for the show and the ratings. It is no secret that Survivor's ratings were heading south consistently before the Evil One hit the show. His original Samoa season showed a clear spike in the numbers and H VS V has done even better. Let's face it: the man is good television an Burnett knows this. He won't burn that bridge as there are strong rumors of Russell coming back for yet a third time.

I think the whole thing is a joke and is terrible for all involved. Clearly there has been a huge failure on the part of the show to keep everyone in line and to prevent this from happening. My bit of advice to you all is to resist the temptation to look for spoilers. Enjoy the suspense and let others ruin the fun for themselves.

What do you think about all this? Is Russell at fault? If he is should be punished?????

Friday, April 16, 2010

Russell's Plan Is Hatched

One of the questions that rambled through my mind once the credits started to run last night was how Russell was going to explain to the heroes why Parvati was still in the game. As Ricky Ricardo said "Lucy you got some 'splaining to do."

Well after viewing the secret scene on thee CBS website this afternoon, the plan has been hatched. At this point Russell plans to tell the heroes that he played the idol JT gave him and at the same time Parvati played a secret idol that she had (of course we know she does in fact have a real idol) and once he got wind she was going to play it, he blindsided Courtney. So there you have it. But what about Sandra???? Of course she won't stand by and let this lie slip by. Russell however has a plan for that too (when does this guy ever not have a plan.....I would love to hear his plan for Armageddon). The Evil One will tell JT and company that Sandra is a pathological lier and that everything she says in BS and is in a vain attempt to save herself.

So there you have it. Will it work??? Of course it will because everything works out for Russell. Should be fun to watch though.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - Amanda's List

Next Time On Survivor

Next Week's Preview: Russell Swears On His Kids???!!!!!

Russell has sunk to a new low in my book. The preview's for next week's edition of Survivor show Russell swearing on his kids that he is with "y'all", meaning the heroes. Ugghhh....the old swear on my kids but I am really lying bit. Why do they have to go there??

Now I am totally understanding that lying is a part of the game. Almost every big time player in Survivor history has lied at least once along the way. Some may say a lie is a lie no matter in what context but to me if you swear on your kids and are lying, that is a whole new set of boundaries that should never be crossed. Anyone that is reading this who has kids I am sure could agree. I am the father of a 9 month old son and under no circumstances would I ever swear on his name and lie about it. That is just disgusting for Russell to do that. But than again this guy has reached uncharted heights in the distasteful department. It all started off with a bang with his awful lie of being a victim of Hurricane Katrina and now this.

And speaking of Katrina, I was surprised at how little attention was paid to this. When he uttered that line in the premiere of S19, I almost wanted to throw a fastball with my remote right through the television. Hurricane Katrina was one of the most devastating natural disasters in our nation's history that claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent people and wrecked devastation never before seen in our side of the globe. Things are still a disaster down there years later and it is deplorable for him to lie about being a victim of this terrible event. A pure scum is what Russell is.

Again you can all say that I hate on Russell too much and you may be right. However the depths that this man goes in order to win a GAME shows just how little character he really has. Thoughts???????

Why Was Courtney Brought Back For H VS V?????

For those who have been following along on my daily ranting and raving about Survivor, it is a clear understatement when I say that Courtney Sipes is one of the most pathetic players the game has ever seen. I know I have been very hard on her throughout her existence in China and Samoa but no can argue with my rationalizations. Flat out, Courtney is completely ill-suited for Survivor.

I will start off with the weight issue. Flat out, Coutney looks sick and I mean that literally. She has to weigh no more than 95 pounds and in a game where losing weight is a guarantee, I don't know why the producers of Survivor would deem her a good fit for the show. On the original edition of Survivor, Richard Hatch lost 30 pounds. Now he was a big man to begin with and had weight to spare but Courtney can literally spare about five pounds. There were strong rumors when she was in China that she was anorexic to which she flatly denied. But something doesn't look right there.

Moving away from the obvious weight issue, the other problem I have with her is her game play. In China she hooked on with Todd and rode coattails to the end. Now this strategy has become a legitimate form of game play, like or not. I have no issue with her in that respect. I do however have issue with the decision by the producers to deem her worthy of coming back for Heroes VS Villains. Let's be frank here: S20 is an unofficial All Stars 2 edition and Courtney was anything but an All Star in China. In fact Todd Herzog should have easily been in the game over her. What did she do to garner the invite? I am stumped and would love to hear from anyone else who has a clue. I am not holding my breath however as there is no way anyone can come up with a plausible reason for her being included in the cast of S20. Its just not happening.

Now again let me say that I have no issue with her as a person like I do with say a Russell. In fact I found her quite humorous at times and she certainly doesn't back down from anyone. But seeing her in challenges is cringe-inducing and her ridiculously skinny body makes me uncomfortable.

What do you all think? Am I making too much of this? Or am I right in arguing that she has no business being in the game????

Thursday, April 15, 2010

You Got To Be Kidding Me JT!!!!

Ahhhh yes. Another infuriating episode of Survivor starring Russell Hantz and the idiots who play the game with him. In fact idiot might be too kind a word for the kind of garbage that took place tonight. In a move that will go down as one of the biggest dumbass moves of all time, JT in his infinite wisdom decided to give The Evil One the heroes hidden immunity idol. WTF?????? And JT really can't wear the dunce cap all alone, although he gets the one with the "I am the biggest dunce of them all" written on the front. Rupert, Colby, Candice, and Amanda share in the lunacy and this move has changed the scope of the game from this point on. Before we get into my thoughts, let's get the recap out of the way:

Things start off with the villains heading back to camp after booting Coach. Jerri proclaims that she knew nothing of the move and confronts Danielle about it. We than get one of those awkward Survivor moments where someone in the loop (Danielle) tells the ignorant unsuspecting person (Jerri) that things happened at the last minute and that's why we didn't tell you bit.

The next day's reward challenge is when things ratchet up as each tribe has to square off against each other in five individual matchups that centers on everyone standing on very small foot holds for as long as they can. If your feet hit the ground you lose the matchup. First tribe to win three faceoffs wins reward which was a visit to a makeshift Outback Steakhouse. Before the challenge gets underway, we see JT once again tell Russell to hang in there. Jeff probs the heroes what they think of Coach being voted out and Rupert once again blurts out that there is a female alliance on the other side. Ughhh!!!!

Anyways to make a long challenge short, the villains win and head over to Outback for a nice meal. Once they are seated, the six of them open up their napkins, with Parvati's dropping a parchment with a hidden immunity idol clue into her lap. She quickly scoops it into her underwear and notices that no one got wind of what she had. With nervous tensions coursing through her body, Parvati excuses herself and exits the restaurant where she shows Danielle what she has. A bond is cemented between the two as the decision is made to keep Russell out of the loop. Clearly this is a major power play by Parvati.

Next we head over to the heroes who are sitting around camp with JT deep in thought (JT thinking???? insert snicker here) and than shares with the others his idea (using the word lightly) of giving the hidden immunity idol to Russell. His reasoning (stop laughing) is that the idol will protect him and allow him to vote out Parvati who the heroes believe is running things in the tribe. Than the rest of the girls would be voted out one-by-one and all the heroes would make the final five as they ditch Russell into sixth. Shockingly, the rest of the heroes agree to go along with it and the plan is cemented. JT even goes so far as to write a set of instructions to Russell about the plan.

So that takes us to the immunity challenge where the tribes must face off in a water obstacle course where each member must navigate a bag filled with puzzle pieces and attached to a rope through a series of obstacles and onto the beach. Once all five members get back to the beach, the puzzle is than assembled. Once again to make a long challenge short, the heroes win yet again. The real story here however was Colby informing Russell of the plan during the challenge as they were the last two to go and were standing on their platforms out in the ocean waiting their turn. Colby told Russell to vote out Parvati and than to come along with the rest of the heroes. Russell of course agrees and the deal is made.

So we immediately are taken to the villain beach where Russell is showing Parvati the letter that JT wrote. She mockingly reads it and tears JT a new one for the dumb move. Jerri and Danielle soon join them and they begin debating whether to vote out Sandra or Courtney. Parvati tries to save Courtney who she has grown close to and who she feels she can control better. In an anticlimactic tribal council short on drama, Courtney gets the ax however and than there were 10.

Now that we got that cleared up, its time for the acclaimed opinions:

-It still amazes me how Russell constantly steps into ^&%##. I mean you can't make this stuff up anymore. Now people are giving him idols? This is getting to be too much.
-It really annoys me how Jeff Probst goads contestants into giving him the answers he wants to hear. Two weeks in a row now he has asked the obvious question to the heroes about their views on the men being voted off from the villains tribe. Of course the answer is that they think there is a female alliance which is the answer he was looking for all along. This goes back to my argument that the producers influence the outcome of the show. By constantly getting the word out there that the heroes think there is a female alliance, Probst gives the idea to Russell to make it seem that way so that they throw him a life raft which of course happened when JT gave him the idol. If that doesn't convince you that they have some pull on the outcome, than nothing will. If this wasn't put out there, Russell would not have used this as leverage and the heroes would not have given away the idol.
-The look on Russell's face was priceless after talking to Colby and than after getting the idol from JT. His look was totally saying "Did these morons really just give me a hidden immunity idol???? Me????? The great Russell Hantz???""""
-You know one thing I always think about when I watch Survivor is how the contestants react to seeing for the first time all the things that took place around them that they didn't take part in. For example, I would love to have been a fly on the wall in JT's living room when Russell and Parvati mocked his note.
-Like I said before, its bad enough that JT will go down as one of Survivor's biggest morons for that move. What just as infuriating is the how Rupert, Colby, Amanda, and Candice all went along with it. I guess I can't be too shocked about Rupert and Amanda since they never were the sharpest tools in the drawer. However I really though Candice and Colby would have been the voice of reasons here to no avail. Someone had to step up here and stop this madness but sadly no one did. This travesty is on all of them.
-Courtney is gone FINALLY!!!!! Why was she here again???? I will address this on a separate post.
-I did enjoy Courtney giving it to Jerri at tribal council and Sandra didn't back down to Danielle who is really starting to get annoying now that she actually has been seen for more than 2.5 seconds.
-You can totally tell that Russell wants to bed Parvati in the worst way. I can't blame him however. If I were not married I would be all over her like peanut butter on bread. But wait isn't Russell married??? Oh yeah he is a scumbag. I forgot.
-Forget Parvati actually. Amanda still takes the cake for me against any Survivor chick ever.

That's all for now ladies and gentleman. Anything else on your mind that I didn't mention?????

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Coach Wade Finals Words

2 Time Winner Automatically Best Player Ever?

As we head through the middle part of Survivor Heroes VS Villains, let us take stock of who is left in the game that can be talked about regarding the poll I placed up about the best player ever. At this point, Russell Hantz is still leading Richard Hatch 16 votes to 6 with a few votes spread out among Parvati, Rupert, Boston Rob etc. In studying the remaining players in the game, I began to consider the possibility of us having the first two time winner in Survivor history. Specifically speaking, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Parvati Shallow, and JT Thomas are all previous winners and are still in the running to become the first double winner in Survivor history.

Now the question that must be asked is this (especially in light of the non-winner Russell leading the poll by a wide margin): If one of these three wins H VS V, than are they automatically bestowed the title of best player ever? After all, winning Survivor one time is difficult enough. To win it two times would be astronomically tough. Very interesting thought no?????

As far as what I think, I say without a doubt in the cases of JT and Parvati, with maybe a little debate thrown in about Sandra. However if Sandra does somehow win S VS V, than she deserves the respect of being possibly the best ever, despite her limits in the athletic department and the notion that she is a coattail rider.

The other variable of course is if Russell wins H VS V. Since he got totally screwed in S19, I would have to say that he certainly should be considered the best ever if he claims victory here.

What do you all think about this? Is this a slam dunk notion or is there more to it than that? Let's hear it. Post your comments and vote on the poll.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Coach Exit Stage Left

Wow are the villains blowing it. Unbelievable. Yeah let's vote out three of our strongest players in succession and make ourselves a tribe of estrogen and an egomaniac. Coach bites the dust this week in a episode that has a lot to talk about. So first the recap and than the analysis:

Things started off at the heroes camp where JT decides to take matters into his own hands and venture out looking for the hidden immunity idol. Sensing he was up to no good, Amanda proceeds to follow him into the jungle and spy. JT eventually finds the idol behind a creek and once immediately in hand 7037956668, is spotted by Amanda and than a second later Candice. Knowing that he risked looking like a snake if he didn'share the discovery with the others, JT decides that its best for everyone on the tribe to share in its use. So everything seems hunky dory until we are shown Candice and Amanda chatting under the shelter. And in a replay of the extra footage scene first reported here, Candice and Amanda reveal to each other that JT is making promises to each of them, along with Rupert and Colby. Candice can't hide her disgust for JT and the word is now out between her and Amanda as far as his game is concerned.

Meanwhile at the villains tribe, Russell is in all his glory as he boasts of eliminating the great Boston Rob. On the flip side, there is buyer's remorse being expressed by Jerri to Coach as he confesses that she already regrets joining up with The Evil One much to the dismay of Coach. Having none of it, Coach chastises Jerri for her foolhardy move and rants himself in a confessional about how Russell is a bully.

Things start to get interesting when the tree mail arrives as the villains get the impression that a merge is imminent. Fearing a loss of their items left behind at camp, the tribe proceeds to tear down the shelter in a close-minded effort to take everything with him to their new merged destination. The same thought failed to germinate in the heroes tribe as they bring nothing to the challenge and are shocked to see that Boston Rob has been eliminated. It is at this moment that Rupert voices out loud his thought that there is a female merge and JT mouths "hang in there" to Russell.

After finding out that there in fact was no merge coming, the villains begin to bicker over who is to take part in the challenge with Coach finally speaking up and volunteering Courtney and Sandra to sit out. This was a huge blunder of a decision as it now guaranteed that those two would be required to take part in the immunity challenge. The reward itself was a feast of pizza and beer and the victor would need to win three rounds of a one-on-one bowling challenge. To make a long challenge short, the heroes win yet again, 3 rounds to 1 and thus engage in another big feast.

From missing out on pizza to sitting around eating burnt crab legs, the villains tribe are both starving and demoralized. The defeatist attitude is permeating everyone and causing tensions to rise. This is expressed when Jerri goes into a sore loser attack on Coach, Sandra, and Courtney for volunteering them to take part in the challenge. Sandra fires back in her take no crap from anyone mode and its clear to see that this tribe is on the fast track to failure.

Sensing that her butt was on the line, Sandra concocts a plan to get Coach voted out by telling Russell that he is gunning for him. And The Evil One falls for it hook line and sinker as Sandra mocks his gullible nature and how she truly is a better schemer than he is.

We are than taken to the immunity challenge where two tribe members are tied together and than must navigate a mud filled obstacle course. Also one round will feature a one-on-one race through the course due to the tribe numbers. After deciding that Danielle and Jerri would sit out, the first battle pitted Russell and Sandra versus Amanda and Candice. After starting out close, Sandra got very winded and forced her and Russell to come to a complete stop as Amanda and Candice won the heat. Up next was Rupert going against Coach in the individual battle. This one was close throughout until Coach sprinted past the big guy at the end. The finale than placed Colby and JT against Courtney and Parvati in a ridiculously unfair matchup. Predictably, the two guys destroyed the ladies as Courtney injured her ankle in the process. Off to tribal council again for the villains.

Back at camp, the plan is hatched to vote out Coach by Sandra, Courtney, Russell, and Parvati. Uncomfortable with voting out another good athlete, Danielle confronts Russell and begs him to reconsider. The Evil One is having none of it and a shouting match ensues. Danielle doesn't back down as both lose their tempers and finishes when Russell leaves in a huff cursing at Danielle. Sensing trouble in paradise, Sandra begins to think there is hope for her and Courtney. However after thinking it over, Russell confesses to Danielle that he has had a change of heart and will vote out the ridiculously weak Courtney.

We are than taken to tribal council where Jeff tries to get answers about the reasoning in voting out strong members like Rob and Tyson. Courtney is also attacked by Jeff in the process as being weak and she doesn't take too kindly to it. Courtney also proceeds to attack Coach which is met with sarcasm and disbelief from Mr. Wade. Eventually, the votes are cast and a close vote was cast with Courtney and Coach each getting 3 votes and than the decisive blow coming down on Coach. The villains are down to six members with Russell being the only man left. Crazy stuff.

Now that that's out of the way, it's time for my critically acclaimed analysis:
-Jerri is totally on my *&^$% list this week with her lamentations and regrets about voting Rob out. This always drives me crazy when an idiot like her votes out a great player like Rob and totally does the wrong thing. Than 15 minutes after its done, they regret the move. Get your head in the game you idiot. This is your third time playing the game and these are the decisions you make????
-Another thing Jerri did that pissed me off was when she went all crazy chic after the reward challenge and blamed everyone and the insects about what transpired. I was so hoping Sandra would throw a clump of dirt in her face.
-I want to hurl every time I hear the heroes say "We are the fantastic five."
-Russell fighting with Danielle was great for two reasons. One is that its about time someone goes right back at the bully and gives him a taste of his own medicine. Two is that the Danielle-Russell faction is on life support due to his decision to make the final call on Courtney, to which Danielle was totally against. Clearly Russell is putting all his eggs into Parvati's basket.
-Let's not forget that Sandra is a former champion and the move she made tonight to save herself and Courtney was well played. She has got game folks.
-JT is totally being marked by Amanda and Candice. It's very clear how much Candice in particular can't stand him. Something tells me he rebuffed her advances one night.
-Rupert is one slow dude. Strong as an ox but I think my 5 year old niece can beat him in a foot race.
-Loved Jeff Probst calling out Courtney at tribal council and basically calling her weak. The man speaks the truth.
-Speaking of hurl which I referenced earlier in my "Fantastic Five" comment. Don't you all just picture Courtney hurling quite a bit at home after a meal????
-Russell throwing out Coach and making himself the last man standing in the tribe is without a doubt a ploy on his part to make it look like there is a girl alliance and that he believes the heroes will come to his "aid" once the merge hits. Oh man this guy is too much.
-What's crazy about this episode is that Coach of all people was the only person making sense in his analysis of the tribe and what the villains needed to do to succeed going forward. The words "Coach" and "making sense" don't appear in the same sentence too often. I got to say I will miss his wild rants and sayings. I was down on him at times this go around but all in all I like the guy.

That's all for now folks. Vote on the polls and offer up your comments. Love to get feedback here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Poll Reaction: Who Is The Most Undeserving Winner Of Survivor?

Just checked out the latest total results for the poll i put up about two weeks ago where I asked who was the most undeserving Survivor winner ever???? Included were six former winners who for some reason or another could be viewed as undeserving:
Tina Wesson-Australia
Natalie White-Samoa
Danni Boatswain-Guatemala
Sandra Diaz-Twine-Pearl Islands
Jenna Morasca-Amazon
Amber Mariano-All Stars

After receiving 17 votes on the matter, the results were not surprising. Receiving the most votes was S19 winnner Natalie White who defeated Russell Hantz in without the doubt the biggest travesty in Survivor history. Everyone here knows the disdain I have for Russell but you would be a fool not to admit that he absolutely tore it up in S19 and blew away the field. He clearly was the victim of a bitter jury.....a jury made up of a bunch of idiots who had an 8-4 advantage in numbers and who than ended up internally combusting and opening the door wide open for Hantz and White to make the finals.

Behind Natalie with 4 votes was Sandra Diaz-Twine which surprised me some. No doubt her role in the current Heroes VS Villains and he portrayal of being weak by Russell has cast her in a very negative light. However I think she did well in Pearl Islands and certainly deserved to win over Lillian who was already on her second chance in the game. Sandra always placed herself as the swing vote in almost every tribal council in that game and she stayed true to herself by not holding back her temper one bit. Through it all she never received one vote. She deserved to win in my book.

Rounding out the rest of the field was Danni Boatswain with 3 (she was boring and really did nothing memorable to warrant a title), Tina Wesson with 2 votes (I understand the votes as Colby was just as if not more worthy of the win), Jenna Morasca with 1 vote (I thought she proved herself by holding off Rob C and Matt E in the final endurance challenge), and Amber Mariano with 0 votes.

I actually think Amber should have gotten a great deal more votes as in my opinion, Boston Rob should have been given the check. Every big move was pretty much orchestrated by Rob and Amber followed along. Also if it weren't for Rob conning Lex into keeping her around, Amber would have surely been sent on her way.

Be that as it may, keep the votes coming. Also share your opinions here if you wish. Would love to debate with you.

Philadelphia Phillies/Survivor Connection

Baseball is upon us yet again which as sure a sign as any that winter is over. Wait a minute....this is a Survivor blog. Why am I talking about baseball here? Well in an interesting quirk, Survivor does in fact serve a very prominent role in the Philadelphia Phillies clubhouse. Specifically speaking, ace pitcher Cole Hamels has been married to former Survivor Amazon contestant Heidi Strobel for 4 years now. They in fact welcomed in their first child, Caleb Michael on Oct. 4 2009.

The less publicized Phillies-Survivor couple however is Heroes VS Villains own Stephanie LaGrossa and starting pitcher Kyle Kendrick. No kids at present time but according to Stephanie they are in the plans after she got back from Samoa.

All in all I thought this was a pretty interesting connection in that two memorable Survivor player married two MLB starting pitchers from the SAME organization. So in other words 40 percent of the Phillies starting rotation is married to former Survivor contestants.

Just a random fact I thought you would find interesting as I watch my Mets fall behind quick to the Marlins. Ah its going to be a long season.

Monday, April 5, 2010

New Poll Added

Let's Hear What You Think.

Russell Hantz Coming Back a Third Time?????

As I have previously reported, it is now looking more and more likely that the rumors of Russell Hantz playing a third edition of Survivor are all but true. Producers have been mum on the topic but according to close friends and relatives, Russell will in fact be playing AGAIN! As far as the ramifications to this bit of news, let's delve into that shall we????

-Like I have stated before, I think the news of Russell coming back to play the game a third time is an indication that he doesn't win Heroes VS Villains either. It would make very little sense for both Russell and the producers to get together yet again if the Evil One conquered H VS V. It is no secret however that the producers have a huge man crush on Russell as he is definately a boost to ratings and would be more than willing to let him come back and try again for that elusive title that many feel he deserves.

-There are also strong rumors that Russell is having serious marital problems and his canoodling with Parvati certainly won't help matters. Spending so much time away from home can't help either. Proof of possible turmoil is shown on Melanie Hantz' MYSPACE page where she lists herself as SINGLE. Interesting.

-Finally, maybe the producers are giving Russell another shot so that the large legion of Evil One haters like me can finally see his torch snuffed out. I am still holding out home to see it in H VS V but at this point its looking like he is going far again and I won't get my wish.

Either way, get ready for some more machete hiding, bold face lying, and idol searching from Survivor's most talked about player ever. In my opinion, I could care less whether he comes back or not. I hate the man but I will admit he makes the show more interesting with his antics and makes you want to root for his ouster so much more. After the publicity he has gotten in S19 and S20, I find it very hard to believe the new batch of players will allow him to get a hold of the game. Better to vote him out right away before he does his thing. Of course the sensible thing never seems to happen on Survivor (producers influence????.....been down that road before) so who knows.

What do you all think about this? Is this good for the show? Or have you had enough of Russell???? Let me know with a post.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Survivor History Revisited: Colby Choosing Tina and Not Keith To Go To The Final

In discussing a few days ago on whether or not Colby Donaldson was washed up as an effective Survivor player, it got me thinking about one of the most controversial decisions a competitor has ever made in the game...and it centered on the actions of the Colbster. Way, way.....WAY back in time (10 years) ago when Colby was just a pup (26), he proceeded to tear up the competition Down Under in winning 5 individual immunity challenges and finding himself with a guaranteed spot in the finals. One more decision had to be made however and that was whether or not Colby should choose either Keith Famie or Tina Wesson to escort him to the Final 2 and get a 50/50 shot at winning the million bucks.

Colby's choice came down to this: either take the unpopular and disliked (especially by Jerri Manthey) Keith to the final and almost guarantee a million dollar victory or choose to take Tina who was much more well liked and seemed to gain a level of respect for being an older competitor who always put forth maximum effort around camp and at challenges. Clearly the latter choice was anything but the guarantee of winning the money that taking Keith would have been. So after weighing the merits of both, Colby ultimately decided to take the chance of bringing Tina to the final with the reason being that he didn't feel that Keith had the resume or merit to be sitting in front of the jury. Additionally, Colby and Tina became close and there was almost this mother-son thing going on there. And when you saw Colby interact with his real mother in the family visits camp episode, you know how much of an impact that has on him.

In the end, we all know that Tina took home the million dollars by a 4-3 margin and at that moment the first big bluder in Survivor history was cemented in history forever. Since that time, many harcore enthusiasts like myself and even interviewers of Colby himself have questioned the wisdom of the move and how he pretty much let a million dollars fall right between his fingers. Colby has been a good sport about it however and has never let it be known publicly that he regrets his decision. I am sure privately that is another matter as there is almost no doubt in my mind that Colby sometimes sits up at night Charlie Brown style and wonders "if only I had done things differently." That has got to be quite a heavy burden for anyone to carry knowing they let that much money fall by the wayside. And maybe even on a biggr level, Colby might be regretting not getting the title of "Sole Survivor" just as much if not more. Maybe that's part of what fuels him to keep coming back to play the game. Ultimately, I believe Colby deserved to win either way and I also believe he thought he had it in the bag either way and so it wouldn't have mattered who he took to the final. Be that as it may, Colby's blunder will go down as one of the most talked about moves in the history of the game.

What do you think? Did Colby totally blow it by picking Tina over Keith? Or should he be commended for sticking with his principles and standing by his friendship with Tina????

Happy Easter Everyone

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Heroes VS Villains Tidbits

Just a few things to get to this morning. First is that on one of the bonus scenes from the CBS website, Russell esposes on how he thinks Courtney and Sandra are two of the weakest players in Survivor history and that they shouldn't be in the game. I totally agree with him on Courtney but he is way off base with Sandra. Sure Sandra is not Michael Jordan when it comes to athletic ability but she has the one thing Russell fails at miserably and that the winning one million dollar check signifying her status as Survivor champion.

For sure Sandra was not overly impressive in winning Pearl Islands but the fact of the matter is that she got there against some pretty long odds. She did enough to sway the jury and ultimately has bragging rights over Russell for the time being.

The other thing I wanted to share is that later in that video Russell throws one last dart at Rob when he says that "He has a new baby at home. She shouldn't even be here. He should be at home with the baby." Ouch! I am sure Rob won't appreciate getting parenting skills from a man who cuddles with a woman 10 years his junior at night when he has a wife and kids at home watching.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Survivor Non-Heroes Vs Villains Tidbits

-Seasons 21 and 22 of Survivor will begin prduction this summer and rumor is that both of these seasons will be filmed in the same location, much the same way S19 and S20 were shot in Samoa. As soon as I hear the exact location, you will read it here.

-I found out something kind of crappy about the casting for S19. Out of the 20 contestants from that season, only 5 were gathered from actual applicants. The other 15 were recruited off the street in Los Angeles. You get the impression from this that the producers were looking for fit, good looking people to fill the roster in S19 and that selection process makes a mockery of those who sit down and fill out the application and tape their videos.

-Also Jeff Probst inked a contract extension to host both S21 and S22. Really I couldn't even imagine anyone else hosting the show. Probst has become the symbol of the show and undoubtedly ratings would crumble if he were not there.

-The last thing is that as I mentioned before, it appears that Russell Hantz will be a part of the cast in either S21 or S22. Most likely I would think he would be in the latter as I can't imagine anyone doing back-to-back-to-back seasons. I actually support this decision by the producers because this will serve as another opportunity to finally see someone stand up and give it to Russell. I also think that Russell doesn't win Heroes VS Villains as a result of this. I get the feeling this is a third attempt by Russell and the producers to get him the title he/they think he deserves. Of course I could be wrong but thats my feeling here.

Boston Rob's Final Words

Awesome Secret Scene From The Heroes

Just got done watching the secret scenes that are posted at the CBS web site (the ones that end up on the cutting room floor). The one that really stood out big time was centered on the Heroes tribe the night of Day 17. Candice, JT, Amanda, and Colby were all sleeping when Rupert decided to go out into the jungle and look for the idol. This obviously goes against the agreement made between all the heroes at the reward feast when they decided to look for the idol together. Needless to say, Candice ventured out soon after Rupert and according to Amanda was gone for two hours that night.

Rupert is soon joined by Amanda in searching for the idol and they start to work together to find it. At that point Candice comes marching in accusing Rupert and Amanda of being underhanded and violating the tribe agreeement. She even goes so far as to demand Rupert and Amanda empty their pockets. Not to be outdone, Amanda fires back at Candice and accuses her of having the idol since she was unaccounted for for two hours. Candice immediately denies this and than we are taken back to the camp where Amanda continues to pepper Candice with accusations that she has the idol. At this point Candice starts to cry and immediately Amanda is struck with the notion that she has taken things too far. She hugs Candice and apologizes for what she said. They both begin to chat about JT and soon realize that he is in tight and making promises to each of them, along with Rupert and Colby. At that momemnt, Amanda and Candice decide that JT is being too sneaky and that if they lose the next challenge, he is the one that would have to go. Candice even goes so far as to suggest a secret alliance with Amanda who seems lukewarm to the offer. The best part comes at the end when Candice says, "Even though I don't trust you, you skanky little hoe."

-Whoah this was certainly a big piece of video worthy of being shown in the episode. I wonder why it didn't make the cut. There is certainly a lot here. It looks like JT is now being targeted which I think is right. He has been playing way too many sides and sooner or later it will blow up in his face. The girls are onto his ploy and thats a bad sign for his chances here.
-It does seem suspicious that Candice was gone for two hours if Amanda has her calculations correct. What was she doing? Was she really looking for the idol? My gut says no.
-Amanda is certainly hounding Candice. There is no love lost there. However the idea of them working together makes sense. They are the only two girls left in the tribe and they both have an ax to burn with JT it seems.
-Rupert surprised me with his decision to start looking. The video is grainy as far as whether he was doing this to be sneaky (as he was shown working with Amanda). However this goes to show you how the heroes are not the tight "Fantastic Five" they are making themselves out to be.
-Candice is certainly susceptible to the waterworks. This is the second time she has cried in the game. Get the girl some kleenex please.

Is This The Last Of Boston Rob???

I felt a hint of sadness last night to go along with extreme rage when Boston Rob was voted out by Russell and his band of misfits last night on Survivor. Now Rob is no stranger to my wrath but I must say that I felt depressed by the fact that that very well may have been the last time we ever see him on the show. I have always had the feeling that Survivor Heroes VS Villains was going to serve as the last hurrah for such stalwarts like Rob, Rupert, Jerri, Amanda, James, Tom, and others. With 20 seasons already under its belt, I am sure even the producers are shocked that they are still going. There is no doubt we are closer to the end of the run of Survivor than to its beginning and thats why this particular series has the feeling of a big goodbye to these classic players. Now rumors continue to circulate that Russell will be back for a third run on a future series but for the rest, this is almost surely the end of the line.

My ultimate hope/fantasy is that when Survivor finally has a final season confirmed, that they bring back these greats and give them a shot to play for a 2 million prize instead of 1 million. That would be a great way to go out. I really hope that we do in fact see the Rob's and Rupert's again and if not, they will go down as true warriors of the game.

What do you all think? Do you hope we get another All Stars Survivor series down the line?

Poll Update: Best Survivor Player Ever

I must say that after a week of having the poll up, I am very surprised with the results when I asked who was the best Survivor player ever! Included were the original champ Richard Hatch, the evil Russell Hantz, the intense Boston Rob, the lovable Rupert Boneham, along with the consistent Amanda Kimmel and the controversial Parvati Shallow. So far 9 votes have been cast and only Russell, Rich, and Rob got the love. What I am surprised at is the fact that Russell got five of those votes while Rich only got 2 (along with Rob getting 2).

I have stated many times over that I believe wholeheartedly that Richard Hatch is the best player ever. This is not just because I hate Russell; I cant stand Hatch as well. My view was based on how masterful Rich played the game when there was no blueprint to study from. He also invented the first alliance and devised a plan that is the standard that every subsequent player is measured against. I do believe that Russell is the "hot" name right now due to his back-to-back showings where he tore it up in S19 and looks to be doing the same in S20.

The bottom line to me is that Russell should never be considered the best ever until he wins the game. People overlook the very crucial aspect that makes a contestant great and that is to play a cutthroat game that could tick off a great number of people but at the same time earn their respect and their votes at the end. Russell failed miserably at this in S19 and if he is not careful, he will be doing the same in S20. Now if Russell wins heroes VS. villains, than he has my vote and the title. But again in my book you can't reward someone with the greatest ever label unless they have the million dollar check.

What are your thoughts??? I would love to hear some dissenting opinions.

New Poll Posted!!!!

Based on last night's episode. Be sure to vote! Would love to hear from you all.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Boston Rob Bites The Dust At The Hands Of The Evil One!

Wow! That's all I can say. You can probably count on one hand the amount of episodes in Survivor's history that was as monumental to the game as tonight's. Some that come to mind were when Ozzy was blindsided in Micronesia or when Richard Hatch was voted out of All Stars. So to say that great Boston Rob being voted out at the hands of Russell was huge is the understatement of the year. It is clear that the Evil One is now totally in control and much to my frustration, its looking more and more like we are in store for a back-to-back heavy dosage of Russell going far in the game. More analysis later but first the a very unhappy-recap.

Things started off at the heroes camp with lamentations by Rupert and the others about voting out James. Colby than goes into a monologue about how he is shocked that he is still in the game and that its now or never for him to step up and make a difference in challenges. Meanwhile over at the villains tribe, Boston Rob is trying to figure out how all went wrong the night before when Russell pulled a rabbit out of a hat and got Tyson voted out. There is also a great deal of annoyance by Rob, Sandra, and the others about the laughing and cocky attitudes being displayed by Russell, Parvati, and Danielle. Quickly the focus than turns to Jerri as the Evil Alliance begins their recruitment of her and whisper sweet nothings in her ear. Jerri is being seduced easily and seems smitten with the idea of switching sides.

We than move onto the reward challenge which centers on an in water basketball challenge where a volleyball is tosed around and with both tribes trying to shoot and score the ball into their opponent's net. Right off the bat the heroes have a major edge to their game as Colby looks like a man possesed and Candice also doing well in scoring the second bucket. The rout was completed when Colby nailed the final basket for a 3-0 shutout win for the heroes. So off to a picnic they went for some fruit and wraps where a clue for yet another hidden immunity idol is found by Candice. In a sign of newfound tribal continuity, the heroes decide to look for the idol together and use it as a team in order to fight the villains.

Back at the villains camp, things get amped up as Russell now turns to Coach and gives him the spiel he gavae Jerri about joining up with their alliance. Surprisingly, the easily swayed Coach is seemingly having none of it and he calls Jerri out on the carpet for indulging Russell and falling for his garbage. Jerri seems concerned with his questioning of her and at this point there is no indication that a shift has been made in the tribe dynamic.

We than go to the immunity challenge which was an obstacle course/puzzle where three memebers of each tribe take turns going twice through the obstacle course in order to retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces. For the heroes, Colby, Candice, and Rupert run through the course, while Parvati, Courtney, and Coach run for the villains. After getting off to a quick lead, the villains get undermined by the terrible effort put forth by Courtney. JT and Amanda get a nice head start on the puzzle and they work quickly to shut the door on Rob and Sandra making a comeback. The heroes win immunity and in the process are starting to show the continuity and teamwork that has been missing for so long now.

Once back at villains camp, we surprisingly see Russell and Rob having a conversation about who to vote off. Russell abruptly exclaims that he wants to keep the tribe strong and think they should vote out Courtney or Sandra who are sitting right in front of the two. Rob admonishes Russell for his missing tact and mocks his apporach. Undeterred, Russell solidifies his plan with Parvati, Danielle, and Jerri about blindsiding Rob. With only 4 of 8 votes in the bag, Coach becomes the key to ensure a non-tie and Rob's ouster. Coach however vows to Rob that he will stick by him and that he will not go against his friend. Rob reveals that he is playing on Coach's desire to uphold his honesty and integrity and proceeds to begin working on Jerri. While in the tent with just the two of them, Rob confesses to Jerri that she should trust him and that he believes she will do the right thing. Clearly the decision is weighing on both Jerri and Coach as tribal council looms.

Once tribal council begins, it doesn't take long for the fireworks to go off between Rob and Russell. Words are exchanegd and evil glances are traded. Coach pleads with the two of them to bury the hatchet and keep the tribe strong but to no avail. Once the votes are read, it reveals that Jerri did in fact jump ship to the Evil Alliance, giving 4 votes to Rob, while Coach goes off on his own and votes for Courtney, rendering the 3 votes for Russell by Rob, Sandra, and Courtney meaningless. So the gauntlet has been thrown down and Russell comes out on top. As he gets up to leave, Rob surprisingly hugs Jerri but than totally disses Coach and calls him a weak man. Ouch!

So Russell once again gains a huge victory and once again sends home who he wants to send home on command.

Now for my famous analysis:

-First off, Coach is clearly now the most infuriating player in Survivor history. Unable to have the balls to make a stand one way or the other to Rob or Russell, he instead throws his vote in a blind direction and costs his supposed friend his place in the game. Just like Tyson before him, Coach makes a decision that changes the scope of the game in a huge way and to the ultimate benefit of Russell.
-It is getting to be downright ridiculous how Russell continues to get by with all of these crazy occurences. We already talked about the absurdness of last week and now this. What will it take to get this guy out????? I mean enough already.
-I was very dissapointed with how Boston Rob let Russell talk down to him the way he did at tribal council. I thought Rob would rip into him in a classic Rob Mariano diss fest but it didn't happen. Russell totally called him out in front of everyone and mocked his game play. And Rob's response? "Your entitled to your opinion." Huh?
-I did love the cold shoulder that Rob gave to Coach after being booted. Now THAT was classic Boston Rob.
-I still find it surpsising how I actually rooted for Boston Rob this time around. I hated him after All Stars with the intensity that I hate Russell now. However in going against each other, there was no doubt who I was rooting for. My hatred for Russell is without peer.
-At this point I really believe that if the world ended tomorrow, Russell would find a hidden immuntity idol that would spare him death.
-BTW what did Danielle do to piss off the producers? The chickens have gotten more air time than her.
-I'm sorry. I just can't type another Courtney sucks post. On wait I just did. Well did you see the challenge? Pathetic!!!!!
-For the first time in the game, the heroes look fairly competent. Getting rid of James was the best thing for them to do. I can't help but think that they would be in a much better spot if they had kept Tom and voted out James the previous council.
-Did you catch the pushing between Rupert and Russell at the end of the reward challenge? The Big Guy wasn't taking any crap from the Evil One. We need a good Survivor fist fight. Now that would be good tv.
-Colby totally redeemed himself this week with great efforts in both challenges. Looks like the Colbster is back on track. Maybe I was too harsh in calling him washed up?????
-BTW Candice has been quietly very good in challenges. She is more athletic than people give her credit for.
-The villains are in a bad spot right now going forward without Rob. Things could crumble quick without their spiritual leader and the previews for next week are showing that.
-Amanda is still around. She is the female Russel.....except that she is hot....and she is nice....and she has morals....ummmm yeah they are nothing alike. Getting late!

Well that's all for now. More updates daily!

Survivor H VS V Episode 7 Preview

Already at episode 7 and moving fast toward an imminent merge, both the heroes and the villains tribes have issues to sort out in tonight's chapter.

Starting off with the currently less controversial heroes tribe, the focus today soley has to be on finally winning a challenge and getting some dignity back on the team. In particular, Colby must step up in a big way and show that he still has what it takes to contribute and be a difference maker when it comes to fighting for immunity. Its basically a win or go home scenario for him as even I can't justify keeping him around if he bombs yet again. It appears that Amanda, Rupert, and JT will hold on to their decimated alliance as it clearly is the smart thing for them to do as they have the numbers over Candice and Colby. However the interesting thing to note here is that with a merge coming soon, how will Colby and Candice play the game if they both or one of them reaches that point? Will they jump ship to the villains due to the fact that the rest of the heroes showed no interest in keeping them around? Or will they stay with their original teams? This is a tough one to answer when discussing Colby but no doubt that Candice will jump ship if it suits her. Thats for another day however. The bottom line is that the life of all the heroes in this game is on the line tonight and will be for awhile. If they lose tonight, than you can pretty much guarantee that a hero will not win the game.

The real storyline for the week however is found in the villains camp where the power play continues to escalate between Boston Rob and Russell. This impending clash was only a matter of time and last week saw the first big bomb go off when the Evil One pulled the wool over Rob by cutting off Tyson from his alliance. That leads us into tonight where strict battle lines have been drawn between Rob, Sandra, and Courtney versus Russell, Parvati, and Danielle. That leaves the flaky Coach and Jerri to decide things as far as which side wins. Since both Coach and Jerri voted with Rob last week, one would think that the same would occur tonight. I don't think it is that cut and dry however so this one could go either way. The bottom line is that whoever comes out on top in this battle will instantly become the favorite to win the game.

So there certainly is a lot at stake tonight for both teams. This figures to be a good one you don't want to miss.