Monday, February 28, 2011


All right so last week we all completely missed the boat on Matt getting the boot. There was no indication at all that he was going to get ousted and not even in the spoiling world was this mentioned. So now we look ahead to Episode 3 of Survivor Redemption Island which kicks off Wednesday with both Rob and Russell trying to stave off controversy and with the first Redemption Island duel set to take place. Lets look at each tribe and place out bets on who will be sent home.

Ometepe: Rob's alliance has been shortened and firmed up to be himself, Ashley, Grant, and Natalie with Natalie being the one he wants to carry to the end of the game. The decision to oust Matt was a huge move and one that on the surface didnt seem necessary since they had the numbers and did anyone really think that Matt wasa big threat? His flirtations with Andrea were an issue and if anyone realizes the implications of letting that type of bond advance in the game, Rob is it so I will give him the benefit of the doubt there. In the previews we see Andrea all upset with Rob but she really cant do anything about it as I seriously doubt Ashley, Grant, or Natalie align with her to boot Rob. The clear target is Kristina who no longer has the immunity idol and Phillip who is nuts. Rob seemed to like the idea of controlling Phillip's vote but he is too high maintenance to keep far into the game. Gun to my head Kristina goes as Rob probably fears her ability to regroup more than Phillip. Also on a final vote Andrea could be ousted as well if she throws a big fit and the rest of the group fear her going to the other side on a merge so there is that in addition to Kristina and Phillip being in jeopardy.

IN TROUBLE: Kristina, Phillip, Andrea
Who Will Go Home: Kristina

Zapatera: Things are ready to explode in this tribe as Russell is earning the wrath of the others for hoarding the hidden immunity idol clue. Little does he know that Ralph of all people has the idol and so Russell could be in some serious trouble. A few things have emerged in the last few days though as a picture of Russell shaking Julie's hand has surfaced which I posted on here along with word that the thus far silent David gets into the Russell alliance as well. I said all along that David worries me as a kind of Rob Cesternino dork who has the intelligence factor working for him in the game. Russell recruiting Julie to oust Ralph is a likely discussion there which leads me to this: does Ralph keep the fact he has the idol silent? If he does and he is targeted and gets wind of it, he could play it and send Russell home. However the more likely aspect is him telling the other he has the idol and than Julie telling Russell this fact which leads her to vote with The Evil One, Krista, Stephanie, and the also recruited David in order to flush it out and oust the guy. That is a very real issue for me. Finally, the last thing I debated was the fact that Russell targets Ralph but when he realizes he has an idol, he jumps ship at the last minute and send Stephanie home to save his ass. You know he is more than capable of this. Clearly it looks like Zapatera is going to TC as we were led to believe with the previews so thats what I will go with.

In Trouble: Russell, Stephanie, Ralph
Who Goes Home: Ralph

So be sure to check back in for more as always. Wednesday is only two days away.

Friday, February 25, 2011


It looks like Russell is working his magic on Julie in his move to oust Ralph. Basically I am feeling that its either Ralph or Russell next week. Ralph may not play the idol thinking he has the numbers and than he goes. Ughhhh!


Here's what doesnt make any sense to me. Knowing how much havoc Russell Hantz has caused in the game of Survivor (an advantage not given to the Heroes VS. Villains cast), I keep asking myself why on earth Stephanie and Krista BOTH decide their best option in the game is to align with The Evil One? Clearly the rest of the tribe was wary from the very beginning of Russell as classically shown by Mike saying "Oh no" when he got off the plane. Yet both Stephanie and Krista think it best to rise his coattails. Now I can understand trying to saddle up with a proven Survivor competitor that has had big success like we are seeing with Natalie with Boston Rob but doing that with Russell is a completely different story. No doubt the rest of Zapatera is already fed up with him and we get the hint in the press release for Episode 3 that they will consider throwing the challenge to get rid of him. With Ralph having the hidden immunity idol (unless Russell steals it....I wont discount anything when it comes to this man), they can easily dispose of him next week. So Krista and Stephanie will be sent home soon thereafter and they already have been marked as being "his gals." It just doesnt compute with me but what do I know. Thoughts?

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Episode two took out Matt in a huge surprise and so he heads to Redemption Island where he figures to be a big favorite over Francesca in the challenge. Anyway some moves up and down the rankings were seen after last night so lets get right to it.

1. Rob: Who else but Rob could be the favorite after pulling off the move he made last week. Yeah Andrea will be pissed but she cant do anything about it. He has a firm four person alliance with Grant, Ashley, and Natalie and Phillip is his personal pawn. He has a lot of tools at his disposal.

2. Natalie: Natalie has become the CHOSEN ONE for Rob as the girl he will out on his back and take to the end. One thing about Rob since All Stars is that he has been pretty loyal to those he pledges to (Amber, Tyson, Sandra) so she is looking to go for awhile in this game and is a true darkhorse to watch out for here.

3. Ralph: Having the hidden immunity idol does wonder for Ralph as he goes into battle with Russell. He is the happy go lucky farm boy that the rest of the tribe outside of Russell and barbies seem to like. If he can survive the battle with Russell, he stands a great chance.

4. Ashley: Another in the Core Four alliance with Rob, Ashley is pretty under the radar which will take her pretty far.

5. Mike: I still think Mike is one to watch in Zapatera as everyone has respect for someone who went to Iraq twice and he seems like a very nice person as well which will go over well with a jury.

6. Grant: The guy is tough as nails and very athletic and hanging with Rob has its benefits.

7. David: We havent seen much of David which leads me to believe there is a story waiting to unfold here. Stay tuned.

8. Gary: Another guy who is a nice, older type that usually does well on Survivor (Roger, Pasqal, Bob) but much more athletic than people realize. Under the radar for a guy which is rare.

9. Julie: Nothing much doing here either and she seems to be the strongest older woman in the game so she should stay around longer than Sarita if it comes to kicking out an older chick.

10. Sarita: She was mentioned due to her poor performance in the challenge but I doubt the rest of the group will kick her off before Russell and his crew are taken out.

11. Andrea: She is a very strong, outdoors chick but she better get over Matt being gone fast or else her ass is next. Rob wont be patient with that nor should he. Crying over someone you just met six days ago? Please.

12. Russell: Yes I have Russell very low and its for two reasons. The rest of the tribe already hates him and without the immunity idol, he is basically going into a fight with his hands tied behind his back. Whether he comes back in off Redemption Island is another story but for now he is not in a good spot.

13. Krista: Stephanie would be the first of the Barbie Twins to go since she has a big mouth and no one cares about Krista but she made a bad move going with Russell. I dont understand these girls. Why align with the biggest scumbag in the game, especially now that his game has been revealed unlik in H VS. V. She is not helping her stereotype.

14. Phillip: Phil moves up a few spots now that he is Rob's lapdog. Rob will use him for all he is worth if he is smart and than dump him. Good idea to use his vote for now.

15. Stephanie: Still expect her to go home right away of Zapatera loses. Cant stand her facial expressions.

16. Kristina: She has no more idol and no is bye bye unless Andrea cant be controlled.

17. Matt: He should beat Francesca.

18. Francesaca: Sorry its not getting better for her.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The wrapup first and than the opinion that four out of five doctors recommend. Lets get to it.

Things start off back at Redemption Island as Francesca gets settled. She doesnt have a plan and begins to make herself at home. She also talks about how she didnt expect to be voted out as she struggles to get fire started. Back at the Ometepe camp however the rest of the group talks about how wild TC was. Kristian keeps to herself as Phillip and Rob began talking. Phillip tells Rob he owns his vote from this point on. Rob thinks he is out of mind though. Rob meanwhile talks to his core four of six and he decides that Phillip is next in line. The core six is Rob, Grant, Matt, Ashley, Andrea, and Natalie.

The next day things begin at the Ometepe tribe once again as Phillip is out hunting for crab. The rest of the tribe is watching with amusement as he talks in a confessional about how he swore to protect his country as the tears fall. He soon nabs a crab.

Back at Zapatera Ralph begins the day with a rooster call. Russell is not too happy with his behavior and thinks he is flat out dumb. He also talks about how Stephanie is his main ally and that he needs Krista as well. The two of them go off and talk as he sells her the pitch. The three form a pact and he once again starts looking for the immunity idol which he has made famous in the past. The rest of the tribe see him looking around for it and amazingly Ralph stumbles into the idol with little effort.

Back at Ometepe Matt and Andrea talk about the alliance they are in and start to flirt some. Rob sees this and realizes this is not good for his game. He starts talking to Natalie as he zeroes in on who he wants to eventually finish the game with. Soon a plan is hatched about dumping Andrea possibly in order to bust up that twosome. This leads into the day's immunity challenge.

The challenge center on the tribe retrieving keys to open a box which holds balls used to break tiles that are layed out in front of them. There is also reward involved in the challenge as the winner also gets fishing gear. Ometepe finishes the first portion of the challenge ahead as Natalie starts working on the keys and soon falls behind Stephanie for Zapatera. Soon the ball tossing begins as Phillip gets the first one smashed. Eventually Ralph beats Phillip with the ball toss as Matt shakes hands with the opposition. Rob is disgusted by this and cant believe he would congratulate the other tribe. Once again though Russell gets the best of Rob.

Zapatera soon goes back to camp with their spoils. Russell instantly start to look for a clue regarding the hidden idol and he instantly see it and slips it into his pants. Ralph sees this and calls him on it. He tells the others about this and soon they start showing disgust over his methods. Russell shows the clue to his two allies and Mike soon walks in as Russell talks about how weak Sarita is. Ralph joins in and asks Russell about the clue. Mike questions him about it and they box him in about him lying to them. Things get heated between Ralph and Russell as they began to threaten each other.

Back at Ometepe Phillip starts to talk to the tribe again about how proud he was of their effort. No one else speaks up and thats that. Rob however comforts him about it however and he still talks about how Matt was stupid for doing what he did in congratulating the other tribe after the challenge. Kristina meanwhile decides to use the idol. Rob at the same time talks to Ashley and Grant as they decide who goes. They discuss the merits of getting rid of Matt and soon conclude about putting 4 votes on him for what he did.

Rob soon talks to his core six as they hatch the plan for the three girls to vote Kristina and the three guys for Phillip. The actual plan is for Ashley, Grant, himself, and Natalie to vote Matt. Phillip meanwhile wants Rob to tell him who to vote for. Matt is very impresses by Rob's game as Boston's finest tells Phillip he will be fine. He lays the ground rules of how he should act at tribal and also tells him he will put his hand on the shoulder of who he wants him to vote out at tribal and act like he is being targeted.

At TC, the test is on for Phillip as Rob watches his actions closely. Soon Phillip talks about his tatoos and how he has the animal inside of him and that he will fight those who try to attack him in the game. Mostly the session goes without much fanfare as the votes get cast. Right before TC Rob puts his hand on Kristina's shoulder. Kristina does play the idol and the votes come down as Matt shockingly is sent to Redemption Island.

All right now that the boring stuff is out of the way, lets get to the good stuff.

-First off WOW what a shock that was. I never in a million years would have thought that Matt would be voted out second and in all of the supposed spoilers and inside info I cam across, NOTHING talked about this at all. So basically the boot lists that were floating around before the season are all blown up. Anything you might have heard on here or anywhere else is bogus after seeing this. Which is actually a good thing since we now have a mystery season regarding what will happen. Good now thats out of the way. Now as far as Matt going, this is completely Rob's doing and he already has put his stamp on the game. What a move. On the surface I really think it was harsh to boot Matt due to him congratulating the other tribe. I dont think Matt is smart enough to think about doing that move to curry favor with the others down the road. Its just not possible. On the other hand, this was Rob identifying a potential Rob-Amber II alliance between Matt and Andrea. He knows how powerful that alliance can be and so he nipped it in the bud before it got out of control. Kristina is not a threat by any means and Phillip is now Rob's pawn so in actuality he made the right move. Kicking off someone who is a bigger threat both physically and socially.
-Its clear now that Ashley, Natalie, Grant, and Rob are a strong foursome and they will continue to control things no matter how pissed Andrea is. If she wants to stay in the game than she better stop with the woe is me crying bit over someone she knew for five days. Yeah he has nice hair but come on. Get over it and play the game. Rob will take you places. So really it will be her or Kristina the next time out. No reason to get rid of Phillip.
-Rob's tribe is getting destroyed by Russell's in the challenges. You know its absolutely tearing his guts out seeing the Bald Bastard beat him again in a challenge.
-Say what you want about Rob. He played a hardcore, complete dick of a game in All Stars that cost him the title he totally deserved over Amber. He learned from it though and made himself into a likable hero in Heroes VS Villains which could have resulted in a win. Russell on the other hand continues to play the same way...meaning like a complete power hungry asshole who chooses to walk all over people no matter what. He picks out his two bimbos and goes to work lying and causing havoc. He did it again by lying to Mike and Ralph about the hidden immunity idol clue and I loved how Ralph went back at him. It was the best part of the episode and even Mike was not backing down here. The battle lines have been drawn in the sand and Russell is actually being set up to get his ass booted out now that Ralph has the idol. And speaking of Ralph and the idol, how awesome was that when he just literally stumbled onto it while moving some rocks. Loved it. He has the game in his hands now and can move to get rid of Russell if only the others cooperate. Sarita seems to be a Russell hater as well so its three on three right now with Gary, David, and Julie on the periphery. And I dont know about you but David seems like a snake in the grass who I can totally see aligning with Russell. Also in looking at the previews for next week it seems like Stephanie and Russell are planning a big blindside on probably Ralph, not knowing he has the idol. That also tells me that Zapatera loses the challenge next week. Its only a matter of time before this tribe disintegrates due to Russell and his evil ways.
-Russell was really harsh on Sarita. Yeah she struggled but whatever. I hope she stays around for awhile because I like looking at her. Four letters pop in my head when I look at her....anyway.
-Phillip is easily the star of the season right now and I am so happy he stays around for another episode. His scenes are must see. They are like a box of chocolates. You never know...oh you know how it goes. And again he was an agent?
-The Redemption Island scenes with Francesca are pointless and were a waste of time. We could get so much more of the good stuff at camp if we could do away with the stupid "previously on Survivor" crap at the beginning and showing Francesca doing her thing at RI. Move on.
-Does anyone actually think Matt wont wipe the floor with Francesca next week?
-Two episodes down and so far so good.

Thats all for now. Tomorrow the rankings and more. Stay tuned. Lets hear your thoughts.


Episode 2 of Survivor Redemption Island is on tap for tonight and judging by how great the first episode was (and most of you seem to agree based on the poll), there is great anticipation for what the sequel will be. Based on the previews it looks like a battle is brewing between Russell and Ralph which should be good. Ralph doesnt look lik he takes crap from anyone and seems like a fun dude. Of course we all know that those who tangle with Russell usually find themselves on the fast track home so he could be in trouble. With that lets see what could be in store on each tribe for tonight.


Clearly its either Phillip or Kristina tonight, with the former the more likely one to go since Kristina can play the idol. There is almost no way anyone else goes as Rob since there seems to be an alliance in place between Rob, Grant, Matt, Ashley, Andrea, and Natalie. The six of them hatched the split vote plan (and they actually carries it out....taking notes Tyson?) and Rob in particular seems to be tight with Natalie based on previews. So Kristina will play the idol and Phillip goes.


Things seemed straightforward in that Stephanie was the obvious choice to go based on her confessional at the very beginning of episode one regarding if Russell picks her to align with, than she will go. The rest of the tribe seemed to zero in on how she and Russell are hanging out so they could make a pre-emptive strike and take out his alliance right away. I dont see them booting Russell yet though. Ralph is the other option since he seems to butt heads with Russell and those who do that go home. Still I think Stephanie goes in the end as I cant see the tribe seeing it as a better idea to kick off Ralph over her.

There you have it. Enjoy the show as always. Check back after for the wrapup and commentary. Polls will be up also.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Things are starting to heat up between Survivor's favorite villain Russell Hantz and super spoiler sleuth Jim Early (missaye) in their battle of who is really responsible for all the results leaks the last few seasons. After Hantz went on the attack and proclaimed his innocence, Early apparently responded by going to TMZ and sharing with them the actual e-mail transcripts between the two, all the way down to revealing Hantz' e-mail handle hantztankering which is the name of one of his oil companies. You can even download the DOC at TMZ and view it for yourself.

My Views: Well things just got a little more interesting here. Its clear as day now that Hantz was completely responsible for all the leaks as anyone with half a brain would suspect. Obviously Mark Burnett's half brain is not functioning since he went into spin mode the other day when talking to the media about whether he believed Hantz was responsible. That reeked of Burnett trying to quell a controversy since Hantz figures so prominently in Redemption Island but be that as it may if Russell is not penalized for this, than the whole Survivor code of ethics is a joke. I am not holding my breath.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Yesterday I placed a post on the board regarding who you all were rooting for as far as Survivor Redemption Island was concerned. Were you rooting for Rob, Russell, or neither? Well So far Rob is leading the way slightly as its closer than I thought. Now I want to hear directly from all of you who voted. Post below the reasons you have for rooting for one or the other? Would love to hear it so we can get a good debate going. I am rooting for Rob for what its worth. I hate Russell as you all know so thats obvious enough. Lets hear what you have to say.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Ughhhhh! Apparently I was the only one looking forward to the premier of Survivor Redemption Island with the return of Russell and Rob. Take a look.

CBS’s Survivor: Redemption Island premiered with a 3.2 adults 18-49 rating, down 29% vs. last spring’s premiere.

Only 11 million viewers total which makes it the lowest rated non-recap Survivor episode EVER!!!!! Allow that to sink in awhile.

Now that thats taken care of this is what I had feared all along. 1 was the move to Wednesday against Idol and 2 was the bringing back of Russell and Rob once again. Too much of a good thing? The evidence seems overwhelming. You can say its a one episode anomaly but I dont think so. A premier with this much hype should have done much better but this is an awful showing. The public clearly is speaking of what it thinks of the concept of Redemption Island and the return or R and R.

I stated on many occasions before the season started that this was a crucial season for Survivor and its future existence. It would either make or break them and with a wide open seat available next to Kelly Ripa for the free agent after this season to be Jeff Probst, now could be the last hurrah.



Once again I will be bringing you my updated Survivor rankings each week and we begin today by handicapping ALL 18 players, including the kicked out Francesca. Of course this early in the game, its really a crapshoot at this point as we havent really been shown a good deal of the others but this is how I see it early on.

1. Mike: Everyone loved the ex-Marine storyline and he seems like a very nice individual as well which is a nice combo to have. His strength is a big asset as well and he is already clued into Russell's game so he gets the early top notch nod.

2. Andrea: This chick gets it done and she has a vast experience in the outdoors. Instead of Philip telling her what to do, she should have given him advice. On top of that she is damn hot.

3. Grant: One of the two ex-football players in the game, Grant has the goods as well. Not much was shown as far as his character is concerned, but he is one to watch.

4. Sarita: She is another one who is clued in on Russell's game so at the very least she has a good head for the game. She is older but she looks incredibly fit so dont think she goes early.

5. Steve: The other ex-football player in the game, I was shocked to see how ripped the guy is at an older age. Definately one of the more fit older players we have seen on the show. Also seems like one of those older Tom Westman types that people gravitate to.

6. Rob Mariano: I have Rob this high due to the fact it seems the majority of the tribe respects him while those on Russell's tribe fear him. He already has layed down the gauntlet on Kristina and he will get her out before you know it. Tough break on the challenge but it was not indicative of his leadership.

7. Ashley: Rumors are that Ashley and Rob hook up in an alliance so she has to be considered someone to watch. She seemed a bit air-headed in the first episode but its still very early.

8. Natalie: The first girl that stood out who can play the under the radar game and go far. She hardly got any airtime on the first episode which is usually an indication of going places.

9. Krista: Another under the radar type. Same description as above.

10. Matt: Young buck has his place in the game for awhile but he also seems a bit airy as well. Also he seems to be a very religious fellow which is fine but in Survivor those types who get preachy dont do too well.

11. David: There are a ton of lawyers in the game so there should be some good arguments all the way around here. David looks like a dork in the Stephen mold so there is that at least.

12. Julie: Nothing doing with her at all in episode 1. Cant say anything much here.

13. Russell: He is much lower than Rob due to what I said before about his tribe leery of him while Rob's tribe is respectful overall. He is already putting his claws into Stephanie but the group is onto this. He is Russell Hantz though so he definately cant be counted out.

14. Ralph: It looks like Ralph gets into it with Russell next week which is not a good sign for his chances. I like the guy immensely and he looks like he can get it done around camp but we all know the history of those who cross Russell. They end up going home.

15. Stephanie: She is already marked as a Russell alliance ally so she could get the boot quickly as a result. Not long for the game it seems based on this.

16. Kristina: She would be ahead of only Francesca if she didnt have the hidden immunity idol but she will go as soon as its flushed out. You dont cross Rob and last long in the game. I dont think anyone bungled a hidden immunity idol in a worse way than her.

17. Philip: This guy is a lunatic and I cant believe he would come into the game talking to other people like that. Doesnt he know this is a social game and behavior like that gets you kicked off? All in all though he possibly saved Rob with the revelations at tribal council so there is that. He goes next episode if they lose the challenge.

18. Francesca: She is off to Redemption Island but even there she wont stay long. See you later.

There you have it. Let me hear some differing opinions here.


Before I get to the Survivor Redemption Island rankings, there was one thing I missed last night. How unfair was it that Rob's tribe had only four men to push the pyramid at the start of the immunity challenge while Russell's tribe had five men. You can counter by saying thats why the puzzle was put in as a means to change the focus of the challenge from strength to brains but I am not buying it. That concept would work if there were fewer people involved in the challenge but with all nine people involved, its almost impossible to come back from the deficit Rob's tribe had. Not fair. Glad I got that off my chest.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Here we go. Its officially on between Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz as Survivor Redemption Island kicks off. As always the recap first and than the long lost famous opinions.

Things start out with the two tribes heading into the game on choppers. Probst is on board announcing the games beginning. We get a quick snippet on some of the players. The intro plays and than its onto the beach where the 16 players in the choppers convene. Before they get started, two more players fly in which carry of course Rob and Russell. Rob gets a nice ovation while Russell gets a much different reaction highlighted by Mike saying "oh no." Both guys draw buffs to see which tribe they end up on as Rob goes to Ometepe while Russell goes to Zapatera. After the two guys go to their tribes, Probst introduces the Redemption Island concept which shocks everyone. Afterwards both tribes are sent on their way.

Zapatera is shown first approaching their camp and Russell begins talking about he is going to get it done this season. Russell gives a speech top the tribe right off the bat and tells everyone he is not there to sabotage anyone. They all seem to buy it as the rain falls. The tribe also finds a box of tools as the men start organizing the camp. Soon the shelter gets put together as Ralph begins taking control. Meanwhile back at the Ometepe camp Rob gets the shelter going due to his history in construction. Soon however we get the seasons first bossy player in Phillip who starts barking orders. The women don't take kindly to it, in particular Francesca. Phillip soon tells the girls that he was a federal agent and talks about how he is an expert at reading people's behavior and gives his spiel about how he needs to stay around due to his past.

Soon Kristina starts looking for a hidden immunity idol as she thinks something could be in the tools. Rob soon talks to her about how he knows she is looking for it and to let him know if she finds it. Rob also talks to Phillip about how the men are outnumbered 5-4 by the girls. Phillip soon goes to Kristina and tells her what Rob said to him. Its clear he is already angling against Boston's finest. Kristina seems receptive to this which is a bad early sign for Rob.

Over at the Zapatera tribe, Russell and Stephanie head over to the tree mail and he immediately pushes his plan to her. He offers an alliance and it seems set. Meanwhile the rest of the tribe are talking about how he is already approaching the women about alliances. Mike and David immediately pick up on this and so they talk about getting rid of him before he has a chance to get his claws in the game.

Day 3 soon arrives as Kristina continues to talk about getting rid of Rob. Eventually she heads out and began to look for the idol again. Eventually she finds the idol and she tries to convince Philip and Francesca about booting Rob. An argument soon begins between Phillip and the girls about the direction of their game. He is incredibly brusque with the women and it appears their alliance is finished before it started.

Soon its time for the first immunity challenge as Probst tells the tribe about how it works. Each tribe has to push four blocks along a track to build a base of a temple. Another person uses an ax to release other steps where they will race to the top and solve a puzzle for immunity. The challenge begins and Zapatera takes a quick lead. It appears the Zapatera strength with the extra man cam in handy early as they start the puzzle first. Zapatera begins to slow down some on the puzzle as Ometepe closes the ground. Rob's past excellence in the puzzle shines through but Zapatera's early lead held up to take the idol home. They also take home fire for camp.

Back at the Ometepe camp, talk begins about who to boot out. Ashley talks about how she feels they let down Rob during the challenge. Kristina soon tells Francesca about how she has the hidden immunity idol and she talks about how they have to vote Rob out. She wants to draw attention to herself so that she can play the idol. Francesca however talks about how Natalie is the weak one and that maybe she should go instead. She than talks to Rob directly about the vote as others walk into the area. Rob soon goes into Survivor mode and talks about how he wants Kristina out due to the fact she is a huge game player by looking for the idol and such. He tells the others about this and again talks about splitting the vote. In a funny moment he talks about how last season he got screwed in doing the split vote routine as Francesca and Kristina will be targeted. Meanwhile Kristina shows Phillip the hidden immunity idol and he seems all right with the plan.

Tribal council soon begins as Probst asks Rob about how camp began. He is proud of the shelter and Philip talks about how he is not trying to be a leader. Matt in turn talks about how Philip can be rough around the edges and that his words have not been received well. Kristina admits she is not feeling safe while Rob admits he could go for sure. Soon Francesca drops a bombshell about how Rob is not going anywhere which causes Philip to pipe in about how Francesca told him to vote out Rob. Philip starts to lose it in front of everyone and again talks about how he was a federal agent. He than admits he will change his vote for Francesca. Kristina also talks about how Philip can be unstable and he than reveals that she has an hidden idol. She has to admit it and the rest of the tribe is surprised. Rob is pissed about this and calls the girls out on it. Kristina tries to spin it and say she was voting for Natalie. Ron asks her to show him the idol and he than tells her that she should give him the idol so that she stays. He tells her that if she doesn't give it to him, he in turn cant trust her. She refuses to give it up and the votes get cast. Wow what a tribal council. Surprisingly Kristina doesnt play the idol as Francesca gets sent to Redemption Island.

Now for the long-awaited commentary.

-WOW where do I start? Already we got a ridiculous amount to talk about and its only EPISODE 1!!!!!!!!!!
-All right obviously that was without a doubt THE BEST first tribal council in Survivor history. Nothing will ever approach that again. And its all because of Philip who has to be the nuttiest player ever. I got to say I love the guy already purely from an entertaining standpoint. What a debut. Also was this guy really a federal agent? If so I am seriously worried about the qualification procedures for our country in such a prolific job. Anyone else feel a little less secure tonight?
-Anyways Kristina in my opinion is already the worst player in the game and also quite possibly came in with the DUMBEST plan ever. If you have one of the best players in Survivor history on your tribe, the last thing I would do was try to challenge him in any way, shape, or form. What is the point of that? Yes big moves are needed in this game but on Day 3? Are you kidding with that? I absolutely loved the way Rob called her out in front of the whole tribe and even more when he asked her to give him the idol. It was a huge moment that only Rob could engineer and of course Kristina flunked. Yes she kept the idol but she is not long for this game. She is marked in red dye and no one will play with her now.
-Philip really does have something wrong with him. He is clearly the COACH of this season.....you know the guy who makes you cringe or feel embaressed whenever they open their mouths. His social skills are a joke and he also is not long for the game but I am ecstatic he didn't get sent home so that we can enjoy a few more crazy moments next week.
-I basically knew Francesca was in big trouble when she spoke often during the episode. That's how it goes. Whoever dominated the commentary early on gets the boot. It played to form. She had no game and was sent home due to the fact she was guilty by association.
-I really wasn't worried about Rob going home. That would have been a joke for the season if he got the boot already. Basically Rob did what he usually does. He built the shelter, made friends, and had some big moments at tribal council.
-As far as the rest of the Omtepe tribe, there is nothing to say about them since none of them talked. Next week we will get more into them I guess.
-The immunity challenge was very tight and suspensefull. It looked like a classic Boston Rob comeback but it was not to be. It was hard not to miss the look Russell gave to Rob after the win. The tension was palpable.
-Speaking of Russell, it was surprising he didn't find the hidden immunity idol right away like Kristina did. He should have it next week. Really his first few days were uneventful other than pairing up with Stephanie. And it appears the tribe is hellbent on letting him get his grip on the game. Lets hope they follow through on this as it would be the best thing they ever did.
-Regarding the rest of the Zapatera tribe, Mike is someone to root for due to his past deployments in Iraq. Have the utmost respect for military personnel. Also the hillbilly guy seems fun but I don't like his chances if he picks a fight with Russell. Lets hope they kiss and make up quick.
-The cast is much better looking this season...and of course I am referring to the men. Ladies feel free to post below if the men are good looking this season. Don't know who is my favorite chick yet but in the running are Andrea, Ashley, and Sarita. Yes Sarita in the younger Mrs. Robinson mode. I am a sucker for older women.
-It rains a lot in Nicaragua. Yup good old rain.
-That last comment is a clear indication I am getting tired of typing so I will end it here. Rankings and more coming tomorrow. Check in early. Ciao.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rob and Russell - EW Interview with Dalton Ross Pt 3

Rob and Russell - EW Interview with Dalton Ross Pt 2


It has seemed like Survivor Redemption Island has taken awhile to get here hasnt it? After all the waiting and the leaks controversy, the curtain comes up tomorrow night as Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz have their rematch from Heroes VS Villains. Of course there are 16 other contestants to keep track of and the new Redemption Island twist figures to trump over everything that goes on this season. In my view this is a very risky and critical season for Survivor in using this concept as I have never agreed to the notion of bringing back players who already had been voted out. This always struck me as against everything Survivor is to its core and so I will watch with a wary eye early on this season to see if this really can work. The one caveat is that Probst claims this season to be one of his all-time favorites so there is that. Of course its his job to hype things so really we are left to our own opinions on this. Lets see it play out.

With all that being said, if the Redemption Island concept falls flat on its face, than it could have a rough effect on future seasons as far as ratings are concerned. Rob and Russell will ensure a good run as far as viewers are concerned, but the fallout afterwards could be stark if the public doesnt take to it. Very key season for sure.

All in all, I have been looking forward to this season for awhile and in a moment of patting myself on the back, I was one of the first to report that Hantz would be coming back for a third season. I am hoping to see The Evil One finally have his ass voted out and I think there is a good chance that happens this season. I also will watch in fascination at the continuing makeover of Mariano who went from a despised player to a loved on in a span of a few seasons. Getting married and having a kid can do wonders for softening your image. And going against the biggest villain of all time can also help change the public's outlook of you. Its been a long climb for Mariano and he craves a title more than anything (I am sure he gets crap from Amber at home constantly about losing to her). If Rob wins than he is right there at the very top of the all-time list of Survivor players. If Russell wins than the same goes for him. Lets have at it. May the best man win. It should be fun. Enjoy everyone and tune here tomorrow for the wrapup and opinions.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rob and Russell - EW Interview with Dalton Ross Part 1

Here is part 1 of a joint interview done with Russell Hantz and Rob Mariano on the eve of Survivor Redemption Island. Whats interesting to me here was that bhey shook hands and hugged which was odd since they seemed to be sworn enemies and they also talked about joining together in an alliance. WTF!!! What would be the fun in that crap? Part 2 will be posted tomorrow.


Apparently the smoking gun revelation that Russell Hantz had spoiled the last few seasons of Survivor was not enough to convince producer Mark Burnett. Burnett expressed his doubt when he said "I found out the same time you found out. I read it online," Burnett told reporters on a conference call Thursday. "I had no idea about it." He went on to say that "I still have not had a conversation with CBS or anyone about it," when someone asked if he had talked to Jeff Probst about it. With Russell and Rob returning for this season, there no doubt is some awkwardness involved here.

My View: I think this is a complete snow job by Burnett who doesnt want to rock the boat with such a big season coming up. Hantz is the recent star of the show and the fact he is needed for the upcoming Reunion Show where he surely will play center stage no matter where he finishes makes it likely Burnett is just playing possum with the press. This also confirms my thought that he wont penalize Hantz for the leaks which calls for a 5 million dollar fine if anyone is found caught doing it. The missaye character who blew the whistle on Hantz supposedly has firm proof of his charges so for Burnett to say this is idiotic.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


So its been a few days since news broke that the infamous MISSAYE who has been feeding the public incredibly accurate Survivor spoilers the last few seasons had none other than the Evil One Russell Hantz as his source. Apparently Hantz befriended missaye who was later revealed to be Jim Early and proceeded to constantly call him up and give him the dish on everything Survivor from his seasons in 19 and 20. Early was subsequently sued by Mark Burnett and gave up Hantz as his informant. So with this giant cat out of the bag, the question is: what happens now? Does CBS actually follow through with the 5-million dollar penalty that is explained to all contestants when they sign on to the show if they spoil info? Or do they let him skate and make this one big warning for those who think about doing this in the future?

In actuality, I honestly dont think anything will happen to Hantz even though he deserves the book thrown at him for blatantly flaunting the rules. The big problem here is the fact that Hantz is appearing on this seasons edition of Survivor Redemption Island which highlightes his continuing battle between he and Rob Mariano. Since Hantz is arguably the biggest name player ever in Survivor history and since he will be needed for the reunion show in May, its doubtful anything will happen. On the flip side, if Hantz was not on this season than I think the whole setup changes and he seriously could be in trouble. Be that as it may I think he gets by with a strong behind closed doors warning and thats it which totally blows since Hantz is a complete non-conformist who doesn't give a hoot about anyone of anything. He of all people needs to be knocked down a peg or two but its not going to happen.

What do you think about this? Does Hantz deserve to be penalized? Will he get sued? Lets hear what your throughts are on this.


Richard Hatch has predicted that he will win the upcoming fourth season of Celebrity Apprentice.

Last month, it was reported that David Cassidy, Gary Busey, Lisa Rinna and Star Jones are among Hatch's competitors.

The former Survivor winner told Access Hollywood that he doesn't worry about anyone else mounting a serious challenge to be named as Donald Trump's next Celebrity Apprentice.

"It's tough to decide who's going to be the… real competition," he said. "I mean, we all know I'm going to win. We just have to wait for that to happen."

Hatch went on to say that he is most excited to be raising funds on behalf of his chosen charity Grassroot Soccer, which seeks to stop the worldwide spread of HIV.

"One of the best parts of having gained the notoriety from having won Survivor is the opportunity to… raise money for really worthwhile causes…. So I'm thrilled to be able to do it."

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


WOW! I dont even know where to begin. It has been revealed now that the well known Survivor spoiler who went by the name Missaye who spoiled on Survivor Sucks for the last three seasons was sued by Survivor and who was named Jim Early. Apparently the suit against Early was dismissed after he gave up his source who it turns out to be......Russell Hantz. Here is the story as reported by Andy Denhart from Reality Blurred. I am going to read through it right now and post my thoughts at the end.


All right so at least this confirms the obvious that Hantz was the one spoiling everything. At first it was thought his wife Melanie was in charge of the spoiling but this is the smoking gun. The penalty for this is $5 million dollars so Hantz could be in a huge bit of hot water. Still though can you actually see the show suing one of their own, especially someone they used for tremendous ratings lately? Wow this should be interesting. Either way now that Hantz has been revealed things should quiet down as far as spoilers are concerned.