Wednesday, October 27, 2010


All right wrapup and than the hard knocks opinions.

Things start out at Espada camp after TC as Dan talks about how he is Teflon Dan as Chase talks to the others about getting Alina out. At the LeFlor camp, Jill and Marty try to get down to the bottom of what occured at TC. Marty in a confessional feels proud of holding onto his idol and he is ticked at Jane about her turning on him. He talks concretely about how she is next to go.

The next day Marty confronts Jane and talks about how straight he has been to her. He than goes to Jill and tells her what he said to Jane earlier. It is than immediately challenge time as 1 member of each tribe will act a defender on a perch in the water while the rest of the tribe tries to throw a ball into a net. Each successful throw gets a point and five points win it. The reward is a horseback ride and breakfast with eggs and freshly squeezed milk. The defenders for each tribe will be Fabio and Chase. Making a long challenge short, the Espada tribe gets it done and wins reward. Benry wingds up hitting the winner as he once again does an great in the challenge. During the challenge, Fabio disgustingly peed in the pool.

The reward commences for Espada as the tribe begins their horseback riding to their feast. The arrive at the farm and are shown how to milk the cow. Back at LeFlor, Jane surprisingly catches some fish and decides she is going to eat one on her own. She gets a fore started and begins her feast. At the same time this is going on, the rest of the Espada begin eating watermelon, eggs, and a bit of everything else. Holly and Alina become emptional at the meal but NaOnka doesnt buy the tears. She calls it a ploy all the way and continues with the notion of kicking her out.

Soon all the fun is kaput and the immunity challenge beckons. Standing at the top of a tower, two members of each tribe will roll cannon balls down a chute while four other members will use ropes to aim the chute to break the other tribes tiles. The first tribe to break five titles wins immunity. Benry and Alina do yeoman's work with their aim as oppposed to Brenda and Purple Kelly who struggle lining up the chute. Espada eventually destroys LeFlor in the challenge and wins immunity.

Back at LeFlor the talking begins as Fabio starts talking to Sash and Brenda about what to do at TC. He thinks they should split the vote 3-3 on Marty and Jill, thus flushing the idol and kicking out Jill. Sash begins to think about what to tell Marty so he does in fact play it. Brenda wants to ask for Marty's idol and than vote him out. Sash decides to tell Marty the plan about splitting the votes but also tells him he will look him in the eye and not vote him out if he gives him the idol. The BS is flying high now. Marty shockingly decides to give him the idol and the plan seemingly is set in stone now.

TC gets started and the talk begins on how LeFlor is struggling. Jane talks about the dynamics of the tribe and how certain people are on the outs. In response Marty calls her out in front of everyone but Jane claims there are no longer original tribal lines at play here. Sash than tells Jeff that he has the idol in his pocket. He lets out a Freudian slip about how he will hold onto the idol until he doesnt thinks he doesnt trust his alliance. This opens eyes amongst the others and Sash seems disturbed by his slip. The votes are soon cast however as Jill shockingly goes home instead of Marty. Here we go again.

All right now for the good stuff.

-ARE YOU KIDDING ME PART 2??????!!!!!!!!!! For the second week in a row these idiots had a chance to get rid of Marty and than instead boot out Jill????? Jill is useless and not a threat to anyone but they once again give a pass to the most dangerous player in the game? I dont understand this garbage at all. These people are such freakin morons and by people I mean Brenda, Sash, Kelly, and Fabio. This is so dumb on so many levels. What are they waiting for in keeping Marty around? For the merge to come where he will get the chance to team up with other desperate players like Alina and Dan to get back into the game? Forget Teflon Dan....Teflon Marty is more fitting with this. What a joke. I hate watching this crap sometimes and what I mean is the stupidity of these players lately. It started with the awful moves in Heroes VS Villains when it came to Tyson and JT and now this. '
-You know the biggest loser in all of this is Sash who could have voted Marty and been done with it. Yes I realize that the plan going in was to put 3 votes on Jill and 2 on Marty due to the fact of now knowing whether he would play the idol or not. Once they all realized Sash had the idol however, Brenda, Kelly, and Sash should have all just switched their votes to Marty and been done with it. But Kelly and Brenda are not smart enough to think on their feet like that but Sash had the foresight in knowing he had the idol and that he could easily switch his vote and knock him out. Ughhh....so stupid. The only thing I can think of and that I am hoping is in Sash's mind is that he is keeping Marty around to use as a pawn for later in the game but I really dont think this is the case. He seems like a really smart guy but I dont understand how he didnt comprehend this.
-You know a lot of people tell me its classic armchair quarterback when I write about what they should have done after the fact and most of the time thats true but not in these cases the last two weeks in regards to keeping Marty. Anyone with a half a brain can see from a mile away that it was the right move in kicking his ass out.
-I am really starting to think that the reason we are seeing so many dumbass moves from this season is the fact that the Survivor producers are now actively scouting out people from talent searches at the casting call locations they schedule before every season. This has been the preferred method for obtaining the casts lately instead of going through the applications that was the original way of filling out the cast. I think more times than not the players selected through this new method dont watch the show and thus dont have any idea strategically how to play the game. Thus we have what is going on this season. Those who applied to the show through the old means with the tape and such were the Survivor hard core fans who had an appreciation of how to play the game. Those are the people Mark Burnett should be bringing in. The quality of the competition has dropped big time now.
-Sash opened up a big old can of worms with his Freudian slip and it was hysterical seeing Fabio talk about how he knows Freud and than going off on a tangent about it. Please. Anyway you know Brenda's distrust radar was screaming there.
-OH MY GOD Purple Kelly actually got a confessional this week as she was talking about milking a cow. You cant make this stuff up.
-Way to go for Alina who is becoming a personal favorite of mine and not just because she is hot. She rocked in the challenge with Benry and I just hope she hangs around long enough to avenge the memory of Kelly B. and kick NaOnka's ass out.
-Benry is a fantastic player and is looking like a young Colby Donaldson from Australia before he got old and became a sissy in Heroes VS Villains. Bring it home buddy and make me look clarivoyant.
-I cant believe Marty is still here. Unreal. Just had to say that again.
-Jill thanked her husband and children during her Final Words. I hate to say it but the guy probably wears glasses and the lens need to be updated. What exactly is he looking at there?
-Fabio peeing in the pool was typical Fabio. Probst gave him the Jonny Fairplay patented head shake of disgust.
-I think when the tribes merge next week Chase and Brenda will be shown in slow motion running toward each other with open arms while Chariots Of Fire plays.
-Dan's perfomance was beyond embaressing. Sad actually. For a guy who presents the tough guy Italian mafioso look, he couldnt give Curtis Sliwa a decent brawl. Also I loved how he brought up John Gotti who he claims to have known personally in his pre-show interview.
-Jane is doing a nice job in the game and I love how she didnt take any crap from Marty or Jill and in the end was at least partly successful in booting them out. I also thought it was great how she caught the fish and ate it on her own. I always hated in past Survivors when useless tribemates who sat around and did nothing chowed down without a pang of guilt. Good job Jane.

All right thats all for now. Check back for more soon. Tell me what you thought below.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Wow this could go down as quite possibly the biggest first boot in Survivor history. If you dont want to get spoiled than look away by missaye in great detailed talked about what went down in the first three days. Here we go:

As I told you many times before, Boston Rob and Kimbo Slice get into it pretty good right off the bat as they both fight for control of the tribe. Slice gets a coalition together to get him out and he has the numbers. Only way Rob can be saved is with a hidden immunity idol which Carrie Prejean of all people find on DAY 1!!!!!!!!!! Of course at TC Prejean gives it to Rob and the Slice goes home as he goes down as the biggest physical boot to go first in the show's history. Crazy.

As far as my thoughts:

-It was assumed Prejean was on Russell's tribe which obviously is not true. And whats fishy about this is the fact that Rob gets saves on the FIRST TC with a hidden idol and gets it handed to him. I am not saying anything was orchestrated behind the scenes but the season is being hyped as Rob VS. Russell.....what could would it be if either of them got the boot early? Would be awful so you have this....but again I am not saying there was nonsense going on. Just suspicious is what I believe. And as far as Slice is concerned, what a waste. Surely CBS expected more out of his presence in the game.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


All right if you dont want to know than close your eyes but its looking like Kimbo Slice was the first boot of Survivor 22. Like I mentioned here before, Rob and Kimbo went at it pretty good from the beginning of the game and the battle lines were drawn amongst the tribe. Both guys good votes it appears but Kimbo gets sent home first which is not how CBS likely saw Slice's presence in the game going. No doubt he has got to be the biggest physical threat to ever go home first if this is true. What a joke.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


We are down to a dozen players left after two went down the tubes last Wednesday. Here is how they stack up in the latest Survivor Nicaragua rankings.

1. Marty-Marty has been ranked at the top from the beginning and nothing changes as Brenda and company missed a golden opportunity to get him out of the game. Every Survivor champion has a close call along the way it seems and this could be the one that Marty dodges on his way to the title. The fact he still has the hidden idol is a huge bonus.

2. Brenda-Marty and Brenda are calling the shots in LeFlor and this is battle where only one can survive. Marty gets the edge with his hidden idol but Brenda has more friends in the game. The lines have been drawn in the sand after the last TC so it should be fun to see how this shakes out.

3. Jill-the girl is riding shotgun in Marty's camaro but she chose the right person to play the game with. What really good here is that there is no sign of any type of friction or competitiveness in their relationship and that bodes well for them going the distance together. She also showed her chops in individual immunity challenges by winning last week.

4. Sash: Sash has a ton of friends in the game and he really has been no threat to anyone. Right now he is the forgotten man and should slide through for at least a few more weeks.

5. Benry: As I have said many times, this kid seems to have it all. Athletic, likable, under the radar. Sounds like a winning combo to me. When the merge comes it will get tough however so he has to shore up some sort of alliance before it arrives.

6. Chase: Chase and NaOnka have a mutual respect going for one another and he also has Brenda waiting for him on the other side. He also has struck up a friendship with Holly and is seen as a nice guy so its all good right now.

7. NaOnka: she kept her mouth quiet for the most part last week and she still has her hidden immunity idol. If the merge arrives and she is still here, she has a good shot to go all the way as everyone will want to bring her to the end with the correct assumption being she is easy to beat in front of a jury.

8. Kelly S: Kelly still chugs along under the radar with no face time in sight. We all know that has been a winning hand in the past (Natalie, Danni) so its possible she keep slipping through to the end of the game.

9. Holly: Holly has really turned the game around for herself and she now has a nice friendship going with the young people. She is really not respected as a threat and thus she is starting to slip by under the radar. She also won immunity for herself last week so she is doing her part to look relevant.

10. Jane: Jane drops big time this week as she has drawn her line in the sand opposite power player Marty. This could be bad for her place in the game as she is the weakest link on the team and is now no longer looked at as someone the older people on ther team want to be with.

11. Alina: Alina has a bulldog mentality and a fighting spirit but she has no support system in this game. Her best friend Kelly B is now gone and she will have big problems if her tribe loses again.

12. Dan: The man continues to bring up the rear week in and week and at some point he should be put out of his misery. What a joke he is.

So thats it for another week. Your respectful replies are welcome as always.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Survivor Reality Show Blog Message Board Born Today!

Taking the next step in the history of Survivor Reality Show blog with the creation of our first message board. Everyone get aboard and start posting. Look forward to hearing from all of you. Use the MESSAGE BOARD link above.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Lets not waste time. Review and than the stupendous opinions.

Things start off back at the Espada camp the next morning after TC as a storm moves in and Dan tells Holly he is ready to pack it in. He admits he cant keep dealing with the rain and the sleepless nights. Once the sun comes out, its back to Espada as Yve and Holly talk about how TC went down. Yve denies an alliance with Tyrone and Holly thinks they should be more open with each other. She also tells her about Danny and Yve wants to use it as ammo to stay around.

Over at LeFore, Marty and Jill talk about their new surroundings and how the kids sleep all day. She is worried about being in the minority and so Marty begins chatting up Fabio. Brenda begins plotting in a confessional about splitting the vote of Marty and Jill so that one of them goes home at TC. Quickly things head to the challenge and the big twist is that there is no tribal immunity but two individual immunity necklaces since both tribes will be going to TC. The challenge consists of the tribe members racing to a spot on the beach where they will dig into the sand for a rope ring which is placed on a paddle and flipped into that person strapped to their back bucket. First person to get all three onto the post wins immunity and are safe from going home. The two winners will than square off in a ring toss and the first person to hook all three rings win a feast reward for their members. In addition, the winning reward tribe will have their TC first and than listen in on the other tribe's council while they eat. Making a long challenge short, Holly wins immunity for Espada and Jill wins immunity for LeFore. They both sqaure off in the ring toss as Jill comes through and wins the feast.

Once back at LeFlor, there is euphoria over the feast but Brenda is not buying it. She goes for a walk with Sash and he thinks they should split the vote for Marty and Kelly B and tell the latter they are voting out Jane. He wants to flush the idol out of Marty's possession and Brenda takes a page out of NaOnka's book on how Kelly B has to go due to her disability. Kelly B buys the whole vote Jane scenario but Brenda is worried about Fabio. We see Marty talking again to Fabio again and he tells him how he is a grand master in chess which is a bunch of bull. Fabio is buying it and he seems like he his going to go along for the ride. Marty talks alliance with Fabio, Jane, and Jill.

At Espada, Holly notes how the young people have the numbers and she has to go with them. Either Dan or Yve will be the ones to go. Dan continues with his complaining about the conditions and notes he doesnt need the dough. Benry and Chase want Yve to go on the other hand as he thinks she is the bigger threat. Yve decides to take matters into her own hand as she tells NaOnka and Alina about how Dan wants to quit. However they see through Yve and begin to think she at that point should go.

At LeFlor, Brenda tells Jane she is safe for tonight and tells her plan to split the vote. She tells Jane to vote Marty and she is good to go along with the idea. Sash in turn tells Fabio the same strategy and the latter seems hesitant. Things really get interesting as Sash tells Marty about the plan to vote out Jane and amazingly he seems to be falling for it. Ultimately what Marty does with the idol will determine who goes as far as Brenda's line of thought.

In an explosive TC, Marty and Brenda got toe-to-toe on whether he came up with the idea to kick off Jane. At the last second Marty mouths to Jane to vote Brenda. With that the votes are cast and Marty decides not to play the idol. The votes came down with 3 for Marty, 3 for Kelly B, and 2 for Brenda. The revote is cast and Kelly B unbelievably is sent home.

Espada has their TC next and Dan and Yve starts to go at each other during the battle of the desperate ones. Clearly though the tribe valued Dan's non-threatening place in the game over Yve's competitiveness and she got the boot in a unanimous vote.

All right this is going to be good. Opinions time:

-All right ENOUGH! I cant stand this anymore. I dont even know where to begin about HOW STUPID this group of Survivor players are, especially the morons that currently make up the LeFlor tribe. Are you kidding me with that vote?????? WTF A MILLION TIMES OVER!!!! First props....they actually pulled off the infamous Boston Rob split 3-3 vote with no hangups and the best part was that Marty didnt even play the idol. Thus the opportunity was there to kick his ass out of the game and flush him and the idol away forever. The man is the biggest threat in the game by far and presented with the Survivor opportunity of a lifetime, they drop the ball (and for the men their balls) in kicking out Kelly B. Kelly B bigger threat than Marty? Did Fabio suddenly clone his brain and insert them in all of their skulls? I still cant believe what I just saw. How could you possibly let the opportunity to kick out the Russell Hantz of the season in favor of a girl who was sweet as hell but had no firm ground to stand on in the game. They could have kicked her out whenever they wanted to along the way as she had only Alina in her pocket and no one else. Unreal. What a fu*(&ing joke. I can go on and on with this but whats the point. This group of people have made the wrong decision in almost every TC this season. Getting rid of Jimmy Johnson was a joke. Booting the barrel chested Tyrone over the crippled Dan even worse. And now THIS! The story was there to be written for Brenda to mastermind one of the greatest axes in Survivor history considering the caliber of player Marty is but she let it slide. Shame on all of them.
-One other thing. After seeing that Marty didnt play the idol, why didnt Brenda run to where Probst was and yell to everyone to vote out Marty? Obviously some plan was put in place beforehand to kick out Kelly B if there were a revote but again that made no sense. Stupid all around.
-Marty is totally going to kick ass now. He took numbers and its on. This is a man to be reckoned with.
-Brenda has played a great game so far but she deserves to get nailed for this fiasco and what was the point of her enraging Marty in front of everyone? That served no purpose other than to put a big X on her back for him to blow an arrow through. She lost focus this week and it likely will cost her the game.
-Sometimes the editing of Survivor is so predictable. You just knew after Brenda said they would split the vote 3-3 on Marty and Jill that the latter would win the individual immunity challenge. I didnt even watch as it was so damn obvious. And speaking of that challenge, those who put those things together have had better days. What kind of garbage was that? What a ridiculously bad challenge that was. Flipping rings behind you into your bucket. Pathetic.
-Poor Kelly B. She didnt have a chance in the game and it was for all the wrong reasons. I thought it was incredibly impressive and inspirational her competing on the show. Its too bad everyone used such a nice story against her in ousting her way too early than she deserved. What a shame.
-Marty telling Fabio he was a chess grandmaster was classic gullibility at its best. Forrest Gump would give Fabio a run for his money on an IQ test. And probably run faster too.
-I know I say this every week but now its just getting annoying how little time Purple Kelly gets. I guarantee you she is saying to herself "I sweat my ass off and was miserable all those days out there for a chance to be on TV and the snakes slithering around TC got more air time than I did?" I hear you Kelly. I hear you.
-I loved how Jane didnt fall for Marty's verbal order to vote Brenda. One thing Marty did was underestimate Jane. He felt all along she would be a pawn to him but he almost found out the hard way she wont be. He was ticked but he has bigger fish to fry at this point.
-As far as Espada is concerned, I have no issue with booting Yve over Dan. Dan is not a threat to anyone and Yve is not like Tyrone....meaning someone that can make a difference in challenges. She had heart but heart doesnt earn you much in the game. She was a nice looking gal for her age though.
-Dan Dan Dan...what are we going to do with you? Oh and by the way yeah I was the one who told you all how loaded the man is. I have driven through his hometown of Watermill, Long Island and the smallest house in that town starts at around 5 bedrooms. He doesnt need the dough. I do like his Brooklyn Italian accent and I get the feeling that he knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.
-Holly shocked the hell out of me in winning immunity. For someone who I thought was destined to be kicked off right at the outset, she really has done well with her second chance in the game. I hate to say it but she is starting to move up the rankings list.
-Still waiting on Chase who is an enigma to me. For such a built dude, he hasnt stood out in any aspect yet.

All right thats all I got for now. Check back for more soon. Post your thoughts below.


All right so we already have established that Survivor 22 is headlined by the rivalry between Boston Rob and Russell Hantz but now word is that this season is possibly one big RIVALS competition with a member of each tribe having some kind of past together or some sort of affiliation. Since first learning that Rob and Russell would go at, we have discovered that former pageant competitors Carrie Prejean (Miss California) and Amber Underwood (Miss Maine) will be on opposing tribes (Underwood with Rob and Prejean with Russell). Both competed in pageants directly against each other so they certainly know about each other and likely have had a conversation or two at some point along the way. Since we now know that mixed martial arts fighter Kimbo Slice is a competitor on Rob's tribe, it would stand to reason another fighter of some sort would be on Russell's tribe IF this scenario is true.

Again there has been no confirmation whatesoever on if in fact this is an entire RIVALS campaign but it would be interesting to say the least. Also I reported awhile ago about how Johnny Chan could possibly be a potential contestant. I wrote about it based on nothing but my own intuition and now I see my post being circulated all over the web with different authors attached to it. Whatever. Daniel Negreanu is not happening. He played in poker tournaments during taping and thus wont be there. As far as Chan is concerned, part of the reason I guessed him was because he took a "vacation" during that time so it would make sense. I keep hearing poker players mentioned for the season so its still out there. As far as a rival, I dont know of any particular guy he has had run-ins with over the years. I dont watch poker that closely so if anyone has a guess feel free to post it.

As always more when I hear it.


One of the best aspects of Survivor and its longevity is the fact that for times than not, Mark Burnett and company have assembled a tv-friendly cast most seasons and thus made tuning it a must. In fact its fair to say that the strength of the cast is the sole determining factor in whether a particular season of the show can be looked at as an exciting or boring one. Some of the best non-All Star casts that I can recall off the top of my head:

Survivor Australia
Survivor Pearl Islands
Survivor Palau
Survivor Amazon
Survivor China
Survivor Samoa

Of course there have been some poor ones as well such as:

Survivor Maquesas
Survivor Vanuatu (in my opinion the WORST cast ever)
Survivor Thailand

All in all I think Survivor Nicaragua has assembled a very interesting bunch that has made this season interesting. NaOnka is so outrageous with her remarks that she is a must-see in order to hear what comes out of her mouth next, Marty is a real hard core player who is so arrogant that you hope he gets the boot, Holly is psycho, Kelly B with her disability is a nice story, Jimmy Johnson with his celebrity, etc. No doubt we will be seeing some of these people again in upcoming All Star editions which are in the works as we speak.

Monday, October 18, 2010


All rigtht so after a week ago about how Kimbo Slice was a possible candidate for Survivor 22: Rob VS. Russell, its now confirmed that he in fact participated. Apparently he began the game on Boston Rob's tribe and those in know state that he quickly got into a "break out the ruler" battle with him over tribe superiority. Nothing physical was reported as obviously Rob wouldnt stand a chance but they were supposedly going at each other pretty good. The fallout from it also cost one of the their place in the game.

So that brings to 6 the number of confirmed contestants. Lets review:

1. Boston Rob
2. Russell Hantz
3. Kimbo Slice
4. Ashley Underwood
5. Krista Klumpp
6. Carrie Prejean

By the way those who dont know who Kimbo Slice is, the man is a freakishly built mixed martial arts dynamo who without a doubt will hold the title of the storngest competitor ever on Survivor the second his foot hits ths sand. He really is larger than life. Should be interesting with him doing battle with Rob.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Marty A Future All-Star?

I know its still early and that I might be jumping the gun but cant you already just see Marty from this season being a lock as a future All Star? Marty is totally giving off the Russell Hantz vibe with the constant strategizing and tearing people dowm behind their backs due to his paranoia? I dont like the guy one bit but there is no doubt that he has game and has been the star of the season so far to a great extent. In fact there really isnt anyone else even close to him right now as far as prospects of winning the game. I think its fair to say we are in store for a lot more of Marty going forward and that extends to after the game. Marty and Russell alliance in the future? You never know. God help me now.

Friday, October 15, 2010


So the Louisiana connection is live and real between Survivor's favorite villain Russell Hantz and favorite bigot Shannon Elkins. Apparently Russell stumped hard for Elkins during casting for S21 where the latter was booted 2nd and made an ass of himself on the way out. The story supposedly goes like this:

Russell has some sort of relationship or knew of Elkins in some way and told CBS honchos that the would be a great addition. Whats interesting here is the known fact that Elkins was late with his audition tape and again needed Russell to bail him out. Another supposed reason for Elkins being cast is with the idea of reuniting the two in a future All Star season which is slated to take place in S24. No comment by either one on this.

Analysis: So now Russell is conducting talent searches for the show? Unbelievable This guy is too much but CBS loves him. Its actually quite sickening. The connection between Russell and Elkins makes sense as they both are politically incorrect losers but a reunion of the two on a future series of the show would be too much to stomach. Now all they need to do is put Richard Hatch on the team and now you have something.

Survivor Nicaragua Updated Rankings: Who Currently Is The Favorite?

We had a big tribal merge to throw a monkey wrench into the proceedings and in the process change the fortunes of a good number of the remaining 15 contestants. So lets see how the stack up in the latest Survivor Nicaragua rankings.

1. Marty: The tribal switch really didnt do much to impact his chances as he moved on with his biggest ally Jill by his side and other than Brenda, no one seems leery of him. Brenda is the only person he has to worry about at this point but knowing Marty he will move quickly to take care of her.

2. Brenda: She is without a doubt the strongest woman in the game and has a chance to take firm control if she can eliminate Marty. She still has Chase on her tribe which is big and has many friends on the other side.

3. Jill: The top three remain the same as Jill is still walking with Marty through the game. He doesnt fear here and thus he likely will continue to take her along for his ride.

4. Benry: Benry moves up a spot as the tribal switch did wonders for him. He was on the outside looking in as far as the dominant alliance in the LeFlor before the switch and now he has a new lease on the game. He is still my pick to win.

5. Chase: Chase makes the biggest leap in the rankings this week as he seems well liked by everyone and is now the one that Brenda has to lean on the most since NaOnka is on the other tribe now.

6. Jane: I have been ranking Jane higher than most as I really believe in her likability and the fact she is a very strong woman. She is already putting word out about Marty and Jill and is starting to show her style of game. Keep and eye on her here.

7. Kelly B: Like Benry, Kelly B is another one who sees a big spike in her value with a tribal switch. The disability issue is still going to be something she has to guard against but no one is really gunning for her right now.

8. Kelly S: Kelly S continues on her merry way with no threats in sight. She is a guaranteed merge player right and could play the under the radar card right to the end of the game.

9. Sash: Sash is the male version of Kelly S as he too is not being mentioned much. He helped create the LeFlor alliance but now he is just hanging out on the periphery.

10. NaOnka: The hidden idol is still in her possession but the Espada's stupidly missed an opportunity to flush it out when she made it known she wanted to leave. Who knows what will happen with her next but she will maek it interesting.

11. Fabio: If he wasnt such a dumbass, I would put Fabio higher in the rankings but I cant see him every making any kind of strategic move to save himself later on.

12. Alina: Alina is helped with the tribe switch but not as much as Kelly B. Dan and Yve likely will go before her but she still has to get to the merge to improve her stance in the game. Not sure what card she can play until she hooks up again with Kelly B. Could be tough for her to get to the merge the way it looks at this point.

13. Holly: Holly seems to be making friends with the young people on her tribe but I still cant see her making much of impact going forward. Still the tribal switch saved her and crazier things have happened.

14. Yve: Yve plummets hard in the rankings as she was the only other person to vote for NaOnka at the last TC. The mark is thus placed on her and her age is a double whammy that will be tough for her to beat.

15. Dan: He wants out and if he doesnt flat out quit, he will be voted out next. Good riddance as he shouldnt have even been in the game.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Survivor Rumors: The End Will Come After 25 Seasons?

As one of the most successful television programs of all time that is now on their second decade on air, many pundits have wondered aloud just when in fact Survivor will exit stage left. Rumors go back as fas as Survivor All Stars being the final season way back when and go all the way to Heroes VS Villains which some though could also be it. As S21 Nicaragua continues to destroy all competition in its televison spot, it appears as though the program is immune to failure. After all when any kind of show moves from its longtime night to another day of the week, that usually spells trouble as it meeses with viewers' habits which can be fickle at best. The ratings however this season have shown that Survivor's fans will follow it wherever it goes and so the thought of it ending its run is almost unfathomable.

Well the latest Apocalyptic notion for Survivor is that there will be only four more additiona season which will end with a BEST PLAYERS EVER finale which would mark the 25th season of the show. According to missaya (and who am I to doubt her anymore) the last four season will go like this:

S22-Rob VS Russelll
S23-new people
S24-another All Star season
S25-grand finale

Say it aint so in my mind as I hope I am rocking in a chaira long time from now while seeing Probst doing tribal council in his wheelchair. Survivor is a show that spans generations and is almost bulletproof. Lets hope Mark Burnett never lets this classic go away.

What do you all think of this? Believeable or just a dumb rumor? Lets hear it.

Survivor 22: Rob and Russell NOT Immune To The Merge

Things are getting a little more cleared up in regards to the upcoming Rob VS. Russell season of Survivor which is set to air in February. Originally it was thought that both guys would serve as "coaches" or "mentors" to their respective tribes and thus be granted immunity until the merge where they than are free game. Despite the seemingly absurd bending of the rules, most in the media accepted this as the likely setup. However the last few days have given confirmation to the notion that Rob and Russell DO NOT have this immunity at all and that they are fair game right off the bat like everyone else. Making more sense of this is the fact that the season is going to be called Redemption Island where those who get kicked off have a chance to get back into the game. Thus Rob or Russell can return even if they get the boot. This saves their presence in the game in the process and ensures that the whole concept wont get blown up if one or both get kicked out early.

Analysis: There is a whole hell of a lot coming out on this lately but its good to finally get some clairity on the setup. The idea of them being immune to the merge was a joke from the beginning and something that just couldnt fly as it would defeat the whole concept of the game. I like the fact both will have to bust it like everyone else to get where they want to go.


After not being able to fly out of the country to again compete on Survivor due to his continuing legal matters, it appears that original winner Richard Hatch has found another way to hook up with Mark Burnett. According to industry sources, Hatch has been confirmed as a contestant for the upcoming edition of Celebrity Apprenctice that will begin filming shortly. He will join such other B-list celebrities like Mark McGrath and LaToya Jackson. The series will air sometime after the holidays.

Analysis: Unbelievable. I hate the Celebrity Apprentice but I actually might feel compelled to watch this due to the Hatch dynamic. Despite being obnoxious, Richard Hatch is a very intelligent individual who could do well here. However his poutiness and pointed remarks should lead to some quarreles with the others. Also will he show up in the board room naked? Just wondering. I also am curious to see the interaction between he and Donald Trump. Interesting all around.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


As always the wrapup first and that the glorious opinions:

We start off back at the Espada camp after TC as Holly explains how shocked she was that Jimmy T was booted. She talks about how she knows she is on the outs and that something has to change.

The next day as Espada Marty confirms he is in control of the tribe and that he is very confident of his position. He notes with Dan that Holly is next and that she and Jane are on the outs right now. Meanwhile at LeFlor NaOnka takes on the Marty role about how she also thinks she is control and that Alina and Kelly B are out soon.

Both tribes are brought together for the challenge early as Probst tells everyone to drop their buffs. The tribes are changing. Marty admitted it was too early in his mind for it and Jud talks about how everything is up in the air now. New captains are drawn from a hat full of rocks as each player picks one and doesnt look. The yellow and blue rocks note the captains as Brenda and Holly get lucky. Holly has to pick four young people while Brenda has to pick three older people. Probst soon reads the selection as Brenda picks Marty, Jane, and Jill while Holly picks Alina, Benry, Chase, and NaOnka. The game is now brand new. The exchange pleasantries as they tribe names are switched. Finally the medallion of power is removed from the game.

The challenge beckons and its for reward. Two members of each tribe will throw a ball while the other members must try and catch it when it falls. If it falls the other tribe gets a point. The first tribe to three gets reward which is three chickens and one rooster. Benry and Chase catch for Espada and Sash and Marty for Espada. Sash drops first and LeFlor is on the board. Tyrone next drops as LeFlor gets on the board. Marty next drops a ball as Espada takes the lead. Next Alina drops and its tied 2-2 with the next drop deciding the winner. Marty winds up dropping a second ball as Espada wins it.

Espada brings their loot back to camp as they begin talking about what to do with the chickens. Tyrone begins by giving orders and laying down the law at camp. Alina didnt like to hear it and NaOnka seconds that belief. Holly on the other hand loves her new tribes and seems to bond with the young people. She talks about a connection with Alina and NaOnka and how she is better off with them than the older group.

Back at LeFlor Fabio talks about how happy he is with the new group and Marty begins discussing how things were done at the older tribe. Right away the contrast in styles is apparent as Brenda said they were all chill while Marty talks about how the older people work. Marty however is one a mission to find out who has the hidden idol on the young tribe and Fabio spills the beans. He picks up on how there is no leadership with the young people. He also decides to tell the group that he has the hidden idol as he figured Jane would spoil it. Brenda doesnt admire his honesty and thinks he is arrogant.

Back at Espada we see the rains have returned while the tribe looks to get the fire going again. NaOnka is having a problem however as she is sitting in the shelter and begins to cry due to the miserable weather. The irony is that Alina of all people sits in there with her anad comforts her. Alina secretly enjoys it though as she wouldnt care if NaOnka quit. Chase also comes in as she talks about leaving. In a touching moment Chase talks about the day his dad passed away as a means of getting her though the ordeal. The storm continues into the night as no one can sleep due to the persistent rain.

The next day things dry out and its time for a challenge. Three members of each tribe will be attached to a wheel while three other members turn them underwater where they will collect the liquid in their mouths and than spit it into a tube. Once there is enough water in the tube a ball is released and the two remaining members use the ball to break five tiles. Whoevere breaks the five tiles first wins. LeFlor starts by going much faster than Espada but they take the lead. The Espada tube gets filled as Tyrone and Benry start to break tiles. LeFlor soon has their tube fill as Tyrone breaks the first tile. Jane answers for LeFlor. Fabio and Benry get their first and Fabio hits again to take a 3-2 lead for LeFlor. Jane hits the fourth for LeFlor as Benry hits the third and fourth for the tie. During crunch time Fabio hits the last one and LeFlor wins immunity. NaOnka continues to talk about how she thinks she is done as the tribes go back home.

Back at Espada NaOnka seems resigned to her fate as she wants to go. It is decided to eat the chicken before TC but Tyrone objects to it. They vote on it as everyone goes for it but Tyrone. Chase retrieves one and snaps the neck and soon they are eating. Tyrone sat back and didnt help make it but he got right on it when it was time to eat. Soon everyone notices how he got a huge portion of the chow and soon seems marked as people start talking about voting. Despite this everyone is also aware about how NaOnka is looking to leave and so this is what they are looking at going to tribal council that evening.

Once at TC Alina exposes the fact that Tyrone was laying down the law. He objected to that but claims that it could be a generational gap at work. We than hear a bombshell from NaOnka that she was divorced and that the tribe helped her out during the rough previous 24 hours. She compared the two events and noted that she thinks she is in a good spot now. Once the votes were cast however Tyrone got the boot by a 6-2 tally as old tribal lines were destroyed.

All right with that out of the way lets get to the good stuff:

-Once again the vote was stupid and made no sense. Here you have a bigoted, whiny, blowhard of a woman who has done nothing but cause havoc wanting out of the game and instead the Espada's kick off their most physically strong player. Yes Benry and Chase are tough guys but wouoldnt they be that much more formidable with Tyrone joining them instead of the weak NaOnka? I just dont understand it. And this thing about kicking him out because he was ordering people around. First of all he wasnt ordering anyone around. He was being an adult and advising the young people on how best to do things. Of course they took it as him being a bossy parent. I am 31 years old so I think you should know where I am coming from when it comes to this. I am right smack dab in the middle of the genration battle here but I am sorry I side with Tyrone. I guess that means I am getting old. He should have stayed. The young people should have shown more maturity and have the foresight to use him for his strength now and still have the option of dumping him later.
-I didnt even mention the fact that Espada could also have flushed out the hidden immunity idol from NaOnka who showed no interest in playing it despite knowing she could be in trouble. This tells me she knew she had the numbers on her side which is why the idol stayed in her pocket. The fact that the others wouldnt take the opportunity to blindside her and get rid of the idol was pure stupidity.
-Alina was the one who annoyed the hell out of me with the vote as she had the most to gain by getting rid of NaOnka. She could have eliminated her and Kelly B's fiercest rival and opened up more possibilities for herself in the game. Instead she kept a lunatic of a woman in the game who will turn her back on her as soon as she no longer needs her anymore.
-I love how fake both NaOnka and Alina were in talking to each other after the tribal switch. Yes they needed each other but that was too much to take. What was even worse was Alina going into the shelter to comfort her when she was having her breakdown. Please. Give me a bucket to puke in. Also Chase's story was nice and sad in that he lost his father but he too should have ignored her.
-As far as Tyrone himself is concerned, he created his own grave by being so damn negative. There was like a dark cloud over the guy as he never seemed happy about anything. He redefined the word grumpy. Lots of potential with his power but in the end he was a bust.
-Benry is starting to take a more active role in the game which is good to see. He is still my pick.
-All right I have to say it. The mysterious Purple Kelly (I have been told that yes she is in the game) has passed Alina in my Hottest Chick On This Season Of Survivor rankings.
-I loved when NaOnka referenced her students in regards to how she didnt want to send the wrong message to her about if she quit. I guess she didnt think of them when she made hateful comments about those with disabilities or when she stole socks from Fabio.
-I wont miss the medallion of power and heres hoping we dont ever see it again. Will go down as one of the dumber ideas in Survivor history.
-The tribe switch was totally necessary as the LeFlor's were going to overrun the Espada's no doubt. I think Burnett and company realized this and hence the mix up. If the challenges were more evenly won by the two tribes than I am not sure we see a switch for another couple of weeks.
-Dan has more lives than Wile E. Coyote.
-Brenda is totally the power female this season no matter how many times NaOnka drops Kelly B.
-Thank goodness Holly and Brenda didnt have to pick based on sex because they might have had a hard time deciding whether Jill was a man or a woman.
-I still cant figure out Chase. Is he a power player? Is he just Brenda's foil? I am still leaning toward the latter.
-Fabio had his moment in the sun during the immunity challenge. I thought he was a goner by now but good for him. He is a cool dude using his language here.
-Marty is so high on himself to the point that I cant even listen anymore. He is a good player but someone needs to blindside him.
-Marty ending up with Jill again on the same tribe is surely a boon to his and her chances.
-Loved how Jane has drawn a line in the sand between her and Marty and Jill. She is awesome.
-Marty showing the idol to the others was a good move no matter what anyone says. He was right in that Jane would have told everyone so he might has well had said something. However him hanging it up was a brainless idea. If I were anyone else on that tribe I would have swiped it within two seconds and never given it up. Where is Russell when you need him? Wow I cant believe I just said that. Soon enough Russell.
-Before you know it Dan is going to need to be carried to the challenges. He is useless right now.

Thats all for now. I will post more as soon as my fingers heal from the typing. Lets hear what you got to say.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Ok some other B-list celebrities have been making the rounds today regarding if they will be competing on the Russell VS Rob season and two prominent ones making waves are gossip king Perez Hilton and mixed martial arts fighter Kimbo Slice.

The Perez Hilton thing got started due to the revelations that disgraced former Miss California Carrie Prejean will in fact be on the S22 roster. Hilton and Prejean of course went head-to-head during a pageant where he confronted her on her anti-homosexual beliefs. The setting was there for a rematch in Nicaragua theoretically but IT FLAT OUT DIDNT HAPPEN. Hilton has been on the radio doing his thing and also updating his web site constantly when the show was airing.

The other interesting name is Kimbo Slice from mixed martial arts fame. I have heard conflicting reports on this but I do know Mark Burnett and company have been hard after him for awhile. Slice is an aboslute strength monster who makes James look like Johnny Fairplay but he apparently was doing promotional work during the time the competition took place. However super sleuth missaye hints at otherwise and she has been dead on with things in the past so I would lean with the latter scenario. No doubt he would immediately take the mantle of strongest player ever.

More as I hear it.

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Lots to talk about today in regards to S22. We got Carrie Prejean, Krista Klumpp, and Ashley Underwood and now this tidbit:

According to ultimate Survivor sleuth missaye, it appears that the always assumed notion of Rob and Russell receiving immunity until the merge might not be accurate. She hinted that something took place early in the game that made her believe this may not be possible.???!!!

HMMMMMMM! I always thoght Rob and Russell would be protected until the merge so as not to ruin the concept before it has a chance to get going (meaning one of them getting the boot early) but now with the Redemption Island twist where voted out players can get themselves back into the game, the immunity to th merge may not be needed. Either way S22 is shaping up like some sort of a circus. Carrie Prejean? Yes I am looking forward to seeing her from a looks standpoint but she reeks of B-list celebrity. Now we get ANOTHER beauty queen and a SEC cheerleader? Hopefully it gets better.


More names are coming out for Survivor 22 and so far beauty is totally winning against brawn as Krista Klumpp apparently was a contetstant on the just completed season. Klumpp was a cheerleader for her school, Auburn University, and whatas interesting here is her uncanny resemblance to Survivor 19 winner Natalie White. Could this be a way to purposefully needle the still bitter Russell Hantz about losing out to her? Interesting.

So the very beautiful Klumpp joins the very beautiful Carrie Prejean. So far so good for me as far as I am concerned regarding the cast ;). Amber Mariano and Melanie Hantz are going to love this cast!


Huge news coming out of Survivor 22 Russell VS Rob is the fact that former controversial Miss California Carrie Prejean will appear on the upcoming edition of the show. Prejean you may remember was stripped of her crown after making anti-gay remarks and than having a solo sex tape get into the hands of porn giants Vivid Video. Prejean also is married to NFL QB Kyle Boller.

On a related front there is also word that there is yet a SECOND beauty pageant contestant that will be on the show joining Prejean. More on this later.

As far as my view of this I cant wait to see Prejean in action. She is an incredibly beautiful woman as befitting a former Miss California and her pointed views on the world are sure to generate some interesting talk around camp. No doubt I see her totally teaming up with Russell in a bad boy/bad girl tag team. Now all we need is Shannon Elkins to be included and we have a true hateful alliance.

What do you all think of Prejean being on the show? Its looking more and more like Mark Burnett is trying to get more pop culture figures onto the show which will do wodners for ratings. Now if only he can work on getting Prejean's sex tape put out on the web.


There is a ton of excitement for the upcoming Survivor 22 season which will pit two of the biggest villains of all time going head to head against each other in the form of Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz. Despite the juicy sublots involved with this face-off, these two alpha males were not originally supposed to be the two doing battle. Sources confirm that the original winner of Survivor, Richard Hatch, was who Mark Burnett wanted to go against Hantz in S22. However due to continuing complications from his jail stint for tax evasion and subsequent house arrest, Hatch was not able to leave the country just like when he approached to do Heroes VS Villains.

On top of that tidbit, Burnett and Jeff Probst came up with a list of 40 former players who would make the trip to Nicaragua and thus would be picked gym class style by Hantz and Hatch/Mariano. Those who dont get chosen would be sent home. This idea was also nixed however in favor of new players coming in their place.

All in all I would have given anything to see original champ Richard Hatch agaianst Russell. That certainly would have been better than Rob VS Russell despite my approval for the latter. And I loved the gym class pick em from the 40 other players. I would love to have seen that list of who they would have brought back. Rob VS Russell is more than good but the other scenario would have been much better.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Survivor Alumni News: Elisabeth Hasselbeck To Join Good Morning America

Everyone's favorite weepy, staunch Republican Survivor alumnus Elisabeth Hasselbeck will now take her craft to the set of Good Morning American on ABC as she will be an on-air contributor to family and interpersonal issues for the show. Hasselbeck of course is a daily co-host of The View where she has earned a somewhat controversial label as an over the top Conservative who had a memorable on-air screaming match with Rosie O'Donnell. No doubt whether you love her or hate her, Hasselbeck has the title of most successful post Survivor contestant in the show's history.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Updated Rankings: Who Is Most Likely To Win After 4 Episodes???

So Jimmy T bites the dust this week which is not a surprise. I had him ranked very low going into the week and thus this move doesnt alter the standings much. Lets take a look.

1. Marty: Marty still has the top spot but for the first time since the beginning, he could be threatened with the tribes being switched up this week. Still he had the hidden idol and seems to not have anyone gunning for him. He is annoying as hell but is proving to be a savvy player.

2. Brenda: Brends leaps two spots to second place as she has a lot of good things going on with her game due to her alliances with hidden immunity idol owning NaOnka and also a firm footing with Chase. This girl is a player and proving herself to me as we keep going on.

3. Jill: Jill holds steady at number 3 but her stock could take a big hit if she is placed on a tribe oppposite main ally Marty. I keep harping on her submissiveness to him which is not helping her but she has no enemies and has a firm footing in the game right now.

4. Sash: Sash leapfrogs Benry this week as he is in tight with the big alliance on his tribe and no one is looking at him as a physical threat which are two big plusses. He seems very intelligent and reminds me some of Todd Herzog from China. Wont call him a contender yet but he is solid.

5. Benry: This guy was my pick from the beginning and I am not going back on it now. Despite being on the outside looking in with regards to the LeFlor alliance, the tribal switch could do wonders for him here. Nice kid, athletic, quiet.....winner????

6. Jane: I still like Jane's chances a lot and she will certainly make it to the merge. No one will be paying attention to her and she is well-liked.

7. Kelly B: Now that it appears a tribal switch is imminent, this will help boost her chances exponentially. Kelly B is the total package....nice, athletic despite her disability, and someone who is very loyal. Being realistic, her disability is a hindrance as many dont want her to get to the end because they think she will be a charity but if she can somehow minimize this, there stands a good chance we see her sittin in front of the jury at the end of the game.

8. NaOnka: For someone with a hidden immunity idol in her pocket, NaOnka should be ranked higher. The reason she is this low is obvious. She is tremendously unlikable and she looks like she is starting to break down mentally based on next week's coming attractions. No one will ever give her the million dollars but she can get to the end if someone correctly goes with her on the assumption she would be an easy beat in front of the jury.

9. Kelly S: If it were based on looks, Kelly S would be sitting at the end with Alina but obviously you need game which she hasnt shown. I dont take her seriously but you have to consider her flying under the radar a la Natalie White in Samoa.

10. Fabio: I have elevated Fabio quite a bit this week due to the fact that he continues to go along with no one looking to take his head off other than NaOnka....who herself is probably more conerned with Alina and Kelly B right now. The guy is hilarious and is not being taken seriously....which could allow him to sneak into the finals where he actually would be a favorite to win based on his likability.

11. Yve: There is not much top say about her. She is kinda just there and so there is not much to talk about here. Check back next week to see what transpires with the switch.

12. Chase: Despite the bulging muscles, I have not been high on Chase's chances from the beginning. He stands a good chance of getting the boot before the merge due to his threat in individual challenges and Brenda will stab him in the back when she gets the chance.

13. Alina: Alina moves up a few spots as the tribal switch will help her big time if it breaks right and she gets away from NaOnka. Still she is not seen as a big help physically so she still needs to get through a few more challenges before she rises some.

14. Tyrone: The guy is not going to last much longer if he doesnt imrpove the attitude. He also has been lousy in challenges so that a bad combo to own.

15. Holly: Still cant believe she didnt go before Jimmy J. The crazy thing is that she is starting to be forgotten about which could elevate her standing in the game.

16. Dan: He has been a total bust and is surely going to go soon as he can hardly stand.

There you go. Any disagreement? Lets hear it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


First the wrapup like always and than my awesome, every mother loves them opinions.

Things get started back at the Espada camp as the tribe discusses the boot of Jimmy Johnson. The rain is pouring down and everyone is miserable at camp. Jimmy T disputes the leadership that Jimmy J had and admitted he had no use for him in the game. He breaks into song at camp as morale looks bad. Marty doesnt appreciate it and thinks he is a loudmouth. He goes on to say that he is obnoxious and that he expects him to hang himself soon.

The next morning at Espada, Holly notices that the water is flooding the beach as the tide is pouring in. The beach is covered with debris and mud. Dan notes that he burnt his foot and ripped up his sneakers. Jill begins to talk about how the tribe has no food and no means to get it. Holly and Jimmy T meanwhile come up with a plan to catch fish with a net by launching it into the water and trapping them under it. Marty doesnt seem impressed and walks away. Finally Jane admits she will miss Jimmy J and believes the tribe will also miss his presence.

Back at LeFlor NaOnka and Brenda continue working on the hidden immunity idol clue and bow to find it. Brenda thinks she has it figured out and instructs NaOnka where to go. After searching for a bit they wind up discovering it as the exult in triumph. NaOnka claims its her in a confessional and puts it in her sock. Kelly B and Alima meanwhile talk about their poor spot in the tribe and Alina talks about how pathetic NaOnka's behavior is. They both retrace NaOnka's steps in their quest to find it. NaOnka follows them and starts a huge argument with Kelly B. and continues with her hate-filled remarks about her missing leg.

That night at Espada Jane and Marty try to prop up the tribe. Marty wants there to be one voice at challenges and he nominates Tyrone for the job. Jimmy T speaks up about it and admits he is fine with the arrangement. He claims in a confessional that he knows Marty is not a fan of his and that he wants control. That leads into the next morning where tree mail arrives as a blindfold is included. They begin praticing using Tyrone's voice in a challenge simulation. Jimmy T is barking througout the practice however and Marty is loving every second of it as he predicted this would occur.

The challenge commences as Probst instructs how it runs. One person from each tribe is the caller and the rest are blindfolded. They will instruct each member to go and retrieve ten items out in the field and once that is accomplished, send them out for a set of keys that will open a box. Once the box is open the winner is crowned. The LeFlor's use the medallion of power and get a two item headstart. In addition the winning tribe gets a home depot tool box along with immunity.

Brenda and Tyrone are the callers anad the game begins. LeFlor is off to a great start as Tyrone seems to struggle with the signals. It soon gets chaotic with the Espada tribe as LeFlor continues to grab their items. It becomes a landslide as LeFlor wins easily and gets immunity and the tools. Needless to say things are looking terrible for Espada.

Back at Espada camp Dan and Tyrone try to make excuses about the defeat. Jimmy J continues with his wish to get more involved in challenges as Tyrone challenges him on it. Tyrone seems done with him and thinks he is all for himself. Meanwhile at LeFlor things are good as they bask in their winnings with the tarp brining about the biggest response. There also was a clue in the tackle box which Chase found and he proceeds to show Brenda. Little does he know that the idol is already found. While the go looking for it they being talking about trust issues as Brends tells him that NaOnka has the idol.

Once again its back at Espada and discussion begins about who to vote out of the game. The team goes out looking for sea urchins as Jimmy T calls out Marty for eating some without sharing. Marty is ticked as he reports back to Yve about how he wants him out. Holly and Jane talk voting and the latter thinks Dan should go since he is the weakest person. Marty and Jill however decide Jimmy T and the wheels are starting to be put into motion. Tyrone wants Dan however and Jill reports back to Marty. It will come down to either one as they go to TC. Once again Jimmy T talks about how he wants to be given the shot to lead and Dan talks about how he doesnt regrets sitting out due to his knee. Holly surprisingly speaks up for Jimmy T which offers up some intrigue as we head into the voting. The ultimate portion of the TC was Jimmy T getting chocked up as he talks about how he is a man or honor and how he will step down and be a worker bee. With that being said, when the votes were cast Jimmy T wound up going home by a 6-3 count.

ALl right with that out of the way lets get to the good stuff.

-Jimmy T was a blowhard who was annoying as hell but Marty and company made a bad move here. Yes the tribe are being switched up next week but they obviously didnt know this at that point. Keeping a cripple like Dan instead of a fully able Jimmy T is a stupid move and one that never makes sense to me. Whatever.
-What really was disturbing to me was the fact that Tyrone made Jimmy T get emotional and set him up to believe he was staying by making him pour his heart out and accept being a role player around camp. It totally seemed like he was staying and Dan was going but nada. Why even make the guy go through that only to vote him off? I thought that was in bad taste and uncalled for.
-Let me say this: Tyrone has been a complete bust just like Dan but for different reasons. Whereas Dan doesnt have it physically and really shouldnt have even been accepted into the show, Tyrone for all his muscles has bombed out of two challenges. Not good. And that dour attitude is really annoying to me. Lighten up dude. Your on Survivor instead of at work. Enjoy it for a minute or two. Put a smile on your face please.
-Again how is Holly still in the game? I have to say this though....she was the only one who made any sense at TC when she said that Jimmy T should be given a shot. Jane voted with her for Dan and that speaks volumes for where their heads are at in the game. They are thinking correctly for the team while Marty is looking out for numero uno.
-Jill is getting to be so pathetic. If I hear her say one more time "whatever you decide" to Marty when it comes to figuring out who to vote out I am going to scream. Get a set...er..um...yeah wrong sex with that statement but you know what I mean. MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICES WOMAN!! Stop doing the cavewoman bit and let the caveman who is Marty drag you around by your hair.
-One more thing on Jimmy T. His final words were sad. He really feels like he blew it and overall he wasnt as bad as he was portrayed I dont think.
-I miss Jimmy Johnson.
-Yve is looking kinda sexy lately for an older chick.
-So NaOnka finds the hidden immunity idol on the heels of Russell basically having a patent on it the last two season. Is part of the requirements for finding it entail you have to be a despicable, politically incorrect person? I guess so. Once again she goes on the attack against Kelly B and throws in a few more cringing cripple remarks. What was really sad was the look on Kelly B's face during the confrontation while they were looking for the idol. She looked embareseed and almost defeated by her. It was almost like a school girl getting mocked by the class bully in front of everyone. Damn I hope she somehow wins. Now that Jimmy J is gone she is one I totally hope gets the million bucks.
-Purple Kelly where have you gone??? This is starting to get ridiculous with her. That is always the best indication that someone goes far in Survivor. If you see them for 2.5 seconds through the first four episodes than you got a possible winner. I cant even evaluate her because she has not been involved in anything.
-NaOnka cries next week....cant wait. Hopefully her mom came on the show and rubbed soap in her mouth.
-I bet Shannon got a kick while watching at home when he saw Chase and Sash holding hands during the immunity challenge.
-The tribes being dissolved next week is Mark Burnett saying "we better put a stop to this before the young people run away with the game". What happens with the medallion of power is also a mystery. I hope it gets throw into the ocean if you ask me. It was a dumb idea and needs to never be mentioned again. It ruins the integrity of the challenge and basically ensures whoever uses it will win. Enough with this.
-Brends is playing a great game btw and she is surprsing the heck out of me. I guess I should have seen this coming after she found the medallion right out of the gate.

Thats all I got for now. My Chinese food just got her. Check back for more later on tonight or tomorrow. Post your thoughts below.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Survivor Topic: Why Has Their Never Been a Fist Fight Before?

Survivor Nicaragua quite possibly has two of the most combustible in-your-face contestants in the show's history and they are the just desposed Shannon Elkins and the already fighting for the top villainess of all time mantle NaOnka. Both have shown through only three episodes of the current season that they are in fact highly intense and confrontational players who dont give a hoot who they insult along the way. Tempers have flared all around them due to their behavior and this led me to ponder the question: why in all the seasons of Survivor has their never been an all-out fist fight between two contestants? With such an intense game filled with high edge emotion due to the extreme conditions, starvation, sleep deprivation etc., why is it that no two players ever got so frustrated with each other that they decided to settle their differences with fists? This is certainly an interesting point if you really think about it.

First off I know the first thing you are thinking as you are reading this is that "its written in contrat that all tribe members are strictly forbidden to fight and face dire consequences if they do." Well that all and good but since when do people in society listen to rules when it comes to fighting? There are laws in our nation in regards to fighting and how you can get brought up on various charges as a result but yet I would say that more than half of all men and more women than you think have gotten into a brawl at one time of their lives. And were not sitting on a foreign beach with no food or water in 100 degree heat with annoying people around us like Johnny Fairplay or Russel Hantz.

No doubt if the rules had allowed, there would be nothing short of at least one big fight in each season of Survivor. If you think back to past seasons, there are many instances where this would have occured. Here are a few off the top of my head:

Rob Mariano VS Lex Van Den Burg: You know damn well that the psycho looking Lex would have opened up a can on Rob for totally burying a knife in his back after he protected Amber during All Stars.

Russell Hantz VS Rupert Boneham: Rupert and Russell had a memorable back-and-forth during the latter stages of Heroes VS Villains and there is no doubt the big pirate would have loved to sock it to the Hobbit.

Johnny Fairplay VS Sean: These two went at each other on more than one occasion during Pearl Islands and you could just see Sean using every bit of strength he had to not knock him out. No doubt Fairplay felt emboldened with the protection of the producers behind him and he wouldnt have gone that far in public as Sean would have thrown him across the beach.

Shannon Elkins VS. Chase Rice: Shannon totally wanted a piece of Chase and this would have been a fun bout to watch. Tough call here as to who would have won. Either way you could see the anger on Shannon's face and who he wanted at Chase in the worst way.

Jeff Probst VS. Johnny Fairplay: There was no other contestant in history that annoyed Probst more than this guy and if the camera were off he would have loved to sock it to him if he could.

Those are just a few of the dozens I could write about. It really is amazing to me that is hasnt happened yet but give it time. There is no doubt that down the road this is a strong possibility and would be great to watch.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Promo: Intense "Fight" On Tap For Wednesday

So the promos that CBS has released for this week's episode promises a "venemous fight" in their words. The way the coming attractions portrayed it at the end of last week's episode obviously points to NaOnka as being the main source of the battle and the smart money is on Kelly B and Alina as being her opponents. Either way it looks like things are going to come to a head Wednesday and it should be entertaining.

As far as my thoughts are conerned, you all know I cant stand NaOnka. I think she is incredibly offensive and it continues to amaze me that she went into the educational field with that type of mindset and outlook on life. I hope she gets her ass booted off soon but the fact she is in a tight alliance doesnt portend that this will occur. Stay tuned.


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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Episode 3 Secret Scenes

Secret scene time. Lets get to it:

-First up is Yve who feels she has an endurance strength and is noticing those who need rest. She point out how the men are getting hit hard along with Holly in the strength department. She thinks she and Jane are the strongest mentally and physcially.

-Holly takes what Yve was saying a step further by talking about how Dan is looking very weak and is clearly the weakest link on the team. She has noticed that he is laying around a bunch and that he seems tired.

-Idiot Marty is up next (sorry I am still ticked he ousted Jimmy J) as he discusses how finding the hidden idol was huge and thrilling for him. He looks at it as a double edged sword however. The feedback he has gotten from it is that the tribe took it well that he showed everyone he had it.

-Brenda takes her turn as she talks about how when going to tribal council she really didnt think she was coming back to camp. She thought she was going home and was in a state of shock when going back to camp after it was over with. She notes whoever was with Shannon is in trouble and that includes Ben who who voted with her but originally had planned to vote her out. Her plan is to continue building relationships with her alliance and to do her best in challenges. The goal is to also keep a close eye on Kelly B, Fabio, Ben, and Alina.

-Dan gets two different spots to chat as he first discusses how he kept the fire going the first few days and that things are tough. The roof of the shelter is not working and he notes that he would have taken the tarp over the fishing gear at the challenge. He pins it on Marty but says he also gave it a good effort in fishing the other day. The lines were drawn between Jimmy J and Marty in his view.

-The second tidbit from Dan was about how he was sticking it out despite feeling run down and that he will not throw in the towel. It was a full scene from camp Espada as the tribe (specifically Jill) talk about how they won the fishing gear. Dan continues on to say it was a tough day and that the bugs were biting non-stop. He finishes it by saying he doesnt want to let down his sons while he is in the game.

-Loudmouth NaOnka is up now as she talks about "swag" or how she carries herself around camp. She says how she can be everything like being hood, valley, reggae, or ghetto. She thinks no one else on the tribe have swag other than Purple Kelly. She notes that she treats her like her little sister and appreciates her. As far as later in the game she thinks Purple Kelly would be a sure vote for her. Sash is brought up by her as she thinks if he is homosexual than all the power to him and that she likes to hang out with men like him. Those two are her closest allies in the game.

-Jill gives her spiel on how her goal continues to be to keep the tribe strong when it comes to voting people out. She thinks her stock is high and that she is the strongest girl in the tribe.

-Jane talks about how her heart sank her tribe blew the lead in the challenge. She thought the game plan should have been for Tyrone to go back into the challenge after Jimmy T because he is a good basketball player. Luck was the main culprit in the challenge and she was upset they didnt get the fruit.

-We see next Alina talking at length about how she thinks NaOnka is crazy. She talked about how she told Kelly B to look for a clue in the basket of fruit after the challenge. It was awkward in her mind when NaOnka wrestled Kelly B for the clue and that she blew the mood of the tribe. She thought she handled it terribly and that it fits her personality. NaOnka's actions she felt divided the tribe even more now. The cat is out of the bag now regarding the hidden idol clues. She knows that her and Kelly B need to do everything they can when it comes to finding the hidden idol and keeping it away from NaOnka. It seems Alina believes this is their only chance to stick around in the game.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Updated Rankings: Who Has The Best Chance To Win

Another week gone by and another player gets the boot and this time it was former NFL head coach Jimmy Johnson who I think got a raw deal. He was put on a tribe full of control freaks and thus went home. So with 17 people left in the game lets look at the updated Survivor Nicaragua rankings regarding who has the best chance to win (number 1) all the way down to number 17 (get your bags packed).

1. Marty: For the second week in a row Marty gets the top spot as he masterminded the ouster of Jimmy J and asserted control of the tribe. Right now its his game to lose and others are starting to realize his power (Tyrone).

2. Benry: Benry took charge during the immunity challenge last week and led the tribe to victory. This shoots him up one spot right behind Marty as the defacto favorite from his tribe. He has made no enemies and has the athletic skills to get on a run in individual immunity challenges.

3. Jill: Marty's right hand woman, Jill technically shares possession of the hidden immunity idol so she stick at the top. I talekd about how she is a bit of a pushover when it comes to making decisions with Marty which she will have to fix in order to win.

4. Brenda: Brenda shoots up to number 4 as she is rock solid in her alliance with Sash, NaOnka, etc. and right from the beginning she was playing the game all out. She seems to have a mind for scheming and she has shown the ability to be selfish in her choices which is key.

5. Sash: Same deal with Sash as it seems he and Brenda kind of run the show at LeFlor. Another one who is quiet and enemyless now that Shannon is gone, he rises up the ranks as a result.

6. Jane: Everyone loves Jane and in the past well-liked older players have done very well in this game (Roger Australia, Paschael Marquesas) so she cant be discounted despite her slight frame.

7. Yve: Yve is another one is very quiet and staying under the radar. I think my comparison to Suzie from Tocantins was right on and she can be the live longshot that somehow gets to the end of the game without anyone noticing.

8. Kelly S: Kelly S is also in tight with the big LeFlor alliance and so she gets put here by default. She seems pretty useless right now but its still early.

9. NaOnka: I hate to put her here but the fact of the matter is that she is in a big alliance and she now has the hidden immunity idol clue. Those are two big plusses but in the end no one will give her the million bucks due to her rude behavior.

10. Kelly B: It seems the LeFlor alliance is targeting Alina for the next vote and not Kelly B. All she has to do is hang in there a bit and get to a merge where she would be smart to hook up with the Espada people. Thats a longshot however as she has an uphill road to climb.

11. Chase: I have been accused of underrating Chase but I just dont buy the fact that Brenda will keep him around long. He will definately be the first person they cut out of the alliance and so the odds are stacked against him here.

12. Jimmy T: Jimmy T is a blowhard but he seems to be trusted by Marty which is key. I still think he will talk his way out of the game soon. His act is tiring.

13. Tyrone: It seems Tyrone is on an island by himself and his stubborness is going to lead to his downfall. He needs to form some sort of an alliance before its too late but he is looking like a loner.

14. Fabio: Fabio is not taken seriously obviously but he is still floating along while he makes people laugh. Stranger things have happened.

15. Holly: I cant believe Holly wasnt voted out last week after what she did to Dan but whatever. She still has no shot.

16. Dan: Dan is already worn out and the tribe knows it. Even money he goes next in Espada.

17. Alina: Alina plummets down the rankings as word is out she goes next in the tribe. Nice looks but she needs to get the idol now.

So lets hear some discussion. Who is too high? Who is too low? Lets talk.

Survivor Aftermath: Jimmy Johnson Loses 18 Pounds In 8 Days

Despite not going far in the game and being the victim of control freak Marty, former NFL head coach Jimmy Johnson equitted himself well during his 8 day stay in Nicaragua and in the process helped improve his health along the way. Johnson reported after his exit from the game that he had lost 18 pounds in those 8 days in competition. Surely a few of those pounds came off the first night when Johnson was caught on camera throwing up numerous times. No doubt Johnson was very disappointed to leave but for a 67 year old man, he has nothing to be ashamed about as it was clear he earned the respect from everyone in the game, including Marty who deemed him a big threat. Way to go Jimmy.