Friday, May 7, 2010

Amanda Kimmel Interview With People

Thought this was a very interesting interview of Amanda after she was booted out of the game last week. I think it speaks volumes of how much people hate Russell and how he has caused the game to drop to new lows. Courtesy of People.com.

Amanda Kimmel, a 24-year-old former Miss Montana, has been a Survivor bridesmaid and never the bride, despite making it to the finale on both China and Micronesia. She earned her worst placement on Heroes vs. Villains when she became the jury’s fourth member. She tells PEOPLE about her girl fight, Candice’s disloyalty, Colby’s sloth and why she’s hanging up her reality-show veil for good. –Carrie Bell

You were final three both times you played before. Was there a reason why this was your worst showing?
A lot of things happened that I can’t talk about that made me lose interest. It was a very different game than my last two in all ways possible.

You stated that you made too many mistakes this time. What were they?
Giving Danielle back the clue. I didn’t do well at the challenge. I also didn’t do too well at the standing challenges either. To win, you have to be good at the physical, the strategic and the social game. I’m not good at sticking up for myself or to my guns. Tribal is my downfall. I would have done better in them if I had been on a jury before. Russell’s downfall is the social aspect. You can’t burn people’s socks, gloat about it and then expect them to vote for you.
Were you the right person for the villains to vote out this week?
They did it because of my tiff with Danielle. That and because Parv told them how strategic I was and that left a bad taste in their mouth.

Your fire seemed to have gone out long before Jeff snuffed your torch. Had you given up?
For sure. Because of certain things that happened that I won’t discuss I wasn’t passionate about the game anymore.

If your buddy James had stayed, would it have made a difference?
Maybe. He was the one person that I was like, “If I have to be here, at least I’m here with him.” But there were still things that happened that made me not want to play anymore.

Let’s talk about the idol clue. You fought for it, but ultimately let it go. Why?
I didn’t know the rules of the reward clues and I needed a little back-up from Colby. I wasn’t getting it. He made me feel really bad about taking the clue. I was already like, “Oh my gosh, what am I doing?” It escalated my nervousness. I couldn’t open it with Danielle all over me. I had the balls at least to get it. He could have held her back so I could read it. It was really selfish of him. What he does affects my game. It affects all of the Heroes. Having that idol for our side would have lead to a different outcome. We kept him over James and here he was just rolling over and dying.

How do you feel about Candice switching sides?
She was mad at me. She wanted to do this plan where we’d get in a fight to throw Russell off track. She was so excited about her plan and I was going to go along with it, but decided not to because it wouldn’t do anything for us and I didn’t think Russell would fall for it. We were in a tug o’ war with her. He’d talk to her. Then I’d talk to her. I don’t know what she was thinking voting with him because in no way was that in her best interest. No way she’s getting into their threesome. She can’t trust him. Me and her chilled together everyday after James left so I don’t know why she didn’t trust me when I said, “You’re on the bottom of 5 if you flip.” But when she gets scared, she flips. That’s what she does.

Is there someone you think deserves to win this round?
I’m rooting for the Heroes. But to be honest I don’t really care because there’s no one left that are my people. Anyone who is trying to get rid of Russell right now would get my vote so even Sandra. I wouldn’t vote Colby for the million because I don’t feel like he deserves it. He isn’t putting out enough effort.

Would you play again?
I will never play Survivor again. Russell has changed the game in a way I’m not interested in either. The show isn’t pure on any level anymore. When I left, I said, “Good riddance.” I was glad to be done with him. I have other things going on in my life. I’m coming out with my own organic fragrance called Wild and then I want to move into a skincare line. I’m excited to get that going.

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