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I dont know about all of you but I am counting down the days until Survivor 22 Redemption Island. Now dont get me wrong: I still hate the Redemption Island idea and have been vocal about it from the beginning. Sure its something new and intriguing but I hate the idea of anyone voted out having the chance to come back into the game. With that being said, there is no doubt in my mind that the leadup to this season has been like no other as we have had numerous false reports about the cast (Kimbo Slice and Carrie Prejean to name a few) plus the ongoing Russell and Rob are they in it or not debate. From what I have heard from day 1, both took part in the season but after all the false leads that the show's hierarchy was putting out there to throw off the spoilers from the last few seasons, I dont know what to believe anymore.

I will say this though: Burnett, Probst, and the rest of the Survivor crew have gone to war with the spoilers as some of the biggest ones from the last few seasons have mysteriously all gone quiet at the same time. Coincidence? I think not. The bigges bit of proof I have of this is the very detailed spoiler that was produced over at another web site that was all of a sudden taken down the very next day and has not been mentioned since. Of course I got all that info and basically it was all about how Rob and Russell did along with a celebrity poker player who will be on this season. Be that as it may, I wont discuss the Rob and Russell thing until I see for sure they are on.

As far as those two are concerned, I totally hope they are indeed on and that both get the chance to interact on the same tribe. The talk all along is that they start on different tribes and that the Redemption Island aspect was put in as a means of keeping them around in the even one or both get kicked off early. The biggest bust would be if one goes early as they are saying in the spoiler and the other one doesnt meet up with him during the game. Certainly not the way Probst drew it up. Either way I cant wait to see what happens with this.


Another possible contestant is a guy named David Murphy who is 30 and a lawyer from Los Angeles. He apparently begins on Russell's tribe. He looks pretty evil so they should hit it off there.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Apparently she is a dancer from Los Angeles. Hopefully a stripper.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Seems to be an outdoor theme this season. We have a Rooster and now a Lumberjack. This guy is unbelievably a MASCOT for SFAU. Wow.


This guy looks like a real winner. A former farmer and current nature guide. We had "Chicken" and now we have "Rooster." Only on Survivor can you get this.


Monday, December 27, 2010


Next up we have Andre Boehlke who is really young and hot. In other words she is the perfect fit for the way Survivor rounds out the cast the last few years. Here we go again.

Name: Andrea Boehlke
Age: 20 or 21
From: Random Lake, Wisconsin
Occupation: Some sort of mactress/student thing


Some names are now starting to trickle out for Survivor 22 and one is names Mike Chiesl and here is a profile and pic.

Mike is a real estate agent in California:

Mike, born in Minnesota and raised in Texas, graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a core engineering systems degree. While majoring in economics, he started as a line backer on the Varsity Football team. After graduation, Mike was commissioned as an Officer in the Marine Corps. After five years service and multiple combat tours, he was awarded the Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal as well as the Navy & Marine Corps Commendation Medal.

Mike has an extensive background in economics and has taught collegiate level classes as a Professor at Central Texas College.

Mike has teamed with a fellow Naval Academy Graduate and former Marine Captain, Dan Chapman, to use the character, discipline, and integrity honed in the U.S. Marine Corps along with their technical skills to ensure their clients have THE BEST and most up-to-date media, publication, and web-based marketing approaches available.
Mike specializes in coastal estate properties within San Diego County. His clientele range from best selling authors and high visibility Supreme Court attorneys to first time home buyers. With an emphasis on the representation of his client's best interests, Mike's approach is to put clients first. Mike has a track record for selling estate homes through dynamic marketing strategies. With the change in media driven by the internet, Mike uses his skills as a former Communications Officer to showcase his clients properties to target potential buyers.

In 2008/2009 Mike and Dan have had the priviledge of helping clients in over 50 real estate transactions, selling in excess of $30 Million. They find that their clients appreciate two strong agents mutually supporting their interests. Mike and Dan have also represented numerous investment groups looking to purchase multi-unit housing and are active real estate investors.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


There has been a lot of talk about the new twist in Survivor history which will start this February when the new season begins. What I am referring to of course is the Redemption Island concept which will make its debut this season and bring with it a great deal of anticipation. For one Probst was downright giddy when he introduced the concept during the S21 reunion show and there is no doubt this idea could be a turning point in the show's existence.

Now I have been on record many times over going all the way back to Survivor Pearl Islands about how the idea of having already voted out players having the opportunity to get back into the game is ludicrous. The appeal of Survivor was based on being able to avoid getting voted out being the last man or woman standing. During Pearl Islands, when Burton and Lillian got back into the game, it was a downright joke and the other players were none too happy about this. This time around apparently the entire group will be made aware of this change right at the top so as no one gets surprised but there no doubt will still be many in the game who question such a move. Change like this is monumental and no doubt could be either the beginning of the end of Survivor as we know it or the new twist will reinvigorate the show.

All in all I will give the Redemption Island concept a chance this season and see how it goes. Again making small changes along the way such as swtiching tribes and having hidden immunity idols (another idea I dont like) is not going to undermine the sanctity of Survivor. However something this huge almost always results in death or rebirth for a show. We will see real soon what category Survivor drops into.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Not that this should be much of a shock, but Survivor Heroes VS Villains will be coming to DVD shortly and you can already pre-order it on Amazon.com for $34.95. It was only a matter of time before it got released as this was one of the banner seasons in Survivor history and one that Probst has said was one of his favorites. Just surprised they didnt release S19 too since that was very well received and it was the birth of The Evil One.

S22: Survivor Redemption Island Preview

Monday, December 20, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Afterparty: Sash Gets Feisty

Thought you all might like this article from EOnline regarding the Survivor Nicaragua reunion show afterparty.

Newsflash to all you haters: Survivor: Nicaragua was crazy interesting!

Oh, not on TV of course, silly. (Though the lackluster season did slightly redeem itself with last night's lively final Tribal Council.)

We're talking behind the scenes. We spent some time with the cast—and a few ghosts of seasons past—at their finale parties Saturday and Sunday night, and learned some juicy tidbits, such as: Sash is a lover and a fighter, Holly was living a lie and Fabio isn't always Mr. Nice Guy. Find out what you didn't see on the show...

MORE: Survivor: Nicaragua Crowns Its Million-Dollar Baby

Bayou Boyz: The small town of Lafayette, La., has contributed three of its own to Survivor—all of them notorious. Russell Hantz divided his time between bigmouth Shannon Elkins Saturday at Voyeur and a surprisingly distinguished-looking "Boo" Bernis last night at Benry's Parlor Hollywood. Although a bar scuffle did occur (see below), none of the Louisiana trio was involved and no arrests were made.

"Narnia Boy": Even though Shannon again had his phasers set to "slur" at last night's reunion, Sash insisted afterward, "Shannon and I are cool—his wife and my girlfriend actually partied last night together." True story: Shannon's surprisingly lovely wife did chat pleasantly with Sash's girlfriend, who flew out to L.A. to support him even though they've only been dating six weeks. But more astonishing was finding out that the scuffle that broke out in Voyeur (it was minor, but we were jostled) involved mild-mannered Sash! He turned up the testosterone to defend his GF against a guy he claims was "molesting" her.

Pants on Fire: We thought Dan was just being an idiot (this is the guy who asked how many votes were required to oust one of the five remaining tribe members) when he called Holly a "struggling" farmer. Turns out the congressman's wife was lying about her lifestyle from day one! "Before I went on the show," she revealed to us after the reunion, "[I told] my husband, 'We need to tell these people that we're struggling farmers and need to win.' We have 6,000 acres of land and live a good life. We just didn't want them to know that." It's that kind of craftiness that took the woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown all the way to the final four.

Step Up and Dance: One of the highlights of the live reunion show was Benry's adorable grandma dancing to Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" during a commercial break. We spotted her getting her boogie on later at her grandson's own club, where Jane and Jimmy T were also cutting a rug alongside Samoa's Dave Ball and John Fincher.

Mark Davis/CBS Jud the Coldhearted? None of the finalists were too critical of the quitters—after all, NaOnka and Purple Kelly's abrupt exit helped them advance in the game—but only nice-guy Fabio admitted to actually pushing them out the door. "I don't blame 'em, I was stoked," the Sole Survivor told us. "It did rain six hours the morning [they quit], and Dan said, 'Go get your jacket back, Fabio.' [Kelly sported his windbreaker for much of the game.] "I was like, I am cold...I haven't had it in two weeks, and I am probably going to want that back." Fabio concluded with a gleeful cackle, "And they quit later that afternoon!"

Connecting the Dots: We had to ask Fabio to clarify his baffling comments about his future plans—we've heard many winners say they're buying their parents a house, but "connecting the dots around the world" and "undermining the government" is a first. "I was enjoying myself [during the game]," he told us, adding, "I hope everybody else starts enjoying each other instead of fighting, I'm so sick of that, I'm done with that, dude." Instead, he hopes to use "communication to undermine people passing on bad messages." For example? "Fundamentalism," Fabio said Survivor's next Hero, "trying to get stuff how it used to be, when it was different. I want to celebrate all our cultures instead of belittle them."

Shannon's response

Just thought you should all see this. Unreal.

Survivor: Nicaragua - Life at Ponderosa (Holly PT2)

Survivor: Nicaragua - Lifa at Ponderosa (Holly PT1)


The Survivor Nicaragua reunion show took place last night after the finale lile usual and to me this is always the highlight of the evening. Seeing everyone back in regular clothing and explaining everything that went on during the game is always great television. I wont reshash everything but this is what stood out to me.

-First off Fabio I guess really is a kook. He made no sense on anything he was talking about in the beginning of the show so to those who argue he was putting on an act during his time out there have got irrefutable evidence to the contrary. When he said he was from a family of artists, that made some sense to me. We all know artists tend to see things in abstract form and are a little out there. Now dont light up my inbox with angry comments. Not all artists of course but more than a few lets say.

-I loved Chase's song and guitar performance. Good stuff there. Yes he was wishy washy throughout the game but he still got to the end and nearly won it. He did something right.

-The lowlight of the evening obviously was the bigot Shannon acting like a fool once again when Probst asked him to address the gay remark to Sash early in the game. Shannon immediately went into the asshole mode that he personifies by saying "for what?" and than saying the "if it looks like a duck and it sounds like a duck" bit. Probst quickly cut this off and made a crack at Shannon's expense and the latter went on to say he met Sash's g-friend backstage. Sash seemed to want to respond but again Probst cut it off and moved on. Disgust all around for sure. This guy is a classless piece of crap who got what he deserved by getting booted early on. The fact he has a wife and two kids is an even bigger disgrace. What a nice example you set asshole. Good riddance.

-Interviewing Rob about the birth of his second daughter was nice. Always good to see one of the most polarizing figures in Survivor history. No word about whether he and Russell are officially on S22. Hantz was in the audience also along with Coach, Cirie, and Rupert.

-The Redemption Island concept was introduced last night and Probst seemed like he was going to wet his pants over this. I hate the concept and have been on record for years about how its terrible to allow anyone voted out to have a chance to get back into the game. Should never happen but this is Survivor doing something new to stay relevant. I admire the effort but not the concept.

-Jimmy Johnson got a raw deal on the show. Stupid Marty kicked him off way too early. No doubt Probst and Burnett were annoyed he was voted out so quick.

There you go. Hope you enjoyed the coverage. As always there will be up to minute news reports about the upcoming S22 along with other features so stay tuned.

Survivor: Nicaragua - Life at Ponderosa (Dan PT2)

Survivor: Nicaragua - Life at Ponderosa (Dan PT1)

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All right so as you all know the Survivor community got duped badly with some bad info that was put out that talked about how Carrie Prejean and Kimbo Slice were going to be on Survivor 22 which was going to be the Rob VS Russell season and as we eventually discovered that this was a bunch of baloney. Now some are starting to wonder about whether Rob and Russell being on S22 is a hoax also. For starters it appears as though Survivor and its producers are fed up with all of the leaks that have destroyed the last three seasons and so they have taken a proactive stance in going out to discredit such spoilers like missaye and blackwhale as they are known. Since the bad info they put out has proven to be false to this point, one stands to wonder if Rob and Russell being there was a hoax also.

Tonight's reunion show offered a mixed bag of possibilities as both Rob and Russell were there but so were fellow Survivor stalwarts Coach, Cirie, and Rupert among others. Probst did speak to Rob specifically but only about the birth of his second daughter. There was no mention of the two of them being on S22. Now of course we could be seeing another Bobby John/Stephenie thing where they are introduced right at the start of the first episode but there is doubt now as to whether all of this was true in the first place. That would be too bad because I am in the minority in believing that this would be an interesting concept and it also would supply another chance to see if Russell can finally get his torch snuffed out. We shall see with this.


Our last episode of the season is always bittersweet but lets get going. Wrapup is first and than the opinions du jour.

Things start off back at camp the day after TC as the final five bask in the fact they made it this far. Fabio meanwhile feels very vulnerable and he decides to try and break them the three person alliance of Holly, Chase, and Fabio. He confronts Holly about it and tries to see who she wants to go to the end with. Holly is listening to what he has to say but the convo goes nowehere at that point. He than talks to Sash who tells him Dan and Holly are the threats. Sash knows the threat of Fabio winning it all and so he tells him what he wants to hear. Ultimately Sash is going to make promises to everyone so he can get to the final three. Fabio however is the name that keeps getting thrown around and its obvious he will go if he loses the challenge.

The rain starts to fall as they enter the challenge which centers on each member running out to a station with a Q about Nicaragua. They enter an answer and grab a subsequent bag of puzzle pieces. If you are right you get the correct bag of puzzle pieces and wrong you go back and try again. First person to answer all Q's right and solve the puzzle win immunity. As always making a long challenge short, Fabio wins immunity against the odds and goes to the Final Four. The crazy part is that he was second to last to get to the puzzle but he caught the leaders from behind to take it. Idiot Chase dropped a piece during the challenge also.

Back at camp, Fabio basks in the win and decides to talk to Chase and Sash about booting Holly. Chase wants to hear none of it though as he is set on Dan. Fabio tells this to Dan and their last hope is to talk to Sash. Dan decides to take matters into his own hands and confronts Sash and talks about how she is from a small town and a bigger threat to win. Fabio than goes to talk to Sash directly and they ponder the Holly idea. Holly than walks over and seems surprised when she is told they were talking Dan. She is skeptical about this as they go to TC. They talk about the challenge and the voting and Fabio discusses the ins and outs of where the game is. Dan chimes in about how he doesnt think he will be rewarded with the million since he lives a comfortable life. That was his strategy all the way and Sash endorsed it. Holly and Dan get into it about how she is a threat and she is offended. The votes are soon cast and Dan goes home by a tally of 4-1 with Chase getting the other vote in a surprise.

Back at camp that night, the tribe discuss the TC as they discuss how cool it was that they arrived at the final four. Fabio talks to the Chase and Sash about whether whoever wins will take the other two to the end of the game. Soon its the next day as Holly, Chase, and Sash all confirm Fabio has to be the one to go home since he will win if he gets there. Holly and Chase also disuss the possibility of booting Sash if Fabio wins immunity. They get tree mail which contains a sword and they are given a map to pass all of the torches of their fallen comrades. Once they reach the end of the line they will get to their final challenge.

The final immunity challenge centers on each tribe member will have a sword which they will use to balance coins on the knob of it. When the pile of coins falls, you are out of the challenge. Last player standing wins immunity and goes to the final three with a shot to win the dough. Soon we get Holly dropping her coins followed by Chase. Thats leaves Fabio and Sash and after a tough duel, Fabio pulls it out again.

With Fabio winning immunity the heat is on between Chase, Sash, and Holly as they talk about voting each other out. Holly starts it off by taking Chase on a walk for water which leaves Sash to talk to Fabio about her. Sash tells Fabio he will vote the same as he. Fabio asked him directly if he would have taken him to the finals and Sash lies and says he would have. Fabio clearly looks like he doesnt believe this and he goes to Chase. He tells Chase about his convo with Sash which causes turmoil. Chase is ticked and he admits to Fabio the truth. Holly also fesses up and her and Chase talk up getting rid of Sash. Fabio admits he respects Holly but is unsure about the vote.

Soon its TC time again and and Fabio starts the talk about how the others came to him trying to get the other person booted. He calls Sash out for lying to him about taking him to the final. Fabio even asks him directly in front of the jury and says again he would have. No one buys it and the jury seems like the see through this. Sash gets another chance to plead his case followed by Chase and Holly. The votes are cast and Holly is sent home by a tally of 3-1.

The three guys return to camp and Sash and Chase congratulate Fabio. Sash seems perturbed about being called out in front of the jury and he seems unsure now about his chances to win. He goes on to say to Chase and Fabio about how they are his wingmen which Fabio finds hysterical and absurd.

The next day the reality of the last day sets in as the three retrieve the tree mail which contains a feast to celebrate their finish in the game. Soon the rains arrive again as they talk about how it will go tonight and Chase discusses how he thinks Fabio won the money. This is a ploy to get him to start being overconfident and they start getting ready for TC as there is no scheming to be done anymore. They torch the camps as is custom and they go to meet their destiny at TC.

The final TC starts with all three guys making their speech to the jury. They each said their piece and it now was the jury's turn to speak. The highlight was Fabio giving a tearful speech about his mom visiting camp and how it steeled him to get through the rest of the game. The votes soon are cast as Fabio wins the million dollars by a closer than expected count of 5-4. He is the youngest champion in Survivor history. Great ending to a great season.

-Wow where to begin. Let me say this: Chase did an awesome job in front of the jury. The knee jerk reaction was that Fabio would sweep the jury after he ran off three immunity wins in a row but Chase did great with his answers at the final TC. Props to him. In fact I almost thought for a second he took it home but it wasnt meant to be. As far as Fabio winning it all, he was deserving. He did play the under the radar game which is not a very popular method among viewers but he did come up big in the challenges which separates him from the Natalie White realm. All in all he was fun and interesting and good kuck to him. Lets hope he doesnt spend it all on surfboards and beach balls.
-Speaking of spending it on surfboards and beach balls, I do worry about Fabio blowing the money and I think Chase would have done great things with hit in regards to his charity so I guess a part of me was hoping Chase would win. Tough call here but I am all right with how it played out.
-The sausage fest final 3 was something I hope we never see again. We need at least one woman in there.
-Sash got the Russell Hantz treatment from the jury which is not a shock. He played a harsh game and burned way too many people. He tried hard but his plans were all over the place.
-One thing Fabio did that was right on was getting rid of Holly and taking Sash and Chase to the end. It was the right move as I think Holly could have made it very interesting. That was a million dollar decision for sure.
-The jury was pretty easygoing except for Dan who went balistic. The Italian mafia don came out just in time as I wanted to see this all season. Yeah he played the game like he was 100 but he was entertaining. Go Italians.
-I really have had enough with the stupid journey to visit all of the torches from booted players. It is the biggest waste of 15 minutes there is. Show us anything else but this please.
-In both of the immunity challenges, it looked like Fabio was dead out of the water but he pulled it out on both occasions. Good stuff for sure and the final immunity challenge on Survivor is always a nail biter. I like the endurance ones the best but the coin balancing was solid.

Thats all for now. My hands ache from typing so I will do a lot more on this tomorrow and review the reunion show. Thanks for all your support and loyalties as always.


Get ready as Survivor Nicaragua wraps up tonight starting at 8 PM ET. Three tribal councils from 8-10 and the reunion show from 10-11 where there will be a "big" announcement by Probst. We all know of course that the big announcement will be Rob VS Russell next season but maybe we will be surprised about something else. Either way it should be good tv as Survivor has always done well with their finales.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Only five are left and Sunday we find out who takes the prize. Lets see who the favorite are.

1. Fabio: Fabio goes right to the top despite the fact he probably has to win the last two immunity challenges to get to the end of the game. At this point I am ranking everyone based on the likeliehood they in the finale. No one can hold a candle to him in that aspect.

2. Holly: If Holly, Sash, and Chase make the final three with their alliance, Holly should be the one to take it home. I think Chase and Sash have garnered a lot of ill will to themselves and the jury will likely pick Holly as a lesser of the evils scenario.

3. Dan: I really have enjoyed Dan this season other than in challenges. Even though he is already loaded, he could get the million bucks if he gets to the end against Sash and Chase. Starnger things have happened.

4. Sash: Sash is playing the game hard but the moment he backstabbed Brenda, his game was finished in my view. The others dont like him that make up the jury and so its a longshot he gets it.

5. Chase: Chase is a nice guy but again he is in over his head. Nice guys do finish last.

There you have it. Should be fun to watch.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Things start off back at camp after TC as Sash tried to explain to Fabio about how Benry targeted him and that he couldnt tell him before the vote took place. Sash does say in a confessional that Fabio is next though if he doesnt win immunity.

The next day, the tribe finds a cell phone in tree mail as they realize that the family challenge is on its way. They each get a sample video from home as the tears flow rapidly. Soon they all go over to the reward challenge as the anticipation of seeing their loved ones grow. Soon a loved one from each comes out with another batch of tears flowing and its revealed they are going to take part in the challenge together. The winner of the challenge will sail down the coast of Nicaragua with a nice meal with their loved ones. As far as the challenge goes, the tribe members have to dive into a pool and retrieve letters. Once they have all the letters, the loved ones must ise the letters to solve a puzzle. In the end Chase and his mom win the reward. Of course its never fun to go by themself so Chase gets to choose someone to come with them. Chase chooses Sash and his mom. Chase than gets told to bring one more and he picks Holly and her husband. Dan shows how ticked he is by calling him a scumbag. Fabio is also very upset and talks about how his mom and he live in different states. Chase apologizes but no one budges. They soon head off to the reward while the others to back to camp.

Back at camp, Dan and Fabio talk about how Chase is done with them and how he keeps sucking up to Holly. Both are really angry and let down by his choices. They also note how Jane got screwed by Chase by not picking her as her daughter is on her way to college and she missed a great opportunity to spend time with her. Meanwhile the three families head to the feast amid great fanfare. At the feast Chase, Sash, and Holly vow to go to the final three together. During the eating, Chase finds a note about the hidden idols which is useless since they are already held by the two guys on the trip. Soon the tears start again as the loved ones have to go.

Back at camp the three reward winners return and the talk begins. Faboio and Chase start talking and it get a big heated. Fabio talks about how he is hurt and envious about how he keeps getting all the great rewards and doesnt share with him. Ultimately Fabio talks about letting it go so he can concentrate on the immunity challenge. The challenge soon beckons the next day and the tribe will be attached to a rope blindfolded and approach a shield which they have to memorize by feel. They than have to reconstruct the shield based on that feel and the first to do this will win immunity. It soon comes down to Chase and Fabio and in the end Fabio wins it.

Back at camp the talk begins as Dan tells how he is tired. Chase notes this to Fabio who suggests getting rid of Jane due to her threat level. Chase than goes to Sash and says they should kick off Dan. Sash is not comfortable with this and Holly comes over to work out the debate. It seems after the talk that Jane should be the vote. Jane walks over in order to confirm they are still four strong. She quickly gets the idea that the three are going to vote her out and she is very upset. They tell her the reason and she flips them the bird. Once they get back to camp she tells Sash not to look at her. Its getting ugly as she takes matters into her own hands by putting out the fire. Soon its now time for TC as the emotions run high. The highlight of the session was Chase, Holly, and Sash admitting its Dan or Fabio next. Probst is shocked by this admittance and Jane openly says her, Dan, and Fabio should vote Holly. The votes are cast and Chase and Sash play the idols. The votes come out 5 for Jane and 1 for Sash however and we have our final five.

All right now the good stuff....the opinions.

-Wow what an episode. Easily the best one of the season. The boot of Jane wont get any debate from me. It was the right move as she would havae easily beaten the others (with maybe some competition from Fabio). I have screamed in the past about the stupidity of keeping people around too long who are threats and so they did the right thins here. The issue I do have however is the complete bungling of tribal council by Chase, Sash, and Holly. Let me say this: Chase is in way over his head in this game. He is a nice guy and means well but he has no clue about how to play the game and his social skills are terrible. His out and out admittance to Probst about how Fabio and Dan are next was completely moronic and did nothing but piss the two guys off and thus take a blowtorch to his relationship with them the rest of the way. He better hope Holly and Sash dont turn on him because Dan and Fabio will have no use for him going forward. And Holly and Sash did their part in blowing their chances by backing up what Chase said. They both should have kept their mouths shut but they didnt. Dumb dumb dumb.
-As far as Jane herself was concerned, I really enjoyed watching her compete. She was incredibly feisty and she did herself and her family proud. Her underestimated strength and performances in challenges was eye opening and she really has nothing to be ashamed of. What is clear however is that Jane was guilty of being a little too trusting and the hurt she felt by being betrayed was tough to watch. She stood up for herself though and putting out the fire was awesome. Good for her.
-Its Fabio's game to lose now. He will destroy the other four in a finale and he has to win two immunities to get there. Its a tall order but it can be done. Also it was nice seeing how touched he was by the family visit. And his mom!!!! Holy crap was she hot as hell. Four letters kept popping into my mind when she was shown on the screen and it stars with an M and ends with a F. Fill in the rest. Damn you Chase for not picking Fabio to go on the reward. Would have been great to see his mom that much longer.
-Speaking of the reward challenge, I always enjoy the family visit episode. You get to see the other side of these people. The side that has some love and warmth in them (except for Russell Hantz who didnt even kiss his wife when she came out to visit). Good stuff.
-By the way many might feel the need to mock Dan and the way he and his son were embracing. Its not everyday you see a grown man kiss his father that way in public. If you ask me I thought it was great and for those of you who are Italian out there like me, you know all too well that our culture is very emotional and embracing when it comes to family.
-By the way I loved how Dan called Chase a scumbag and later a douchbag for not picking him to go on the reward. There is that Italian fire I was waiting to see.
-Really Chase winning the reward was put in an awfully tough spot. Either way someone is going to be pissed off, especially during the family challenge. I kept waiting for him or Holly or Sash to step aside and give the spot to a clearly upset Fabio but I am also not surprised nor can I blame them that nobody did. Having a family member out there after not seeing them that long is something none of us can understand until we are out there in that scenario. No one would rightfully give that up. However if someone did, it would be a million dollar move.
-You know if I were in the game (still waiting for my call CBS), I would try to NOT win any of the reward challenges. Let someone else deal with the controversy of having to make those hard choices. Or if I did decide to play and I was victorious, I would do something random to pick who goes with me. Draw sticks or stones or guess the number in Probst's head. Anything to take out the personal aspect of it. No one can get mad than.
-Did I say how hot Fabio's mom was? Wow.

All right thats all for now. Check back for more soon.


Yes Marty apparently is still pretty sore at Jane for various reasons from their experiences together in Nicaragua.

The 48-year-old executive from California was voted off the show after failing to get other members of the tribe to vote Jane Bright off.

At tribal council Bright lashed out at Piombo, saying he was "a disgrace to any man who calls himself a father."

"Dragging my family into national TV, I resent that,' Piombo told stuff.co.nz.

"You're never going to be friends with everyone. There's always going to be a rift somewhere."

Piombo says he was 'turned off' by Bright early on in the game.

"Within minutes of the game starting she said my husband just died; I really need the money. Please don't vote me off.

"If she made it up that was tacky and in bad taste and if it was true it turned me off because I didn't appreciate using personal tragedy and the sympathy card for playing this game."

Piombo says his strategy was simple.

"I was honest and straight up I never went back on my word."

"My brand of playing contributed to my being voted off earlier than I wanted to be."

And he says he would play the same way if he had to do it over

"There's not that much I would change I would modify some of it but I think at the end of the day I was good entertainment and for the most part I contributed a lot to the show and to the season.."

Piombo bears no grudge towards Brenda Lowe or Matthew "Sash" Lenahan who were instrumental in getting him voted off, describing the pair as 'calculating ruthless and mart'.

"I admire the fact that they were part of my getting voted off."

Piombo also says many people are underestimating Jud "Fabio" Birza

"Fabio has a great strategy going on, regardless of who he votes for he always finds a way back into the crew.

"There's a hell of a lot more going on upstairs than he lets on."

Monday, December 13, 2010


In one corner, Big Brother 2 houseguest Krista Segall. In the other, Survivor: Fiji alum Kenward "Boo" Bernis.

And she just delivered one helluva body blow.

RELATED: A Ragin' Cajun? Survivor's Russell Busted for Battery

Stegall, without having a lawyer representing her, persuaded a Louisiana judge to extend a restraining order against Bernis for another year.

The Big Brother star, who claims Bernis roughed her up at a Lafayette nightclub, called Boo to the stand and gave Jeff Probst a run for his money, interrogating Bernis about his alleged bad behavior.

A courtroom source tells E! News that Bernis owned up to grabbing the divorced mom and waitress by the arms and hurling her into the women's bathroom at Bootlegger's, a bar which he coowns with infamous Survivor schemer Russell Hantz.

Boo, who was issued a citation for misdemeanor battery, declined to speak to reporters after taking the stand. However, his lawyer said he would comply with the stayaway order which is up on Sept. 7, 2011.

This is not Stegall's first run-in with reality stars. In 2002, she sued CBS claiming the network was negligent in not preventing fellow Big Brother 2 contestant Justin Sebik from pulling a knife and holding it to her throat during the show. Sebik was subsequently ejected from the house.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


This is it for Survivor Nicargua as the season will reach its completion one week from today. We got six people left and two episodes to work this out. Looking at the previews for this week's show, it appears as though Thursday's episode will be the always fun Family Reunion visit. There will be the requisite tears and dramatization when the loved ones get together. Tough guy Italian Dan seems to have it the worst as he is shown balling while being kissed by I assume his son. Than there is Jane later on in the promo getting all pissed off and dousing the fire. Looks like they are after her here as they should with only a few opportunities left before she sails to the million bucks. Should be good stuff as always. Survivor usually puts on their best for the finale.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Reality TV star Richard Hatch is accused of violating probation on his tax evasion sentence, which he received for failing to pay taxes on his $1 million prize from the first season of "Survivor."

Hatch, who became reality TV's first villain in the 2000 season of "Survivor," is scheduled to appear Wednesday in federal court in Rhode Island to answer charges he violated terms of his three-year probation, which began after he was released from prison last year following more than three years behind bars.

Hatch was convicted in 2006 of failing to pay taxes on his "Survivor" winnings, as well as other income. He received extra prison time because the judge found he lied on the stand. His probation requires him to find work, complete a mental health program, refile his 2000 and 2001 tax returns and pay all his back taxes.

It was not immediately clear which of the terms Hatch is accused of violating. His public defender did not immediately return a phone message seeking comment.

Barry Weiner, who oversees federal probation in Rhode Island, would not release details of the complaint. But he told The Associated Press the probation office goes through a review of its cases every year to ensure people are complying with the terms of their release. He said Hatch was not being detained before Wednesday's hearing.

Hatch maintained throughout his trial and since that he doesn't owe taxes, telling The Providence Journal as recently as last month that the Internal Revenue Service had given him two $1,000 refund checks, and saying that was "unequivocal proof" he owed nothing. It was not clear in the article whether he ever refiled his tax returns.

.Weiner would not say whether that was the reason for the complaint, but said Hatch's comments conflicted with the requirements of his probation.

"It seems like we have an inherent conflict right there," he said.

When Hatch was sentenced, the judge found he owed more than $400,000 in back taxes, not including interest and penalties.

Since his release from prison, Hatch has been living with his sister in an apartment in Newport.


All right first let me explain the title. What I mean by this is whether Dan went the absolute worst player in Survivor history both from a physical and game plan standpoint to go the farthest in the game? I literally just thought of this today and so I havent really sat down to brainstorm this much but I honestly cant think off the top of my head anyone who was had the worse total package than Dan did. Suzie was pretty useless in Gabon but I dont think there is anyone else that compares. I have to say I have been reallly disappointed in Dan as I was an instant fan when I heard his pre-game interview. The Italian thing got me fron the start as a fellow piesan but ultimately he was physically washed up for this game. He has seemingly good muscle tone for a guy his age but it hasnt shown during the show. He is now in the final six and you never know whether he can take it home here. I will save the "Biggest Longshot Winner" post for later if we get to that point.


So I have been posting the Survivor Nicaragua Ponderosa videos after each eviction and they are no doubt entertaining and was a nice idea by Mark Burnett and company to get a look at how the tribe members act when they are around each other out of the game. The eating and luxuriating is at an all time high and no doubt a feeling of envy envelopes whoever watches these videos due to the fact it all looks like a huge blast. One thing about Ponderosa that I dont understand is this: why dont any of the contestants ever hook up there? You talk about the perfect setup for that to happen. Its almost like spring break over there. What makes this more maddening to me is the fact that there has been hooking up done DURING the game when everyone is all smelly and havent brushed their teeth in who knows how long. I am looking at you Rob and Amber and you too Ozzie and Amanda. Like for instance this season you would think Benry would be all over Purple Kelly, Alina, or Brenda. Talk about a man's dream setup. You cant go wrong either way there. Interesting indeed. Anyway I just thought I would share that with you. I guess its just me with this. Either way its strange.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Survivor: Nicaragua - Life At Ponderosa (Benry PT4)

Survivor: Nicaragua - Life At Ponderosa (Benry PT3)

Survivor: Nicaragua - Life At Ponderosa (Benry PT2)

Survivor: Nicaragua - Life At Ponderosa (Benry PT1)


Only six people left in the game and its becoming clear who can and cant win. Lets get to it and as always I welcome your thoughts.

1. Jane: I keep saying to myself that Jane has no chance to win due to the fact the others won let her get to the end of the game. Still she is hanging around and is a major challenge threat. Time is starting to run out to get her out of the game and she no doubt has the best chance to win over anyone in the finals.

2. Holly: I have been a big Holly fan after she rebounded from her early struggles and she no doubt can take it home as long as she removes Jane soon. Holly has massive respect from the others and she has made good strategic moves along the way to earn it.

3. Fabio: Fabio continues with his Natalie White strategy and its working. He had his first scare in the game and he figures to be in trouble along with Jane this week as well. Still its not a stretch to say he hasnt burned anyone and thus can be rewarded as a result.

4. Chase: Chase has one of the two idols but he still doesnt have the game or the respect needed to earn votes from the others to take home the million. The guy had a ton of potential coming in and made a great move in eliminating Shannon who would have caused chaos but he keeps making poor decisions the rest of the way. Pass.

5. Sash: Sash continues to plummet down the rankings as he continues to play both sides which is a big Survivor no-no. He definately as a mind for the game but his screwing of Brends is something that will be tough to overcome with the jury.

6. Dan: Good old Dan is still here. Crazy. I like the guy. I really do but he doesnt deserve to win anything as he has been awful in challenges and hasnt made any moves to hang his hat on.

There you go. Lets hear what you think.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Lets get the wrapup out of the way and than the good stuff....the opinons. Here we go.

Things start off back at camp as the tribe discusses what went down at TC. Holly shows her disgust about the two quitters and the sense of shock is large. They joke about it by naming the chicken Kelly-Nay as they deem the two quitters as chickens. Sash realizes that his position in the game is in jeopardy now due to Kelly and NaOnka exiting the game.

The next day Sash tells the guys he will be playing the idol next time out so he shows everyone he is a free agent and that he can be used to get further along in the game as the others listen. Chase decides to tell Sash he thinks they should stick to the women and Sash chimes in about how Jane would win over anyone. The two form a loose pact to take each other to the end of the game. They also discuss the reward challenge and how they agree Holly should be the one chosen to go along if that situation develops.

The reward challenge beckons as Probst explains the game. The challenge is a compilation of challenges from the past. First person to advanced to the end and win get the reward which is a trip to a private resort for a meal, shower, and a stay overnight. Chase and Benry advance to the finals where Chase wins easily. Of course he gets to take 2 people with him so he proceeds to take Holly like he said along with Jane. He snubs a shocked Sash who notes in a confessional about how annoyed he is at that.

After the challenge the four guys head back to camp and start talking. Sash believes again that Chase made a stupid move taking the two women and he decides to start talking to the three other guys where they are at in the game. Dan calls Sash out in front of the others in how he is playing both sides and Sash seems nervous.

Meanwhile at the reward Chase and the two women eat watermelon and bask in the hotel huts they get to stay in. They marvel at how they look in the mirror and soon start showering. Holly thinks about how Chase screwed up in picking Jane for the reward which they talk about as they believe Sash will start talking about them while they are away. He regrets not taking Sash and now knows he could be in trouble.

Back at camp Fabio talks with Benry and Dan about the key that Sash is. Benry believes the right game plan for Sash is to go with them as it would be a bad idea to go with Jane who will win over everyone. Soon Jane gets back to camp and starts crying as she realizes the chicken is gone and how the guys didnt have to eat her. She is genuinely upset about this and she makes a little memorial for her. Talk begins again about Sash as Holly has no trust in him and Chase says they have to make him feel like they trust him. The guys get back to greet the reward winners and Benry feels vulnerable as he talks to Chase about whether his name was bandied about during the reward. Chase doesnt trust Benry as he starts damage control by talking to Sash and apologizing about not taking him. Sash admits to Chase the others were talking about him and it seems like they are cool with each other. They agree Jane is the big threat and reiterate how they will guarantee taking each other to the finals. Holly drops in at the end of the conversation and Chase talks about booting Benry from the game. Benry sees the talk and feels that he Fabio, and Dan are in trouble. He also joins in on the convo and Chase claims they were discussing Fabio. Benry is all for it and argues that he wants to stay involved.

The immunity challenge sooon arrives as Probst discusses its involvement. Each member will have to maneuver around a hitching rail and grab a bag of gold coins. Top three go to the final round where a gold coin puzzle has to be solved. Winner gets immunity. Soon the challenge starts and the final three are Fabio, Benry, and Sash. During the final round, Sash takes home immunity.

Back at camp, Sash basks in his win. Fabio wants to know from Sash if his name comes up and he feels in major in trouble. Sash and Chase bring Dan in and the too discuss Fabio. They seem to agree that is the way to go and Dan wants Jane to tell Fabio he is going home. Benry thinks its not a good idea and thinks its better to tell him Holly is leaving. He thus tells Fabio this and he suckers him in here. Finally Sash has a moment with Jane and tells her he has her back.

Tribal Council arrives as the reward gets talked about first. Chase talks about the difficulties in selecting others to go on the reward and also how he feels vulnerable as a physical threat. Benry also chimes in on this and admits he is concerned. Jane goes a step further and talks about Fabio being a physical threat also. Benry talks again about how he feels he wont be going home. Sash next talks about how its nice having immunity as the others approached him more around camp. The votes soon get cast as Benry goes home by a count of 4-2-1 as Fabio gets 2 votes and Holly 1.

All right now for the good part....opinion galore.

-First off, the voting off of Benry really doesnt move the Survivor Nicaragua shock meter. Really there was not much pop involved here as Benry was nothing but a figurehead in this game. He did as well as he could and thats pretty much it. Sash screwed him somewhat and so did his "bro" Chase but he in turn screwed Fabio so live by the sword, die by the sword.
-Fabio is playing the Natalie White game to a T. Very rarely do you see the guy playing that type of game but its working for him. He hasnt made any enemies and continues to be underestimated. I loved how he was cheating during the immunity challenge. I am sure Fabio did his share of cheating in school in order to get by. We all knew he wouldnt win the immunity challenge as a result of the puzzle aspect but he was entertaining in defeat.
-By the way the terrible Survivor Nicaragua editing was at it again as it was extrememly obvious that we were being set up to see Chase or Sash win the reward challenge and than screw the other guy when it came time to bringing someone else. That happened of course like expected.
-I still hold firm to my belief that Holly has played a very underated game and that she could easily win here. She has played the mommy role perfectly and has earned respect from the others. Now all she has to do is send Dan a check after the game is over for the value of his shoes.
-Speaking of Dan, he started to go all mafia on Sash when he called him out for playing both sides. He looked downright John Gottish there for a second.
-Thank goodness for the blurry screen over Jane's sensitive areas during the immunity challenge. I think I would have had to gough my eyes out there for a second.
-Sash is so slimy and he is screwing himself out of a million bucks. He has a good setup going there with Brenda but he didnt fight for her and now is playing both sides which is a sure fire way to lose in this game. His chances are pretty much going kaput in front of our eyes. Also as far as Sash is concerned, I really cringed when I saw him talk to Jane and tell her he has her back. Since the Survivor editing it so obvious at times, its just a matter of time before he screws her and plays with her emotions. That will be tough to watch as Jane doesnt deserve that.
-Jane crying over the chickens was much bigger than it appeared on the surface I think. The woman just lost her husband recently and so I am sure she feels extra sensitivity to the issue of losing someone or something she cares about which in this case was the chicken.
-Naming the chickes Kel-Nay was funny but the tribe forgot to mention it during the tribal council. Probst would have had a good laugh at this as you can see her has no use for either of those two quitters.
-I always find it so funny how the jury reacts to the votes. The jury never seems happy with the result and I always ask myself: "just who in the hell do they want voted out?"
-Alina looked great didnt she? Get her back for All Stars please Mr. Burnett and make clothing optional. Females only please.
-Chase's head is so filled with air thats its ridiculous. He is a nice guy and has the physical skills to excel here but his thinking moves are horrendous. He screwed up royally by not picking Sash and he is lucky he managed to make it another few days.

Thats it for now folks. Check back for more tomorrow as I will post the Ponderosa videos along with other stuff.

Monday, December 6, 2010


So after both Survivor Samoa and Survivor Heroes VS Villains got completely spoiled, it appears as though Mark Burnett and company have worked overtime in order to ensure that the upcoming Survivor 22 Boston Rob VS Russell Hantz edition stay under wraps. In fact things have gotten downright silly in this regard as some of those responsible for spoiling S19 and S20 were fed some false info for S22 such as the inclusion of mixed martial arts fighter Kimbo Slice along with former Miss California Carrie Prjean. Both reports were proven false and those spoilers were made to look like a fool. Since that time however all has been very quiet on S22 other than the one mysterious batch of supposed spoilers that was posted about a momth ago and that subsequently was removed the very next day, never to be seen again. If you scroll down far enough you will see the spoiler I am talking about as I copied it word for word onto here and the highlight was the possible inclusion of poker pro Johnny Chan along with the supposed fact that Russell gets voted out early only to come back into the game and make it to the end due to the new Redemption Island twist. As far as Rob was concerned, he was said to have made the final six, this peforming better than Russell at first but not making it "farther" due to the Redemption twist.

So there you have it. As always I will post anything I hear so keep checking back.
The Redemption idea is beyond stupid if you ask me as I NEVER endorse putting ousted players back into the game but when you have Rob and Russell in the game, everything has to be secured for them to make it far enough.

Friday, December 3, 2010


It was one of the best moments of the Survivor Nicaragua season when Jane outlasted the much younger and stronger Chase in the endurance immunity challenge where they were required to lean back while holding a rope. Chase was seemingly playing mind games with Jane in trying to get her to drop off but in the end he fell to the water and Jane unbelievably won. Or so it seems. Turns out there was more to this than meets the eye as it was revealed that Chase was in fact disqualified at the end of the challenge and that he didnt simply drop off as it was portrayed on CBS. Chase himself confirmed this when he claimed “Yea I definitely got disqualified from that challenge…good edit cbs, but I didn’t just let go.” So there you have it. CBS tried its best to show Jane as the all-conquering woman but in the end Chase simply did himself in and nothing more here.


Thought this was an interesting article on Richard Hatch by the Detroit Free Press.

Hatch revives reality career, and seeks to reverse tax conviction

Richard Salit / Providence Journal

Newport, R.I.— When he won the first season of "Survivor" in 2000, Richard Hatch had no idea what being a survivor would truly mean in the years ahead.

After winning the reality show's $1 million prize and cashing in on his newfound celebrity, the Middletown, R.I., native was indicted for tax evasion, convicted at a media-sensation of a trial and sentenced to more than four years in prison.


As determined as he was to outlast his fellow contestants on the island of Borneo, Hatch today is just as determined to prove his innocence. He has also revitalized his TV career, capitalizing on his image as one of realitydom's most infamous and outrageous characters — the gay antihero whose cunning, arrogance and naked antics made him a star.

Hatch says he will be a contestant on the next season of Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice," to air in the spring.

While he is mum on details about his "Apprentice" appearance, Hatch invites a reporter to listen to his account of how he has been mistreated by the Internal Revenue Service, U.S. prosecutors and the federal courts.

On a weekday morning, he buys a bottle of water and sits at a cafe, just a few miles from the house that he shares with his sister. Now 49, the once-overweight corporate trainer looks much as he did on "Survivor" and in federal court in 2006.

Hatch says that after all of these years, the IRS has yet to tell him what he owes. He provides copies of a pair of refund checks, each for about $1,000, which he received for subsequent years and says the IRS wouldn't be returning money to him if he was delinquent. An IRS spokesman, Jim Dupree, said that while that is generally true, he is prohibited by law from discussing Hatch's case and its circumstances.

"I think it's unequivocal proof that I don't owe anything, nor have I ever owed anything beyond what I paid already when I originally filed in 2000 and 2001," Hatch says. "There may come a day when the IRS completes its assessment, which it has not yet done in what, eight years now?"

In 2006, a Providence, R.I., jury convicted him of two counts of tax evasion and one count of filing a false tax return. Prosecutors argued that Hatch did not claim income on his "Survivor" winnings, rental income and charitable contributions he allegedly used for personal expenses.

Judge Ernest Torres, after concluding that Hatch had lied repeatedly under oath, slapped him with the maximum sentence allowed — 51 months in prison.

Hatch served about 31/2 years in federal prison in West Virginia and was released to a halfway house and then to home confinement. But he wound up serving the rest of his sentence after giving unauthorized interviews in which he asserted that prosecutors, the judge and jurors were biased against him because he's gay.

Former U.S. Attorney Robert Clark Corrente has denied the accusation.

While on home confinement, Hatch was denied permission to move to Argentina, his spouse's native country. ("We're happily married," he says.) Nor could he even leave the country, preventing him from accepting offers to appear in "Survivor: Samoa" and "Survivor: Heroes and Villains." His passport is still being withheld.

A year into his probation, Hatch is eligible to request early termination of his supervised release. He filed that request Nov. 4. A motion he made in U.S. District Court seeking exoneration has not been decided in the more than 11/2 years since he filed it.

Meanwhile, Hatch says he is taking legal steps to compel the IRS to complete its assessment of his taxes. He says he appears in a new documentary called "Death or Taxes." And he's working on a book about his life. His adopted son, Chris, is a junior at the University of Rhode Island and is participating in a semester-at-sea program.

"Nobody will destroy my life," Hatch says, but "they have stolen part of my life for which I'm interested in holding them accountable."

The U.S. Attorney's Office declined comment.

Survivor: Nicaragua - Life at Ponderosa (NaOnka & Kelly Pt3)

Survivor: Nicaragua - Life At Ponderosa (Naonka & Kelly Pt1)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Survivor: Nicaragua - Life At Ponderosa (Naonka & Kelly Pt2)


Only seven are left in the game and its getting down to only a few who realistically have a shot to win. Lets see how I see it with only a few episodes left.

1. Holly: Holly vaults all the way to the top spot on the heels of her incredibly selfless act of taking the tarp and rice for the rest of the tribe and sacrificing her trip to the Survivor theatre as a result. Decisions like this have always been "winning" moves in my book and she no doubt has the respect of the tribe, espeically the young ones who see her as a mother-like figure. Unreal comeback from her.

2. Jane: I dont think Jane will be allowed to get to the end of the game but if she somehow does, she wins easily. Ultimately I dont think the others allow that to happen and it would be the right move on their part. Still Jane has been a joy to watch from the very beginning and she without a doubt is one of the strongest older players in Survivor history.

3. Fabio: Udually the playing under the radar strategy is undertaken by the women but Fabio is working it to perfection so far this season. No one is talking about him and again no one takes him seriously but ultimately he could get the last laugh as a result. I think he is holding back in the smarts department and is usuing this method to advance which no one can argue that its not working. The line of likely winners is drawn after his name and the rest are longshots at best.

4. Chase: Chase has the hidden immunity idol which puts him over Benry for the sole reason that it gives him a leg up on getting to the final stages of the game. He has been so wishy washy throughout which ultimately I believe will result in him not winning. You can be likable and win the game but he hasnt done anything to stand out like Holly has or Jane.

5. Benry: He keeps humming along without making enemies but he too doesnt seem to have any bonds with anyone other than Fabio. There is just not a framework to endorse her and so he continues to fall in the rankings after I had him high up most of the season.

6. Sash: I dont care about the fact he has a hidden idol. Sash is all over the place and he already has burned his bridge with Brenda. He has a clear mind for the game but I will be shocked if he wins.

7. Dan: Good old Dan is resting comfortably in the last spot as usual but he keeps on going. It really is silly that he is still in the game as he shouldnt be out there in the first place but at least he is not annoying to listen to like NaOnka and Kelly were. Oh and he also didnt quit.

There you have it. Let the final seven get to it.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Wow a lot to get to here. First the requisite wrapup and than the noteworthy opinions.

Things start off back at camp after TC as the NaOnka and Purple Kelly discuss what took place. Holly does a rehash with NaOnka also and she seems to be ponying up to her as they feel a bond over kicking out Brenda earlier. Finally Chase and NaOnka talk about getting rid of Sash and blindisiding him since he has the hidden immunity idol. They talk about sticking together with Jane and Holly.

The next morning, we see the tribe sitting in the shelter as a storm rages outside as rushing water is flowing through their camp. The rain causes NaOnka to start crying as she feels pain due to the fact she is anemic. Kelly too begins to cry and talks about how she is not doing well. Soon the sun comes out and Benry and Fabio talk about how they dont care if the two girls leave. Chase and NaOnka go for a walk meanwhile and she admits to him that her heart is not in the game and she hands over the hidden immunity idol to him.

On the other side of the ledger, Jane and Holly talk about their alliance with Sash and Chase. Chase confirms this to Sash and Holly and all seems well. Sash however doesnt trust them however which he discusses during a confessional. He would rather Purple Kelly and NaOnka stays as he trusts them more but this question lingers around the tribe for the time being.

Soon its challenge time as the tribe meets up with Probst in the jungle. Things starts off with two teams tied together and they each will have a dummy called Gulliver tied to a table. They will untie him and race him over a series of obstacles. First tribe to cross the finish line win reward which is a trip to the Survivor cinema to see Gulliver's Travels with Jack Black. With the movie they get the usual cinema snacks such as popcorn. The tribes are divided by school yard pick which finishes with Fabio, Sash, Jane, Kelly against Holly, NaOnka, Chase, and Benry. Dan is not selected and he backs up the latter group. The challenge was very close all the way through as the blue team of Benry, Chase, NaONka, and Holly win reward along with Dan who endorsed them beforehand. Shockingly at the end of the challenge NaOnka decides to quit the game on the spot. Probst asks the question of the rest of the group and Purple Kelly goes with it also. Probst is shocked and looks ticked as he should. He decides not to accept it and will give them the rest of the day to think about it. At TC that night the two will give their final answers. Finally Probst asks the winners that if any one of them want to stay behind and not go eat at the movie than they will get a tarp and rice for the rest of the tribe. Holly speaks up and accepts this as Chase, Dan, and Benry tell NaOnka she should do it since she wants to leave. NaOnka doesnt go for it and Holly is shocked about this. Ugly all around.

Back at camp, Holly is praised for her selfishness. Holly meanwhile goes for a walk with Kelly and tries to get her to suck it up and stay the course. She is trying her best to get in her head and informs her she will forever be remembered as a quitter. Despite the talk Kelly doesnt seem to budge.

The reward winners head off to the movie and settle in for a bunch of rating and relaxation. They all dig in and begin making note of how Holly took one for the tribe. They all sit down and watch the movie but the pall of NaOnka was present the entire time out there. Soon its time for TC as Kelly is still undecided about what she will do.

The tribe meets up again at TC as the rain begins to fall again. Probst gets right to it as far as Kelly and NaOnka wanting to quit and brings up Holly about how she wanted to quit but wound up staying in it. NaOnka and Kelly admit when they started thinking about when they decided to bail on the game. Benry and Fabio talk about how they would never quit. Finally NaOnka talks about how she thought she had a chance to win the game and how she will always be herself no matter what. When it gets down to it Probst asks NaOnka first if she will quit and she sias she is quitting. He than turns to Purple Kelly and asks her the same and she also quits. Probst is disgusted and he snuffs both their torches and leaves them sitting there as a reminder regarding what they did.

All right now that the wrapup is out of the way, its time for the good stuff..

-The very first thing I wanted to say is "GOOD RIDDANCE." You all know how I feel about NaOnka but in case you forgot, I think she is a complete scumbag, classless, bigoted, disgraceful human being who craped all over Survivor Nicaragua and showed no remorse. As far as Purple Kelly is concerned, she hands down is the most pathetic, useless Survivor contestant EVER.....for more emphasis...EVER!!!!!!!!! Its not even close for second.
-In my opinion there is absolutely nothing worse than quitting Survivor. It is a huge insult to Mark Burnett for seeing something in you that he chose you to come aboard over thousands of other applicants. Its insulting to Jeff Probst who puts his heart and soul into the show every week. Its insulting to the fellow players of which I will get to in a second. And finally it is insulting to all the viewers out there who spend an hour of their time each week looking to watch Survivor for what it is and thats a hardcore competition where someone is voted out every week. The quality of the game gets destroyed by something like this and it makes a mockery of the whole system. What a joke.
-You really had to feel for Marty, Brenda, and a crying Alina. You could see the disgust and anger on their faces as they realize that people who voted them out now dont think its worth their time to continue on. Whether you liked them or hated them, all three of Marty, Brenda, and Alina faught their asses off each week and competed to the best of their abilities. To see people like Kelly and NaOnka get further in the game than them and to have a hand in their ouster has got to be gut wrenching. You could feel Alina's pain as she cried. It was awful to watch. My first reaction was that if I were Probst, I would automatically replace the two quitters with two from Marty, Brenda, or Alina. I dont ever support putting ousted players back into the game but for this circumstance I would. Just terrible.
-The fact that the two of them quit is one thing but with only 11 days to go, it inarguably makes them stand out even in the shameful group of quitters in Survivor history. At least those who quit before them did it before the jury. I dont even know how this is all going to play out with their jury duties.
-Actually it came to me. Kelly and NaOnka shouldnt have a jury vote. Probst should have shipped their useless asses right home. They should not have any more influence on this game since they dont have the maturity to handle such a responsibility.
-NaOnka made Russell Hantz look like Mother Theresa. I better stop now or else I am really going to use some salty language and I dont want to offend my readers.
-As right as Holly was in telling Kelly she will regret the move for the rest of her life, I honestly dont believe she or NaOnka will feel any remorse over this. I truly believe that Kelly especially only did Survivor to get her face out there so that she can get a shot at Hollywood...or to show her rack in Playboy. That goes back to the post I wrote a few weeks ago about how Survivor has to stop holding these open casting calls for contestants and instead go back to poring over the application tapes from the hardcore fans of the show. The quality of play in Survivor is suffering as a result of this new method of casting and today is proof positive over this. Yeah Kelly looked nice and all but she offered absolutely nothing to the show and so that falls on Burnett. Bad job on his part. Go back to the drawing board now.
-I loved how Jane ripped into Kelly and NaOnka at TC about how they rely on their parents to get by and dont know what life is all about. Kelly just oozes the type of kid she is talking about. One who lives at home with mommy and daddy and mooches off of them for everything they are worth. She is so immature beyond her years and she probably doesnt even know how to balance a checkbook.
-You could just see how pissed Probst was by all of this. I love his no-nonsense style of hosting but he has some responsibility for all of this too. The show is his child and he clearly has major pull. If he told Burnett to go back to casting hardcore fans than he would in a second. Period.
-Instead of snuffing the torches, Probst should have just thrown them into the fire. They didnt deserve to even stand in any proximity to the others. He missed a great opportunity to send a message and how awesome would it have been to see the looks on Kelly and NaOnka's faces when he disgustedly throws their torches into the fire.
-The other seven tribe members must have felt like it was Christmas. To have two people go out like that must have been so exciting.
-Say what you want about how useless Dan is but he didnt quit when he thought about it. Same goes for Holly who made a game-winning move by giving up her reward so that the rest of the tribe can get rice and a tarp. I said weeks ago how proud I was of how Holly turned her game around and how I thought she now had a chance to win. My belief is strengthened even more now. She really won me over to the point now I am rooting for her.
-By the way yet another classless act by NaOnka by not giving up her spot in the reward for Holly. I would love to meet her parents and say to them "what the hell did you teach this girl?"
-It was odd seeing Kelly lick the rice bowl during dinner right before TC. I guess she misses her boyfriend.
-Gulliver's Travels looks pretty funny by the way. I will see it.
-Chase gets the hidden immunity idol from NaOnka and I swore I thought he was going to walk over during TC and hand it to Brenda with a look of longing in his eyes.
-Alina I miss you. Call me!
-You know sometimes Survivor is their own worst enemy. Last week's useless secret scenes episode and the opening rehash sequence this week totally blew the lid on Kelly quitting the game. They spoiled their own show basically which is just stupid editing on their part. I dont understand why they do things like they do.

All right I am out. I can go all night with this but the laptop heat on my legs is giving me a skin graft so I am out. Be sure to check back for more tomorrow as there will be additional stuff on this.


Survivor Nicaragua enters its homestretch with only a few episodes to go. Many have asked how that can be since there are still nine people left in the game and my answer is to be sure to tune in tonight as things certainly are going to be a lot less crowded by 9 PM ET. As always I will have a full episode recap and my famous opinions afterwards so come right back here once the carnage is finished. You will see what I mean tonight. Enjoy the show. It will be great.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Survivor Nicaragua host Jeff Probst is doing his best to hype up tomorrow's episode which he states will be "thrilling." This past Wednesday was the Secret Scenes episode that the public yawns at and so Probst was making a point of getting the audience back into the mindset of Nicaragua as we head down the homestretch of the season. With only 9 people left in the game, it surely will get interesting.

Analysis: There is no doubt that tomorrow's show will be a must see as there are two huge events that will go down. In the interest of keeping the lid on what happens for those who dont want to be spoiled, the game will change in a way that has never been seen before, especially this late. If you only watch one episode all season, this is the one to see. Enjoy it.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Episode Wrapup: THE DREADED BONUS SCENES EPISODE

Ughhhh....after being excited all week to see what all the hoopla is over this upcoming episode of Survivor, much to my dismay this week is the BONUS SCENES episode which pretty much means I turned it off. Have no use for seeing players that have already been booted so forget it. What a letdown as this next NEW episode will be huge to watch. Sorry folks but I am out. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Survivor fan favorite Stephenie LaGrossa got married for the second time recently as she wed Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick at an outdoor ceremony in Napa Valley, CA. This marks the second marraige for LaGrossa who saw her first nuptuals end after only one year in 2006. LaGrossa believes this time its for real however.

"I never thought there was 'the one,' but now I believe it," LaGrossa told People. "He's what I needed my whole life and I'm so glad I finally found him."

No word on whether LaGrossa will ever compete on Survivor again as another All Star season is supposedly in the works.

Analysis: Good for her as LaGrossa was a classy, tough competitor who got screwed in Heroes VS. Villains. The Phillies players must love Survivor as this is the second marraige between a player and a Survivor alum as pitcher Cole Hamels is married to Survivor Amazon participant Heidi.

Survivor Writers Needed

Hey all. As much as I love brining you the latest Survivor info on a daily basis, I feel its time to branch out and bring some other views and opinions to the site. Anyone interested in having a platform to write on our favorite show should e-mail me at rangerfan28@yahoo.com. Looking for more recap writers along with viewpoints and such. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Survivor Nicaragua is starting to head to the home stretch and we no longer have to wait an extra week for a new show due to the past conflicts with Thanksgiving as tomorrow's program will be must see TV in every sense of the word. My friend Ron over at Reality TV Calendar tipped me off as to what took place during this episode and I couldnt believe what I heard. Needless to say some a first in Survivor history will take place tomorrow on multiple levels. Be sure not to miss it and get right back here when its over as there will be huge analysis and opinions without a doubt.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Survivor Reality Show Blog Expanding Further

As I first discussed two days ago, we have expanded our reach into the world of reality tv with the birth of our American Idol and Dancing With The Stars pages. Add to that now is the formation of our The Biggest Loser page which will offer weight loss advice and tips from yours truly (who worked as a personal trainer for 5 years) along with news and notes about the show. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


The second annual Sears Survivor online casting call will begin on December 7th where once again you can post a short video on the CBS Survivor web site detailing why you should be the next contestant on the show. Jimmy T from Survivor Nicaragua was the first winner of this contest and the search is on for the next individual who can use that short window of time to convince the producers of why you should be picked. Of course many could argue that Jimmy T was a terrible selection due to the fact he was voted out so early but the fact of the matter is that he was colorful and entertaining in an annoying kind of way and so mission accomplished as far as Survivor is concerned. They have made it known over the last few seasons that they place a premium on characters instead of hard core players. So get on there and make a fool out of yourself. Its likely you will have a good chance to get on based on that premise.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Life at Ponderosa Brenda Pt2

Survivor Nicaragua Life at Ponderosa Brenda Pt1


We are growing here at Survivor Reality Show Blog and are now branching out into other reality show stalwarts starting with a Dancing With The Stars page which will be aimed to start primarily with next season but will also comment on this season's finale. The next venture which will be coming real soon in time for the new season will be an American Idol page along with some other additions we will be making soon. Thanks to all of you for making this venture a suceess for myself and I look forward to continue bringing you the latest news and notes from all of our favorite reality shows.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Updated Rankings: Who Currently Has The Best Chance To Win?

Only 9 more castaways remaind in the game so lets break it down in the latest installment of Survivor Nicaragua rankings:

1. Jane: Jane gets the top spot for the first time due to her awesome showing in the immunity challenge and the fact no one seems to be paying her much mind which is crazy. She is the slam dunk winner against anyone left in the game and she has proven to be one who is not going to be intimidated.

2. Holly: I think Holly is a huge wold card to possibly win and she shoots all the way up to the top due to her big move to get Brends out which she got going. Kudos to her for changing her game on the fly and the others are listening to and respecting her.

3. Sash: Sash took a big hit now that Brends is gone but he still has the hidden immunity idol which counts for something. He is very intelligent and has the ability to scramble so dont count him out yet.

4. Fabio: Good old Fabio is hanging around the periemeter waiting for everyone else to take each other out and its working for him. Things didnt look so great for a short while when he and Benry were left out of the loop in the Marty vote but he is back on solid ground.

5. Benry: Benry is dropping down the rankings as he seems to be next on the hit list. He hasnt really done anything wrong but he is the strongest guy left who the rest of the group respects unlike Chase so he is in trouble.

6. Dan: Starnger things have happened. Dan moves out of the bottom of the rankings for the first time in awhile as he continues to slip on by. If he can get to the end with the despised NaOnka and the growing more despised Sash, he can certainly pull it out as the others will respect the fact he hung tough with his body breaking down as the game continued.

7. Kelly: She is so annoying. Just get rid of her already. Again no one respects her and I cant see anyone rewarding the biggest coattail ride of the season. At least Natalie White killed a rat in Samoa.

8. Chase: He drops all the way to the bottom as he made a fool out of himself all episode last time out. It really was pathetic how he spilled the beans on the Brenda vote and how he followed her around like a puppy dog.

9. NaOnka: Possibly the most despised player since Russell. Good riddance when it arrives.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Episode 11 Wrapup

Episode happenings and than the ridiculously potent opinion.

Things get going back at camp after TC as Brenda talks about what occured. She notes how lines were now drawn in the sand and that the Fabio, Benry, and Dan are on the outs. Holly approaches Jane however about breakin up the Brenda/Sash alliance and how they need to make a move now.

The very next day, the tribe decides to move the fire close to the shelter due to an approaching rain storm. Thus they move the wooden chests that has most of their belongings and their other items closer to the fire. During this time Holly and Jane are talking about the game and the former pairs off with Benry and tell him what really happpened during the TC the night before. Benry tells Holly that Sash backstabbed him and Holly continues with her attack on Brenda. The plan seesm to be hatched as Jane goes and tells NaOnka what is going on. NaOnka seems ok with the plan despite her friendship with her. Chase however seems unsure about the plan as Benry seems to be the one he wants to boot.

With all that is going on with camp talk, the tribe soon heads off to the reward challenge where the tribe will be divided into two teams of 5. Using four barrels, two planks, and 10 feet of rope, the tribe has to make it across the beach without anyone touching the ground. First to make it across the beach wins reward which is a trip to a volcano and than a pizza and brownie lunch. As always making a long challenge short, the tribe of Chase, Kelly, NaOnka, Fabio, and Jane win easily.

The winning five visit the volcano and do some surfing down the slopes. Back at camp during this time, the fire catches onto the tribes belongings and a huge inferno wipes out all their chests. The losing five soon discover this and the shock and sadness is palpable. The worst aspect is that the food is got all burned. Meanwhile the winning five sit and eat their feast and strategy soon gets discussed. NaOnka than pulls Fabio aside and she tells him that Brenda needs to be taken care of. Fabio is all for it as NaOnka continues her wish to kick her to the curb.

Back at camp, Chase decides to talk to Brenda about how the others are trying to get her out and that Holly is the one who is going after her. Brenda is shocked at this as Chase tells her he has her back. She soon goes for a walk as Chase tries to convince NaOnka to get rid of Benry. NaOnka seems perturbed by this and she than goes to tell Benry how they are going for him. The rest of the tribe seems shocked that he continues to follow Brenda around. NaOnka is on a mission as she tells Holly how Chase spilt the beans.

It is than time for the immunity challenge as each member must stand on a platform while holding onto a rope. Every five minutes their hands will move further down the rope which makes it tougher to hold. If you fall off the platform than you are out as the last person standing wins immunity. The challenge soon commences and the stretching for comfort begins. Sash goes first and Kelly goes next. Holly soon falls out of the contest and is followed by Brenda. Dan soon drops off and than Fabio. That leaves NaOnka, Benry, Chase, and Jane. NaOnka goes first from the last four and than Benry. That leaves Jane and Chase. After almost giving up and hearing Chase talk gamesmanship, Jane stays in the contest and is rewarded when Chase hits the water. Immunity for Jane.

Back at camp, Jane gets congratulated and she feels Brenda is on way out of the game. Sash and Chase soon begin talking and they decide Benry. NaOnka nad Sash are than seen talking as she tells him of the plan to dump Brenda. Meanwhile Chase talks to Fabio and Holly and the latter two are still planning on kicking Brenda out. He realizes that is almost futile to save Brenda and he tells her as much. Brenda appeals to Sash about using the idol and he is not sure what to do as they head off to TC with all of this swirling around the group.

The tribe arrives at TC as Sash talks about how there is a lot of reshuffling going on and Chase confirms this. Brenda admits she regrets voting out Marty and she tells Probst she can trust others. She notes a break in the alliance as NaOnka being the one who wants to abandon ship. NaOnka totally denies this which surprises Chase. Kelly actually speaks for oance and she talks about how she has no idea what is going on. Brenda goes again as she discusses how again NaOnka is backstabbing her. She concludes how she has no interest in scrambling as Alina says how irritating she is. Sash completes things by saying how the game is changed now and that he has to make changes as a result. We see the votes cast and Brenda goes home by a count of 8 votes for Brenda and 1 each for Benry and NaOnka.

All right thats now out of the way so lets get to the good stuff and by that I mean the opinions you all pine for.

-Good move tonight by the tribe dumping Brenda's ass. She was way too cocky and overconfident and needed to get the hell out of there. I honestly dont know what all the hoopla over her is about and Chase needs to examine what he sees in a woman. Her ouster definately signifies the game is now wide open and there are absolutely no firm alliances anymore.
-Thougth it was great how Sash turned on Brenda and failed to give her the idol. He was right on both counts. For one the entire tribe had turned on her big time and if he gave her the idol, Sash would have committed Survivor suicide and thus basically place a "Now Vote Me Out Next" sign on his back. On the other count, is Sash didnt vote for Brenda, he again would have signified to the others that he was not with them and he would have gone next. After being stupid with the whole lets save Marty for no good reason bit, Sash is playing much better lately.
-Chase is so pathetic its crazy. He is the guy who see who is married to some raging bitch who spends all of his money while he carries all her shopping bags and says "Yes dear." His game play sucks too as he doesnt see how he is being played by Brenda and tries to destroy a perfectly sensible plan to oust her. He has no respect from anyone left in the game and thus he has no chance to win.
-I just got to say that Jane is AWESOME in every sense of the word. It was so great seeing her beat the overconfident Chase in the immunity challenge when he tried to get into her head. She is the total package in this game but unfortunately I think its going to be really hard for her to win due to the fact the rest of the tribe knows she is a lock to win if she gets to the finals. I am sure her win in the challenge put a smile on the face of every woman who watched. The wives were turning to their husbands in unison and saying "you see? girl power!"
-How is it that not one person the tribe spoke up and said "you know guys maybe its not such a good idea to put WOOD chests right around the fire." I actually laughed when it started to burn thinking how stupid these people were. And it was fitting how Fabio was shown discussing doing this during the segment.
-NaOnka must get a commission of some sort every time she mentions she is from South Central LA. Seriously though she makes it sound like South Central LA is Beirut. Next she is going to reveal all of her battle scars.
-Probst was hysterical how he mocked the losing five during the reward challenge. He seemed to especially take pleasure in needling Benry which was surprising. Benry has been pretty low key.
-Holly is really stepping up her game which I talked about a few times the last few weeks. Great rebound for sure and she is a wild card to take it all.
-Purple Kelly got a chance to finally talk during TC and now I see why Probst never asks her any questions. She looked like she was reading a script from Mean Girls when she answered Probst's question.
-I have said from the beginning that I think Benry has had a solid shot to win the game all along but I really dont know what to think right now. He was discussed at length today as someone to vote out and so the word is out. He doesnt have any close friends other than Fabio so I am starting to think he wont win.
-You can tell how absolutely no one respects Purple Kelly when she votes for Benry and no one else does. Her own supposed alliance doesnt even fill her in on whats up, especially Brenda who voted NaOnka.
-Dan is a guy I am rooting for as he represents Long Island and he showed off the guns during the immunity challenge. He probably could give Benry a game in an arm wrestling contest.

So there you have it. Lets hear what you think. Post away.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Another Survivor casting call is all set to go on November 3 at the Atlantic City Hilton. Just show up and discuss why you would be perfect for Survivor. This is the second such casting call in the next go-round of gathering new players. There were some who questioned whether Survivor would be ending soon but this shows concretely this is not the case for sure.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I thought it would be interesting to look back on the first impressions I made on the cast of Survivor 21 Nicaragua based on their intro interviews before they went out for the contest and I wanted to see how accurate my view of them was. All in all I thought I hit on a lot of these people's tendencies and behaviors. Take a look at what I wrote back in August and than below that is a recap of how right or wrong I was on these people.


So the cast for Survivor Nicaragua was finally revealed this morning on the CBS Morning Show. A full cast of 20 was introduced along with their vidoes on the CBS website. Here as the tidbits you need to know about each player heading into the game.

Ben Henry (24): Pretty boy young buck. Worked for Girls Gone Wild. Will try and use his "boyish" looks to get by. Worries about his bad temper getting him in trouble. I hate guys like this. Hope he goes first. Seems very conceited.

Jimmy Johnson (67): Claims he is going to lay low and not fall back on his coaching instincts where he tells everyone what to to. Will use the strategy of making himself atractive to the others to bring to the end aas he believes no one will give him the million dollar.

Alina Wilson (23): wants to prove she is not just a pretty girl. She wants to show everyone she is a bad-ass. She is a pretty girl who is trying to use her looks to get others to trust her.

Brenda Lowe (27): owns a paddle board company, Hispanic former beauty queen, kinda boring in her pre-show interview.

Chase Rice (24): works in a pit fuel. Lost his father and his ability to play football due to ankle injury. Seems like a really nice, genuine kid who has a lot of perspective. I am rooting for him.

Dan Lembo (63): Tough guy Italian dude. Very muscular guy for his age. has huge guns. Is known as Mr. Connected....Mafia reference????? Hmmmm. He is hinting at it. Raised in Brooklyn during mafia height. The guy is also probably filthy rich as he lives in Watermill Long Island which is all mansions. One of the most exclusive towns in New York.

Holly Hoffman (44): Swim coach who claims she is tough. Claims she has a mean streak and plans to come in and be friendly and make alliances.

Jane Bright (56): farmer chick, she claims she is fearless and nothing at camp will deter her as she has seen it all working outdoors. Claims she can outdo any girl in a fitness test. I like her. She seems like she takes no BS and works her ass off.

Jill Behm (43): emergency room doctor so she could come in handy if anyone gets sick or hurt. That alone makes her someone that would attractive to keep on the tribe. Has very short hair....looks kind of butchy but she is a mom also. Competes in cycling races and seems like she is very fit.

Jimmy Tarantino (48): is a commercial fisherman so he is another one that will probably stay around awhile with his ability to get food. Has long hair for an old guy and seems pretty chill. Won the online Survivor contest. Seems like another good guy to root for here.

Jud Birza (21): Ughh...he uses the word RAD in his interview questions. Another pretty boy California dude who surfs and he knows people think he is going to be the goofy hanging out dude. Claims he has more going on upstairs.

Kelly Bruno (26): As I reported, she is the first female contestant to compete with a prosthetic leg as she lost her leg at six months old. Was teased in school.....terrible. Got involved in competitive sports and is trying to prove handicapped people can do well. Her dad was killed in January in Haiti during the earthquake....Wow this girl has been through a lot. Will be the sentimental favorite for sure.

Kelly Shinn (20): shes a nursing student....very young obviously. Seems very well spoken for her age. Typical young Survivor blondie. Was biggest flirt in high school.

Marty Piombo (48): seems like another really nice guy (the OLD tribe is full of likable people) and his mantra is to remain calm. Thinks he will be a leadership type as he is a business executive for Yahoo. That could hurt him as early leaders put themselves at big risk. Could be early boot or the end with the strategy.

Matthew Lenahan (30): They call him "Sash." Big time real estate broker in New York City so he definately is rich. Thinks he already has all the women wrapped around his finger. Very arrogant. Hate guys like this. Probably will be the douce of the season. Says he has always dominated everything he ever did.....please.

NaOnka Mixon (27): big time track star...should be a big asset to challenges. Another one who seems very into herself. Says she is the secret weapon. Claims she is not nervous and is a stallion. She really seemed like she was on drugs in the interview video on the CBS site.

Shannon Elkins (30): I dont know why but this guy has annoyed me since the first time I saw his photo. Yet another Survivor pretty boy. Is a little league coach but claims he can take orders. Seems very blunt and in your face. I dont like him. He seems like he is pretty athletic but the interview is cringe worthy as he talks like he is 15.

Tyrone Davis (42): likes to tell others that he survivved the projects. Is now working as a firefighter and claims he is a good people person.

Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff (48): shes the goat rancher who is also a nurse in the Army. Her tone of voice is like a teenager. Admits she talks too much. If I were to place money on anyone being the first voted out, it is hands down her. The type of annoying player that is always kicked out right off the bat.

Yve Rojas (41): The Survivor hot mom. She too talks like she is a dumb teenager. Was in ROTC. Her nickname was Evil Yve growing up.


All right so with all that being said, lets see how I did in sizing up the players here.

Benry: I was harsh on the guy as I usually cant stand players like what he appeared to be in his interview. He has been for the most part a standup, nice guy so I missed here.

Jimmy J: Johnson tried the strategy he talked about but it failed miserably. Surprised he was out so quickly.

Alina: She didnt show much badass but she also got her hands dirty. Yeah she was hot too so I got that right.

Brenda: Yeah she was boring in her interview but she opened up in the game.

Chase: Chase I nailed perfectly. He is that kind, genuine guy he showed in the interview and yes I am rooting for him along with one or two others.

Dan: Dan was a big disappointment. I was hoping he would threaten to break someone's legs but he has been non-existent and for all his muscles at his age, he is aas delicate as glass.

Holly: We saw the mean streak with burying Dan's shoes and she did come in and make an alliance with Wendy of which she smartly abandoned. She has played well since her early hiccup.

Jane: Was right on with her too. She did prove her mettle in challenges and no doubt I think she is the toughest woman out there.

Jill: Didnt see much of her medical expertise with Dan's injuries and she did well during her stay.

Jimmy T: Boy did I miss on this guy. Ha I thought he would stay around awhile. I didnt think he was this obnoxious like he was on the show. Complete washout there.

Jud (Fabio): He annoyed me with his childish language skills and so far I havent seen any "I wil show I am smarter than they think" ability.

Kelly B: She got teased in school and got teased on Survivor. Just terrible. One of the biggest disappointments of the season was not seeing her go far in the game.

Marty: I cant believe I wrote he seemed like a nice guy. And that he said he will try to remain calm. Tell that to Jane. The guy had game though but he was too aggressive.

Sash: First of all I forgot his name was Matthew. Also I guess he is straight in talking about how he gets women wrapped around his finger. I am sure Shannon is laughing somewhere.

NaOnka: HAHAHA. I wrote it seems like she was on drugs during the interview. Yeah that about sums it up.

Shannon: Another guy who I pegged right away as a blowhard pretty boy. He got what he deserved.

Tyrone: Tyrone was not a good people person at all in the game. He was very confrontational all throughout his stay there.

Wendy: Yeah I was never more accurate with anyone than her. I could see it a mile away with her being the first boot. Easy one there for sure.

Yve: She was the hot mom for sure but nothing happened here which was worth discussing.

Not too bad I guess. Good job me.