Sunday, February 28, 2010

Updated Survivor Heroes VS Villains Odds Of Winning

Well Randy gets the boot and we are down to 17. His elimination didnt do much to change the odds of the remaining players but nonetheless there were some differences. Without further delay:

1. Russell Hantz (3-1): Russell moves up to official status as the favorite to win it all as he once again demonstrated his unmatched ability to control the game by hiding the machette and causing everyone to blame Randy. Coincidence that Randy got voted out? I think not. Expect more of the same from the Evil One and dont even for a second believe that Parvati has him under her spell.

2. Boston Rob (5-1): Rob's odds improved also this week as he leaps over Parvati on the strength of his seemingly tight bonds with Coach, Sandra, Tyson, and Courtney. He still runs the show and still has the respect of most of the tribe. Rob has got serious game and again its only a matter of time before he and Russell bump heads.

3. JT (7-1): The best bet to win from the Heroes tribe at this point, JT comtinues to be an animal in challenges and is still in tight with Cirie, Amanda, Rupert, and James. The abandonement of Tom and going behind Candice's back were two decent sized negatives but at this point he is still in the biggest power position in his tribe.

4. Rupert Boneham (10-1): Rupert sees his odds go up slightly as he is in no imminent danger and has ruffled no feathers. Its almost like he is flying under the radar which sets up well for him. Will be here awhile unless something game-turning occurs.

5. Parvati Shallow (15-1): Parvati sees a 10 point drop in odds due to her being outed by almost half the tribe. Patience is running thin with her act (most notably with Jerri) and many have voiced their concerns with her past relationships with Cirie, Amanda, and James. Like Russell however, Parvati always seems to escape trouble and she is doing that once again.

6. Danielle DiLorenzo (20-1): The ultra-athletic Danielle is flying under the radar but she is a force to be reckoned with. Anyone who has a deal with Russell is in a good spot for a bit at the very least and Danielle is savvy enough to keep herself above trouble. Her strength in challenges will ensure she stays to the merge and she could win some individual immunities from that point after.

7. Cirie Fields (20-1): Cirie is in control like always. She has a great sense of dodging and weaving when she needs to. Her mind is always in the game and she is always one step ahead of most everyone else. People respect her but also fear her. Tom is already onto her but nothing else seems amiss at this point. No one sees her as an athlete to be feared in challenges which is part of the reason she makes it to the end of the game. The danger for her is always before a merge but she seems on solid ground with her alliance.

8. Amanda Kimmell (20-1): Amanda is still looked at as the biggest weak link on the tribe but her alliance is going to keep her around for a bit. If she gets to the merge than she will go far like she did in Micronesia and China. I still get the feeling that she flies way too much under the radar to get respect from the others but you cant argue with her track record.

9. Sandra Diaz-Twine (20-1): Sandra drops some due to her battle with Coach at tribal council and it appears her unfiltered mouth is getting her a bit in trouble. Her closeness with Rob is a plus but she is no challenge hero. There are weaker and more useless teammates to eliminate before her however and she has good history on her side of being resourceful. A live wild card.

10. Colby Donaldson (30-1): Colby stays at his odds from last week as the closer he gets to the merge, the better his chances take off. The heroes have bigger fish to fry with Tom and an increasingly annoying Candice before they look to him. I just cant see the big Texan going anytime soon.

11. Jerri Manthey (60-1): Jerri sees a slight drop from 50-1 as her run in with Parvati puts a mark on her. Going head to head with her is a big mistake that could quickly get Jerri in serious trouble. I dont see anything at this point to suggest she can even get remotely close to the finish.

12. James (60-1): James drops a great deal this week as he once again finds himself wrapped up in controversey due to his antics with Randy at the challenge. It was incredibly stupid to do what he did and it definately drew the ire of the villains. His physical threat, bad attitude, and past contacts have all conspired to obliterate his chances in the game.

13. Candice (60-1): Candice loses value this week due to her run in with Cirie and the fact that JT has voiced his nervousness with her and how he hopes she goes next. Candice will be the sacrificial lamb if the tribe decides to hold onto Tom and she really has no one to rely on at this point. A very boring player to boot.

14. Tyson Apostol (70-0): Tyson actually got into a bit of strategizing this past week in correctly pointing out the wisdom of getting rid of Parvati. He was dead on with this but it obviously didnt happen. The fact he even spoke out like this is a small positive as he never showed much of this in the past. Still he is not respected and is someone no one fears. Could stick for a bit but nothing interesting happening here.

15. Coach Wade (80-1): Coach plummets some due to him being outed at tribal council by Sandra and his angry reaction to it. The fact of the matter is that no one respects Coach and he only might stay around some due to the fact that no one perceives him as a threat.

16. Tom Westman (80-1): Tom continues to be the most likely next ouster from the heroes tribe after their next defeat. JT confessing to him that he couldnt honor their alliance was further proof of this. The next episode hints at the heroes getting clues for a hidden immunity idol which is really the only thing that could keep Tom around for more than another week if he does find it. Its a real shame too because he deserves better.

17. Courtney Yates (100-1): Courtney should be next out if the villains lose based on her extreme worthlessness in challenges but she does seem to be in good graces with Boston Rob for what its worth. Rob however has made no secret his desire to eliminate weak tribe members to keep the team strong (when it would have been better getting rid of Parvati last week) so expect to see her go soon. No chance.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Russell Vowing To Cut Parvati Off Before Merge

In one of the bonus scenes from the cbs website not shown during the show this past thursday, a scene takes place between Jerri and Russell discussing the sleeping situations. Jerri complains that Coach is constantly moving during his sleep and so she only was able to get 15 minutes of rest the previous night. She then uses this as an opportunity to prob Russell on his snuggling with Parvati and begins to warn him that the rest of the tribe has made note of it. It is clear she is angling Russell to make a move to get Parvati out but the Evil One remained calm and claims that he won't allow Parvati to get to the merge due to her past connections to James, Cirie, and Amanda. Jerri than does a smart thing here when she points out that it would be monumental Survivor news if Russell blindsides the queen of blindsiding. It is clear that Jerri is playing on Russell's love of notoriety by planting this seed in his mind but whether this works or not remains to be seen as it seems he has plans to go far with her.

Just thought this was an interesting and somewhat important tidbit to pass along. My gut says that if Russell did go on and do this, than CBS would have made a point of showing this in the show Thursday.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Finally some signs of life by the Heroes!!!! Last night on Survivor Heroes VS. Villains, our favorite lovable losers stepped up and kicked some major ass in the immunity challenge and in the process hopefully mended some fences internally. To say they needed a victory is the understatement of the year and what made things even more impressive was how all eight tribe members contributed in the gladiator style face-off challenge.
To break things down:

Tom made quick work of Russell in the opening match as he effortlessly pushed the Evil One off the pedestal and into the muck. Next up was Rupert who defeated Coach despite the Dragon Slayer's protestations that he in fact won the bout. Cirie went on to defeat Jerri, Candice knocked off Parvati, Amanda surprisingly beat Danielle, and JT was victorious over Tyson.

The main event of the challenge was Colby versus Rob as there is no love lost between these two. The last time they met was in All Stars when Rob literally picked Colby up and threw him down into the water in the balance beam face-off challenge and than rubbed salt in the wound when he said to the cameras that "he's not as tough as he looks." After it looked like Rob had the upper hand early on, Colby rallied and claimed the win by pushing him off the edge. Following that classic was an anti-climactic bout pitting Randy against James. Predictably, James made quick work of Randy and to add insult to injury, classlessly threw the pillow down on him while he was laying in the mud. Immediately the villains cried foul and correctly pointing out how James had no class. A few expletitives were thrown back the villains' way and the line of the night was expressed by Courtney when she bellowed that James should have been on the villains tribe.

Once back on the beach, the scheming began in full force as Parvati used her sex appeal to curry favor with Coach and than used her bullishness to try and get answers from a not amused Jerri. Ultimately the decision would be coming down between Parvati and Randy. Initially, Boston Rob, Russell, Parvati, Sandra, Courtney, and Danielle immediately committed their votes for Randy while Randy, Tyson, Coach, and Jerri went towards Parvati. Despite his vow to fight for Randy, Coach most likely realized he didnt have the numbers to make a play against Parvati and ultimately fell in with everyone else. So once tribal council kicked off, it was not a surprise to see Randy get the boot as he disgustedly threw his buff into the fire as he walked off.

Lots of things to touch on here now that we got the main stuff out of the way. Here goes:

-Russell canoodling with Parvati at night was both gross and disturbing. Russell is a married man with two kids and I am sure his wife couldn't be thrilled with watching him cuddling with Parvati and giggling like school children.
-Coach was shown stroking Jerri's hair the same night. It is clear that he is drawn to her but there doesnt seem to be much of a reciprocal effort on her part to him.
-Candice looked pathetic in her attempt to curry favor with JT who surprisingly looked like a rat going to Cirie and reporting their conversation to her. Cirie in turn confronted Candice and most likely cemented her standing as the next person voted out after Tom.
-JT also looked stupid when he apologized to Tom about not being able to live up to their alliance. He shouldnt have said anything at all and let things fall where they may. Tom looked insulted to be even having this conversation with him and expressed his disapointment how things turned out.
-James is a complete ass. No two ways about it. He has really disapointed me with his behavior as he was a likable guy his first two times playing the game. I dont know what has changed with him this time around but his antics after beating a clearly overmatched Randy in the challenge was gutless and a disgrace. I am sure his own tribe was dissapointed in that.
-Colby had to be pumped beating Boston Rob in the challenge. You know he wanted that bad. And it was great seeing Tom manhandle Russell who looked pathetic in the bout. I always love seeing him look bad.
-Russell hiding the machete was typical. His plan to cause chaos in his own tribe is sometimes dispicable but the man is sticking to what got him to the end of S19.
-Sometimes watching at home, you almost want to throw the remote at the TV. I had such a feeling last night when the villains decided to save Parvati and vote out Randy. The right move 1,000 times over was to vote Parvati out and in the process do two things: A. eliminate the alliance with Russell and B. eliminate the possibility of her flipping sides to join up with old friends Amanda, Cirie, and James. Randy was absolutely no threat to anyone and could easily have been removed at any point in time. Parvati on the other hand is a huge threat that will pick up traction in her game the longer she sticks around. The most surprising thing in all of this was the fact Boston Rob endorsed Randy being the boot. I expected much more out of Rob here and was shocked that he didnt see the reason for voting out Parvati like myself, and a million other armchair Survivor fans did. Big, big mistake here which could ultimately change the game. During All Stars I banged my head against the wall when no one decided to break up the Boston Rob/Amber pair, despite many attempts to do so. I can see this already happening again and can envision myself popping many aspirin along the way.
-Randy voting for Rob was a surprise but my take on this is that Coach went to him and told him he tried but couldnt save him and that Rob was the one who made the call. This was a statement vote and nothing more.
-Finally, the burning of the buff was classic Randy and I must say that I surprisingly felt bad for him here. I hated Randy in Gabon but I empathized with him this time around as he clearly didnt get the chance to play.

That's all for now folks. Check back for more updates later.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Tomorrow we dive head first into episode 3 of Survivor Heroes VS. Villains. On with the preview!

Heroes Tribe

Where We Are At: The Heroes tribe is in a total state of chaos right now as clear alliances have been drawn and tempers have flared in a nasty way. In the span of only a few days the Heroes tribe has gone from a well-functioning, team-oriented tribe to one full of tension and back-biting. To say they need a victory tomorrow is a tremendous understatement and at this point one has to wonder if its too late for this team to get it together.

Current Battles:
James VS. Tom: In an explosive tribal council that saw his good friend Stephenie get the boot under a hailstorm of insults from James, it is obvious that there is no love lost between he and Tom. James seems pretty secure for a bit due to his alliance with JT, Amanda, Cirie, and Rupert. Tom on the other hand is flapping in the wind by hismelf and needs a miracle to make it more than a few more days. He would love nothing more than to boot James' butt out of here but with only Colby on his side, its an extreme longshot.

Who Is In Trouble:
Tom: We have already stated why above. If the heroes lose again, he most likely goes home.

Colby: If the alliance wants to get fancy, they could decide to vote Colby out instead of Tom, although this is highly unlikely. Colby is needed for his athleticism and will be held onto for a little while longer.

Candice: If the heores were smart (and it looks like they are having trouble in the thinking department), they would vote Candice out if they happen to lose again tomorrow. Candice offers very little to the tribe and is the weakest by far outside of the Big Five.


Where We Are At: Things couldn't be better for the villains as they are coming off their second come from behind victory over the heroes. Despite the major type A personalities in the tribe, the villains have shown great teamwork and killer instict when it comes to the challenges. Upward and onward!

Current Battles:
Boston Rob VS. Russell: This one is already starting to brew as someone needed to pull out a ruler for these two to settle things. Rob brings back some kind of seafood to share with the tribe and immediately after Russell comes back with a chicken. Rob has his share of followers in Sandra and Coach, while Russell has his deals with Danielle and Parvati. This will be great theatre when these two finally decide to settle things and I see it happening sooner than you think.

Who Is In Trouble:
Courtney: She really shouldn't be here and she offers absolutely nothing to the team. A liability in challenges and an annoying personality to deal with, Courtney should be the first one voted out if they lose tomorrow. Not saying she will be but she should.
Randy: I still cant believe Randy made it as far as he did in Gabon. He is such a jerk and really has no people skills to speak of. Its 50/50 whether he or Courtney goes first once they finally lose a challenge.

Enjoy the show and check back for summaries and opinions!

Monday, February 22, 2010

What Can Tom Do To Save Himself????

Things are certainly not looking good for major fan favorite Tom Westman on Survivor Heroes VS. Villains. Losing his sidekick Stephenie in a ridiculously foolish vote last week puts the Long Island native in a very bad spot as the heroes try to stave off complete disaster this week. It is starting to become pretty clear that a five person alliance is currently in play consisting of Rupert, Cirie, Amanda, JT, and James. That means Colby, Candice, and Tom are on the outside looking in and are being lined up for the guillotine. So the question is: what can Tom do or what could occur that would save him and allow him to rightfully make the merge??

For starters, Tom must be looking far and wide for the hidden immunity idols. Not much has been said to this point regarding the idols which is surprising after what Russell accomplished in S19. The fact of the matter is that to this point none have been found and thus a life preserver is out there for Tom. If Tom does in fact discover an idol, than he most likely will be forced to use it right away due to the Fab Five alliance gunning for the power players. This of course only buys him a little bit of time but if he uses it and someone from the alliance bites the dust, than a small door opens that can be exploited.

Say for example that Amanda gets idoled out by Tom and that leaves Cirie, JT, James, and Rupert with Candice, Colby and Tom rounding out the rest of the tribe. Since this situation entails yet another heroes defeat, Tom could try and convince JT and James that the tribe needs to keep the strong players in order to stop the avalance of Villain victories. By this point even the stubborn James could see the reason in this as the heroes should at this point be extremely desperate for any sort of victory. Cirie and Candice would be the next two victims and thus gets tom at the very least three more steps further into the game.

The other scenario that could save Tom is any sort of tribal switch or tribe steal where one tribe selects another tribe's player to come to their camp after a reward victory. The latter scenario has been very rare in the history of Survivor (Rupert being forced to temporarily switch tribes in Pearl Islands comes to mind) but you never know. A tribal switch on the other hand would be a 50/50 scenario due to the fact that I think it would be good television to all of a sudden mix heroes and villains. This would give Tom second life and ultimately a chance to start over as far as alliances and strategies.

Ultimately I don't think Tom is long for the game which is a real shame. He is one of the most likable and competitive players the game has ever seen and unfortunately didn't make the right alliance right off the bat which will result in his imminent demise.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Should A Previous Winner Win Again???

An interesting argument that was made during the original Survivor All Stars was made by Jenna Lewis when she exclaimed that previous winners Tina and Ethan should be voted out first from their tribe due to the fact that they won previously and thus shouldnt be "allowed" a chance to win again.

When Survivor Heroes VS. Villains began, we were reminded of this line of thinking when Tom and JT decided to form a loose alliance based on the fact that they "needed each other" due to them both being previous winners and would need to try and get to the end of the game together so that the jury would have no choice but to name one of them the a two-time champ.

The question I have here is "Why doesnt a previous winner deserve to win again?" Why is there this line of thought out there amongst the players that a former winner will have an exponentially difficult time winning again? Or that they dont deserve another million bucks? My opinion is that if a previous winner played another great game, than why shouldn't he or she be given another million dollars???? If JT, Tom, Parvati, or Sandra get to the end of the game again, than I believe they stand a great chance to getting another million dollars and are just as deserving as anyone.

What do you all think? What is your opinion on this issue??

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Updated Survivor Heroes VS. Villains Odds Of Winning

Two survivors have bit the dust, 18 more left to via for the million. Lets break down the current odds of winning for each remaining player.


Rupert (12-1): Rupert obviously always has the likeability factor working for him and he seems to be in good footing with the Heroes tribe which should entail a long stay in the game. One of the stronger Heroes picks.

James (40-1): James has the brute strength to hang around awhile due to his use in challenges but he has little to no people skills needed to sway a jury to get votes in the end. Smarts are also lacking as he still is looked at as the buffoon who failed to play not one but two hidden immunity idols.

Amanda (22-1): Amanda is the sweet, pretty player who always gets overlooked.....UNTIL NOW! The word is out in her tribe about her weakness but she once again has aligned herself with the right people. An uneasy truce with Cirie is currently in place but there is no doubt in my mind Cirie will cut her throat at a moment's notice. Still she is resourceful and could get votes due to a "third times the charm" ideal.

Cirie (30-1): Cirie is another one who the word is out on. Tom correctly pegged her as an immediate threat who needed to be eliminated due to her cunning scheming. She does have a knack for making the right move however so she cant be discounted totally but I doubt it.

Tom (70-1): Stephenie's elimination was the death knell to Tom unfortunately. One of the most likable players in Survivor history, he has no leg to stand on right now and will almost certainly be the next Hero voted out. A tribe switch is the only thing that will save him right now.

JT (10-1): If he hadn't already won a million dollars, JT would be an even bigger threat to win it all. A very well-liked, well-respected player, JT is going all-in so far in his quest for another victory. Has formed a strong 5 person alliance and can use his athletic ability to stay strong in challenges upon the merge.

Colby (30-1): Just like Tom, Colby is on the outside looking in when it comes to the big Hero alliance. I am certain Tom will go next but once that occurs, the Colbster will be in serious trouble. Always resourceful however, Colby has the ability to wriggle out of trouble and I wouldn’t be shocked to see him jump tribes if he makes the merge as he is totally disgusted with his current team. Needs the millions dollars to validate his standing as one of the best ever.

Candice (50-1): Candice seems like she has no clue what she is doing and is almost like she is running around without a head. She will be the sacrificial lamb once the Big Five gets rid of Colby and Tom. If she makes the merge she will stick around awhile and her odds will certainly improve. In fact she will be forgotten a bit in a merge due to her low-key personality so she would definitely be in the mix at that point. Just don’t see her getting that far.


Boston Rob (7-1): Boston Rob is truly a GREAT Survivor player. The way he carries a team literally on his back is second to none. I am not a fan of his antics sometimes but he has the respect and attention of all the villains outside of Russell (who I think deep down respects him). Rob knows the game inside and out and is a major force to be reckoned with. Ultimately a brewing battle between Russell and he will decide if he gets to the end and wins the million he deserves.

Danielle DiLorenzo (15-1): Danielle is quietly a very strong player. She is extremely athletic and has a good mind for the game that will ensure she sticks around for awhile. She knows how to get to the end of the game and her alliance with Russell could help her get there where she would have an excellent chance to win. As a previous runner-up, Danielle has a chance to get rewarded the second time around, especially if she goes to the end with Russell in that juries don’t take a liking to the "Evil One."

Sandra Diaz-Twine (10-1): Sandra quietly is one of the best players ever with a million dollar sum in her bank account to prove it. The only thing that could ever hold her back is a fiery temper but that didn’t hurt her in Pearl Islands. Her closeness with Boston Rob is a plus and if she survives a showdown with Rob against Russell, than she has a great chance to become the first two-time winner in Survivor history. Always seemingly under the radar despite her lack of patience, Sandra is a live threat.

Parvati Shallow (5-1): Either you love her or hate her but there is no denying the fact that Parvati has got plenty of game. Already a winner, she has a leg up on the competition due to her alliance with Russell. I almost view her as a female version of him and she has no problem stabbing anyone in the back so she could get ahead. A final with her, Russell, and Danielle would give her a 50/50 shot to win. Great odds.

Russell Hantz (5-1): Along with Parvati, has best chance to win. Russell simply is a master at playing Survivor and he has an amazing way of manipulating his way through every threat. He got totally screwed in S19 on the surface but part of winning the game is being able to curry favor with the jury so that is something he needs to work on in order to go down as the best ever which is a title he will own if he wins here. Chances are he will piss off too many people and thus alienate the jury again but depending on who he goes into the final with, he just might be able to win it.

Randy Bailey (1000-1): I will get right to the point: Randy has absolutely NO CHANCE to win this game or any kind of Survivor period. His abrasiveness is an instant killer for him and he has absolutely no sense of how to play the game. He is nothing but a talking piece and I believe will be the first villain voted out unless a power play is in order. Move on from this car wreck.

Jerri Manthey (50-1): Jerri Manthey at the very least deserves a Lifetime Achievement Award. I think her reputation of being a villainess is overblown as she really hasn’t done anything that memorable or cringe worthy in the bitchy department. Jerri always gets to the middle portion of the game but stalls from there. I think more of the same will happen here but if she happens to get to the end, she may just get some votes due to her perseverance.

Courtney Yates (80-1): Courtney has a better chance of losing all of her 5 remaining pounds than winning Survivor. She is just downright annoying and she has no sense of the game. It was a total fluke when she made the final in China and she will be cut loose as soon as the villains lose a challenge and get rid of Randy.

"Coach" Wade (70-1): Coach is a great character no doubt about it. I am in the minority for sure regarding the fact I like his personality. He has underrated athleticism and will definitely make the merge due to his reputation of not being a big threat. Coach doesn’t have the ability to play the strategic part of the game and that will be his undoing. His closeness to Tyson and Jerri are also big negatives.

Tyson Apostol (200-1): Tyson is an idiot plain an simple. His act gets tiring by episode 2 and he too has no clue how to play the game. He is all talk and no action and the Speedo alone should get him voted off. Nothing to see here.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Russell Hantz Problem For Rest Of Cast

AHHHH good old Russell Hantz. Has to be the most controversial Survivor character in the history of the show. Undoutedly played the greatest non-winning game in history in S19 Samoa and now is back for more in Heroes VS. Villains.

There is absolutely no doubt that Russell deserves to be in S20. He earned it by totally hoodwinking a very naive unsuspecting cast in S19 and garnered great acclaim for his ability to seemingly control every player's game and get into their heads. Almost like he had everyone on strings and they did everything he asked them to do. Also the seemingly effortless manner in which he collected hidden immunity idols is legendary. So than whats the problem here?

The issue at hand in S20 is that the other 19 players have no idea who Russell is. S19 was filmed right before S20 in the same Samoan location. Once S19 ended, Russell went home for 2 weeks and than immediately came back out for S20. When S19 was broadcast on national TV this past fall, Russell and the rest of the Heroes/Villains were already in combat at the same time. Thus no one saw the debuchery and diabolical game Hantz played and in turn had no book to go on in deciding how to evaluate his presence on the tribe.

To me this is a very unfair issue at hand in the game. Casting more light on this problem was an interview that "Coach" Wade gave recently in his hometown when he was asked about Russell and his game. Coach in a nutshell went on to exclaim that no one knew anything about Russell's game in S19 and that if they had seen all that he had wrought in that season, than "he was certainly going to be the first person voted out." That says it all in a nutshell.

If Russell does go far in this game, and Coach's comment leads me to believe he does, than one can only surmise that the surprise factor is at work here and there is no arguing the fact that his game is way more effective the first time around people who have never played with him before.

I admit I have a love/hate relationship with Russell. I think he is great entertainment and I have great respect for the way he seemingly always makes the right moves and always avoids trouble. Although I dont agree with some of his methods, Russell got screwed in S19. He should have won and unfortunately for him, was a victim of a very bitter jury who couldnt get past his less that classy game maneuverings. The title of best Survivor ever? Not a chance in that you have to win to get that title. Until that happens, Richard Hatch still has the trophy.

Heroes Have Big Problems

Last night's episode of Survivor Heores Vs Villains was once again very frustrating if you are a Heroes fan like msyelf. For the second time in as many episodes they jumped out to a huge lead but then imploded in a sea of confusion, incompetence, and just downright incompatability as far as teamwork was concerned. We all know that in the end Stephenie unfairly was given the blame by meathead James when in fact I think JT was the one who was mostly responsible.

The fact of the matter is that JT played this exact challenge in Tocantins and therefore should have been much more in tune with the tasks inner workings and how best to go about it. Instead he was indecisive and unsure and once the Villains began assembling their tower, all hell broke loose. This one was on him but no one dared say a word as it was clear he was in a power position in the tribe with existing alliances with Tom, James, Rupert, Amanda, and Cirie.

Instead Stephenie was made the scapegoat and was a tragic example of how the game has become one not where you vote out the weakest members to keep the tribe strong but one where the dominant alliance throws away anyone not in their inner core no matter how strong or athletic.

What really sucks the most in all of this is that based purely on the game itself, Stephenie was certainly the total package. She was nice but also fiercly competitve. She was unbelievably athletic and one who had it all as far as guts and fortitude. I really considered her a dark horse to win Heroes Vs. Villains but instead she serves as the first major piece to fall in the game.