Monday, August 22, 2011

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Stacey

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Rick

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Jim

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Edna

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Elyse

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Dawn

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Semhar

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Sophie

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Keith

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet John

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Whitney

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Mikayla

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet The Cast


So the Survivor South Pacific cast has been released on Monday, without mention of Coach and Ozzie who are the two returning players for this season. All of the new cast interviews will be up shortly so be sure to check back in throughout. Also yes Russell Hantz' nephew Brandon is in fact in the cast so that coukd be interesting. Check out the videos as I post them one after the other. I will post my thoughts on them later.

Friday, August 19, 2011


I know this is a bit of old news but I didnt hear of this until now. Anyway apparently "Sugar" Jessica Kiper of Survivor Heroes VS. Villains was so distraught over being the first person voted off the show that she attempted suicide. Sugar joined the cast of Celebrity Rehab where she revealed "Ever since the second time I did Survivor, I’ve been on a downward spiral,” she said at one point during the episode." She went on to say that she "was drunk and I was going to take a lot of pills and I woke up with IVs in my arm, and they were flying me to Australia from Samoa." She also revealed during rehab that she hadnt gone a day without smoking weed since he was 15 except when she was on the show. She also was on cocaine, ecstatsy, and a bunch of other opiates.

Wow! Talk about a messed up chick. Heroes VS. Villains was double horrible for her since she was the first person voted off, got turned down by Colby on camera, and was lied to by JT before taping so that she would have sex with him about an alliance he never intended to do once out there. Also I always found it odd that she was always crying about something. Here's to hoping she gets herself straight and doesnt end up like Jeff Conway as a failed Celberity Rehab patient.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


The birth of The Jersey Shore Scene is here so be sure to bookmark the page and follow along. Episode commentaries, rumors, news, photos, polls, and more just like on Survivor Reality Show Blog. Hope you join us and I look forward to bringing you the latest on Jersey Shore.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The premiere of Survivor South Pacific will be 90 minutes long and it will start at its usual 8:00 PM slot on Wednesday September 14. Coach Ben Wade and Ozzie Lusth will be returning veterans along with 16 other contestants for the latest season of the iconic show.

My View: I am hoping the opening is a double-boot episode. Still couldnt believe that Heroes VS. Villains had onoly one boot in their two hour opening. Whether or not the season will be a success is debatable.


Survivor South Pacific will be starting shortly and for the new season, we have introduced a new feature where you can follow us through your e-mail. Just enter your e-mail address in the link to the right and all of my posts will be sent directly into your inbox. It should be another fun season for sure with a lot of analysis to follow so be sure to keep checking back.


Survivor is coming to DVD again as seasons 5 and 6 will be the latest seasons to hit the discs. Survivor Amazon and Survivor Thailand are just the latest in Survivor hitting DVD's and they will be on sale in time for the holiday season.

My View: Survivor Amazon was one of the better seasons for the show while Thailand was not so good in my view. Anyway those of you who collect have to get to the store.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I am hearing more and more chatter that Season 25 of Survivor will be another All Star type season with many favorites already being asked about if they would be interested in coming back. Season 23 which is the South Pacific version already has Coach and Ozzie coming back, while season 24 is looking like it will be a completely fresh cast. Season 25 than will be another All Star game with a possible Heroes VS Villains II being discussed. Obviously the bold number that is 25 makes sense for this to be another All Star season and the ratings are always big when it comes to these formats so look for it to take place. With that in mind, here are the names I came up with who I think has to be on that season. As always offer up your choices in the comments below.


Russell Hantz: You and I both know Russell will be back. He is like Freddy Krueger in that you cant get rid of the guy and he continues to come back and haunt us. Now that Hantz has been humbled in Survivor Redemption Island, it will be interesting how he is received this time around and whether he finally changes up his game.

Marty Piombo: Survivor Nicaragua was one of the very worst seasons ever but Marty was a rare bright spot in that game. He was annoying as hell to listen to but Marty had a very keen strategic game that would work well with more experienced players. And he would be someone who would have no problem working with Russell which Mark Burnett has to look at before he brings Russell back again.

Matt Eldrod: Matt got screwed in Redemption Island as he never really got a chance to play due to Rob Mariano booting him twice. Surely he will be more prepared this time around and he was a very popular player who will bring eyeballs to the tube.

Rob Cesternino: As much as I couldnt stand Rob C, the guy has some serious game and deserves to play again. I have no problem with the Best Player Never To Have Won label and he is another person who would work well with Russell. Heroes VS Villains II with Russell, Marty, and Rob C together? Think of the possibilities.

Tom Westman: My all-time favorite Survivor player, Long Island's own got a raw deal himself in Heroes VS. Villains and he could have done so much better if given a chance. I dont think he would come back though as he has been on record saying this. Wishful thinking.

Todd Herzog: One guy I KNOW they have spoken to is little Todd who was one of the more surprising Survivor winners. For such a dimunitive guy, Todd had the game under his thumb and proved he can play with the big guys. Look for a return soon.

Ethan Zohn: Talk about an inspirational story. Ethan beat cancer and you know he would love to earn some more dough for his soccer charity in Africa. I dont think anyone has been loved more on Survivor.

Rupert Boneham: Right behind Ethan in lovable meter is Rupert who could also love to win some more money for his charity. Rupert is fun to watch and even though he is aging, he deserves another chance to finally nail down a victory.


Brenda: Other than Marty in Nicaragua, Brenda was a big time strategist who was also a great athlete in challenges. She reminds me so much of Parvati and would also be a potential villain candidate.

Cirie Fields: Cirie is another one who has been talked to supposedly about coming back. She seems like a logical choice.

Jane Bright: Jane VS. Marty II would be a nice subplot to this season and she proved herself big time in challenges during her stay in Nicaragua.

Andre Boehlke: She has a thing for Matt and she also was a big time athlete. She seemed right at home in the outdoors and I think she was underutilized by Burnett as far as coverage was concerned.

Jerri Manthey: Get her back one more time to see if she can finally get over the hump. Like with Rob, Jerri has become more popular as the show has gone on.

Kelly Wigglesworth: Surprising that she hasnt come back after her big showing in the debut season. She is obvoiusly much older now but she was very young the first time around.

Jenna Morasca: She had to leave after feeling her mom was close to death which she was in All Stars. As a former champ, we never got to see what she could do in defense of that title.

Sandra-Diaz Twine: She deserves to come back every time until she finally gets beat. Would love to see how the others treat her this time around.

Thats how I see it. Post below who else you would like to see in this season. It is happening.

Friday, August 5, 2011


So we get our second go-around with the Redemption Island theme on this fall's Survivor South Pacific and the two returnees are "Coach" Ben Wade fresh off a new movie along with super athletic and porn star look-wannabe Ozzie Lusth. Both guys will look to replicate the Rob Mariano path to winning the million for the first time in their Survivor careers but will they get there? Lets handicap both of their chances from this very high peanut stand.

Coach: Coach goes for the glory again as he comes off his very bad performance in Heroes VS. Villains. In fact Coach was the pivitol figure in a bad way in that he threw his vote in the ultimate Rob VS. Russell tribal council where Rob got sent hom because of it. It was a gutless move by Coach not to take a stand and he was soon booted out with nary a whimper. In fact Coach had a much better showing of himself in Tocantins when he finished fifth as he got backstabbed by JT. Throughout all of his schenanigans and philosophies, Coach has proven to be a very good challenge competitior as evidenced by him literally carrying Colby Donaldson down the beach in the first challenge in Heroes VS. Villains. So really this is not the problem with Coach.

The big issue is that Coach has zero mind for the game. He doesnt strategize like a Boston Rob or a Russell who are constantly looking for ways to get ahead and stay in the game. Coach is not this type of player and unless he begins a new method of play this season, it figures to be his downfall again this season. Whats interesting is that his lack of game could actually help him stay around a bit. Also many view Coach as sort of a mascot who is around ot entertain with his crazy stories and so he should be able to avoid trouble out of the gate unlike with Rob and Russell who were under siege right off the bat. I can see Coach getting into an alliance that ditches him when the merge arrives or soon thereafter as he is too trusting and so I certainly dont see him pulling a Rob and going out in a blaze of glory.

Ozzie: Ozzie in my mind is going to have it a bit tougher right away due to his reputation as quite possibly the best challenge player ever. The fact he was blindsided in an all-time Survivor moment in Micronesia surely has stuck in his craw since and he is likely to come out aggressive with a take-no-prisoners attitude. It will either enable him to form a big time alliance that he can ride through the game or have him voted out right away like what happened with Russell. It could really go either way. I think everyone else will be wary of his challenge domination and so he will have a tough time getting to a merge unless he really woos a few people to his side in the first few days of the game.

Thats how I see it. Ultimately neither guy will win in my mind but if I had to choose I would say that I can see Ozzie winning more so than Coach. Let me know what you think about this.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

180 Trailer

In light of him returning to Survivor this fall, Benjamin "Coach" Wade is also in the news for producing and releasing a movie that he will star in called 180. Co-starring in the movie as his love interest is none other than his Survivor Heroes VS. Villains co-competitor Danielle DiLorenzo. Trailer is below. Enjoy.


The Survivor South Pacific cast has pretty much been all "outed" despite no formal anouncement from CBS. Yes Coach Wade and Ozzie Lusth are back for Redemption and the Hantz influence is still being felt with the presence of his nephew this season. Here are the rest of the cast as idetified by Facebook and Internet reports.


1. Coach Ben Wade
2. Ozzie Lusth
3. Albert Destrade-26, Plantation Florida, high school baseball coach
4. Anthony Caruso-47, Forest Hills New York, retired FDNY and registered nurse.
5. Brandon Hantz-20, Katy Texas
6. Jim Rice-35, Denver Colorado, wine store owner
7. John Cochran-23, Cambridge MA, Harvard law student
8. Keith Tollefson-26, San Diego CA, environmental specialist
9. Rick Nelson-51, Aurora Utah, horseriding instructor


1. Whitney Duncan-26, Scotta Hill Tenn., southern blonde
2. Sophie Clarke-22, Willsboro, NY, pre-med student
3. Mikayla Wingle-21, Tampa Bay Fla., lingerie football
4. Elyse Umemoto-27, Las Vegas Nev., former pageant queen
5. Christine Shields-44, New York, NY.
6. Stacey Powell-42, Wichita Falls, TX, funeral director

This is what we got right now. Will handicap their chances when I get to look at the videos but in the meantime it looks like your typical Survivor cast. Lots of nice-looking individuals with the requisite Southern belle's and country hicks thrown in. What do you think of the look of the cast?