Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Wow that one hurt me to the core. My man Jimmy Johnson is out after the team ganged up on him at TC. Very sad.

As usual the wrapup first and than my Pulitzer Prize winning opinions ;).

Things start out back at the LeFlor tribe after TC as they all talk about how they made the right choice getting rid of Shannon. NaOnka calls them out in a confessional about how the tribe is acting fake and acknowledges how they are a team in chaos. She notes that Jud, Alina, and Kelly B are on the outs due to their pact with Shannon and thinks they are grasping at straws to stay around.

The next day begins with the Espada tribe looking for food in the jungle. Jimmy T spots a dozen monkeys in the trees and Jimmy J tries communicating with them. Eve admits she is star struck with him and that he is very inspiring to her. Marty continues to talk about how he dislikes having Jimmy J on the team due to his celebrity. Holly catches some fish at the same time as Marty goes on to say how it could be a disaster if Jimmy J makes the merge. He talks to Jill about it who tries to calm him down and also wants to show the idol to the others.

Back at LeFlor the tribe works on getting the fire started as Jud takes in a mouthful of smoke and admits to using humor as a strategy to stay in the game. NaOnka on the other hand talks about how she still dislikes him and continues to make fun of him.

We than go back to the Espada tribe as Marty takes out the hidden idol and shows it to the tribe. Both Jimmy T and Jill note than Marty did a good thing and that he looks great now to the tribe. Tyrone on the other hand thinks Marty is shady and is leery of him going forward. Despite all of this, Marty maintains that he will still be the sole user of the idol.

We continue to stay at the Espada camp as Dan talks about how miserable things are getting and talks about how he might be seen as the weak link. He admits to a bum knee and he seems to be moving very slow at camp which Eve notices.

Back at LeFlor a summit is held between Brenda, Chase, Sash, Purple Kelly, and NaOnka
as they discuss who they feel is next to go. Purple Kelly thinks Alina is more dangerous and that it will say a lot when they kick her off. We than are taken right to the challenge as the Espada seem shocked that Shannon is out. Probst talks about how the tribe will have to go out into a field and collect 10 colored barrels. Once that is done, they must arrange them on individual platforms and one person at a time will toss sandbags on top of each barrel. Tribe that gets a sandbag on all 10 barrels wins immunity. A reward is also at stake and the prize is a Survivor garden. The LeFlor tribe decides to not use the medallion of power as Benry notes they are confident they can win. Thus Jimmy Johnson sorts out who will do what as he continues his leadership.

The challenge begins as both tribes are neck and neck putting the barrels in their spots. Dan is really struggling for Espada as they fall behind. LeFlor gets on board first with Espada quickly behind. Tyrone takes control for Espada as he gets hot with hiotting the barrels. Tyrone is a man possessed as he continues to hit as LeFlor struggles. Benry soon gets hot as he closes the gap as Tyrone starts to get cold. Soon Benry loses the challenge as he cant hit any. Jimmmy T calls to go in as Tyrone rebuffs him. Jimmy Johnson wants Jimmy J wants to switch it up. It is a futile attempt as Benry finishes off Espada by getting the last sandbag to land. Once the challenge was over, Kelly B spots the hidden immunity clue in the bag of fruit as NaOnka also sees it. She plans to make a play for it as soon as they reach camp.

Back at LeFlor NaOnka and Kelly B literally start fighting for the clue as NaOnka grabs it to the shock of the rest of the tribe. The food got damaged in the process as NaOnka walks away. NaOnka continues with her hate talk as she claims she would push her over again and knock her leg off. (Sigh) Later NaOnka shows the clue to Brenda

We than go to Espada as Jimmy T claims he is not being allowed to use his talent which was a clear knock on Tyrone. Marty intervenes as he somwewhat calls out Tyrone also. Jimmy T than talks directly to Tyrone as the latter begins to get agitated. Jimmy Johnson than gets annoyed at Tyrone for his explanation.

We stay with Espada as Jimmy J and Marty start talking about who to vote out. They talk about Dan being somewhat of a weak link as Marty continues to bad mouth Jimmy J in a confessional. His plan is to vote him out so the tribe depends on him. He tells this to Jill who seems to not care who goes. Jill is not entirely sold on getting out Jimmy J as she prefers Dan in her confessional. She refers to Marty as the puppet master. Marty goes on to tell the plan to Dan who is all for it. Finally Jimmy tells Marty he is good with the plan. Marty is almost bursting at the seams with joy over blindsiding him.

Holly and Jane start their own debate about who goes as Holly admits she feels vulnerable. Jane thinks Dan should go and Holly tells her she will get her back as long as she has her. Meanwhile Jimmy J is fishing with Eve and tells Holly and Jane also he thinks he is leaving. Finally Marty tells Tyrone to vote out Jimmy J and he quickly disagrees saying he is thinking of someone else. He admits he doesnt like Marty and is not down with the plan. So at this point its either Dan or Jimmy J.

At TC, Jimmy T once again talks about how he was not being utilized and is frustrated by it. Jill than says that Jimmy J is in fact the leader. Jimmy T goes on to say that he hasnt had the chance to talk with Jimmy J which is much to the dismay of Probst. Finally the spotlight finds Dan as the tribe makes note of his knee issues and how he doesnt do much at camp. Probst than goes around and asks each tribe member if they think they are a weak player. The all say no with the exception of Jimmy J who admits he is one of the two weakest in the tribe. It is now voting time as a unanimous one takes place as Jimmy Johnson gets sent home.

Now without further wait....the opinions:

-Props to Jimmy Johnson for giving it a go and putting in a nice effort. No doubt he was really upset to leave the game. You could see it on his face. I now really, really, really dislike Marty for a number of reasons but his plan to ouster Jimmy being the biggest. I think with Jimmy Johnson going it really takes something out of the show. I really dont share in Marty's idea that he was a huge threat at the merge. Jimmy Johnson would have stayed loyal to the tribe without a doubt. He would never turn his back on his team as those were his players that he coached. Not a chance in hell. It was nice having you here Jimmy J.
-I think there is no doubt that the tribes being split by age hurt Jimmy J more than anything. Being on a tribe of all older people, he was an easy target to kick out due to the thought that he was the weakest due to his age. If he were in a mixed tribe, he would stand a better chance as the young people would be drawn to him due to his celebrity and also because he would be looked at as a father figure. He would have gone much further in that setup. What a shame.
-As far as Marty is concerned, you can tell already that he is a control freak and is playing the game every second of every day. Yes he is playing well but his obsession with Jimmy Johnson was just pointless. Dan or Holly should have been sent home without a doubt. If anyone would turn on the tribe at a merge, Holly would be the one for sure. Yes Marty is smart but he blew it here. Wouldnt you trust Jimmy J more than Holly at a merge? There is not doubt Jimmy J should have stayed. Marty is definately the power player in the entire game period but I dont like him one bit.
-I was very disappointed in Dan. He got old overnight it seemed and I was hoping to see a big role for him which is not happening right now. I was looking for a good old fashioned Italian mafioso explosion on someone. He doesnt seem like he has a shot.
-Tyrone is getting to be too much to take. He has to chill out as he radiates intensity. I love how he doesnt bow down to Marty though but he has to make a move of his own in response to Marty which hasnt happened yet.
-Jimmy T is annoying as hell. He is way too into himself and its not warranted. No one takes him seriously though from the tribe so thats good to see.
-Jill is going to shoot down my rankings list this week. She is acting like a total pushover and defers way too much to Marty. He is carrying her around on a string and she is doing everything he says. She needs to get a backbone.
-I cant believe Holly is still in this game after what she did last week. I dont think I ever saw someone do something as stupid as what she did and not get voted out during the next tribal council.
-Jane is sweet as hell and has a great heart. Go far please.
-Now let me get to NaOnka. I will reiterate what I said last week and that is that I cant believe this girl is a teacher. How could her school principal watch her act and hear her talk about Kelly B's disability in disrespectful terms and not be bothered by it. She is so offensive its sickening. First we had Shannon and his remarks to Sash and now this with NaOnka. Clearly the maturity level is in the dumps with this tribe. Her act when going for the idol clue was a joke and made her look foolish. What even more crazy however is the fact that Sash and Brenda seem tight with her and want to have an alliance with her. Someone this unstable with her emotions is a poor choice to hang with. Eventually people might associate you with her behavior and it could cost you down the road like it did with Parvati in Heroes VS. Villains due to her alliance with the despised Russell. Now we see that next week could be more of the same as she continues to talk about Kelly B and her disability in terrible terms. Someone has to shut her ass up or at least stand up to her. It seems like everyone is afraid of her and wont do anything to stop her behavior. Ridiculous.
-Purple Kelly???? I think she was seen twice this time instead of once last week. She is too hot not to show more than a few times.
-You heard it here first last week and I will repeat for good measure: Benry is on my short list to win it all. Nice guy, athletic, low key.....all the ingredients are there for him to make big noise in the game. If I had to bet on one person with all my money to win it would be him for sure.
-Kelly B needs to featured more. Her story is awesome.
-Fabio is funny as hell but he gives off the impression of being a wimp.
-Yeah Alina and Kelly B are in huge trouble. Both will drop big time in the rankings this week. Its immunity idol or bust for each unless the game it switched up.
-If the young tribe wins again next week, I think there would be a tribe switch coming. I cant see Mark Burnett and company keeping the tribes like this out of respect to the older tribe. They wont let them get run over as it will be bad for the show.
-I have to say that it was a good idea for the LeFlor's to keep the medallion of power. Two barrels being automatically set up was not enough of a difference to make it worth using. You saw how fast both tribes got them up. They have the hammer on the game now and things might get worse for Espada.
-Chase not getting any facea time lately. He is probably has nothing to say since all of his concentration is on Brenda's body. Yeah its a nice bod but the face is not worth a second glance.

All right thats all I got for now. As always I will post more when I think of other tidbits and I will also post the secret scenes wrapup in the next day or so. Be sure to leave comments so we can get a dialogue going on tonight's show. Let me know what I left out or what you agree or disagree with. Peace! Hope to hear from you.

Rob Cesternino Blog on CBS Website

Use the link above to go to the CBS Survivor website in order to read the Rob Cesternino blog on his thoughts on Survivor Nicaragua. A very good read if I must say by one of the best players in the show's history.

Survivor Wrapup Coming Tonight

Full report on the episode along with my world famous opinions and views ;). Log on around 10 PM ET for the post. As always would love to hear your thoughts as long as they are tastefully done. See you than.

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Survivor Episode 3 Preview

All right so we are only two weeks in but already I think its fair to say that this is a good cast that Mark Burnett and company have put together for this year. No doubt last week's explosive tribal council with the youngins tribe gave the show a massive dose of adrenaline. So as we close in on tomorrow's episode lets see where we area at and try and figure out who is likely to get the boot in each respective tribe.

LeFlor Tribe: The LeFlor tribe I think set a record for how quick it took them to fall apart at the seams. Last week insanely tense tribal council has set the stage for some more fireworks and it seems battle lines have been drawn. Kelly B and Fabio were in a pact with Shannon and stuck with him whereas Alina, Benry, and Chase jumped ship to Brenda and her alliance with NaOnka and Sash. So based on the result of last week's vote, it would make sense to think that Kelly B and Fabio are the lowest on the totem pole. Kelly B does have an ace in the hole however as she and Alina both posses the clues to where the hidden immunity idol is located. I am sure Kelly B is going to be looking hard for it this week in order to stave off elimination. Now as far as Sash and his all minority alliance with NaOnka and Brenda, they have a chance to do some damage in the game as Chase is basically being used and told what to do by Brenda and thus can serve as the strength of the group until he is not needed anymore. Alina and Benry meanwhile seem like they would do whatever they have to do in order to stay in the game. After all they turned their back on Shannon without batting an eye.

Ultimately I think this team could spiral out of control due to all of the hard feelings and anger that they are feeling for each other. We all saw how destructive a non-unified tribe can be as evidenced by what happened in S19 Samoa where Russell Hantz and his Fantastic Four overcame a 4 person deficit in man power to make it all the way together. This could happen again here but they also have the physical ability to win this week based on youthful energy in the challenge.

Meanwhile over at the Espada tribe. everyone seems to be getting long well with the exception of Holly and Dan and rightfully so. Anyone who takes someone else's shoes and ruins them no doubt earns the wrath of that individual. The CBS secret scenes however showed Marty talking about the threat that Jimmy Johnson is and based on the coming attractions, it looks like he is trying to get people together to oust him. Jimmy T is not a Jimmy J fan so you know he will be down with it along with Dan who is seemingly close with Marty. No doubt Marty is pulling the strings in this tribe and now that he has the hidden idol, he is that much more dangerous. In other words its not looking good for Mr. Johnson. Holly SHOULD goi since no one likes her but she really is not a threat to anyone and is not taken seriously. However if she engages in more bizarre behavior, she no doubt will secure her ouster.

So if I were a betting man I would say Kelly B is the most likely to get booted this week if the young people lose and Jimmy Johnson or Holly if they older tribe loses. Should be good as always and I will bring you all the blow by blow analysis.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Survivor 22 Rob VS Russell: What We Got So Far.....

Tribe 1
Russell Hantz
Eve Hasek

Tribe 2
Rob Mariano

There seems to be a Redemption Island theme to this one as I noted before and I am hearing more and more that this could once again be a Pearl Islands situation where people previously voted out have a chance to get back into the game after they go to this Redemption Island and fight their way back on. No doubt another ploy by Prosbt to keep Rob and Russell in the game as much as he can. I would hate to see that and am hoping this is wrong.

Also I got some info on some of the other potential contestants which I will reveal for newsletter subscribers. Good stuff. If your not a subscriber be sure to do so by clicking the Buy Now link above.


-The first secret scene shows Jimmy Johnson of the Espada tribe fishing alone with the new gear they won at the challege. Johnson catches a bunch of small fish and shrimp and it looks like the tribe will eat well that night. Johnson is an avowed fisherman back home and when the football season is over, is known to be out on the water 5 days a week.

-We than are given a hidden immunity idol update by Alina at the LeFlor tribe as she discusses how she and Kelly B are not having any luck finding it. She admits she is also looking on her own and wearing her boots in case she finds it so that she can stuff it in there and no one will see. She does talk about how she has bonded with her and they are friends. She also mentiones being in an alliance with her. Interesting as in the beginning Alina spoke about how she was not happy Kelly B saw the idol clue and how she is not good to align with due to her disability making her a likable person to win the game.

-Kelly B herself is up next as she discusses how no one wanted to sit out the immunity challenge and she felt she had to prove herself. She talked about how happy she was with her performance in the tribe but is unhappy with the outcome. She predicts that the TC they are going to will divide the tribe but she feels good going in. She talks about her alliance with Shannon, Alina, Chase, Benry, and Fabio. They call themselves the Strong Six. She acknowledges Shannon's name is on the table anad admits he does need to go soon but not now. Finally she talks about how if Shannon does go than she will be in trouble.

-We then see Jimmy T discuss the day's challenge and how he shined. He urged the tribe to keep the medallion of power again but was overruled. He also talked about how he wanted the tarp over the fishing gear but didnt speak up too much so that he didnt put a target on himself. He than points out about how Tyrone is trying to step up and be the leader but how he didnt do great in the challenges. Surprisingly he says he likes Tyrone a lot and I say surprising because they seemed to have a disagreement last week. Finally Jimmy T shows his arrogant side by saying he thinks he is a star of the tribe along with Marty. Please. This guy is a loose cannon for sure and I just cant see anyone wanting to align with him.

-The drab monotone Marty gets his chance to talk as he believes the tribe was comfortable about the first boot and how is already plotting things out. He points out how Jimmy Johnson talked about how he felt he wont win and that he can help others get to the final but Marty is not buying it in his words. He than goes on to say how it would be a bad idea to let Jimmy J go to the merge and how the young people would be smitten with him and thus turn the tides of the game. The most shocking aspect of his talk was how he felt Dan should go next as Jane is doing too much around camp to boot. This was interesting to me because Dan and Marty seemed like they were friends in the last episode but the day of this particular confessional was Day 4 and before they went looking for the idol together.

-Holly discusses Dan's reaction to burying his shoes and points out how he told her he wont fogive her. Holly however believes he will forgive her because he is a guy whatever that means. She also later told him she couldnt find the shoes and he just nodded. As far as the confession was concerned, she feels good for coming clean and would be ok to be voted out now that she has a clear conscience. The culprit for her actions was her exhaustion but she felt better after napping and eating. Eve apparently told her she just had to get over the hump which gets Holly to cry on camera about missing her family. She feels good for not quitting and thinks her swim team and family will be proud of her for sticking it out. At this point she feels much better for staying.

-Jud gives his speil on how they came out of the gates strong and how they are eating. He compares the team to high school about how people talk behind each other's backs and is concerned that there is a group of people doing this. The strategy talk has begun in the tribe and there are clicques in the group. He is trying to not snap at anyone so that he doesnt do anything in front of the tribe to make himself look bad. Focus is a problem for him since he is so tired and hungry. The shelter is also really uncomfortable as they all wake up with back pain. It also is small so that they barely all fit in it.

-Back to the Espada tribe as Jill discusses how the challenge couldnt have gone any better. It was the appropriate time to play the medallion due to the combined reward and immunity prize. She noted that beforehand they talked about how the tarp is what they needed due to the rain but at the last minute she spoke up for the fishing gear due to her starvation.

-Pink Kelly makes a rare appearance about how she thinks the tribe is overconfident after their first win. She thinks its childish that people are running off in discussion and how everyone is so on edge because of it. She admits though that she is playing the game and that everyone is talking about who they want off the tribe.

-Chase is the last video as he talks about how the tribe has had no luck yet with fish. He is casting a line out there but nothing. He feels sluggish and think the game is a mind game.

So nothing major there but a few tidbits worth monitoring, especially Marty's assertion about Jimmy Johnson.

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Survivor Secret Scenes Wrapup Coming Tomorrow

Will have it posted tomorrow in the early afternoon. Stay tuned.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Survivor 22 Rob Mariano VS. Russell Hantz All Wrapped Up

So Survivor 22 is in the books and the Rob VS Russell season is supposedly being called Redemption Island. We also just had the big leak with the final few event names coming out and also the possible discovery of one of the contestants other than the Big Two. I dont know about all of you but I am looking forward to this season in order to finally get this Rob/Russell thing settled. What is interesting is that most of the opinions I have read or heard about this concept have been negative. Now of course we dont know the exact setup and what kind of role Russell and Rob will play but until we find out, I will refrain from passing judgement on it. Either way it should be interesting.

What do you all think? Are you looking forward to the battle or was this a dumb idea?


So outside of Russell and Rob we have our first possible Survivor 22 player named Eve Hasek. Here are some Facebook messages from her page hinting at the obvious.

She sounds like a Russell fan but this seems prett legit. There is no doubt that more of these people will be coming to the forefront soon.


So allowing an extra week to more adequately break down the chance of each remaining contestant in the game, here is the first look at the Survivor Nicaragua tribe rankings from 18 being no chance to win all the up to number 1 who is the current favorite to win in one person's humble opinion.

1. Marty Piombo: Marty already has the hidden immunity idol that he claims he will share with Jill and beyond that, he seems like a very cunning, smart gamae player. Right now its his game to lose.

2. Jill Behm: Like Marty, Jill co-owns the hidden immunity idol and seems like she has a good game plan for getting to the latter stages. She seeems tough and also likeable which is always a nice winning combination.

3. Benry: Like I said before, I think Benry is quietly a big threat and he has the look of someone who doesnt get face time early on but is there at the end. Young, strong, athletic, and so far a nice guy. Keep an eye on him.

4. Jane: I think Jane is very equipped to win the game if she can survive the early rounds where the weak get targeted. She earned a great deal fo cred when she started the fire the first episode and she seems very likable which always helps to go deep into the game.

5. Kelly B: Where there is a will there is a way. I dont buy this lets get rid of Kelly B because she is crippled. I think there are other fish to fry for now and she also has the clue with Alina about where the hidden idol is. Thats a hueg advantage at this point of the game and you know if she gets to the end that she will win. I am rooting for her.

6. Tyrone: Tyrone looks like a badass dude you dont want to mess with. Very strong for his age and intense, the only thing he has to worry about is keeping his temper in check.

7. Dan: Dan is tight with Marty and Jill so that could be a three person alliance that can go far together. Always nice to be close with those who possess the idol. I want to see him go on a mobster rant at someone where he threatens to make someone disappear.

8. Brenda: This chick has a plan and she wont be stopped. Her move to get rid of Shannon was brilliant but she might tick off too many people to ultimately move to the end of the game. Still if it all comes together, she can take it all.

9. Alina: I only have Alina this high due to her knowledge of the hidden immunity idol. She doesnt wow me other than with her looks so for now she will tread water until she makes a big game play.

10. Sash: This guy is intriguing to me but also annoying with his try to get all the minorities to the end bit. His concern should be to get the right people to the end with him and not base it on race. Still for now he seems pretty secure.

11. Chase: Yes he made it through with Brenda but I think she is using him and will cut him loose whenever she gets the opportunity. Chase hasnt shown me that he has any clue about how to win the game and so thats why he gets the low ranking.

12. Yve: Yve is the type who can be this year's Suzie where she hangs in the background and makes it to the end because she doesnt piss anyone off. I like her but she has to get through the pre-merge game before she moves up. A live long shot.

13. Jimmy Johnson: I think Jimmy will get picked off before the merge as much as I hate to say it. The fact of the matter is that he is probably the weakest physical player on is team BUT if he does make the merge, than he will shoot up these rankings.

14. Kelly S: Kelly S is just a hot body right now taking up space. She will make the merge due to her low key play so far but there is no way I can ever see her ending up the winner.

15. Jimmy T: Jimmy T is way too much of a hothead to go far as he already has had a few blow ups. The bad attitude will wear thin and no one seems to be close with him so far in the game.

16. Jud: I think Jud is great but lest face it. The guy has no brains and really is just a prop in the game more than anything.

17. Holly: What a nutcase she is. She is the next to go for sure if the oldies lose.

18. NaOnka: Ditto here. She will go next if the youngins lose. Has no class.

So lets hear some disagreements. I am sure we all have way different versions of this. Who should be higher? Or lower? Lets get some discussion going here as long as you keep it clean.

Friday, September 24, 2010


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All right so here is the supposed twist to Survivor 22 Redemption Island and I havent even had a chance to digest whether I think this is a good idea or not. So it appears that the Redemption Island has to do with the fact that supposedly booted contestants go to this supposed Redemption Island where they battle it out in a mini-Survivor while the main game is still going on and that the last person standing in that duel will head to the final 2 or 3. I am hearing and seeing that it might be a final 2 instead of a final 3 that season but this is not clear yet. However the Redemption Island is the buzz right now.

Now that I just typed all of that and read back what I wrote.....I dont like this concept if it is in fact true. I am being brought back to the Pearl Islands fiasco where booted Burton and Lil got back into the game and if this Redemption Island allows people back into the game again is not a good idea. This could be another attempt to keep Russell and Rob in the game as long as they can, even after they possibly get voted out beforehand.

What do you all think of this? If its true do you like it? Hate it? Let me know.


All right so leaks are starting to come out from the just wrapped Survivor 22 which is the Rob VS. Russell battle. Now just so you know I wont post any boots as always but there are some other spilers to discuss here. First of all it appears the merged tribe name will be Marlonia and the names of some of the final few challenges were also leaked. Their names are the following listed below:

- 'Bone to Pick'
- 'A Numbers Game'
- 'A Leg Up'
- Mezo Maze'

Finally, the name of the series is rumored to be called "Redemption Island." Good stuff all around. Looking forward to this season for sure. Should be fun.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Unlike Survivor Samoa and Survivor Heroes VS Villains, it appears that no boot list has been leaked onto the Internet for Survivor Nicaragua. Although this is a no spoilers site, I was fully aware that there were boot lists out there of which I refused to look at so as not to ruin the seasons for me. This time around I have been told by others that no such list exists this time which to me is a great thing for Survivor. There is nothing dumber in my mind that to spoil an entire season of a show such as this. Whats the fun in that and why watch if you know the results?

Be that as it may, the common denominator in all of this is the fact that Russell Hantz appeared in the only two seasons in Survivor history where the ENTIRE lists of boots in the correct order were released. Coincidence? Of course not. The hit rumor was that Melanie Hantz was the spoiler which was never proved but the fact nothing has come out about this season and the fact stuff is already leaking about S22 Rob VS. Russell is telling. If you know spoilers remember dont post them here.


There are some dumb rumors out there about Survivor possibly coming to the United State for the 23rd and 24th editions. First of all that is patently false and will never happen. Secdondly as I reported almost six months ago, the next location for Survivor is supposed to be in the Phillipines. This is not confirmed but the location has been scouted extensively and is the most likely spot for S23 and 24. So Mr. Hatch is you ever want to play Survivor again you got to get that house arrest lifted.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Yes I just cant stop tonight. I got to tape my laptop shut by one other thing popped inot my overloaded mind.

-I thought it was interesting when Shannon was challenging Sash over how much bootie he got and how he said something like you wish or you think so in retort to Sash saying he got more tail than Shannon could ever think of getting. Shannon said that he got married at 19 and has stayed married for 11 years. So that means he had to have gone all Wilt Chamberlain or Hugh Hefner before he met the Mrs. at the ripe old age of 19. Unless of course there were extracurricular activities going on. I'm just sayin'. I am sure Mrs. Shannon had a quizzicle look on her face when she heard that line tonight. Way to go Shannon. Now stick that foot right back in your fat idiotic mouth of yours. Good riddance to you. Please dont write.

Survivor Nicaragua Episode 2: Shannon The Homophobe!

You know the drill: wrapup first and than the all-important world-renowned opinions ;).

Things start at the older tribe with Holly talking about how she feels she is on the outs. She wants to fix her strategy and in her words show the others she can kick their ass on Survivor. That next morning the men talk about how they are not sleeping and that the shelter needs work. They have a meeting about what to do and Jimmy Johnson gives out the assignments. Jimmy T and Tyrone have a difference in opinion about what to do at that time and the former admits he is getting annoyed. Marty admits he is letting Jimmy do all the talking so the target is on him.

We than see the youngin wake up as Sash and NaOnka start talking on the beach and he admits to her that he wants to bring as many minorities as he can further into the game. Hence he targets Brenda for a possible alliance with NaOnka. NaOnka than continues on her hating toward Kelly B regarding her prosthetic and claims if he costs them a challenge she will vote them out.

Back at the older tribe we see Jill eating snails and Holly finds it ridiculous that she would do this. Holly than storms off and calls her and Jimmy T stupid as she dumped the pot of snails. The tribe than convenes and talks about what she just did and Dan spoke up saying she was crazy as SH*T. Holly overhears this and proceeds to taks his shoes and fills them with sand. She than takes the shoes and places them in the water. Wow.

Back at Espada Dan goes looking for the shoes and claims they were 1,600 bucks. Holly than talks about how the game may not be for her and she decides to come clean about what she had done. She confronts Dan and admits everything. He has a great response by saying your lucky your not a guy.

At LeFlor, we see NaOnka looking for her socks which have gone missing and she goes on a witchhunt. She than goes and takes another pair that she found which was Fabio's. The tribe tells him whast up and he than confronts her which causes a huge argument between the two as NaOnka flips out.

Holly and Jimmy begin talking back at Espada and she again refers to how she doesnt think she can do the game anymore. She begins to cry and Jimym brings out his coachspeak to get her to stay back in the game. She seems to be receptive to this and decides to forge ahead as the immunity challenge beckons.

Probst begins to explain the challenge where one person of each tribe races through mud and looks for a ball in a haystack. Once four balls are found, 3 other tribe members use wodden shields to bounce the balls from player to player until it goes into a bucket. First tribe to get all the balls in the bucket wins immunity and also a tarp or fishing gear. Their choice. The older tribe also plays the medallion of power which gives them a one ball head start in the challenge.

Jimmy gets the older tribe off to a slim lead but Jane slows them up. The younger tribe continues to cut into the lead and Holly allows them to pull ahead as she cant find the ball. The young tribe continues their run as they but the older tribe eventually pulls ahead as Benry starts missing at the end of the line for the youngins. Finally the Espada tribe gets the last ball to go in and they win immunity.

Back at camp the Espada tribe basks in their glory. Jimmy Johnson is still concerned about Holly keeping a good frame of mind. They open up the fishing gear and a clue is revealed for the hidden immunity idol. They all begin to start looking for the idol and Jill thinks she figures it out. She tells Marty and Dan and eventually Marty and Jill find it when Dan leaves.

Back at the young tribe the talk begins on who to boot. Alina and Kelly B talk about getting rid of Brenda due to her closeness to Chase. The men however have other planas as they want to boot NaOnka. They than soon think about Brenda as the rest of the tribe figures out she is playing Chase. Shannon takes the initiative here and he is set on booting her. Chase realizes he is caught in the middle and seems hesitant about voting her out. Shannon wants his alliance with Chase to continue so he thinks this is the best way to go about it. Brenda however has other ideas as she tries to convince Chase to go with her and her alliance. Those are the battle lines as tribal council commences.

In probably the most explosive tribal council ever for being so early in the game, Shannon begins the fun by laying into Chase in front of everyone and calls him a liar and claims he will be voted out next if he sticks with his girlfriend. It soon gets very heated when Sash objects to Shannon's outburst which causes Shannon to ask him if he is g*y. Sash retorts that he gets more girls in NY than Shannon ever gets and that comment is met with a "there are more g*ys in New York" comment from Shannon. Ugly indeed. When all was said and done Shannon shockingly was sent home and the LeFlor tribe was exposed as a dysfunctional, infighting tribe.

All right glad thast out of the way so I can get the views. Lots to talk about here.

-First of all I dont want to toot my own horn but I had Shannon correctly pegged from the beginning. He came across as a pompous ass and he confirmed my thoughts throughout his short time in the game. The "are you g*y" comment to Sash was incredibly disgusting and uncalled for and it exposed him as a bigot for all the world to see. I am sure his wife is real proud of him and what a wonderful example he set for his children. Unbelievable. If I were Sash I would have slugged him right than and there. Loved the retort by Sash and the fact that he didnt back down. For all you sports fans out there, Shannon's diatribe flashed me back to the famous John Rocker attack on New York when he played with the Atlanta Braves. What a loser and a piece of garbage. So glad to see him go.
-Now as far as the game is concerned, I think the LeFlor tribe was stupid to vote Shannon out. They needed his strength and I can honestly say that if I was given 10 guesses about who I thought would be voted out first from the tribe, Shannon would be the last person I would guess. Crazy stuff.
-Chase by the way is gutless and totally fell for Brenda's looks. He has no chance to win this game. He doesnt have the mind for the game and he totally let Brenda take advantage of him there.
-Now let me get to NaOnka. This girl is one mean and crazy bitch. Her attacks on Kelly B are totally uncalled for and border on discriminatory. At one point she referred to her as not being "100 percent in body." Are you kidding me with that comment? She later says that she doesnt like her flat out. What is not to like first of all? She seems like a really sweet, loyal person. Secondly NaOnka should be proud of her and not look at her for her disability which is exactly what she is doing. This is the kind of talk that is so disappointing to hear in the year 2010. The fact she has no leg should have no baring on the game and she certainly should not be called a sympathy case. Also her rant about the socks was downright crazy. She has some major anger issues and the best part of it is that she is a physical education teacher. Nice example she is setting for the children at her school. If one of her kids has a disability in her class does NaOnka pull him or her aside and call them a sympathy case and not allow them to play? I hope the school she works at is watching. Finally her attacks on Fabio are so stupid. He is totally harmless and he means well. There is no reason to hate him which were the words she used. She has to go soon.
-I dont know why but I am starting to like Fabio. He really is funny and was actually the voice of reason at tribal council. Still he has no chance to win.
-BTW you could see how disgusted Probst was for the gay comment that Shannon made.
-In all of the years of watching Survivor, I have never seen a tribe break apart right off the bat the way LeFlor did. This totally showed that the immaturity takes over when so many young people are put together in a difficult circumstance like this. They are going to be buried if they keep this up.
-Watch out for Benry. I think he has a shot to go all the way. No reason why but he is looking like the Brett of Samoa to me. Quiet and unassuming in the beginning with little to no face time and than a factor later on. Remember this comment.
-Alina is hot.
-Brenda is ugly. What is Chase looking at?
-Sash saying that all the minorities have to stick together and the rest of that speech elicited a crinch all across America at once. And whereever else the show is shown.
-Purple Kelly....where is she? Is she in the game? Oh yeah I saw her for .5 seconds in the second segment I believe.
-Now to the oldies. Lets begin with Nutty Holly. I guess when the producers freed Wendy from the insane asylym to come on the show, they stopped by and freed Holly two doors down also. What the heck was up with her? Snails set her off that much? Every season there is always one weepy, I Want To Go Home And Be With My Mommy contestant. There should be a new rule put in place. Anyone who cries about whether they think they cant do this anymore should automatically be sent home. What she did to Dan was downright stupid. Did she think she would be able to curry favor with anyone by doing that? And than to make matters worse she admits it in front of everyone. Game Set Match. Get the priest and read the last rites please.
-As far as Dan was concerned, he showed good restraint by not going off on her. Smart move as that wouldnt have done anything but make him look like a hothead which never plays well. The look on his face was priceless though as you could tell he just wanted to knock her on her ass. He seems like a pretty cool dude and someone you wouldnt want to mess with. The shoes confirm what I was saying all along about how rich he is.
-Jimmy T is annoying me.
-Tyrone seems to have a negative aura about him. I think we are in store for a big Tyrone explosion at some point along with Jimmy T.
-Love the fact Jimmy Johnson is still around and he acquitted himself quite well in the challenge. Way to go coach.
-I will say this now after only two weeks: the medallion of power ranks right up there in dumb Survivor ideas along with bringing Lil and Burton back into the game in Survivor Pearl Islands. The concept is very flawed and the advantage it gives to the holder is huge and really impacts the challenge too much. Basically whoever plays it is going to win every challenge so we will have this annoying alternate tribal councils each week. Hate it. Hope to never see it again.
-I do like the fact they are trying to make it more challenging to find the hidden immunity idols. Thank you Russell. Your still an asshole but at least this part of the game has been shored up some. On that front, I think it was so dumb of Jill to let Marty in on the location. Now Marty has it and I wouldnt trust him or anyone else to share it. BTW how do you share one idol? Yeah you can give me that crap about planning together who to vote out but the fact of the matter is that only one person can play it and the fact Marty has it in his hands is huge in his favor. Bad move by her. She seems like a solid player outside of that slip however.
-Go Jane.

Wow my fingers are hurting. Lots of typing. Going to get ice for them now. Enjoy. Be sure to come back for more. Leave feedback. Ciao.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Yes I have broken my own rules when it comes to spoilers but this one was by accident. Someone I know that is in tight with the show slipped some info by me in an e-mail and by the time my eyes met it, it was too late. I wont post it here in case anyone doesnt want to be spoiled but I have some big news on developments in Survivor 22 which is the Rob VS. Russell season. If you want to find out what the news is, e-mail me at rangerfan28@yahoo.com and I will send it to you via that route. Its worth hearing.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Above is the hidden immunity idol clue that Alina discovered from the young tribe in episode 1 of Survivor Nicaragua and by the looks of it, she will have her work cut out for her if she wants to find it. The clue is a series of pictures meant for the reader to decode them and this lead them to it. I dont know about you but I have no clue what any of this means, If anyone can offer their take I am certainly open to suggestions. Lets hear it.

As far as the idol itself, I have stated many times on her how I think the hidden idols are ruining the sanctity of the game and I can only hope that they wont be the dominant theme to the season like they have been the last few years.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Great start for Survivor on its new night as it registered a 4.0 rating which destroyed everything in the same time slot. One of my big worries about the day change would be that the ratings would fall but this show just keeps hauling in the audience no matter what day. Great news all around for it being renewed.


Bonus scenes are all viewed. Lets get to the relevant tidbits.

-Tyrone admits he is not thinking anything about alliances yet although he did allow that he is thinking about who is trustworthy moving forward. The bugs must be murder there because during the whole cofessional, he was swatting them away with both hands.

-Benry is shown for the first time talking about how he made a quick friendship with Jud (A.K.A. Fabio) and made note that they have a trust or an understanding between the two. Benry wouldnt call it an alliance but he did say he wants to keep him around a bit due to the fact he is not threatened by him at all. No doubt Jud is on the short lists of the longest shots to win the game.

-We than get an explanation from Jane about how she made the fire. It turns out she took a coconust and used the fillings inside to serve as kinling and than she used her glasses to get the sun rays to light it up. She also showed off more of her craftiness by confessing she found a turtle shell on the beach which she used to cover the fire during the rainstorm that night. I really like her. She seems like she is one of the more outdoorsy women in Survivor history and she is easy to root for due to her down at home persona and the fact she is doing this in memory of her husband.

-Brenda is up next and she talks about how she wanted to cry so many times when they first got to Nicaragua. She than begins to cry again during the confessional as she talks about her family and how she worked so hard to get there. She goes into talking about the medallion of power and how she didnt even think about getting it. She feels like she proved herself and also felt like she was huge for her tribe. Finally she admitted she wanted the flint and fishing gear instead of the medallion and was so happy the tribe decided to go that way.

-immy Johnson admits that he is very uncomfortable around strangers and that he told about how his wife said he hates nothing more than making small talk with strangers which he notes is ironic about him coming on the show. He also discussed how the tribe is no longer strangers to each other as they went through hell and back that first night.

-Next we see Jud talk for two minutes of his admiration for Kelly B. He actually spoke pretty intelligently here so maybe the whole Fabio thing is a bit over the top. Either way he had really nice things to say about her and how he knew something was different early one when he boosted her up a tree when they were working on the shelter and when he felt her leg when they slept next to each other that night.

-Jimmy T spoke about how two days in he is filthy and tired and how the game is already kicking his ass. He admitted that he surprisingly was not very hungry despite having a small helping of rice that he said tasted awful. He was going to make a point though of getting his share next time so that he can keep his strength up.

-We are also shown a secret scene at the LeFlor camp where all the youngins decide to go for a swim. Brenda discusses how uncomfortable she was in stripping down to her underweart but they all do it and jumo in. Sash had a very scary pair of some sort of yellow speedo. Yuck. Alina spoke about how she enjoyed being on the younger tribe since they are more adaptable in their ways whereas the older people are too rigid.

-Eve talks about how upsetting it was to lose the first immunity challenge and talks about how awful and cheesy the chant the youngins did when they walked in. She said she felt embaressed for them and that it didnt work. Finally she said she was happy they kept the medallion and that one bucket of water wouldnt have made much of a difference. Even though I said this was probably the ugliest cast I have seen in Survivor as far as the women are concerned, Eve is definately cute for her age.

-Shannon talks about how he feels he should be on the other tribe because he is an old 30 as he has been married since he was 19. He talks about himself as being the old wise leader. He also talks about how he and Chase are the alpha-males because they are the strongest and how its easier to be allies than enemies. He did throw in that he thinks Chase couldnt beat him in anything physical and that at the merge they will go their separate ways and its every man for himself. So lets recap this. Shannon basically bragged about himself four different times in this snippet. This guy is too much and I hate him more than anyone here. I hope he gets his ass handed to him. Unfortunately I did he has serious game and could be around for awhile since he is so strong. The arrogance is incredible though.

-NaOnka goes into a speil about how she loved the way Russell Hantz played the game and that she is prepared to mimick his play by stabbing people in the back. She claims she is not doing this for the money but for the adventure and believes her downfall would be swimming. She cant hold her breath long and is more of a jumper. This chick looks like she is going to cause fireworks as the previews for next week's show attests. Unless she has an alliance that will be revealed next week, I woould think her act would grow tiresome real quick and she will go.

-We than see our last look at Wendy Jo as a bonus scene portrays the tribe gathering up drinking water and her complaining about sand in it and how it is bad to drink. We than are taken to dinner time at camp as everyone starts eating rice and Eve complains that Wendy Jo is being too formal by complaining about the sand and dirt and everything else.

-Jill talks about how she reacted to the tribe division by age and felt all right about the makeup of the tribe. She feels the men are studs and believes there is a great deal of talent and experience. The women she talks about in nice terms and how she thinks they are awesome.

So there you have it. Will post these every Thursday so be sure to keep checking in.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


So I heard through the grapevine that S22 Nicaragua (aka Rob Vs Russell) has a known poker pro in the cast of players. That got to thinking about who it might be. Well I didnt have to think long as I believe the most likely person to fill this role would be Daniel Negreanu from the World Series Of Poker fame. Negreanu is an avowed Survivor follower and he actually was supposed to be on the CHINA cast ahead of Jean-Robert Bellande until he pulled out because that season ran during the World Series. The World Series of Poker finished up months ago and S22 didnt start filming until well after. So Negreanu would thus have the opportunity to play. It makes total sense.

Another name to keep in mind is Johnny Chan who has been notably absent from the last summer poker circuit. Chan is also a Survivor follower and a former two-time World Series of Poker winner. Interesting stuff for sure.

All in all I thought its overrated to think that a poker player would do well in Survivor. Jean-Robert did nothing noteworthy while in China and I dont think Negreanu or Chan will have any clear advantagae here. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Everything gets going with the two tribes already seemingly divided with a mix of older and younger players. The hint in the opening narration by Probst said "they think they are already divided into two tribes" when you and I both know whats to come. They are not allowed to speak as they walk through the jungle and opinions are forming already about looks, dress, and such. The tribes meet on the beach and they are asked by Probst about first impressions and such. He than informs them that there is whats called a medallion of power that will give the person who finds it a distinct advantage to their tribes. Soon they are off in a million different directions looking for the medallion. After a quick search, "young" Brenda find the medallion up a tree and claims it for her tribe. Once the medallion is brought back to the beach, Probst than informs the castaways that the tribes are not in fact set. Probst than orders those whoever is 40 or older to go to one side and those 30 or younger to go to the other side. A lot of guffaws and surprised looks are exchanged and than the big question is posed by Probst to Brenda in the form of this: either keep the medallion for an advantage at the immunity challenge or give it to the other tribe for flint used to make fire and fishing gear. While the youngins are debating, former NFL head coach Jimmy Johnson and the other oldies are hoping they get the flint and fishing gear as they express the importance of those items around camp. And after a decent debate by the youngins, it was decided to give it to the oldies. And the game begins as each team heads out to their beach.

So we first see the oldies at their news beach as the men are expressing shock that Jimmy Johnson is on their tribe. Marty specifically cant believe it. We than see the first alliance made as Holly and Wendy get together and express trust in each other. Wendy cpnfesses that her husband believes she will be out first anda one of the men tries to engage her in talk and says to himself she is weird. Fire is soon started at the oldies camp as Jane gets it started as she confesses she is widowed.

We than move to the young tribe as we see surfer dude Jud step on a leech of some sort as Shannon calls him a dumb blonde in a confessional. He soon earns the name Fabio from the others. Yeah he is annoying. We than see the alpha males Shannon and Chase get together as we have a Boston Rob/Russell Hantz reference.

Next we see Kelly at camp discussing the elephant in the room....meaning her amputated leg. She pulls the team together and shows them her prosthetic. The tribe takes it well and Shannon once again gives his thought on the matter as he thinks she will get sympathy votes due to her disability.

We are than shown the older tribe at night as good old ball coach Jimmy Johnson is dry heaving at a high pitch for all the tribe to hear. There is concern from the other tribe members as night turns into day. The next morning Johnson confesses that he threw up all night and didnt sleep as he talked about how terrible the night was.

Back at LeFlor camp we see flirtation between Brenda and Chase as the latter forms his second such alliance. Brenda hints however that she is using him and doing what she can to get ahead. Meanwhile the first hidden immunity idol clue is found by Kelly and Alina of which they said they will share. Alina expresses her view that she doesnt want to associate with her for the same reason Shannon gave.

Soon we are at day three at Espada camp as tree mail arrives. Jimmy Johnson decides that the time is right for a pep talk and he confesses that he knows a jury wont give him a million bucks but he does say he will do what he can to help someone else win it. The rest of the tribe seems into the speech and the gauntlet is laid down as he claims they will kick butt in colorful language.

Soon the two tribes head out to the immunity challenge as the LeFlor group comes in doing some kind of tribal chant. The Espada tribe looks unamused. Probst quickly tells the tribe about the challenge and explains that the medallion give the Espada's a big advantage if they decide to use it. The oldies decide to keep it however and forget the advanatage. The challenge begins and both tribes must construct gutters that will carry water down into a bucket which will drop a bunch of puzzle pieces. The LeFlor get their pieces to drop first but Espada is right behind. The women are in charge of the puzzle on each tribe and soon the youngins get it complete. Immunity goes to the LeFlor and Espada will go to tribal council.

Back at the Espada camp, the decision quickly comes down to Jimmy Johnson or Wendy Jo for elimination. Jimmy goes for a walk with Holly and spells out why she should go. Wendy tries discussing this info with a few of the others but now one wants to reveal who they think should go. As the head to tribal council, it seems it could go either way.

Once at TC, Wendy Jo produces a truly crinze-worthy moment when she interrupts Probst and goes on a long rant about why she should stay and why she would be an asset. Clearly the others were uncomfortable in hearing this and quickly decided to vote her out by unanimous count. Wendy Jo throws her vote on Eve and Jimmy gets to see a few more days at least.

With that out of the way, let's get to my all-important views:

-First things first.....the concept of yourg vs old is interesting and adds a different element to keep the game fresh.
-I was disapointed to not see more of a reaction from the others regarding Jimmy being in the game. I thought there would be some starry eyed moments here but it was pretty much muted on both sides.
-I can already tell you that the one person that will serve the Russell Hantz role this year....i.e. the one that is going to be a jerk and who I want to see his/her ass voted out of the game...is Shannon. This guy is such a pretty boy with a tactless attitude. His notion that he wanted to vote out Kelly B because of her disability was something that was better left unsaid. He just gives off the aura of the idiot jock from high school that used to make fun of everybody. Yeah he has to go.
-As far as Kelly B is concerned, I think its great that she is giving this a shot. Dont ever let anything hold you back. She is also very likable and she is on my short list of those I would already like to see win.
-Jimmy T is going to be fun to watch. The aggravated speech he gave to Marty was funny and the look on Marty's face was even funnier. This guy is going to steal many scenes this season.
-As I was watching I kept thinking that this was the ugliest bunch of castaways ever. In my humble opinion there is only one truly HOT chick and thats Alina. Sorry Brenda doesnt do it for me. Neither does Jane ;).
-The mafia guy (I am too tired to go look up his name) is pretty buff for his age. By the way Jimmy Johnson is not the only millionaire. This guy lives in Watermill, Long Island which is one of the most exclusive areas of the Northeast.
-I really thought Jimmy was going to be the first one voted out due to the fact he talked so much the first episode. Thats usual a sure sign that you are going home first. Luckily Wendy Jo talked her way out of the game, It would have been disastrous for CBS if Johnson went out first. His presense is way too big for him to have had been voted out first.
-As far as Wendy Jo is concerned, what insane asylum did they kidnap this quack from? Wow what a werido. That was incredibly uncomfortable tv viewing when she spoke. She was totally a sacrificial lamb. Couldnt CBS have gotten anyone better? They had to know she would go out first with that type of personality.
-Unfortunately for Jimmy I think the dye has been cast and he is marked. I am hoping thats not the case but its looking like a very uphill battle for him here.
-Judsen....AKA Fabio...has no chance in this game. My pet hamster is smarter than she is. And he has no respect from the other guys on the tribe. From the looks of things, it also looks like he gets into conflict with NaOnka. He has two weeks tops left in the game.
-Also judging by the coming attractions and how Probst talks about how one question opened up a big can of whoopass.....this leads me to believe the youngins lost the immunity challenge. I cant see the oldies having that type of start to their TC and have that kind of conflict. So yes that means Jimmy stays another week.
-So far I am rooting for Kelly B, Jimmy J, Chase because he seems like a decent guy, and Jane. I felt for Jane when she informed that he husband had died and that she could use the money to pay off her farm. Hope she gets there and beats Jimmy and Kelly in the finale.
-Thats all I got for now. Check back for more tomorrow as always. Post your thoughts and reponses below. Lets get a dialogue going.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So yeah Survivor starts tomorrow at 8PM ET on CBS and already it just doesnt feel right with it not being on Thursday anymore. Be that as it may, I am definately looking forward to the season as I am sure you are all also. And I also hope you all didnt go out looking for spoilers like everyone and their mother did (not me however....not my idea of fun spoiling an entire season of a show in 15 seconds) for Heroes VS Villains. I do hear through the grapevine that the famous spoilers from the last few seasons are at it again but I stopped the informant from giving me any mroe info than that. Anyways I am rooting hard for my man Jimmy Johnson....he of the former NFL multiple Super Bowl winning head coach. I think it will be a real hoot when the other contestants see him for the first time and realize he is playing with them. I also am curious to see if the old coaching habits come into play here. If his team is smart they will listen to what he has to say because the man was a hell of a coach and he obviously knows how to motivate people to do well in life.

And with all thats going on with this upcoming season, you also get the feeling that this is just setting the stage for the good stuff come January when our old friends Boston Rob and Russell go at it in their measuring stick battle of egos. Whats strange about all of this is the fact that other than this main bit of info, very little has come out or been leaked out regarding the rest of the setup and other cast members. Yes I dont like to know boot spoilers but I do like to know the cast before it starts, especially if it is former players. I have heard so many different names thrown about as far as former players joining in such as Tina Wesson, Lex Van Den Burg, Richard Hatch etc. I like the idea of bringing Lex Back because Rob screwed him so bad there but I dont know where the others would fit. Than you have the tidbit that said Rob and Russell would be immune to the merge which is a hard concept to swallow since it ruins the fairness of the game. My thinking I guess...and this would make sense....is that if Rob or Russell get the final with someone else and they win the game, they have to give half of the million dollars to the runner up. That would make sense to me. We shall see.

Anyways heres a quick rundown. The posts will be coming fast and furious once the season gets underway like usual. I will post the summary along with my WORLD FAMOUS viewpoints about what happened on the show. Than the next day I will post the additonal scenes info and more opinions. Polls will be put up. Articles writte on other things that pop into my head. You know the drill. So stay active. Keep checking for more posts. And POST BACK TO ME!!!!! I love hearing what you all have to say. OH and yeah I will be doing SURVIVOR RADIO once again as it got a nice response the two shows I did. SO get ready for another great season and be sure to stick with me all the way through once again. Peace.

Monday, September 13, 2010


I came across this blurb by somoene who claims they stumbled onto the Survivor 22 set in Nicaragua that supposedly is the Rob VS Russell season. Here is what he had to say:

"I just finished up my vacation in Nicaragua, I a casual fan of the show was obviously on the lookout. Part of my vacation I was in a town San Juan Del Sur near where they are filming it. I asked locals about it, they were all very excited and I even spoke to a man who helped build the tribal council platform. He couldn't tell me anything but told me they (The Producers) are very generous people. I was with my wife we were going to picnic at Statue Of Christ Viewpoint, it was supposed to be beutiful overlooking the scenery of Nicaragua. Well after taking a $40 taxi ride up there, I didnt get to picnic but was blown away by what I saw. I was greeted by 5 security guards telling me they were filming and they would not let me pass. I told them and so did my taxi driver this is a public area and they have no right to refuse entrance to me or my wife. Keep in mind these werent security guards for the place they were part of the cast and crew im assuming. They were extremely rude. It left me wondering though what they were filming and then it clicked in my head it must be survivor. My taxi driver was extremely annoyed at how rude they were and took us through another route not many people know. We drove up another way, had to walk 2 miles through a cave but what I saw was all worth it. When I got there, my suspicions were confirmed. I saw 2 young woman and 2 men. Both men were sporting survivor bandanas and were horribly dressed and the woman both had on the survivor sports bra and such. I had a 10 second glance before 2 even bigger aseholes came and before I could take a picture they told me leave now or they will physically remove me and followed me 2 miles out to the taxi. They do not higher very nice people on the show. But what I am saying is one of the men I saw was Russell from S19 and S20. The other man was a very in shape, very tall Asian man, looked about early 20s. I am 6.2 and this man looked like I was up to his neck (I was very far away though so who knows). The 2 young woman both attractive. One was very short looked about 5.1 and was brunette, early 20s. Other was a redhead also early 20s. I know these descriptions dont really help lol. But as previosuly stated Russell appears to be in this season. If any of you guys have any questions shoot away. But I said basically everything i observed."

Interesting stuff. I have said all along that Rob VS Russell is going on and according to the author, it was three days before DAY 24 in the S22 calendar so this right right after a merge when Russell and Rob are supposed to get to you automatically. I honestly wish CBS would just come out and confirm this alredy so we can stop the guessing.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


So the other day I read a story by some blogger (not as good as me of course) who decided on the top five Survivor locations of all time. This person gave no details about what his settings were in making this decision but he cam up with the following:


Ok so with that as a backdrop, let me give you my top 5 Survivor locations based beauty and eye appeal.

5. Cook Islands: Cant criticize this selection as the Cook Islands are amazing in their landscape all the way through.

4. Vanuatu: The season itself was terrible but the lcoation was gorgeous.

3. Fiji: Again solid choice here as the Polynesian Islands are all incredible.

2. Pearl Islands: I dont know how the previous write forgot about this place. Great history here with the historic Pirate battles that took place here between the various European and South American pirates.

1. Palau: Hands down the most amazing looking place in the world along with Bora Bora (which Surivor shockingly hasnt been to yet). He got it right with that selection.

All right with that out of the way I also was thinking about the best seasons of Survivor based on the strength of the cast and the storylines that took place. Some seasons of Survivor were horrendous in that respect such as Marquesas (which in my opinion was the first "dud" edition of Survivor), along with Fiji and Vanuatu. I also was an opponent of Micronesia but a lot of people seemed to like it so whatever. Anyway here were the top five most enjoyable season in my book.

1. Survivor All Stars: Was the most anticipated season and it livd up to expectations with all of the Rob and Amber drama and the mixing of the greatest players ever for the first time. Awesome from beginning to end and was a must see.

2. Survivor Borneo: The original and the second best. No one knew how to play and that gave it a realness that could never be repeated. Richard Hatch, Rudy Boesch, and Sue Hawk were among the most memorable players ever.

3. Survivor Samoa: I have to admit that Russell Hantz was a scene stealer in ever episode and the way he along with Natalie, Jaison, and Mick were able to overcome 8-4 odds in tribe strength to be the final four was amazing work.

4. Survivor Pearl Islands: The birth place of Rupert and the grating Johnny Fairplay, Pearl Islands had a tremendous cast all the way around. And of course this was the first of a record two wins for Sandra Diaz-Twine.

5. Survivor China: B list celebrities started to get into the game as Ashley Massaro from the WWE and Jean-Robert Bellande from poker were put into the lineup. Todd Herzog was also a very cunning player who no one expected to win.

So there you have it. Looking back as Survivor history, the show was going great until Guatamala and than continued to be less than ideal until China. Since China there have been a run of good to great season as Gabon and Tocantins were also very good seasons. Heroes VS Villains was also good but somewhat dissapointing.

What do you all think? Which ones do you agree or disagree with?

Monday, September 6, 2010


I came up with what I thought would be the perfect Boston Rob VS Russell Hantz battle taking into account what Survivor veterans have been scorned by both guys. This is what I have.

Boston Rob Team
Boston Rob
Rupert Boneham
Tyson Apostle
Jerri Manthey
Danielle DiLorenzo
Natalie White

Russell Hantz Team
Russell Hantz
Lex VanDen Burg
Rob Cesternino
Tom Buchannan
Kathy O'Brien
Alicia Callaway

So what do you think? Obviously this wont happen since there are rookie schedule to take part in S22 but I thought this would be a lot more fun to watch.


Heard some rumors over my vacation that two prominent former players were possibly getting back into action, namely former Australia winner Tina Wesson and Survivor Africa and All Stars vet Lex Vandenburg. The talk is that they both might be involved somehow with S22 when Rob and Russell go do battle. This would be interetsing and make some sense in the fact that Lex hates Rob almost as much as Russell does after he got royally scrwed over in All Stars after he protected Amber. As far as Tina is concerned, I think she is deserving of a third run as a former winner. Was surprised she wasnt in H VS H but I think its because its tough to categorize her as a hero or a villain.

What could be happening here is that Mark Burnett is trying to include some old veteran players that have had run-ins with Russell and Rob and thus set the stage for the battle. Lex obviously would side with Russell due to the fact I am sure he is itching to get back at him for All Stars. Tina doesnt have ties to either so I dont know what to make of her.

Thinking about this further what other former players could fit this mold????

What about Jaison from S19 who we know hates Russell after he got the wool pulled over him by The Evil One.

Jerri Manthey anyone???? Yes it would be major overkill to have her on a fourth time but she has game and she has a bone to pick with Russell.

Natalie White? Russell has been unrelenting in his digs at her for winning S19 so this could be her chance to get back at him in the game.

Rupert???? You know he would love to shove it up Russell ass after confronting him in H VS V???

Kathy O'Brien???? This is interesting because Kathy felt really burned and upset with Rob after the Lex incident in All Stars so this is possible.

And my personal favorite who SHOULD be there is Rob Cesternino. Can you imagine Russell and Rob C in cahoots together? Must see Survivor TV and you know it would happen.

What do you all think? Did I miss anyone? Do you think this is likely?