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Dr. Sean Kenniff got his fame on the very first season of Survivor Borneo when his idiotic alphabet stragetgy of voting out others resulting in a great deal of mockery and ill will being tossed his way. The neurologist with the hideous nipple ring did however finish in 5th place which is pretty good and served to be one of the more memorable players that year. You could say that colorful players like Sean helped Survivor to instantly become watchable and turn into the phenomena it is today.

Fame soon found Sean after Survivor concluded as he got a job as a medical correspondent for CBS News and went on a great many speaking tours touting his experiences on Survivor. That fame was fleeting however as chronicled in a new book Kenniff published title "Stop Effing Yourself: A Survivor’s Guide To Life’s Biggest Screw Ups." In the book Sean describes how he got into major trouble with IRS, lost his job with CBS, gained weight, had some health problems, and had disastrous relationships. At some point Sean decided enough was enough and he soon rebounded to get his life back in order. He became a gym rat dedicated to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. He took care of his tax problems and met a woman. His life now firmly back on track, Kenniff is now looking to once again get back on television. The book can be found at most bookstores.

MY VIEW: I have to admit that the very first Survivor player I grew attached to and rooted for was Sean. He took a lot of crap in Borneo; some of it deserved, but overall I thought he was a likable player who tried his best. Yeah his alphabet strategy was idiotic (although he should have lied afterwards and said it really was a stragtegy for the other to piggy back on and ensure he was never going home) and lets not even talk about the nipple ring. Overall I thought he was good dude who I am surprised never made it back on the program. I wont read the book but I am glad he got his life back on track.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Working On Interview With Tom Westman

I have put out a call to try and get a sit down interview with Survivor Palau winner Tom Westman. He lives here on Long Island where I am from and I aim to touch on all the Survivor subjects and topics with him from his time in Palau and Heroes VS Villains. Stay tuned!

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Survivor Radio Episode 2

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ALl right I did my best to unearth the potential cast of S21 Nicaragua which starts this September and this is what I came up with. There are 9 men and 9 women and as I wrote before, the tribes will be split based on age. I touched on Jimmy Johnson, Holly Hoffman, and Kelly Bruno already. I haave posted the info that I know of the rest of the cast. I have most of their ages but am missing some of their locations and jobs. One thing I did notice is the high amount of people from California which makes sense since Survivor has now pretty much ignored applications to the show and instead focus on recruiting. Hence this is what we get.

Female Contestans

Holly Hoffman
Kelly Bruno
NaOnka Mixon-long jumper 27 from Los Angeles
Jane Bright-goat herder 50's
Yve Rojas-actress over 40
Kelly Shinn-dont know much on her
Brenda Lowe-former Miami Dolphins model and now works in TV-mid 20's
Alina Wilson-23 Downey CA....HOT!!!! thats all I got to say...babe of the season
Wendy Joe Desmidt-Kohlhoff-Army nurse 48

Male Contestants

Jimmy Johnson-former NFL Coach, FOX Sports Analyst 67
Judson Birza-model 22 Santa Monica CA
Matthew Lenahan-real estate professional mid 20's
Ben Henry-club promoter 23 Los Angeles CA
Marty Piombo-over 50
Danny Lembo-63 New York City-Brooklyn.....tough guy Italian
Shannon Elkins-30 sales rep
Chase Rice-25 musician Daytona Beach, FLA
Tyrone Davis-42 fire captain


Another name has slipped out as far as Nicaragua contestants and this one is interesting in that Kelly Bruno is a 26 year old whose is missing one of her legs. She had a titanium prosthetic and she is a medical student from North Carolina. As memory strikes me, she is the second Survivor player ever to be competing with a prosthetic. Good for her. Hope she does well.

As far as the rest of the cast, I have good word on the rest and will post shortly.

Survivor Radio Wednesday 2 PM ET

Set your reminders as Survivor Radio's second show will once again be this Wednesday at 2PM ET. I will discuss the latest on Survivor Nicaragua; namely the latest cast info along with the latest on the Russell VS Rob rumors and who else will be on board for the All Star season in January. Hope you all tune in and would love to hear you call in to the show. Copy the link below to access the show.


Thursday, July 22, 2010


The rumors are reaching a hysteria level with the news that Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz are scheduled to go head to head in Survivor 22 Nicaragua in the spring. As one of the first to report on this, to say this is big news in Survivorland would be an understatement. Sensing the wave of interest in the story, Russell made an effort to squash the rumors by issuing the following statement on his Facebook page:

"There are a lot of rumors out there circulating, I am letting everyone know that I am retiring from the game of Survivor."

So there you have it. I guess its not happening after all.....PSYCHE! I still think this is absolutely happening. As I wrote yesterday I have a strong source that passed the info along to me and I trust this person wholeheartedly. Secondly, since when do we believe anything that Russell has ever said????? I fully believe these two wont be able to resist the challenge put before them and this will happen. The only question that is still up in the air is if it will happen in S22. That is still to be decided from what I am told, although that is expected to be another All Star season.

Still dont have anything new on Coach twittering about going to Nicaragua, along with Richard Hatch saying he will be back.

Former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson did compete on S21 for sure however and that series is confirmed a YOUNG VS OLD setup. Interesting stuff all around.

S21 Nicaragua Will Be Old VS Young

So I just came across a tidbit that S21 Nicaragua will have a theme on the OLD VS the Young. One tribe will be made up of players over 40 while the other will be made up of players under the age of 30. Interesting idea but if the young people roll early, I would expect a tribe switch very quickly before things get out of hand.

Any thoughts on this?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Continuing with the theme of major blockbuster news today, it has been revealed that former NFL head coach Jimmy Johnson will be one of the contestants on Survivor Nicaragua. Johnson who won two Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys and also won a national championship with the Miami Hurricanes will use his motivational skills in Survivor's latest edition. At 67 years old Johnson has his work cut out for him from a physical standpoint but his people skills should make him an interesting watch.

MY VIEW: I guess now the title of Survivor Coach will have to be moved from Coach Wade to Coach Johnson. Wow this is a huge news. I am a huge NFL and football fan in general and I cant wait to see how Johnson handles this challenge. Not one to back down from opposition (he was known to rip into his players at a moment's notice), Johnson will be a must watch in every scene he is in. Great coup by Mark Burnett.

Survivor Radio First Show

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All right I had my first Survivor Radio show today. Thanks to everyone who tuned in. I hoped you enjoyed it. I will post the show on here momentarily as soon as it loads up so those who missed it can here it later on. I think it went great but the one thing I am missing is a co-host. I am putting the world out there for any one of you to join me for the weekly show (1 Hr) as a potential co-host. Here are the specifics of what I am looking for:

-A Female (sorry guys) since you get the male point of view from me but I also want the female point of you which is why I think we need a lady onboard.

-You need to be a rabid fan of the show. I want someone who has watched all 20 seasons and who knows everything and anything about the show like I do.

-We will work out a time that is convenient for us both. I do this from home and you will also. All you need to do is call into the program and I will put you in Live and thats that.

-Want a very opinionated person. Stick to your guns and get argumentative if you must.

Thats pretty much it. If I dont find someone I will go it alone but I think having two people will make it more interesting to get two different sides.

If interested, e-mail me at rangerfan28@yahoo.com and give me a quick spiel about yourself and why you think you would be the perfect fit.

I look forward to doing more shows and will keep the info coming. Thanks everyone.

Survivor Radio Show Begins in Half Hour

Join me for an hour of Survivor news, rumors, analysis and much more on my first foray into the radio world. Use the address below to get the link for the show. Hope to see you.



Wow it certainly has been a big day for Breaking News hasnt it? On top of the previous blockbuster regarding the imminent Boston Rob VS Russell Hantz battle, I have now learned that original Survivor winner Richard Hatch and everyone's favorite "Coach"; Coach Wade will be returning shortly too. There is no concrete season that Richard Hatch is being pointed to like with Rob and Russell (S22) but word is that he has already been contacted to play again and has accepted. As far as Coach is concerned, an interesting tidbit came out of his Twitter account when he said he "was going to Nicaragua." Since the next two seasons will be filmed there one has to surmise that we will be seeing him again shortly. But in what capacity? As a player? Or as a special guest to offer advice to contestants or something in that nature??? I dont have much on that yet other than what I just wrote. But the fact of the matter is that both will be coming back soon.

I also have learned that Survivor producer Mark Burnett has decided that one of the two season each year from now on will be an All Star type season with past players coming back. Since ratings are always at their highest during these seasons, this makes sense for him to pursue. I can only guess that we wont see total All Star rosters like we have for H VS V but a mixture of new players and old ones like we saw in Micronesia.

MY VIEW: All in all I always love getting old top notch players back into the game, especially the quality of Richard Hatch. In fact Hatch would have been in Heroes VS Villains if it wasnt for the fact that he was still under house arrest. That sentence ends soon and he will be free to travel and compete. I am sure he is chomping at the bit to reclaim his place atop the ledger of Best Player Ever after hearing the title wrongly placed on two-time loser Russell Hantz and recently crowned two-time winner Sandra Diaz-Twine (I agree with the latter view). Coach is interesting to me due to the fact I dont know yet why he is coming back. I cant see him competing this soon after H VS V but who knows. I do like Burnett's idea to have an All Star type season every year but I want some new "old" players and to take a break from the Colby's and Rupert's for awhile.

What about you? Who do you want to see come back and play? Is having an All Star season every other show good for its viability?


As yours truly first speculated months ago right here (go back and check....I will wait for you to come back), it appears that S22 (which is the second of back-to-back Nicaragua seasons) could be the Russell Hantz VS Boston Rob battle that we all have been waiting for. Sources that I have spoken to the last two days inform me that the talk is "legit" and that S22 is possibly the season where it will take place. Currently S21 is in its latter stages of filming and S22 will begin soon after that season finishes. Reps for both men have not commented yet but the talk is definately out there which is great for the show and its fans as last season's biggest feud will finally be settled.

MY VIEW: This to me is one of the best bit of news to come out of Survivor in awhile. As I wrote in a post a few weeks into Heroes VS Villains (go ahead and check if you haven't checked already), the Boston Rob VS Russell Hantz feud was awesome to watch and would have gone in Rob's favor if Tyson wasnt such an idiot. Now things will finally be settled and I cant wait to see how it unfolds. The only question I have is: how will this be structured? Will they be placed on the same tribes? Opposite tribes to start? In my opinion, they should be placed on the same tribe to start so it eliminates the possibility that one or the other will be voted out before they merge into the same tribe. Than what would be the point if that occured right? Either way this should be awesome to see and I will adress this on my radio show today!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jeff Probst Conducts Wedding Of 'The Office' Jenna Fisher

As if he Survivor host Jeff Probst didnt spend enough time overseas conducting various seasons of Survivor, it appears he also had some time on the side to conduct wedding services....including one for "The Office" actress Jenna Fisher. Fisher recently tied the knot to writer Lee Kirk and the ceremony was performed by none other than Prost himself. Apparently reality's favorite host has been doing wedding ceremonies since the early 1990's when he became an ordained minister and he out that skill to use when Fisher asked him to do the service. Who would have figured huh?

My View: Had no clue Jeff Probst was a minister but I guess in hindsight it makes sense. He has expertly held tribal ceremonies for over 10 years and put hundreds of contestants out of the game with a snuffing of the torch accompanied by the iconic "The Tribe has spoken" mantra. Wedding ceremonies are a piece of cake compared to this. Way to go Jeff.

First Survivor Radio Show Episode Has Been Set

My very first Survivor Radio Show is all set to begin hopefully a long run tomorrow at 2 PM ET and will run for one hour. During the program I will recap the very popular Heroes VS Villains season and also look ahead to Survivor Nicaragua. I hope you all join me and I welcome you calling in to say hi and share your thoughts. I couldnt have gotten to this point without all of you and I hope this is just another step in our journey through our favorite show together. Hope to see you there/ Just cut and past the link below and there should be another link at 2 PM ET tomorrow for you to tap into the program. Enjoy!


Survivor Reality Show Blog Now on RADIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right. Yours truly has now ventured into radio world with the creation of the Survivor Reality Radio Show. The weekly one hour show will have recaps of the previous episode, views and opinions of what transpired, along with analysis of what the future has in store for us. I also can take calls from all of you so please be sure to tune in. I will post the times of the shows a week in advance so you all can join me. In the meantime be sure to bookmark the radio web site:


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BREAKING NEWS 2: Second Survivor Nicaragua Contestant Leaked

They are coming fast and furious now. After revealing the first known contestant currently competing on S21, we now have 2 known players. Contestant number 2 is Marquetta Jones who is a 22 year old African American aspiring actress. On top of this there is also word of a young male model who is also supposedly in the shows cast but I want to get more info on this before I put it up. No pictures yet of Marquetta but I will post as soon as I get some.


Well we knew it would happen sometime and now it appears that the first known contestant competing currently in S21 Nicaragua is a 44 year old former beauty contestant winner from South Dakota Holly Hoffman who is pictured at right. A former Miss Teen South Dakota winner, Hoffman currently works as a swim coach and lives on a cattle ranch. Word is her family leaked the info that she was on the show. More where this came from and I will put info up as soon as I hear it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Survivor Snubbed By The Emmys

It didnt get a lot of pub but I was shocked to see Survivor snubbed in the Best Reality Show category when the nominees were annoounced for the upcoming Emmy awards. A strong contender in the category since the shows inception, Survivor failed to hear its name called this year which is a shocker. Coming off its most successful season in years, Survivor deserved the nod for sure. The fact that the Amazing Race was also snubbed is just as much a shocker. Clearly to me this is a case of out with the old and in with the new. Sort of the been there done that view that many hold in the Emmy establishment.

Ethan Zohn Recovered And Back At Work With Grassroots Soccer

Survivor Africa winner and one of the show most popular players ever; Ethan Zohn is back at work with his Grassroots Soccer charity in the continent where he won a million dollars almost ten long years ago. Zohn, who recently found out he is in remission from blood cancer; is once again leading the way in a fight against HIV/AIDS in the part of the world where it is most prevalent. Currently working in South Africa, Ethan continues his quest to educate its citizens of the dangers in AIDS and to educate the masses in an effort to curb its spread.

It certainly has been a whirlwind last year and half for Zohn as he had a recurrence of cancer and with the help of girlfriend and Survivor Amazon winner Jenna Morasca, successfully undertook gene therapy to beat the disease. One of the true good guys of Survivor, Ethan stuck to his pledge to the jury in Africa to do good with the million dollars if he were lucky enough to win which of course he did. All in all, according to Zohn "everything couldn't be better."

My View: I love hearing stories about the good deeds this fine your man has continually undertaken since his Survivor debut. You always hear the standard BS from winners of reality shows when they say they will use the money for charity or to do something positive for the community. 99 percent of the time these people use the money to buy houses and cars whereas Ethan Zohn used every last penny he had to develop and grow his Grassroots Soccer charity. The fact that he beat cancer is even greater news. There is no doubt if he were healthy Ethan would have participated in Heroes VS Villains and hopefully in the future we will see him again.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Now Filming

Survivor Nicaragua is underway and the competition is taking place at this very moment. Looking forward to a season of new contestants for sure and as far as that cast is concerned, their identities are still a secret at this point. As soon as I get info on the cast I will immediately post it here.