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So Richard Hatch just got released from prison last week and he thus took the opportunity to get his name back out there as far as Survivor is concerned. For one, Hatch claims that it was supposed to be him and not Rob Mariano who was to be cast on Redemption Island opposite Russell Hantz. Hatch claims that the court wouldnt allow him to compete again from going back to his original tax evasion charges. He also went on to say that he has plans for a big reality show that could be picked up eventually. On and on it goes.

My View: Hatch wants so bad to return to Survivor and I actually would love to see it. No doubt it has been mentioned in the past about a possible Hatch-Hantz battle but there is no way he was supposed to be in there instead of Boston Rob in Redemption Island. That was a rivalry that was fresh and needed to be taken advantage of.


Just trying to clean up some odds and ends during my absence when I was writing my new Survivor book. I will start posting all of the Ponderosa videos from South Pacific. Good stuff.

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Survivor South Pacific - Life at Ponderosa - Dawn and Whitney - Part 2

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Survivor South Pacific - Life at Ponderosa - Jim and Keith - Part 3

Survivor South Pacific - Life at Ponderosa - Jim and Keith - Part 2

Survivor South Pacific - Life at Ponderosa - Jim and Keith - Part 1

Survivor: South Pacific - Survivor: One World - New Season

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Since I wasnt around for most of the just completed season Survivor South Pacific, that doesnt mean I wasnt paying attention. Now that the show has wrapped, I wanted to share some random thoughts on it, especially with regards to Ozzy and Coach who of course were the two retunrees.

-First of all, Ozzy comes out of this smelling like roses as he clearly was the star of the season and was the slam dunk winner if he made the finale. Instead he came painfully close by losing the last challenge which no doubt was a bummer. As much of a blow as that was, Ozzy probably already got over it as he clearly lives his life with a care-free attitude that is infectious. His last chance at playing Survivor was an overall success as he continued to show he is without peer when it comes to winning challenges and he actually did well on the stratgic side as well. Nothing bad could be said about his game. Of course I thought we could be looking at a JT moment when he gave his idol to Cochrana and volunteered to go to Redemption Island but luckily it all worked out for him. He will be missed.

-As far as Coach is concerned, he did much better obviously this time round than in the disaster that was Heroes VS. Villains but he screwed up royally at the end. He should have kept either Brandon or Rick around and brought them to the finale and booted Sophie. He would have won the million dollars over Brandon, Rick, and Albert but of course he stayed with Sophie and he paid for it. By voting out Rick and Brandon, he poisoned the jury and made himself look bad. Simple as that. He had the storybook ending right in his hands until he ruined it at the very end with some terrible moves of which I am sure he will regret later on.

-In talking about Sophie, she was one of the more boring winners in Survivor history. It was a situation where the jury gave it to the lesser of three evils. Simple as that. Yes she won three immunity challenges which was nice but she did little else except get on the nerves of the other tribe members. She will quickly be forgotten as a past champion.

There you go. Thats all I wanted to say. The season was pretty boring until the end and other than Cochran, Ozzy, Brandon, and Coach, the cast was lame. Lets hope things will be a bit better in the terribly named Survivor One World but I am not holding my breath since it will be men versus women again which I abhore. Let me know what you think.


Hey everyone. Dont worry I didnt die. I took a little break from the website and it was due to Survivor. During the time I was away, I wrote what I think is the best Survivor book ever written which will soon be available for purchase through Amazon and other outlets. I submitted a manuscript which was approved and proceeded to get to work on the rest of the piece. The book will take an in-depth look at Survivor from yours truly's point of view and focus in on some of the best plaeyrs to ever play the game. I will devote chapters to some of the following players:

Russell Hantz
Rob Mariano
Rob Cesternino
Rupert Boneham
Tom Westman
Ozzy Luzth
Parvati Shallow
Sandra Diaz-Twine
Richard Hatch]
Rudy Boesch

and many, many more. Also included will be a closer look at Jeff Probst, Survivor gimmicks over the years, top ten lists with various categories such as strongest, smartest, best at challenges, in Survivor history, along with an in-depth look at some of the more devastating injuries to hit contestants of the show. Its one big critical analysis on everything and anything about Survivor and I hope you enjoy it. Ask me any questions you might have and start checking back like usual since I will be back to my old tricks on here going forward.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Please excuse me for the delay. I just got back from throwing up after seeing that disgusting challenge. Gross. Anyways lets stop wasting time and get right to it.

-Elyse gets blindsided tonight which was a very good move by Jim, Dawn, and Cochran. Ozzy totally screwed up by voicing his opinion of why he thought Albert should be voted out due to his strength and so Jim correctly took that as a threat and acted on it. Even though I started out by saying I couldnt stand Jim (which is still true), I have come to respect his game and how he thinks things out. He was willing to take a chance and go against the alliance in order to eliminate a major threat in the Ozzy-Elyse relationship and it worked out. Someone who takes that kind of risk gets props in my book. And this gives Cochran and Dawn new life in the game as they now have more room to maneuver.
-As far as Ozzy is concerned, he is now in big trouble and the saving grace for him is the fact he has the hidden immunity idol. The merge cant get to him soon enough though as he needs to hook up with the other group in order to save his game. By the looks of things the Savaii struggle in next week's challenge and if theyu lose he will lose the idol and than be at their mercy. Thats a lot of jumping ahead though so lets not go there yet. Still this is a major setback in his game and Coach clearly has the upper hand in their duel at this point.
-As far as Whitney and Keith are concerned, they totally punked out when it came to the vote. The fact that they threw their vote to Dawn as a means to not go against their bond with Ozzy so as not to lose his trust is ridiculous. Of course Ozzy will feel burned by them no matter who they voted for as they didnt vote for Elyse which was the bottom line. It was such a wimpy ass move that they look so stupid now for it. Whereas Jim looks good for making the stand, those two look weak for refusing to make the stand. I am so not impressed with Keith who for all his muscles crashed and burned in the strength challenge last week and now this. Weak.
-I said during week 1 that Cochran's edit reminds me of Fabio early on and we all know how that ended up. Its not the craziest thing in the world to think that he cant sneak through this game and win it in the end. Just saying.
-My God that challege. That was the single most disgusting challenge I have ever seen on Survivor and it actually made me long for the days of Gervase eating the larva beetles in Survivor 1. Just nasty all around. And how about the tribes biting the pieces out of each other's mouths? You have got to be kidding me. I hope to never see that again. And I guarantee you somewhere out there someone lost their dinner all over their carpet.
-Coach is rocking it folks. He now has possession of the hidden immunity idol and is the clear favorite to win with five episodes down the drain. He is really stepping up his game this time around and there is no way you can criticize his play so far. Good stuff.
-Albert made an interesting choice to share in the idol with Coach and Sophie. On the one hand it could offer him protection in case he gets in trouble and needs the other two to give it to him which I think they would do. On the other hand, its nice to have it as a hidden piece of strategy to play later on in the game. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.
-Rick is this season's Purple Kelly. He is playing isnt he?
-The Redemption challenge was good and from the start it was easy to see that Christine would win. She thought through the strategy involved in it while Stacey just arrogantly went through the motions. So Christine has a nice little winning streak going on but unlike last season with Matt, I dont see it as a major force in the game at this point. I cant see her making a dent if she does come back into action.

Thats all for now folks. Check back for the bonus videos tomorrow along with the rankings which I am sorry for not updating this past week.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Season 25 of Survivor is fast approaching and there are very strong reports that production has reached out to many former players with the idea of having another All Star season like was seen during the tenth installment of the show. Some of the names in the rumor mill that have come across my ears are:

Marty, Brenda, and Fabio (Nicaragua)
Todd Herzog
Rob Cesternino
Sandra Diaz-Twine (going for a three-peat_
Amber Brkitch (doubtful with two kids)
Ethan and Jenna (very strong rumors on these two)
Phillip, Matt, Andrea (Redemption Island)

Those are the names I am hearing but its way too early to determine the validity on this. Just wanted to put it out there. Your thoughts?


Survivor 24 rumors are coming in and the biggest one is that the next season will have males versus females which hasnt been done in quite some time and the twist this time around is that for the first time in Survivor history, BOTH tribes will be living on the same beach. Also there apparently are no returning players for this season as the rumored All Star season will likely come on the 25th anniversary.

My View: This seems interesting and a bit played out at the same time. I never like the males versus female gimmick but the twist of having them live on the same beach is something new. It will be fun to see how the tribes act after challenges when talk begins on who to vote out from the losing team with the winning team being privy to all of this info. Also think about how much scheming across tribal lines could be taking place in this setting. It has potential.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Wrapup and commentary. You know the drill.

Things start off at Savaii as Elyse and Ozzy hang in the hammock. Jim notices this as he starts to grow concerned. He soon thinks that Elyse is the one that should go. He takes this plan to Cochran and hatches a plan to kick her out.

We than go overto Upolo as Brandon continues to fight himself and he soon talks with Mikayla and apologizes to her. She is not buying it though and is still down on him in the game. Eventually we see Edna and Brandon talking as he sweet talks her. He tells her about the core five alliance and apologizes to her as well. She feels hurt and annoyed about this.

Over at Savaii the tree mail comes in with bathing suits included. The Redemption Island dual is upon them as well as Cochran and Jim decide to go. We than see Dawn growing concerned about the young girls on the tribe and how she thinks her age is working against her. Jim meanwhile continues to try and work the tribe as he talks to Ozzy and Elyse about strategy. Soon Jim and Cochran leave as Ozzy talks out loud about how he talks too much strategy. Dawn thinks he is full of it however.

We than head over to the Redemption Island duel as Brandon and Edna join Jim and Cochran. Chistine and Papa Bear soon face off and making a long challenge short, we see Christine upset Papa Bear and stay in the game.

Back at Upolo, the tribe is sitting around drinking coffee as Edna continues to feel insecure about her place in the group. Stacey gets annoyed about her brownnosing and wants her out. Edna continues to go on and on as Makayla too grows annoyed.

At Savaii, Dawn tells Cochran about what took place when he was at the challenge. Cochran eventually realizes that he has to do some more work on trying to get Elyse out. She is receptive to it and the plan is starting to come into place.

The challenge soon arrives as the stakes get higher by the day. Eventually we find Savaii win a strength challenge as Dawn outlasts Stacey as the last remaining weight bearers. Savaii wins immunity and Upolo is heading to tribal council.

Back at Upolo, the talk begins on who is going. Stacey feels like she proved herself in the challenge as Coach congratulates those who took part. Edna soon talks to Stacey about whats going down and he doesnt offer much to her. Coach also later talks to Stacey as she tries to convince him that Edna should go. Stacey than decides to start trouble and create some paranoia by lying, starting with Brandon. It works as he starts to feel insecure. Brandon takes it to Coach and discusses what Stacey told him. Coach immediately tells him to stop it and not to buy her garbage as he sees through her ploy. Sophie seens this discussion and realizes that the core five is not solid. They soon go to TC and in the end we find Stacey voted out. She rebuffs a huge as she walks out from Coach.

All right lets get right to it.

-We start with the vote and there was no surprises there. Stacey is too volatile and has no allies on the tribe so she was expendable. It also guarantees that either she or Christine sees their game finished when they meet in Redemption Island. Coach was concerned about the two of them so this was a solid move on his part. Edna no doubt is annoying and struggles in challenges but she doesnt pose a threat to anyone. Yet another nice play by Coach.
-The Brandon Hantz show continued tonight as he apologized to everyone including the bugs that infiltrate their camp. Its hard for me to determine whether to feel sorry for the guy or to decide whether he is pulling a con that would put his uncle to shame. He contiues to be the story of the season and is a major scene stealer.
-Was very shocked to see Christine beat Papa Bear in the challenge. I didnt see that coming. She has a lot of spunk and deserves credit for going 2/2 through two challenges. Kudos. Its even money on whether she or Stacey wins the next duel.
-Jim and Cochran hatching a plan to oust Elyse is a solid one on the surface but trying to put a dent in Ozzy's game this early is not a good idea. Cochran is desperate so he should do what he can to stay around but Jim has no business doing this since he is in the core alliance. Not impressed with him to this point although he did very well in the challenge. He was stronger than I thought.
-Speaking of the strength challenge, first of all this is one of my favorite challenges since its always fun to see how strong these people are. Secondly, it usually is good drama whcih was the case here. Brandon did awesome and I cant believe that he and Jim have the record for the most weight. Not likely candidates thats for sure. And how about Dawn? Damn she was great and she totally has been unreal in the challenges the last two weeks. Her stock continues to shoot up and she really has come around from that tough beginning when it looked like she was going to be out. I was surprised that Coach or Ozzy didnt take part in the challenge since both are very physical but it was good nonetheless. Good stuff.
-Keith totally touched Whitney's butt when they go the new bathing suits. Good for him. Every guy watching that was jealous.

Thats all for now. Check back for more tomorrow like always.

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Survivor: South Pacific - Survivor: South Pacific - Keep a Poker Face

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Papa Bear heads off to Redemption Island for a duel with Christine as episode 4 of Survivor South Pacific kicks off tonight. With that in mind, lets update the rankings and determine where each player stands in the quest for the million dollars.

1. Ozzy: Ozzy moves back to the top spot due to the fact he has the hidden immunity idol and we all saw how well that worked out for Rob last season. Jim and Cochran are looking like they are trying to make a move on him but I dont think it will go anywhere.

2. Coach: Coach is playing a good game there is no doubt about it. Even if you are a big Coach critic (and there are many out there), you still got to give the guy props for actually playing a strategic game this time around. He continues to have teh respect of the remaining players on his team other than Stacey but the issue that could derail things for him is Brandon's flakiness.

3. Albert: Albert is a real live one to watch as he remains a big time physical threat and a likable character. Being in the Coach alliance also is a big plus. The rare big time athlete guy who is under the radar.

4. Keith: Keith seems sneaky to me as he already has gone behind Ozzy's back in revealing that he had the idol. Still Ozzy trusts him and it should take him far in the game.

5. Whitney: Whitney has formed a smaller alliance with Keith outside of the big five with Ozzy. She could play the Natalie White role this season and before you know it she is in the finals.

6. Sophie: She really has impressed me with her mind for the game. No one considers her a threat which is fine and she too seems to have Coach's ear.

7. Mikayla: She survived the last vote and that could launch her a bit in the game. She still has to get by the Brandon threat as he clearly has no use for her but her athleticism is a big asset.

8. Rick: Rick continues to him along as the rare older guy who sails through. He was a monster in the last immuntity challenge and his profession as a rancher is serving him well to this point.

9. Elyse: The second female in the Ozzy five alliance has done nothing to jeopardize her standing.

10. Edna: I ultimately think Coach will lose Brandon and pull Edna into the alliance. That will help her tremendously and could allow her to sneak through.

11. Dawn: She has rebounded well and was a plus in the last challenge so she has that going for her. Lets hop she stays around because she is a classy lady.

12. Brandon: He will either go very far or be out this week. He is a total basket case and it could hasten his departure.

13. Jim: I think Jim's act will wear thin real soon and if he is serious with making a move against Ozzy already, than he will be voted out quick. I wont shed a tear for the guy on his way out.

14. Stacey: The one to go when Upolo loses the next challenge. That is unless Brandon cant be tolerated anymore.

15. Cochran: I am noy buying the Cochran move on Ozzy. I think it will fail and I think Cochran soon will be out of there.

Thats how I see things. Let me know if you disagree. Also tune in after the episode for the wrapup and commentary.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Episode 3 is here of Survivor South Pacific and so lets get right to the annoying wrapup and than the good old commentary.

Things start off at Redemption Island where Christine and Semhar meet. Christine seems shocked at her ouster and think it was Coach who had it out for her.

Back at Upolo, the tribe talks about what went down at TC. Mikayla and Coach talk about the situation as Brandon interrupts. He feels remorse about lying to knock out Mikayla.

The next day at Upolo, the tribe gets the tree mail about the upcoming Redemption duel. Two players of each tribe can go see the contest and Coach and Stacy get to go. We soon head to the challenge as Ozzy and Elyse join them from Savaii. Soon the duel is one and making a long challenge short, we see Christine outlast Semhar who is the first out.

After the duel back at Upolo, Brandon is sitting by the fire lamenting his decisions in the game. He felt ashamed at what he did when he lied. He than decided to tell the other about the Hantz tattoo as the others are shocked. He apologizes up and down and is ready to accept his consequences. Coach than takes a walk with Brandon and they discuss what went down. He also is starting to doubt his relationship with him in the game.

Over at Savaii things are better as Ozzy brings in some more fish. Mark soon realizes that there is a pecking order in the group and that he, Dawn, and Cochran are in trouble. Ozzy soon decides to align closely with Keith more so than the others in the alliance. He tells Keith he has the idol in order to tighten their bond. Keith than immediately tells this to Whitney. He does this in order to form a second bond with someone in case things break down with Ozzy.

Back at Upolo Mikayla and Brandon have a chat and she unloads on him some. They start to argue as they walk back to camp. He tells the rest her approach to him and calls her out in front of the tribe. No one says anything as the tribe starts to realize what a flake Brandon is. Mikayla and Brandon both start crying in confessionals after this conversation. We than find Coach and Sophie talking about what went down as he admits to seeing some Russell in him.

It is soon challenge time as the stakes are high in both tribes. Immunity is up for grabs and once again making a long challenge short, Upolo wins immunity. Coach was the MVP of the challenge as they bask in their win.

Back at Savaii the talk begins on who should go as Papa Bear is clearly in trouble. Ozzy surmises that its between Papa Bear and Cochran. The two of them know whats going on as they know whats coming. Meanwhile the big five alliance is aiming for Papa Bear and that seems to be the consensus as they will tell him they are voting Cochran. They do the opposite when telling Cochran what is up. Papa Bear seems doubtful of this as he questions Ozzy and the others why. He knows its him as he heads into the jugle looking for the idol. Elyse sees this and tells the others. They follow him in knowing he is looking for the idol. He ultimately cant find it and so he decides to make an idol to throw them off. Papa Bear tells Jim he found it as Cochran begins telling the others its an act. They head off to TC with that hanging in their heads but ultimately they wind up ousting Papa Bear.

All right lets get right to it and I mean the commentary.

-We start with the ouster and Papa Bear was the obvious choice all along no matter who Survivor tried to make it seem otherwise with their poor attempt at creating doubt regarding this. Papa Bear made a terrible act in trying to convince the others he had the idol but no one was buying it. Cochran gets a stay of execution but just for the time being. HOWEVER I will say this. I had the nagging feeling in my mind that Cochran does better than we think. Remember how in Nicaragua we thought that Fabio was going to be gone right off the bat and than he won? I am not saying Cochran will win but he could start slipping through the cracks and before you know it he is at the end of the game. Just saying. And judging by the previews for next week, its looking like Cochran is going to start making some moves. Anyway I thought it was a shame that Papa Bear was knocked out so early. I thought he would go a lot further than he did since he was a likable guy but he got caught in the dreaded numbers crunch. It just goes to show you how crucial it is to make that first day alliance of else you are finished. Now I do think he will do well on Redemption Island and I can totally see him coming back into the game after going on a Matt run.
-Jim is so freaking annoying. I cant wait to see this schmuck voted out of the game. He can go smoke the marajuana he sells and get the hell out of there. I cant see Ozzy staying with this clown for the duration of the game.
-Speaking of Ozzy, he made his first big mistake by telling Keith that he had the idol. About 2.5 seconds later Keith goes and tells Whitney that Ozzy has it as he tries to score points to get her in the sack. No seriously though that shows you that Keith cant be trusted and that Ozzy screwed up. Boston Rob was able to win Redemption Island by keepping the fact he found the idol secret all the way through the game. It was brilliant and was a huge reason why he won the game. Ozzy could have done the same but he now eliminated the element of surprise which is a bad development in is game.
-His counterpart Coach on the other hand is doing very well. He was a beast in the challenge and he seems to have a very firm spot in the tribe. Coach has always been a quietly good challenge performer and that just continues this season. I like his chances.
-This whole thing with Brandon is actually really sad. The guy has some serious issues and he should not be in this game. He is causing a ton of havoc and I cant see the group putting up with this much longer. Stacey has got to be pretty happy about this development.
-As far as the duel was concerned, it was predictable that Semhar would lose to Christine. Its good she is out so we can stop hearing her stupid poems. Coach cant be too happy with Christine still around but even if she miraculously came back into the game, I cant see her doing anything to hurt his game. She didnt make inroads with anyone other than Stacey before she was voted out of the game.

So there you have it. Let me know what you thought of the episode. I will post more as it comes into my head. Also the rankings and bonus videos will be posted tomorrow.

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Two of the most popular players in Survivor history are back on reality TV and this time past winners and romantic couple Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca are giving the Amazing Race a try. Having successfully defeated cancer, Zohn is back to try and raise funds for his soccer charity and Jenna will be by his side as she has been since they met almost 10 years ago during a Survivor party. The new season gets underway Sunday at 8 PM.

My View: So great to see these two, inparticular Zohn, back competing on TV. The only shame is that the two of them didnt make their return on Survivor which would have made for some dramatic TV after Zohn's cancer issues and Jenna's past of leaving All Stars when she correctly feared her mom was close to death. I actually was looking forward that season to seeing how they both would do the second time around but we didnt get a chance to see in particular if Jenna's win was luck or based on skill. Hopefully we get to see them in action on Survivor at some point.


According to Savaii memeber Jim Rice, the tribe had the puzzle figured out even before the challenge began during episode 2 this past week. Rice used Twitter to claim "We had that puzzle figured out before Probst said go, knew what to do, 0 hesitation, 0 wrong moves." Apparently, during the portion when Probst instructs the tribes on how the challenge works, Savaii whispered to each other the solution and so they were able to come back against Upolo after being behind early.

My View: Rice is a blowhard so its hard to verify this but the way Savaii came back so quick with no wrong moves on the puzzle lends credence to this. Either way it was an impressive performance by them in that contest.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Two down and many more to go. Lets take a look at how things stack up for this upcoming week in regards to who has the best chance to win the million bucks.

1. Ozzy: Ozzy remains in the top spot for the simple reason that his alliance and his tribe as a whole are more stable than what Coach is experiencing.

2. Coach: He has to shore up his alliance a little better as there are some worrisome cracks with Brandon being chief among them. He did get rid of Christine though which was the right move as it also neutralizes Stacy.

3. Albert: The guy is already under the radar and he seems to have the total package such as being nice and very athletic. One to watch.

4. Keith: Same deal with this guy who plays the Albert role on Savaii.

5. Sophie: I like how she thinks the game and she wont be getting the boot anytime soon due to her alliance.

6. Elyse: No threats in her way for quite awhile.

7. Mark: I am higher on him than most but I think he will go a lot farther than people think.

8. Whitney: The Souther belle has the hots and the under the radar game to hang around.

9. Rick: He is in tight with Coach but again I cant ever see him winning.

10. Edna: She will move up the further this goes along but already we have seen her game is weak like when she was caught in a lie the last episode dicsussing who would be voted off.

11. Mikayla: The word is out on her which is the reason for the big stumble in the rankings. It could be her or Brandon next in a showdown.

12. Jim: Jim is moving up due to his alliance with Ozzy and Keith but he will be booted as soon as they dont need him anymore or if he pops off again.

13. Dawn: She has rallied and is now being very quiet which is good.

14. Brandon: This guy is a psychiatrists dream. Some major stuff going on in that noggin of his. Coach could soon realize he is not worth the trouble.

15. Stacey: Has no leg to stand on now that Christine is booted.

16. Cochran: Got a small reprieve with the win last week. Not long for the game I believe.

17. Christine: Should beat Semhar in the challenge.

18. Semhar. See you chick.

Thats how I see it for now. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Lets get the annoying recap out of the way so we can get to what you waited all week for which is the commentary that four out of five moms approve.

Things start out at Redemption Island as Semhar tries to make camp. She is visibly upset and tries to make the best of it. She twirls a poem in talking about her situation in the game.

Back at Savaii that night, Cochran thanks the group for keeping him around. He reiterates how he wants to help out and do better. Ozzy also talks with Keith about strategy and how it would be a good idea to keep Jim around.

The next day at Upolu, Coach talks about how he felt bad vibes from the girls as he talks to Edna. He feels like he has a second chance though and feels happy about his alliance. They also discuss the immunity idol and how they believe someone has found it, specifically Stacy or Christine who seems close to each other. Soon another pact is hatched between the two.

Over at Savaii, Cochran is hard at work cutting coconuts and other things around camp. Ozzy than heads down to the beach and at the same time is looking for the idol. Eventually he sees the idol buried in the tree as he exults in his good fortune.

Over at Upolo we see Brandon and Coach talking and the former is very respectful of him. Brandon eventually feels guily about lying to Coach and he soon tells him everything. Coach does feel nervous about this and tells Brandon he doesnt want to be made a fool twice. Brandon though claims he will not do him wrong. Coach eventually believs in his word as they pray together.

Over at Savaii, the fishing begins as a fishing trip commences with Jim, Ozzy, and Keith. Jim starts plotting already and wants to have an alliance with the two guys and Whitney and Elise. The plan is to oust Chochran, Dawn, and Papa Bear.

At Upolo, they too decide to go fishing. Makayla speaks about how she plays professional pro football and how she is a tomboy. Brandon though doesnt like her and doesnt feel comfortable around her. He vows to get her out of the game and that she wont stand in his way for the dough. Meanwhile Christine is back to searching for the idol and the rest of the tribe think she has it. Christine eventually does find the clue and she continues to look for it.

The challenge soon beckons as immunity is at stake. As always making a long challenge short, Savaii wins immuntity as they come from behind to take it. Upolo is headed to tribal council to send someone else to Redemption Island.

Back at Upolo camp, talk begins on who should go. Coach thinks they should split the votes 3 on Stacy and 3 on Christine in order to flush out the idol if they have indeed found it. Brandon and Coach soon start talking as he tells her he wants Makayla to go. Coach is a bit disturbed by this and doesnt want to do this. The rest of the alliance is out off by this also. Christine sees the group talking and Makayla comes to which Coach asks for privacy. Makayla is totally surprised by this and Edna soon gets into trouble with Christine as she gets caught in a lie about who they are voting out. Things start to break down overall and its all over the place as they go to council. Soon however the verdict is in and we learn that the tribe has decided to can Christine.

So there you have it. Definately a good tribal council tonight. First off, Christine was the obvious choice there. She literally did EVERYTHING wrong from Day in this game. In reality, if there were a manual on how not to play Survivor, she would have written it. She starts off by challenging Coach in front of everyone. Than she immediately goes to work looking for the hidden immunity idol which is as quick a death sentence as you can get in this game. She also had a rotten attitude that never plays well. So yeah she sucked and good riddance. She could beat Semhar in the challenge but she wont be long on Redemption Island.
-As far as the fallout from the vote, Stacy is looking like she is next in line as she doesnt have a leg to stand on now that Christine is out. Also on a related front, Brandon made himself look foolish by owning up to a lie in front of everybody. This guy is just a mess right now. Coach is absolutely right in that he is wrestling with some demons inside. The thing with Makayla is downright weird. He is feeling like he cant trust himself around her? Downright nonsensical. Coach has got to be having second thoughts on having an alliance with him and thats even before learning he is a Hantz.
-Speaking of the Hantz thing, it was a priceless look on Coach's face when he learned about this. If I were Coach, I would have immediately gone back to camp and tried to figure out a way to get out of his deal with him. Of course he might have already set in motion that venture with his relationship with Edna. Maybe I am giving Coach too much credit but hacing Edna on the side is a brilliant move so that he can easily cut Brandon loose and pull her in his place if things continue to get weird. We are headed down that road I think.
-Yeah by the looks of things it seems like Brandon is going to continue wreaking havoc like his uncle did. The apple doesnt fall far from the tree. This guy is going to be a big problem for Coach. Lets hope he works his way out of it.
-Ozzy is totally reminding you of Boston Rob. Admit it. The way he just found the idol right off the bat and seems in total control. He makes an alliance with Keith and than a bigger alliance with weirdo Jim, Whitney, and Elise. The similarities are eerie.
-Jim continues to annoy me. He is way too overconfident and I just cant see Ozzy and Keith wanting to keep an alliance with that loose cannon throughout the remainder of this.
-Edna has a scary resemblance to Shii-Ann. They are like twins.
-Rick and Whitney have had the least air time of anyone to this point. They must be around for awhile.

Thats all for now folks. Post your throughts below please. Lets hear what you have to say. As usual more will come tomorrow. Check back as always.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Its always hard doing Survivor rankings after only one episode but some themes are already started to form. So without further delay, here is how I currently see things stacking up.

1. Ozzy: Again this is not easy after only one week as far as forming rankings but Ozzy takes the top spot due to his likeability in his own tribe and the lack of power players coming after him. He wont face any issues until a merge at the very least.

2. Coach: Yes this is rareified air for Coach but so far so good for the Dragon Slayer as he made the all important first day alliance. The fact its with 5 people makes it even more impressive for Coach. Maybe he did learn something.

3. Mikayla: She is the female to watch as she doesnt fool around and is a big time challenge performer. Could be one of those female Survivor stars in the making.

4. Sophie: I love how she already has Brandon figured out such as the fact he is possibly hiding something. This is always a good sign when it comes to longevity and so there you go.

5. Mark: Yes he is older but something tells me he will be a big time player. His edit looks good so far and the Papa Bear thing means he has the respect of his tribe.

6. Albert: The guy performed like Hercules in the challege and he is in the Big Five alliance.

7. Keith: The pretty boy strong guy is someone who is always a threat.

8. Brandon: He is a Hantz and so he has to be watched. Once the tribe figures out he is Hantz could be trouble though.

9. Rick: Another Big Five alliance member. I cant see him winning though.

10. Elyse: She seems to have her stuff together and is an independent sort.

11. Whitney: She is the hot Southern Belle of the season. Lets hope she sticks around for the fact she is eye candy.

12. Stacey: Seems obnoxious but she also seems friendly with Coach. All or nothing.

13. Edna: She bonded with Coach on Day one and here is that.

14. Jim: No one seems to like him and the jerk of the season will get tiresome real soon.

15. Dawn: I am glad she rallied because I like her. Yes she is from Long Island. I cant hide it.

16. Christine: Everyone is already onto her since she has been looking for the idol and has challeged coach.

17. Cochran: The biggest nerd in Survivor history will be lucky to see another week or so.

18. Semhar: Whoevere goes to Redemption Island should detroy her. Unless its Cochran.

So there you have it. Lets hear what you think.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Here we go. Survivor South Pacific is underway and as always lets here is the wrapup which is followed by my famous commentary.

Things start off of course like they always do with Probst introducing the cast and doing his spiel about the new season. Coach and Ozzy get focused in on as they talk about why they returned. Some of the other castaways talk about why they came out and the game is on as they row to shore. Soon we go to the beach as Probst welcomes everyone into the contest. Brandon Hantz is told by the girl next to him that she hopes its not Russell as he claims that he will never take his shirt off since he has tatoos with his last name. Once Coach and Ozzy come off the chopper, the reactions are that Ozzy is the one they want and Coach not so much. Cochran clearly is the nerd of the game ad talks himself up right away. Coach and Ozzy than pick an egg to determine their tribe and again the reactions are that the red team is happy they are getting Ozzy and the blue team is not happy Coach is going their way.

The game soon gets underway as Ozzy and Coach are going to battle head-to-head in order to prove their worth. The prize is a reward of food and fire. Big stakes for sure. Making a long challenge short, Ozzy wins for his tribe. The tribes than head over to their camps. Coach is left by himself to walk to camp with the exception of Edna who waits for him.

Once at camp, Ozzy is told to show the rest how to build the camp. The rest of the tribe than introduces themselves to each other. Semhar catches Ozzy's eye right away with her looks. He zeroes in on her as a potential alliance partner. He also tells the tribe to take things easy and not waste energy. Cochran has issues though about going into the water due to his appearance. Over at Upolo, Coach faces his fear to the rest of the tribe about how he is not a threat to the others and shouldt be looked at as a strategic player. We than learn about the occupations of each member. Coach than takes charge with building the shelter. We than see Christine going off to search for the immunity idol. The rest of them see this and Coach talks about his concern about her.

We than go back to Savaii as they all sit in the water and chat. Jim lies to the tribe about what he does as he starts playing the head games. We also learn that Mark is gay and also being a former NYPD detective. Eventually they all realize they have to get fire. Ozzy talks about how he doesnt mind sleeping on the ground as some of the others start to worry about not having a shelter.

Back at Upolo, we have Brandon Hantz talk about his LOCO tatoo and he worries they will think he is a bad guy. They continue to work on the shelter as the girls start to get their hands dirty. Makayla draws the attention of Brandon who worries bout her.

That night, the Upolo tribe talks about the game and Coach makes a point about how a strong 5 can go far in the game. He soon hatches a plan with four other members and an alliance is hatched. Coach feels better about his game and also talks about how he is here to win this.

The netx morning we visit Savaii as Dawn starts to stress out. She talks about how she feels old as she takes a fall. The tears start to flow as she later talks to Ozzy. He consoles her and Mark also talks about how he has her back.

We than visit with Savaii on Day three as some of the members start brushing their teeth. The shelter also becomes the top priority. Ozzy than talks about how Cochran worries him a bit as he doesnt have much to offer around camp. Over at Upolo, Brandon starts fishing as he tries to work the social game which Russell always failed at. He starts to catch some fish as he continues to vow to not take his shirt off or reveal that he is Russell's nephew. Sophie however is leery of Brandon and thinks he is hiding something.

The challenge than beckons and immunity is at stake. Semhar was horrendous and the main reason why Upolo was able to beat Savaii. Jim notes to Probst how ticked he is about her performance. Once back at Upolo camp, they all celebrate their win as Coach congratulates everybody. They also know that there is a hidden immunity idol clue hidden in camp and the seach begins. The attitude is a lot different at Savaii as Semhar apologizes for losing and she calls Jim out in front of the others. Mark and Dawn also soon talk about how they have to stick with each other since they are older. Ultimately the think Semhar should go. Ozzy speaks up for Semhar though and thinks Cochran should be the one to go. He than goes up to her and tells her she has to start politicking. Jim goes behind Ozzy's back though and tells Chochran about how he is going for him.

Soon tribal council beckons and it comes down to Semhar and Cochran. Ultimately the tribe decides to vote out Semhar. She now heads on to Redemption Island.

So there you have it. Now that the wrapup is out of the way lets get to the grand commentary.

-The first episode is always chock full of things to talk about so I really dont know where to start. I guess the first boot is the correct place and Semhar finds herself on her way to Redemption Island which I think was the right call. Cochran is the biggest nerd in the history of Survivor but he was not as volatile as Semhar who immediately banged heads with Jim. She wont last at Redemption Island long at all so she will be out of sight and out of mind shortly. Also so much for Ozzy's budding interest in the girl. Oh well. Anyway lets move on because I dont like to waste too much time on the first boot since they are insignificant.
-Cochran is that must see character this season. His scenes are like watching a train wreck since he is such a dork and honestly didnt you flashback to Rob Cesternino at least once when he appeared on the screen? Yeah admit it. I dont think he will be long for the game since I cant see anyone aligning with him but he is entertaining.
-Now lets get to Coach and Ozzy. Ozzy was embraced with open arms while Coach got the cold shoulder. Things ended up better for Coach though as he formed a 5 person alliance right off the bat. So basically it took Coach only 3 days to do something he failed to do in all of the time he spent in his two previous outings. This is a very positive sign and step for Coach in his Survivor career because finally he is taking initiative. Also I like the way he zeroed in on the woman who stared him down when he walked over (I dont have all their names down yet and I am too lazy to go look them up as I write this so thats the best I can do). He is identifying who can be a roadblock for him in the game and working toward keeping them at bay. Good stuff Coach. And I have to be honest in that I am rooting for Coach and could care less about Ozzy. I think Coach gets too much heat and ridicule in Survivor so I guess I feel somewhat bad for the guy. Now lets just see how solid this 5 person alliance will be.
-Regarding Ozzy, he has to be loving life in his tribe with all of those hotties. He made out well didnt he? Anyway he hasnt really made any inroads with anyone yet but he is in no danger right now since everyone seems to love him. He has always had that likeability factor going for him which is key and he really is mentoring everyone as well as Coach so he is good for the time being.
-Dawn looked like the sure first person when she started breaking down on Day 2. Tears = Get Your Ass Out Of Here in Survivor but lucky for her she rallied. You would think someone with six kids could face anything but I guess you dont realize how strong you are until you go out there. By the way she is from Long Island. Shout out.
-I havent zeroed in on who I think the Hottie of the season is yet. That blonde Southern girl is a real factor however.
-Was surprised to hear Mark say he was gay. The fact he was an NYPD detective is what added to the surprise. Good for him for sticking to his guns and being proud of who he is. He seems to be well respected in the tribe and already I think he will be a conteder.
-The early Asshole Of The Season who I want out ASAP is that Jim guy. What a little biatch this guy is. Rolling his eyes behind Semhar's back. Good for her for calling him out. Also he is a medical marajuana salesman? I wonder what the qualifications are for that job? Some a bowl an hour for a week and live to tell about it? Whatever. Cant wait to see his whining ass kicked out.
-Now for Mr. Hantz. This could go either way when it comes to his chances in the game. Was funny as hell when Edna said to him she hoped the mysterious player was not Russell. The fact he cant take his shirt off because of the Hantz tatoos is going to draw attention in short order and I was impressed with Sophie for already sensing something is up. Coach has a terrible history with Russell and so it will be key to see how that plays out. I think he is facing an uphill battle but he is a Hantz so you cant count him out yet.

Thats all for now folks. Check back for bonus scenes tomorrow and much more. Post your thoughts below. Ciao.


Tonight Survivor South Pacific gets underway and the big story of course is the return of Coach Ben Wade and Ozzy Lusth for their chance to finally break though and grab the title and million bucks. Unlike with Rob VS. Russell, this twosome comes in with a lot less hype but with just as much to prove. Ultimately I think both Coach and Ozzy will stick around for awhile since the rest of the tribe will treat them like celebrities but once the merge comes it will get dicey. In the end I dont think either guy will win but I honestly think Coach will get further for the simple fact that Ozzy will have more heat on him for being a big time ohysical threat. You heard it here first.

Anyways like always I will be back after the show for a full episode recap along with my famous commentary. SHould be an interesting season.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Stacey

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Rick

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Jim

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Edna

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Elyse

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Dawn

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Semhar

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Sophie

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Keith

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet John

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Whitney

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet Mikayla

Survivor: South Pacific - Meet The Cast


So the Survivor South Pacific cast has been released on Monday, without mention of Coach and Ozzie who are the two returning players for this season. All of the new cast interviews will be up shortly so be sure to check back in throughout. Also yes Russell Hantz' nephew Brandon is in fact in the cast so that coukd be interesting. Check out the videos as I post them one after the other. I will post my thoughts on them later.

Friday, August 19, 2011


I know this is a bit of old news but I didnt hear of this until now. Anyway apparently "Sugar" Jessica Kiper of Survivor Heroes VS. Villains was so distraught over being the first person voted off the show that she attempted suicide. Sugar joined the cast of Celebrity Rehab where she revealed "Ever since the second time I did Survivor, I’ve been on a downward spiral,” she said at one point during the episode." She went on to say that she "was drunk and I was going to take a lot of pills and I woke up with IVs in my arm, and they were flying me to Australia from Samoa." She also revealed during rehab that she hadnt gone a day without smoking weed since he was 15 except when she was on the show. She also was on cocaine, ecstatsy, and a bunch of other opiates.

Wow! Talk about a messed up chick. Heroes VS. Villains was double horrible for her since she was the first person voted off, got turned down by Colby on camera, and was lied to by JT before taping so that she would have sex with him about an alliance he never intended to do once out there. Also I always found it odd that she was always crying about something. Here's to hoping she gets herself straight and doesnt end up like Jeff Conway as a failed Celberity Rehab patient.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


The birth of The Jersey Shore Scene is here so be sure to bookmark the page and follow along. Episode commentaries, rumors, news, photos, polls, and more just like on Survivor Reality Show Blog. Hope you join us and I look forward to bringing you the latest on Jersey Shore.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The premiere of Survivor South Pacific will be 90 minutes long and it will start at its usual 8:00 PM slot on Wednesday September 14. Coach Ben Wade and Ozzie Lusth will be returning veterans along with 16 other contestants for the latest season of the iconic show.

My View: I am hoping the opening is a double-boot episode. Still couldnt believe that Heroes VS. Villains had onoly one boot in their two hour opening. Whether or not the season will be a success is debatable.


Survivor South Pacific will be starting shortly and for the new season, we have introduced a new feature where you can follow us through your e-mail. Just enter your e-mail address in the link to the right and all of my posts will be sent directly into your inbox. It should be another fun season for sure with a lot of analysis to follow so be sure to keep checking back.


Survivor is coming to DVD again as seasons 5 and 6 will be the latest seasons to hit the discs. Survivor Amazon and Survivor Thailand are just the latest in Survivor hitting DVD's and they will be on sale in time for the holiday season.

My View: Survivor Amazon was one of the better seasons for the show while Thailand was not so good in my view. Anyway those of you who collect have to get to the store.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I am hearing more and more chatter that Season 25 of Survivor will be another All Star type season with many favorites already being asked about if they would be interested in coming back. Season 23 which is the South Pacific version already has Coach and Ozzie coming back, while season 24 is looking like it will be a completely fresh cast. Season 25 than will be another All Star game with a possible Heroes VS Villains II being discussed. Obviously the bold number that is 25 makes sense for this to be another All Star season and the ratings are always big when it comes to these formats so look for it to take place. With that in mind, here are the names I came up with who I think has to be on that season. As always offer up your choices in the comments below.


Russell Hantz: You and I both know Russell will be back. He is like Freddy Krueger in that you cant get rid of the guy and he continues to come back and haunt us. Now that Hantz has been humbled in Survivor Redemption Island, it will be interesting how he is received this time around and whether he finally changes up his game.

Marty Piombo: Survivor Nicaragua was one of the very worst seasons ever but Marty was a rare bright spot in that game. He was annoying as hell to listen to but Marty had a very keen strategic game that would work well with more experienced players. And he would be someone who would have no problem working with Russell which Mark Burnett has to look at before he brings Russell back again.

Matt Eldrod: Matt got screwed in Redemption Island as he never really got a chance to play due to Rob Mariano booting him twice. Surely he will be more prepared this time around and he was a very popular player who will bring eyeballs to the tube.

Rob Cesternino: As much as I couldnt stand Rob C, the guy has some serious game and deserves to play again. I have no problem with the Best Player Never To Have Won label and he is another person who would work well with Russell. Heroes VS Villains II with Russell, Marty, and Rob C together? Think of the possibilities.

Tom Westman: My all-time favorite Survivor player, Long Island's own got a raw deal himself in Heroes VS. Villains and he could have done so much better if given a chance. I dont think he would come back though as he has been on record saying this. Wishful thinking.

Todd Herzog: One guy I KNOW they have spoken to is little Todd who was one of the more surprising Survivor winners. For such a dimunitive guy, Todd had the game under his thumb and proved he can play with the big guys. Look for a return soon.

Ethan Zohn: Talk about an inspirational story. Ethan beat cancer and you know he would love to earn some more dough for his soccer charity in Africa. I dont think anyone has been loved more on Survivor.

Rupert Boneham: Right behind Ethan in lovable meter is Rupert who could also love to win some more money for his charity. Rupert is fun to watch and even though he is aging, he deserves another chance to finally nail down a victory.


Brenda: Other than Marty in Nicaragua, Brenda was a big time strategist who was also a great athlete in challenges. She reminds me so much of Parvati and would also be a potential villain candidate.

Cirie Fields: Cirie is another one who has been talked to supposedly about coming back. She seems like a logical choice.

Jane Bright: Jane VS. Marty II would be a nice subplot to this season and she proved herself big time in challenges during her stay in Nicaragua.

Andre Boehlke: She has a thing for Matt and she also was a big time athlete. She seemed right at home in the outdoors and I think she was underutilized by Burnett as far as coverage was concerned.

Jerri Manthey: Get her back one more time to see if she can finally get over the hump. Like with Rob, Jerri has become more popular as the show has gone on.

Kelly Wigglesworth: Surprising that she hasnt come back after her big showing in the debut season. She is obvoiusly much older now but she was very young the first time around.

Jenna Morasca: She had to leave after feeling her mom was close to death which she was in All Stars. As a former champ, we never got to see what she could do in defense of that title.

Sandra-Diaz Twine: She deserves to come back every time until she finally gets beat. Would love to see how the others treat her this time around.

Thats how I see it. Post below who else you would like to see in this season. It is happening.

Friday, August 5, 2011


So we get our second go-around with the Redemption Island theme on this fall's Survivor South Pacific and the two returnees are "Coach" Ben Wade fresh off a new movie along with super athletic and porn star look-wannabe Ozzie Lusth. Both guys will look to replicate the Rob Mariano path to winning the million for the first time in their Survivor careers but will they get there? Lets handicap both of their chances from this very high peanut stand.

Coach: Coach goes for the glory again as he comes off his very bad performance in Heroes VS. Villains. In fact Coach was the pivitol figure in a bad way in that he threw his vote in the ultimate Rob VS. Russell tribal council where Rob got sent hom because of it. It was a gutless move by Coach not to take a stand and he was soon booted out with nary a whimper. In fact Coach had a much better showing of himself in Tocantins when he finished fifth as he got backstabbed by JT. Throughout all of his schenanigans and philosophies, Coach has proven to be a very good challenge competitior as evidenced by him literally carrying Colby Donaldson down the beach in the first challenge in Heroes VS. Villains. So really this is not the problem with Coach.

The big issue is that Coach has zero mind for the game. He doesnt strategize like a Boston Rob or a Russell who are constantly looking for ways to get ahead and stay in the game. Coach is not this type of player and unless he begins a new method of play this season, it figures to be his downfall again this season. Whats interesting is that his lack of game could actually help him stay around a bit. Also many view Coach as sort of a mascot who is around ot entertain with his crazy stories and so he should be able to avoid trouble out of the gate unlike with Rob and Russell who were under siege right off the bat. I can see Coach getting into an alliance that ditches him when the merge arrives or soon thereafter as he is too trusting and so I certainly dont see him pulling a Rob and going out in a blaze of glory.

Ozzie: Ozzie in my mind is going to have it a bit tougher right away due to his reputation as quite possibly the best challenge player ever. The fact he was blindsided in an all-time Survivor moment in Micronesia surely has stuck in his craw since and he is likely to come out aggressive with a take-no-prisoners attitude. It will either enable him to form a big time alliance that he can ride through the game or have him voted out right away like what happened with Russell. It could really go either way. I think everyone else will be wary of his challenge domination and so he will have a tough time getting to a merge unless he really woos a few people to his side in the first few days of the game.

Thats how I see it. Ultimately neither guy will win in my mind but if I had to choose I would say that I can see Ozzie winning more so than Coach. Let me know what you think about this.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

180 Trailer

In light of him returning to Survivor this fall, Benjamin "Coach" Wade is also in the news for producing and releasing a movie that he will star in called 180. Co-starring in the movie as his love interest is none other than his Survivor Heroes VS. Villains co-competitor Danielle DiLorenzo. Trailer is below. Enjoy.


The Survivor South Pacific cast has pretty much been all "outed" despite no formal anouncement from CBS. Yes Coach Wade and Ozzie Lusth are back for Redemption and the Hantz influence is still being felt with the presence of his nephew this season. Here are the rest of the cast as idetified by Facebook and Internet reports.


1. Coach Ben Wade
2. Ozzie Lusth
3. Albert Destrade-26, Plantation Florida, high school baseball coach
4. Anthony Caruso-47, Forest Hills New York, retired FDNY and registered nurse.
5. Brandon Hantz-20, Katy Texas
6. Jim Rice-35, Denver Colorado, wine store owner
7. John Cochran-23, Cambridge MA, Harvard law student
8. Keith Tollefson-26, San Diego CA, environmental specialist
9. Rick Nelson-51, Aurora Utah, horseriding instructor


1. Whitney Duncan-26, Scotta Hill Tenn., southern blonde
2. Sophie Clarke-22, Willsboro, NY, pre-med student
3. Mikayla Wingle-21, Tampa Bay Fla., lingerie football
4. Elyse Umemoto-27, Las Vegas Nev., former pageant queen
5. Christine Shields-44, New York, NY.
6. Stacey Powell-42, Wichita Falls, TX, funeral director

This is what we got right now. Will handicap their chances when I get to look at the videos but in the meantime it looks like your typical Survivor cast. Lots of nice-looking individuals with the requisite Southern belle's and country hicks thrown in. What do you think of the look of the cast?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The next Survivor South Pacific contestant has been revealed as Anthony Caruso from Forest Hills, New York. Caruso is a retired NYPD ad now works as a nurse. He is 47 years old.

My View: I always like when Survivor has a New Yorker in the cast. As a native Long Islander, I can be the first to tell you that they make great contestants due to their short tempers and always on the go mentality.

Friday, July 22, 2011


So one interesting name that apprently is on this upcoming season of Survivor South Pacific is none other than Russell Hantz' nephew Brandon. Brandon is a 20-year old married father of a baby which already makes him more mature than his evil uncle. He is from Katy, Texas and looks to be in this season

My View: Here we go again with the Hantz obsession that Probst and Burnett have. Its bad enough they crammed him down out throats for three seasons but now we are branching off into his family? I hope to God this kid is not a Russell wanna-be. We finally saw the Evil One humbled in Redemption Island but apparently he is not out of the picture completely. Here is hoping we dont see the idiot show up for the family visit.


Survivor South Pacific rumors are flying and the cast is starting to take shape around Coach and Ozzie. Start checking back in daily as I will be attacking this hard like usual up until the debut. Good to be back.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Multiple sources have reported that Ben "Coach" Wade and Ozzie Lusth will be the two returning players for Survivor South Pacific. Coach's name was widely known for a few weeks but Ozzie's just sprang up recently. Ozzie of course is known as quite possibly the best physical player ever due to his dominance in challenges and he also is known for being the victim of one of the biggest blindsides ever in Micronesia. Coach on the other hand has been victimized by being too trusting and so the theme is set here with these two.

Analysis: I have to say I am really disappointed in this twosome. I was ecstatic about Rob and Russell and it lived up to its hype. This time around I am very cold to these two for separate reasons. Coach has zero stratgic game and he has only been a mouthpiece during his two seasons. Ozzie on the other hand was a pretty boy who also didnt have much of a strategic game. They both dont make me run to the tv to turn this season on so right there its a letdown for me here. Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Its looking very good that Coach Wade will be back for the next edition of Survivor which will take place in the South Pacific. More than one outlet is reporting that Coach is in fact one of the two who will be coming back for for the next season with the other returning player still unknown. Strong rumors for that second played have Phillip coming right back to play again. Stay tuned.

Analysis: I wrote on here about a year ago how Coach was rumored to be invited to play Survivor again and there was some confusion as to whether he was going to be on the just completed season. Obviously that turned out not to be the case but it does appear as though he will in fact be back for South Pacific. I have mixed feelings on this in that Coach had no game to speak of. He was a mouthpiece and nothing more. Same goes for Phillip who has been rumored to be the other contestant. This was reinforced by his comments on the red carpet before the finale of Redemption Island. All in all not what I wanted to see. Your thoughts?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Survivor: Redemption Island - Red Carpet Interview - Phil


Above is the red carpet interview that Phillip gave before the season finale of Survivor Redemption Island and during the segment he reveals that he will be back for a future season. Many are already saying that Phillip and Coach are the two returning players for next season and this just adds to the speculation.

Analysis: I am really hoping that Phillip and Coach dont return. As great and exciting as it was to have Rob and Russell come back, I would not feel anywhere near the same emptions if those two got back out there. Both guys had absolutely no game when it game to Survivor and so they really offer nothing but a gimmicky behavior. Lets hope this is not the case.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


All right so the last two days I discussed who I thought had a good chance of being the returning players for the next season of Survivor Redemption Island and things have started to heat up as far as rumors are concerned. First of all, its still not known if the two returning players have even been contacted yet. Be that as it may, the rumor mill has been spinning and this is what I have been hearing.

-Phillip and Coach: This is a strong rumor that I am hearing in many corners. Coach has been a name that has been mentioned as far as Burnett and Probst wanting to give another shot to and Phillip obviously is coming off a tough season where he was ridiculed pretty much the entire time out there. These two have been two of the most polarizing players ever and not in a positive sense so it could be that they area the next two based on their need for redemption.

-Phillip and Matt: Phillip again being mentioned but this time with Matt. This one makes more sense to me as far as Matt not really getting a chance to play since he was kicked to Redemption Island twice. We saw how Bobby John and Stephenie were brought back soon after Palau where their tribe was the worst performing group ever and so they never really had a chance. Matt never really had a chance in Redemption Island so this could very well be possible.

-Marty and Jane/Brenda: There seems to be a solid sentiment of the two returning players being recent ones so as to relate more to those fans who got into Survivor later on in its run and Marty and Jane has battles on par with Rob and Russell in Nicaragua. I dont want to see this because Jane doesnt have the game that the other three guys I mentioned in this paragraph. Brenda on the other hand with Marty would be good in that both had big time game and were very strategic.

-Rob C/Jenna Morasca: The two Amazon foes could be getting ready to go at it again. I always thought Rob C was overdue to come back but I cant see Jenna since she has won already. Be that as it may, both were big time players who will bring credibility so there is that possibility.

So thats what I am hearing. I will pass along more as I hear it. Let me know what you think of these groups.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The other day I looked at the men who might be brought back next seson for Survivor 23 which continues the Redemption Island theme. My best bets for the men are Rob C and Russell Swan but there very well could be two women this time around so lets take a look at who I think could be coming back.

Jenna Morasca: The last time we saw Jenna, she was voluntarily leaving All Stars due to the ongoing health struggles of her mom. She made the right choice as her mom died shortly thereafter. Yes she has already won the game but she is very close with Burnett and Probst and she would fit in a returning capacity against Rob C in a rematch from Amazon. Less likely would have her returning with boyfriend Ethan but you never know.

Brenda: I forgot to mention in the Men's edition about Marty and the thinking with that would be him coming back with Brenda who really were the only two strategic players in the terrible Nicaragua season. Brenda was a real player and those two would make perfect sense.

Cirie: She fits the moniker of a player who is great but yet who hasnt won the game. She always said she wouldnt come back unless she had a legitimate chance to win so I doubt its here but its also not out of the realm of possibility.

Sue Hawk/Kelly Wigglesworth: Would love to see this one as one of the greatest Survivor moments was seeing Hawk give it to Wigglesworth in that memorable first final TC. You know Hawk would be game to come back but Wigglesworth has been AWOL since.

Jane: Jane went at it hard against Marty in Nicaragua and that would be a fun twist having the two of them back as well. She was a very tough lady and has nothing to be shamed of in her performance there. Ultimately she didnt have the strategic aspect down pat to be a big threat to win the game.

Amanda Kimmel: She is still winless despite two trips to the final and like Rob, the quest to finally win would be a nice storyline. If you pair her with Cirie, it is looking like we could have something there.

So thats how I see it. Let me know if you think of other names.

Monday, May 16, 2011


He claims he is done with Survivor, but all time villain Russell Hantz is not finished with reality tv as he has signed on to star in a 7-episode series called Flipped where cameras will follow Hantz and his family as he buys Houston-area houses cheap and than tries to sell them at a profit. “There are tons of reality TV stars sitting on their couches and twiddling their thumbs because they haven’t created anything else,” Hantz says, “I expect to be one of the biggest house flippers in Houston and I am here to bring Houston’s economy back on its feet.” With the housing economy collapsing in a lot of areas of the country, it will be a challenge for Hantz to do as well here as he did in Survior.

My View: Good to see Hantz back on TV as he is no doubt a polorazing figure. His abrasive personality is always fun to watch and it will also be interesting to see his interaction with his family since we all look at him as an ogre. Should be good to watch.


At the end of the Survivor Redemption Island reunion show, like always we were introduced to the next location for the iconic program. Survivor 23 will head out to the South Pacific with 16 new contestants. The kicker was that we were also told that in addition there will be TWO more returning players looking for Redemption. Immediately there was speculation on who these two returning players were as the cast has not even been formed at this point. With that being said, I ran through all the seasons in my brain last night and came up with a list of who I thought these player could be as far as the men are concerned. Let me know what you think.

JT Thomas: This was the first name that popped into my head as JT made the biggest blunder in Survivor history when he stupidly handed a hidden immmunity idol to Russell Hantz of all people during Heroes VS. Villains. Surely he could use some major redemption from that goof but the only thing that gives me pause is the fact that he has won already.

Ethan Zohn: Ethan is also a former winner but he had to undergo a fierce battle with cancer which he successfully won. Always looking to help his charity, Zohn would make a great story of overcoming odds to get back into the game. One of the nicest guys to ever play the game, Ethan is my sentimental pick.

Russell Swan: This is the most likely pick in my book as Swan was playing great and leading a massive tribe dominance in Samoa until he had to leave for medical reasons. He literally almost died out there and the devastation on his face when he was forced to leave was tought to watch. He deserves a second chance and I honestly think he is the one.

Rob Cesternino: Was shocked that Cesternino was not on Heroes VS. Villains and the guy was given the nickname by Probst as the "best player never to have won the game." He still keeps in touch with the show through blogging on the CBS website and he is overdue for a return. I think he would get the Russell Hantz treatment and get booted out fast but at least he deserves a try.

Rupert Boneham: Cant you just see Rupert back out there? He too is always looking to raise money for charity and he is still young enough to try again. I just dont think his storyline is big enough for this.

Mike Skupin: We all know about his injury in falling into the fire during Australia and I am surprised we havent seen him since. He has become a big time religious speaker and he could use this as a platform to spread the liturgy. A longshot but he always has to be considered.

There you have it. I will post my women's list in a bit. Let me know what you think.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Jeff Probst said it best and its undisputable: Rob Mariano played the Perfect Game of Survivor and his performance this season will go down as the most dominating effort ever in the show illustrious history. The Survivor Redemption Island season is in the books and Boston Rob has finally won that elusive title after a ten year wait. It was a great season all around and there are a million things to get to. So without further delay, lets get to all notable moments and happenings from the great finale.

-First things first. I will concretely stand here and say to you all that Rob Mariano has proven once and for all to be the very best player in Survivor history. What he was able to accomplish this season goes beyond anything I ever could have imagined and his complete destruction of the game and the people around him will set the bar for the rest of the series' run. No one will ever approach that level of dominance in a single season ever and even the great villain Russell Hantz acknowledged the tremendous effort Rob put in by shaking his hand at the reunion show. Rob claims he is done playing and I have every reason to believe thats true since he has nothing left to prove. Here here to a Survivor legend and first ballot Hall Of Famer.
-The final of Survivor Redemption Island was a tremendous episode all the way around as it almost always is. The drama is unmatched by any reality show out there and its this episode that makes the show such a hit and is the prime reason for its longevity. The Redemption Island twist itself was not so great in my mind as it got annoying after awhile but overall, its did keep things a bit interesting as far as strategy was concerned.
-Regarding the final TC, Rob gave a great speech like I knew he would, while Natalie and Phillip dropped the ball as expected. The two of them really had no case in asking to be worthy of the million dollars and lets take a second to give a solid shout out to David who contributed quite possibly the best jury speech ever. Instead of talking to the three finalists, he went on to correctly note that Rob played the best game ever and that it wasnt even close. This was tremendous to see due to the fact that many times over the last few seasons of Survivor, we have seen bitter juries cloud their judgements on who should win the million dollars and who played the best game. This has always been the most annoying aspect of the game for me as some great players were denied the title based on sour grapes (Russell in Samoa, Rob in All Stars). It really started to look like that was going to happen again as Rob was getting reamed out by the jury which kind of shocked me. Whereas in All Stars where he acted like a jerk and was open about screwing people, this time around Rob played a cleaner game and did his dirty work behind the scenes which I thought the jury would respect. What really gets me is that these people dont seem to understand the concept of this game. Your not out there to make friends and even worse is that I can guarantee you that all of those jury members who railed at Rob for being deceitful and underhanded would have done the same things if they had gotten to the end of the game. Tough choices are a given and feelings are going to get hurt. If you dont like it than dont play. Ashley was the biggest loser of all when it came to this as she was giving Natalie the evil eye and going off on the friends and backstabbing thing. You cant win and be successful at Survivor if you cant do those things and if your not prepared to make those choices, than dont go. Damn.
-As far as Phillip is concerned in the final TC, he totally pulled a Clay and acted like a jerk to the jury which obviously will not get him votes. Honestly though I felt bad seeing the way he was treated and mocked. It reminded me of the nerdy kid in school who got picked on because he didnt act like everyone else and behaved in a non-conforming manner which made people uncomfortable and thus earned ridicule. Its the same concept. I loved the fact that Phillip was proven to tbe a federal agent and was shown to be an Army veteran. Most of these people in the game couldnt hold a candle to him as far as life experiences and so I felt for the guy. Ultimately he got further along than they did and so he should be proud.
-That leads me to Julie. You all know I loved Julie throughout the game and I was rooting hard for her. However her jury speech was claseless and mean spirited. Her attack on Natalie was terrible. As a mom she should realize that a young girl at her age in such a tough game was going to make some mistakes and she really didnt do anything that would make me not proud of her if I were her parent. That was way off. Also what she said to Phillip about his son was even more of a low blow. My philosophy is to never bring in anyone's kids into the equation and she crossed a big line there. That was just wrong and she looked like an idiot for it.
-Andrea was a big eye opener this season as she was a very tough competitor in challenges and it was amazing that she was able to beat Grant, Mike, and Matt in that last duel. Great job on her part and for what its worth, she was totally right in criticizing the girls for not making a move on Rob. She was the only one who spoke openly about making such a move and even though it backfired on her, at least she tried.
-Now that leads me to Matt. All along I thought he was surely going back into the game. After all he beat crazy odds to get to the verge of making the final five and so it was incredibly anti-climactic to see him lose out in that last Redemption Island duel. I felt like us as viewers were robbed of a great storyline there and so I was very disappointed to see that, even though I knew it would be at great peril to Rob to see him back in the game. Ultimataely thoughg I am also thankful that I dont have to write a heading tonight about the whether or not it was ethical of not to award someone a million bucks who was voted out twice. Let it be known however that had Matt gotten back into the game, he was going to win the dough. It was a given.
-Ralph voting for Phillip was hilarious and just about summed up how lost he was. I got to say thought that I was happy for Phillip to get that one vote after all the abuse he took and he had that over Natalie who got no votes.
-Wow Steve took a beating this season. First he was accused of being a racist by Phillip which thankfully the latter apologized for, and than he was called out by Russell for throwing the challenge. Yikes. Oh and Probst really ruined that whole scene as he interrupted Russell and Steve's banter and changed the topic. That had the chance of getting heated and Probst threw water all over it. Bad job.
-David getting enagaed was cringe TV. First of all I didnt even remember who she was and second of all she seemed like she was going to say no. She also was cursing on the TV which was real ladylike.
-Amber looked good as always. The two kids were adorable. Great family and that whole group was completely built on Survivor.

All right folks it was a great season and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Would love to hear what you have to say. Post below so we can exchange thoughts. Also keep checking back through the summer for all the latest info and news which will be posted as soon as I hear. Next season goes to South Pacific and we get two more returning players. My guess....and I have no info on this.....JT for his boneheaded move of giving the idol to Russell which needs to be redeemed and Rob Cesternino who is the best player never to have won. If I am right you heart it here first. Take care everyone and keep reading. Ciao.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


So tomorrow night we get to the finale of Survivor Redemption Island and I will say all in all that this has been one of the better seasons in recent memory. Of course coming off Survivor Nicaragua which was one of the worst seasons ever, it didnt have a lot to live up to in a comparison there. However even Probst acknowledged that this was one of his favorite seasons ever and I have to agree. Of course being a Rob Mariano groupie, I guess you can see why I liked it so much. You have to admit though that Rob's utter domination of this game was not one where it made it boring and predictable to watch. Rob put on a clinic out there and it was a thing of beauty. Unlike Russell Hantz, who got destroyed in all facets of this game from Ralph getting the hidden idol of all people, to the rest of the Zapatera tribe showing no fear of him and booting him right out, Rob played the good guy and not the in your face asshole he was in Marquesas and All Stars. Also unlike Russell, Rob learned how to re-engineer his game and learn from past mistakes and here he is with a chance to finally win the title he has deserved for so long. Whether he gets it or not will be determined by a few things which we will get to but right now lets get down to the nitty gritty and take a look at the prime contenders and non-factors in tomorrow's finale.

The Favorite: Rob Mariano
-The Boston Red Sox finally winning the World Series. The New York Rangers finally winning a Stanley Cup in 1994 after not winning one going back to 1940. Rob Marioano finally winning a Survivor title after ten long years and four seasons? If for nothing else, Rob has won Player Of The Year honors hands down. Expect to hear his name called out on the Reunion Show in that regard. Besides that, Rob has dominated this game unlike any contestant has EVER dominated a season of Survivor. Everyone knew who Rob was but yet he still was able to do his thing which is a testament to his charm and his game play. Getting to the final 3 will be tough as he figures to be targeted right away. He still has the hidden idol which he can use up until the final four so obviously he gets that far. The key is that final immunity challenge. If he wins it, he likely wins the game. If he loses, than you can be sure he gets voted out as the other will correctly realize its now or never as far as being able to get him out before the final TC. Should be fun to watch to see if he can finally win that elusive title.

The Contenders
Natalie: I can see Natalie winning on the basis of her youth and charm. She is a kid and the young girl always plays well in front of a jury. She has not backstabbed one person to date and has stayed loyal to Rob the whole way. If she does in fact betray him in the end, than it could be trouble. Still I always thought she could pull a Natalie White here and steal it at the end so I am sticking with my hunch.

Matt: Matt is a HUGE threat to win it all if he gets back into the game. At this point, do you really think he WONT win that last Redemption duel? The guy has been on a roll like nothing I have ever seen before. Think about the odds he has had to overcome in winning all of those duels along the way against all those people? Its absurd to think about. He will be full of fury if he comes back into the game and cant you just see the ultimate revenge of Matt taking out Rob in that last endurance duel and than orchestrating his elimination? What a juicy plot that would be. It could happen and honestly despite the fact he was voted out twice already which is a big no-no in my book as far as being worthy of winning, the path that Matt took to get there has to be considered and justly rewarded.

Mike: The good guy of the cast, Mike earns some big kudos for allowing the Ometepe to get their family visit. He is genuinely one of the nicest guys ever to be on the show and he will be a major factor to win if he gets to the final TC. Would love to see him do it if Rob doesnt get there.

Grant: Grant is the lowest of the three contenders here as I dont see him taking it but I cant discount it entirely either. He was a warrior in challenges and was a loyal guy all the way without finding trouble. If he does get back in, things could work out for him here but I dont see it.

The Pretenders
Early on the rumors were that Ashley had won but that was before all the so-called spoilers were torn apart. I just cant see any scenario where she would win unless she gets to a final of her, Phillip, and say Andrea. She has done nothing up until winning that last immunity challenge and I will be very angry is she wins.

Andrea: She was annoying to me the whole time with her stupid opinions and subsequent argument with Matt when she got to Redemption Island. She is tough for sure but she is not winning this for sure.

You Never Know
Phillip: I know you are all going to think I am crazy like Phillip but I get this nagging feeling that we might be getting setup for a shock here. Phillip was seen as the biggest longshot ever in Survivor but here he is with a chance to get to the end and once there, you never know. It would be something to see for sure but this is a You Never Know scenario in my opinion.

There you have it. It should be fun as always with this. Check back tomorrow for all the wrapup and commentary like always.