Sunday, May 9, 2010


Attention all Russell haters (of which I am the President of that club): rumor has it that Russell gets confronted and things get physical between he and Coach/JT at Ponderosa. Those of you who are not familiar with Ponderosa, when a Survivor contestant that will be in the jury gets voted out, they are taken to a place called Ponderosa which basically is a Survivor resort where they eat crazy amounts of gourmet food and wallow in a vacation setting. EVERY Survivor thats voted out from jury on and also those who make the end of the game are taken here for evaluation by a doctor at the very least. So there is no spoiler aspect to this rumor as Russell could have still won (not likely) and taken to Ponderosa for a checkup.

As far as the fight itself, from the videos that I have seen from Ponderosa, JT, Coach, and Courtney became very close and even recorded an original song together as a result of them forming a band (and the song sounds pretty good). On many occasions the three are shown discussing their extreme hate for Russell and how they will give him the complete cold shoudler when he gets to Ponderosa. This sounds like a powder keg situation where one snide remark from Russell could set off Coach and JT in a second and the fight is on.

Now I am 50/50 on whether this is true or not. We will find out soon when the videos are released. The rumor is out there however and I would love nothing more than to see the asshole gets his butt kicked. It is long overdue.

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