Monday, May 3, 2010

POLL RESULTS: Best Player Ever

Well after 40 days, the poll I placed up asking for the best Survivor player ever has run its course. An even 50 votes altogether were cast and the results were somewhat surprising to me but also a bit eye opening. I will get to that in a second. First the breakdown of votes:

1. Russell Hantz-28 votes
2. Richard Hatch-7 votes
3. Parvati Shallow-7 votes
4. Boston Rob-7 votes
5. Rupert Boneham-2 votes
6. Amanda Kimmell-1 vote

Now let's digest these numbers and allow me to give my spin on it.

First off, I truly believe that Russell won this going away because he is the "NOW" player. In other words, its been over 10 years since Richard Hatch destroyed the first Survivor and made it his own in truly dominant fashion. There is no doubt that about 3/4 of the current viewers of Survivor never saw the original series. The first season was a huge success for sure but it wasnt until Australia where viewing records were set. Survivor was just a curiosity in Borneo and the amazing game play of Richard went unseen by most.

Russell has been a great player the last two seasons and he has mastered the mental aspect of controlling people. No one is doubting that. What must be taken into account is the very big aspect of him not winning in S19 and most likely not winning H VS V. Sure he got screwed by a bitter jury in 19 but Richard Hatch pissed off everyone in Borneo but still got the check and the respect for his game play. Russell has failed miserably at this and the way he begged for the title at the S19 reunion show is clear evidence that he has not shot to win H VS V and realizing this, went to pathetic means to try and buy the championship from Natalie. In my book in order to be considered the best ever, YOU HAVE TO HAVE WON THE GAME.

And in H VS V we still have Sandra and Parvati around as former winners and if they add a second title, than they automatically get the title with no questions asked. Anyone who can survive the elements and win two different games deserves the nod with no objection. And in an interesting development, Parvati received five of her seven votes in the last 10 days. That tell me that in light of recent developments in H VS V (where Parvati has made big moves to dwarf Russell), more and more fans are coming to her side in this debate as she tries to become the first ever repeat winner.

If Borneo was played in S18 right before Russell came about, there is not doubt that this poll would have been closer.

On a last note, I swear it wasnt me who cast the one vote for Amanda. I just threw her in there to see if anyone would reward her with having made the if finals twice. Although I placed her on the all time Survivor team, (check previous post for the rest of the squad) she in no way deserves consideration for best ever. Whoever cast that vote I would like to hear the argument.

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