Monday, May 17, 2010

Survivor Heroes VS Villains Reunion Show

As always, the reunion show followed the 2 hour finale and I always have enjoyed this "after party." Emotions are still on high after the tribe members watch the finale together and we get to the bottom of the many strategies, conflicts, regrets, and everything else that went on. Last night's show didn't dissapoint in that matter (including the pitched Boston Rob VS Russell Hantz possible future edition of Survivor which was first pitched HERE last month.....go back and check...its there....I'll wait). Here are the highlights from this peanut gallery:

-Hands down the best part was when Boston Rob responded to Russell's dig about how he never won the game by saying that "given the opportunity I'd gladly go back kick your ass all over the island." The idiot than stands up and tried to shake Rob's hand and Boston's finest tells him "I wont shake your hand." Russell looked stupid for sure. He didnt expect that for sure. Dissed!!!!!!
-We all know Russell is a classless asshole and a huge blowhard but his actions during the beginning of the reunion show was over the top. His screaming and whining about why Sandra didn't deserve to be considered the best ever and how fans should have a say in the outcome was classic sore losing at the highest degree and made him look like such a pathetic crybaby. Jeff Probst was getting very annoyed at him and on two occasions told him to "Stop.....and breath" and to "plant it" when he continually kept standing up to address the others. No doubt Probst seemed to be tired of Russell's act and seemed VERY insulted when Russell made a dig on the show being flawed.
-As far as the flawed comment that Russell made and his desire to have the fans vote, that was the biggest joke of all. I dont want to hear anyone tell me this is a good idea because its about the worst thing that could happen to Survivor. The show was NEVER meant to have that aspect to it and 10 years in to make that kind of change would be reinventing the wheel so to speak. The show is a success and has done just fine without it. And Russell's reasoning that fans would cure the bitter jury problem is wayyyyy off line and short sighted for a number of reasons. The first reason is that whose to say that fan voting wouldn't be just as corrupt. I dont need to tell American Idol fans or Dancing With The Stars fans about the dangers of having fans vote. Too many times to count we have seen out of leftfield results week in and week out in these shows (Cloris Leachman staying for weeks on DWTS and that red haired kid making the final 5 the Carrie Underwood season in Idol???) Just as many problems and more could occur with fans voting. And last night's player of the year vote which Russell won for 100,000 shows you why this wouldn't work. You can say Russell was the player of the year (debatable.....I think Parvati was just as good if not better) but Rupert coming in a close second???? I am a HUGE Rupert fan but even I will admit he did next to nothing in the game except to piss off the others with his inconsiderate ways around camp. If anything Parvati should have been right on his tail in votes and there was no mention of that. And the biggest reason for not having fans vote is the fact that Survivor was never meant for that aspect. The whole idea of the game is to put 16-20people together in a remote location and see what transpires. The best players mix stategy and excellence in the challenges while ALSO being able to play the people game successfully enough in order to curry favor with the jury at the end of the game. This is where Russell is a complete bust and he has no one else to blame but himself.
-Wanted to get back to the Boston Rob VS Russell Hantz future edition of Survivor. I wrote about this last month and thought this would be an awesome idea. Even the biggest Russell fans have to admit he had an unfair advantage coming into this game in that no one ever saw him play before. No doubt if these players had seen his season in Samoa, he would have been the first voted out. So now that Rob has the book on him, it would be a great mano-a-mano battle between two warriors. Love to see my idea come to fruition and I honestly see this happening in the future. It would be a huge ratings hit and that the name of the game in the television business.
-We all talked about how Boston Rob transformed himself from villain to hero in H VS V but the same can be said of Jerri Manthey. As you all know I have been a big fan of hers this time around and I feel she deserves a ton of credit. Her reputation as a villain was overblown and she aquitted herself well in the game.
-Was totally bush league of Russell to embaress JT the way he did by saying he made a winner look like the dumbest player in history was just wrong. Yeah JT made a dumb move but that was a total low blow to a nice guy that didnt deserve to be destroyed like that. Probst threw JT a bone by saying strategically it wasnt that bad of a move but the fans thought otherwide as they gave him the title of making the dumbest move in Survivor history.
-Amber and Rob's baby was cute. I dont like the dark hair on her though.
-Randy's bald head made me a bit worried. I hope he is not sick. I havent heard that so lets hope he is all right.
-Amanda looked hot as always. Boy do I miss seeing her in a bikini.
-Russell saying over and over again that he played ONE GAME drove me to almost kick over my TV. What the hell does that mean anyway????
-Survivor is going to Nicaragua next which I reported last month. Yeah I love being ahead of the curve.
-So after the finale I finally opened the e-mail of the spoiled boot list someone sent me months ago and I was shocked to see it was 100 percent correct. Damn CBS must have been pissed. Major leak somewhere that needs to be plugged. I will do a post on this later.
-Oh and in a HUGE shock Russell's wife Melanie was there in the audience. It has been widely reported that she served him divorce papers but there she was in the flesh. Appearing to see how much she will ask for in the divorce settlement??? Looks like they are trying to work it out.
-Love Long Island's own Tom Westman sticking up for Sandra and saying she deserved the victory.
-The last thing that just came to mind is that when Russell said to Rob "Did you ever win the game?" and Rob said "No"; he should have answered that "I didnt win but my wife did and that million dollar check is sitting in my bank account. Do you have one?" That would have been awesome.

Thats it for now. A great season for sure. As I said before I will keep up with daily posts on the show and bring you the lastest Survivor news.

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