Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Please excuse me for the delay. I just got back from throwing up after seeing that disgusting challenge. Gross. Anyways lets stop wasting time and get right to it.

-Elyse gets blindsided tonight which was a very good move by Jim, Dawn, and Cochran. Ozzy totally screwed up by voicing his opinion of why he thought Albert should be voted out due to his strength and so Jim correctly took that as a threat and acted on it. Even though I started out by saying I couldnt stand Jim (which is still true), I have come to respect his game and how he thinks things out. He was willing to take a chance and go against the alliance in order to eliminate a major threat in the Ozzy-Elyse relationship and it worked out. Someone who takes that kind of risk gets props in my book. And this gives Cochran and Dawn new life in the game as they now have more room to maneuver.
-As far as Ozzy is concerned, he is now in big trouble and the saving grace for him is the fact he has the hidden immunity idol. The merge cant get to him soon enough though as he needs to hook up with the other group in order to save his game. By the looks of things the Savaii struggle in next week's challenge and if theyu lose he will lose the idol and than be at their mercy. Thats a lot of jumping ahead though so lets not go there yet. Still this is a major setback in his game and Coach clearly has the upper hand in their duel at this point.
-As far as Whitney and Keith are concerned, they totally punked out when it came to the vote. The fact that they threw their vote to Dawn as a means to not go against their bond with Ozzy so as not to lose his trust is ridiculous. Of course Ozzy will feel burned by them no matter who they voted for as they didnt vote for Elyse which was the bottom line. It was such a wimpy ass move that they look so stupid now for it. Whereas Jim looks good for making the stand, those two look weak for refusing to make the stand. I am so not impressed with Keith who for all his muscles crashed and burned in the strength challenge last week and now this. Weak.
-I said during week 1 that Cochran's edit reminds me of Fabio early on and we all know how that ended up. Its not the craziest thing in the world to think that he cant sneak through this game and win it in the end. Just saying.
-My God that challege. That was the single most disgusting challenge I have ever seen on Survivor and it actually made me long for the days of Gervase eating the larva beetles in Survivor 1. Just nasty all around. And how about the tribes biting the pieces out of each other's mouths? You have got to be kidding me. I hope to never see that again. And I guarantee you somewhere out there someone lost their dinner all over their carpet.
-Coach is rocking it folks. He now has possession of the hidden immunity idol and is the clear favorite to win with five episodes down the drain. He is really stepping up his game this time around and there is no way you can criticize his play so far. Good stuff.
-Albert made an interesting choice to share in the idol with Coach and Sophie. On the one hand it could offer him protection in case he gets in trouble and needs the other two to give it to him which I think they would do. On the other hand, its nice to have it as a hidden piece of strategy to play later on in the game. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.
-Rick is this season's Purple Kelly. He is playing isnt he?
-The Redemption challenge was good and from the start it was easy to see that Christine would win. She thought through the strategy involved in it while Stacey just arrogantly went through the motions. So Christine has a nice little winning streak going on but unlike last season with Matt, I dont see it as a major force in the game at this point. I cant see her making a dent if she does come back into action.

Thats all for now folks. Check back for the bonus videos tomorrow along with the rankings which I am sorry for not updating this past week.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Season 25 of Survivor is fast approaching and there are very strong reports that production has reached out to many former players with the idea of having another All Star season like was seen during the tenth installment of the show. Some of the names in the rumor mill that have come across my ears are:

Marty, Brenda, and Fabio (Nicaragua)
Todd Herzog
Rob Cesternino
Sandra Diaz-Twine (going for a three-peat_
Amber Brkitch (doubtful with two kids)
Ethan and Jenna (very strong rumors on these two)
Phillip, Matt, Andrea (Redemption Island)

Those are the names I am hearing but its way too early to determine the validity on this. Just wanted to put it out there. Your thoughts?


Survivor 24 rumors are coming in and the biggest one is that the next season will have males versus females which hasnt been done in quite some time and the twist this time around is that for the first time in Survivor history, BOTH tribes will be living on the same beach. Also there apparently are no returning players for this season as the rumored All Star season will likely come on the 25th anniversary.

My View: This seems interesting and a bit played out at the same time. I never like the males versus female gimmick but the twist of having them live on the same beach is something new. It will be fun to see how the tribes act after challenges when talk begins on who to vote out from the losing team with the winning team being privy to all of this info. Also think about how much scheming across tribal lines could be taking place in this setting. It has potential.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Wrapup and commentary. You know the drill.

Things start off at Savaii as Elyse and Ozzy hang in the hammock. Jim notices this as he starts to grow concerned. He soon thinks that Elyse is the one that should go. He takes this plan to Cochran and hatches a plan to kick her out.

We than go overto Upolo as Brandon continues to fight himself and he soon talks with Mikayla and apologizes to her. She is not buying it though and is still down on him in the game. Eventually we see Edna and Brandon talking as he sweet talks her. He tells her about the core five alliance and apologizes to her as well. She feels hurt and annoyed about this.

Over at Savaii the tree mail comes in with bathing suits included. The Redemption Island dual is upon them as well as Cochran and Jim decide to go. We than see Dawn growing concerned about the young girls on the tribe and how she thinks her age is working against her. Jim meanwhile continues to try and work the tribe as he talks to Ozzy and Elyse about strategy. Soon Jim and Cochran leave as Ozzy talks out loud about how he talks too much strategy. Dawn thinks he is full of it however.

We than head over to the Redemption Island duel as Brandon and Edna join Jim and Cochran. Chistine and Papa Bear soon face off and making a long challenge short, we see Christine upset Papa Bear and stay in the game.

Back at Upolo, the tribe is sitting around drinking coffee as Edna continues to feel insecure about her place in the group. Stacey gets annoyed about her brownnosing and wants her out. Edna continues to go on and on as Makayla too grows annoyed.

At Savaii, Dawn tells Cochran about what took place when he was at the challenge. Cochran eventually realizes that he has to do some more work on trying to get Elyse out. She is receptive to it and the plan is starting to come into place.

The challenge soon arrives as the stakes get higher by the day. Eventually we find Savaii win a strength challenge as Dawn outlasts Stacey as the last remaining weight bearers. Savaii wins immunity and Upolo is heading to tribal council.

Back at Upolo, the talk begins on who is going. Stacey feels like she proved herself in the challenge as Coach congratulates those who took part. Edna soon talks to Stacey about whats going down and he doesnt offer much to her. Coach also later talks to Stacey as she tries to convince him that Edna should go. Stacey than decides to start trouble and create some paranoia by lying, starting with Brandon. It works as he starts to feel insecure. Brandon takes it to Coach and discusses what Stacey told him. Coach immediately tells him to stop it and not to buy her garbage as he sees through her ploy. Sophie seens this discussion and realizes that the core five is not solid. They soon go to TC and in the end we find Stacey voted out. She rebuffs a huge as she walks out from Coach.

All right lets get right to it.

-We start with the vote and there was no surprises there. Stacey is too volatile and has no allies on the tribe so she was expendable. It also guarantees that either she or Christine sees their game finished when they meet in Redemption Island. Coach was concerned about the two of them so this was a solid move on his part. Edna no doubt is annoying and struggles in challenges but she doesnt pose a threat to anyone. Yet another nice play by Coach.
-The Brandon Hantz show continued tonight as he apologized to everyone including the bugs that infiltrate their camp. Its hard for me to determine whether to feel sorry for the guy or to decide whether he is pulling a con that would put his uncle to shame. He contiues to be the story of the season and is a major scene stealer.
-Was very shocked to see Christine beat Papa Bear in the challenge. I didnt see that coming. She has a lot of spunk and deserves credit for going 2/2 through two challenges. Kudos. Its even money on whether she or Stacey wins the next duel.
-Jim and Cochran hatching a plan to oust Elyse is a solid one on the surface but trying to put a dent in Ozzy's game this early is not a good idea. Cochran is desperate so he should do what he can to stay around but Jim has no business doing this since he is in the core alliance. Not impressed with him to this point although he did very well in the challenge. He was stronger than I thought.
-Speaking of the strength challenge, first of all this is one of my favorite challenges since its always fun to see how strong these people are. Secondly, it usually is good drama whcih was the case here. Brandon did awesome and I cant believe that he and Jim have the record for the most weight. Not likely candidates thats for sure. And how about Dawn? Damn she was great and she totally has been unreal in the challenges the last two weeks. Her stock continues to shoot up and she really has come around from that tough beginning when it looked like she was going to be out. I was surprised that Coach or Ozzy didnt take part in the challenge since both are very physical but it was good nonetheless. Good stuff.
-Keith totally touched Whitney's butt when they go the new bathing suits. Good for him. Every guy watching that was jealous.

Thats all for now. Check back for more tomorrow like always.

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Papa Bear heads off to Redemption Island for a duel with Christine as episode 4 of Survivor South Pacific kicks off tonight. With that in mind, lets update the rankings and determine where each player stands in the quest for the million dollars.

1. Ozzy: Ozzy moves back to the top spot due to the fact he has the hidden immunity idol and we all saw how well that worked out for Rob last season. Jim and Cochran are looking like they are trying to make a move on him but I dont think it will go anywhere.

2. Coach: Coach is playing a good game there is no doubt about it. Even if you are a big Coach critic (and there are many out there), you still got to give the guy props for actually playing a strategic game this time around. He continues to have teh respect of the remaining players on his team other than Stacey but the issue that could derail things for him is Brandon's flakiness.

3. Albert: Albert is a real live one to watch as he remains a big time physical threat and a likable character. Being in the Coach alliance also is a big plus. The rare big time athlete guy who is under the radar.

4. Keith: Keith seems sneaky to me as he already has gone behind Ozzy's back in revealing that he had the idol. Still Ozzy trusts him and it should take him far in the game.

5. Whitney: Whitney has formed a smaller alliance with Keith outside of the big five with Ozzy. She could play the Natalie White role this season and before you know it she is in the finals.

6. Sophie: She really has impressed me with her mind for the game. No one considers her a threat which is fine and she too seems to have Coach's ear.

7. Mikayla: She survived the last vote and that could launch her a bit in the game. She still has to get by the Brandon threat as he clearly has no use for her but her athleticism is a big asset.

8. Rick: Rick continues to him along as the rare older guy who sails through. He was a monster in the last immuntity challenge and his profession as a rancher is serving him well to this point.

9. Elyse: The second female in the Ozzy five alliance has done nothing to jeopardize her standing.

10. Edna: I ultimately think Coach will lose Brandon and pull Edna into the alliance. That will help her tremendously and could allow her to sneak through.

11. Dawn: She has rebounded well and was a plus in the last challenge so she has that going for her. Lets hop she stays around because she is a classy lady.

12. Brandon: He will either go very far or be out this week. He is a total basket case and it could hasten his departure.

13. Jim: I think Jim's act will wear thin real soon and if he is serious with making a move against Ozzy already, than he will be voted out quick. I wont shed a tear for the guy on his way out.

14. Stacey: The one to go when Upolo loses the next challenge. That is unless Brandon cant be tolerated anymore.

15. Cochran: I am noy buying the Cochran move on Ozzy. I think it will fail and I think Cochran soon will be out of there.

Thats how I see things. Let me know if you disagree. Also tune in after the episode for the wrapup and commentary.