Thursday, May 27, 2010

Survivor In Canada?????

Mark Burnett recently made some comments in passing when it was asked of him whether Survivor would ever go to a cold location in the future. As a frequent visitor to Canada, Burnett directly stated that he would love to someday stage a series of Survivor there. This of course would deny the audience from seeing buff, hot, sexy bodies romping on the beach for 39 days which no doubt contributes to the high ratings the show has always enjoyed. CBS owns the right to the show and have final say on locations so don't expect Burnett's wish to come true.

My View: I think it would be a TERRIBLE idea for Survivor to go to a cold location. I will make no apologies for enjoying seeing the Amanda Kimmels or Danielle DiLorenzo's strolling around in skimpy bathing suits and there is nothing sexy about seeing a chick in ear muffs and a ski jacket. The show would lose the audience quick with this. I hope we never see it and I honestly would be shocked to see CBS agree to doing it.

What do you think? Would like to see a Survivor in a cold climate? Or is it a dumb idea?

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