Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Did Russell Blow His Chance For Survivor Nicaragua???

As one of the first to report that Survivor 21 and 22 would be filmed in Nicaragua, I now have another interesting tidbit of info for you in relation to that development. Got word from a trusted mole that executive producer Mark Burnett is pretty ticked off about Russell getting arrested a few weeks ago in Lousiana after he aggresively shoved a fellow patron to the ground. I have reported all along that Russell would almost certainly be brought back a third time (which I also have said means he lost Heroes VS Villains....another shot to get that elusive title???) but this incident has casued Burnett and company to seriously contemplate moving on without him.

This would not be much of a shock if this does in fact happen. Burnett is extremely sensitive to negative press for any of his cast members and would no doubt have no problem keeping the Golden Boy Russell out of Survivor Nicaragua as a result. So things continue to spiral downward for Mr. Hantz. First he loses S19 and I believe S20. His wife files for divorce and now he is arrested for assault which could cost him a spot on the next edition of Survivor. Nice going loser.

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