Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Survivor Nicaragua host Jeff Probst is doing his best to hype up tomorrow's episode which he states will be "thrilling." This past Wednesday was the Secret Scenes episode that the public yawns at and so Probst was making a point of getting the audience back into the mindset of Nicaragua as we head down the homestretch of the season. With only 9 people left in the game, it surely will get interesting.

Analysis: There is no doubt that tomorrow's show will be a must see as there are two huge events that will go down. In the interest of keeping the lid on what happens for those who dont want to be spoiled, the game will change in a way that has never been seen before, especially this late. If you only watch one episode all season, this is the one to see. Enjoy it.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Episode Wrapup: THE DREADED BONUS SCENES EPISODE

Ughhhh....after being excited all week to see what all the hoopla is over this upcoming episode of Survivor, much to my dismay this week is the BONUS SCENES episode which pretty much means I turned it off. Have no use for seeing players that have already been booted so forget it. What a letdown as this next NEW episode will be huge to watch. Sorry folks but I am out. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Survivor fan favorite Stephenie LaGrossa got married for the second time recently as she wed Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick at an outdoor ceremony in Napa Valley, CA. This marks the second marraige for LaGrossa who saw her first nuptuals end after only one year in 2006. LaGrossa believes this time its for real however.

"I never thought there was 'the one,' but now I believe it," LaGrossa told People. "He's what I needed my whole life and I'm so glad I finally found him."

No word on whether LaGrossa will ever compete on Survivor again as another All Star season is supposedly in the works.

Analysis: Good for her as LaGrossa was a classy, tough competitor who got screwed in Heroes VS. Villains. The Phillies players must love Survivor as this is the second marraige between a player and a Survivor alum as pitcher Cole Hamels is married to Survivor Amazon participant Heidi.

Survivor Writers Needed

Hey all. As much as I love brining you the latest Survivor info on a daily basis, I feel its time to branch out and bring some other views and opinions to the site. Anyone interested in having a platform to write on our favorite show should e-mail me at rangerfan28@yahoo.com. Looking for more recap writers along with viewpoints and such. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Survivor Nicaragua is starting to head to the home stretch and we no longer have to wait an extra week for a new show due to the past conflicts with Thanksgiving as tomorrow's program will be must see TV in every sense of the word. My friend Ron over at Reality TV Calendar tipped me off as to what took place during this episode and I couldnt believe what I heard. Needless to say some a first in Survivor history will take place tomorrow on multiple levels. Be sure not to miss it and get right back here when its over as there will be huge analysis and opinions without a doubt.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Survivor Reality Show Blog Expanding Further

As I first discussed two days ago, we have expanded our reach into the world of reality tv with the birth of our American Idol and Dancing With The Stars pages. Add to that now is the formation of our The Biggest Loser page which will offer weight loss advice and tips from yours truly (who worked as a personal trainer for 5 years) along with news and notes about the show. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


The second annual Sears Survivor online casting call will begin on December 7th where once again you can post a short video on the CBS Survivor web site detailing why you should be the next contestant on the show. Jimmy T from Survivor Nicaragua was the first winner of this contest and the search is on for the next individual who can use that short window of time to convince the producers of why you should be picked. Of course many could argue that Jimmy T was a terrible selection due to the fact he was voted out so early but the fact of the matter is that he was colorful and entertaining in an annoying kind of way and so mission accomplished as far as Survivor is concerned. They have made it known over the last few seasons that they place a premium on characters instead of hard core players. So get on there and make a fool out of yourself. Its likely you will have a good chance to get on based on that premise.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Life at Ponderosa Brenda Pt2

Survivor Nicaragua Life at Ponderosa Brenda Pt1


We are growing here at Survivor Reality Show Blog and are now branching out into other reality show stalwarts starting with a Dancing With The Stars page which will be aimed to start primarily with next season but will also comment on this season's finale. The next venture which will be coming real soon in time for the new season will be an American Idol page along with some other additions we will be making soon. Thanks to all of you for making this venture a suceess for myself and I look forward to continue bringing you the latest news and notes from all of our favorite reality shows.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Updated Rankings: Who Currently Has The Best Chance To Win?

Only 9 more castaways remaind in the game so lets break it down in the latest installment of Survivor Nicaragua rankings:

1. Jane: Jane gets the top spot for the first time due to her awesome showing in the immunity challenge and the fact no one seems to be paying her much mind which is crazy. She is the slam dunk winner against anyone left in the game and she has proven to be one who is not going to be intimidated.

2. Holly: I think Holly is a huge wold card to possibly win and she shoots all the way up to the top due to her big move to get Brends out which she got going. Kudos to her for changing her game on the fly and the others are listening to and respecting her.

3. Sash: Sash took a big hit now that Brends is gone but he still has the hidden immunity idol which counts for something. He is very intelligent and has the ability to scramble so dont count him out yet.

4. Fabio: Good old Fabio is hanging around the periemeter waiting for everyone else to take each other out and its working for him. Things didnt look so great for a short while when he and Benry were left out of the loop in the Marty vote but he is back on solid ground.

5. Benry: Benry is dropping down the rankings as he seems to be next on the hit list. He hasnt really done anything wrong but he is the strongest guy left who the rest of the group respects unlike Chase so he is in trouble.

6. Dan: Starnger things have happened. Dan moves out of the bottom of the rankings for the first time in awhile as he continues to slip on by. If he can get to the end with the despised NaOnka and the growing more despised Sash, he can certainly pull it out as the others will respect the fact he hung tough with his body breaking down as the game continued.

7. Kelly: She is so annoying. Just get rid of her already. Again no one respects her and I cant see anyone rewarding the biggest coattail ride of the season. At least Natalie White killed a rat in Samoa.

8. Chase: He drops all the way to the bottom as he made a fool out of himself all episode last time out. It really was pathetic how he spilled the beans on the Brenda vote and how he followed her around like a puppy dog.

9. NaOnka: Possibly the most despised player since Russell. Good riddance when it arrives.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Episode 11 Wrapup

Episode happenings and than the ridiculously potent opinion.

Things get going back at camp after TC as Brenda talks about what occured. She notes how lines were now drawn in the sand and that the Fabio, Benry, and Dan are on the outs. Holly approaches Jane however about breakin up the Brenda/Sash alliance and how they need to make a move now.

The very next day, the tribe decides to move the fire close to the shelter due to an approaching rain storm. Thus they move the wooden chests that has most of their belongings and their other items closer to the fire. During this time Holly and Jane are talking about the game and the former pairs off with Benry and tell him what really happpened during the TC the night before. Benry tells Holly that Sash backstabbed him and Holly continues with her attack on Brenda. The plan seesm to be hatched as Jane goes and tells NaOnka what is going on. NaOnka seems ok with the plan despite her friendship with her. Chase however seems unsure about the plan as Benry seems to be the one he wants to boot.

With all that is going on with camp talk, the tribe soon heads off to the reward challenge where the tribe will be divided into two teams of 5. Using four barrels, two planks, and 10 feet of rope, the tribe has to make it across the beach without anyone touching the ground. First to make it across the beach wins reward which is a trip to a volcano and than a pizza and brownie lunch. As always making a long challenge short, the tribe of Chase, Kelly, NaOnka, Fabio, and Jane win easily.

The winning five visit the volcano and do some surfing down the slopes. Back at camp during this time, the fire catches onto the tribes belongings and a huge inferno wipes out all their chests. The losing five soon discover this and the shock and sadness is palpable. The worst aspect is that the food is got all burned. Meanwhile the winning five sit and eat their feast and strategy soon gets discussed. NaOnka than pulls Fabio aside and she tells him that Brenda needs to be taken care of. Fabio is all for it as NaOnka continues her wish to kick her to the curb.

Back at camp, Chase decides to talk to Brenda about how the others are trying to get her out and that Holly is the one who is going after her. Brenda is shocked at this as Chase tells her he has her back. She soon goes for a walk as Chase tries to convince NaOnka to get rid of Benry. NaOnka seems perturbed by this and she than goes to tell Benry how they are going for him. The rest of the tribe seems shocked that he continues to follow Brenda around. NaOnka is on a mission as she tells Holly how Chase spilt the beans.

It is than time for the immunity challenge as each member must stand on a platform while holding onto a rope. Every five minutes their hands will move further down the rope which makes it tougher to hold. If you fall off the platform than you are out as the last person standing wins immunity. The challenge soon commences and the stretching for comfort begins. Sash goes first and Kelly goes next. Holly soon falls out of the contest and is followed by Brenda. Dan soon drops off and than Fabio. That leaves NaOnka, Benry, Chase, and Jane. NaOnka goes first from the last four and than Benry. That leaves Jane and Chase. After almost giving up and hearing Chase talk gamesmanship, Jane stays in the contest and is rewarded when Chase hits the water. Immunity for Jane.

Back at camp, Jane gets congratulated and she feels Brenda is on way out of the game. Sash and Chase soon begin talking and they decide Benry. NaOnka nad Sash are than seen talking as she tells him of the plan to dump Brenda. Meanwhile Chase talks to Fabio and Holly and the latter two are still planning on kicking Brenda out. He realizes that is almost futile to save Brenda and he tells her as much. Brenda appeals to Sash about using the idol and he is not sure what to do as they head off to TC with all of this swirling around the group.

The tribe arrives at TC as Sash talks about how there is a lot of reshuffling going on and Chase confirms this. Brenda admits she regrets voting out Marty and she tells Probst she can trust others. She notes a break in the alliance as NaOnka being the one who wants to abandon ship. NaOnka totally denies this which surprises Chase. Kelly actually speaks for oance and she talks about how she has no idea what is going on. Brenda goes again as she discusses how again NaOnka is backstabbing her. She concludes how she has no interest in scrambling as Alina says how irritating she is. Sash completes things by saying how the game is changed now and that he has to make changes as a result. We see the votes cast and Brenda goes home by a count of 8 votes for Brenda and 1 each for Benry and NaOnka.

All right thats now out of the way so lets get to the good stuff and by that I mean the opinions you all pine for.

-Good move tonight by the tribe dumping Brenda's ass. She was way too cocky and overconfident and needed to get the hell out of there. I honestly dont know what all the hoopla over her is about and Chase needs to examine what he sees in a woman. Her ouster definately signifies the game is now wide open and there are absolutely no firm alliances anymore.
-Thougth it was great how Sash turned on Brenda and failed to give her the idol. He was right on both counts. For one the entire tribe had turned on her big time and if he gave her the idol, Sash would have committed Survivor suicide and thus basically place a "Now Vote Me Out Next" sign on his back. On the other count, is Sash didnt vote for Brenda, he again would have signified to the others that he was not with them and he would have gone next. After being stupid with the whole lets save Marty for no good reason bit, Sash is playing much better lately.
-Chase is so pathetic its crazy. He is the guy who see who is married to some raging bitch who spends all of his money while he carries all her shopping bags and says "Yes dear." His game play sucks too as he doesnt see how he is being played by Brenda and tries to destroy a perfectly sensible plan to oust her. He has no respect from anyone left in the game and thus he has no chance to win.
-I just got to say that Jane is AWESOME in every sense of the word. It was so great seeing her beat the overconfident Chase in the immunity challenge when he tried to get into her head. She is the total package in this game but unfortunately I think its going to be really hard for her to win due to the fact the rest of the tribe knows she is a lock to win if she gets to the finals. I am sure her win in the challenge put a smile on the face of every woman who watched. The wives were turning to their husbands in unison and saying "you see? girl power!"
-How is it that not one person the tribe spoke up and said "you know guys maybe its not such a good idea to put WOOD chests right around the fire." I actually laughed when it started to burn thinking how stupid these people were. And it was fitting how Fabio was shown discussing doing this during the segment.
-NaOnka must get a commission of some sort every time she mentions she is from South Central LA. Seriously though she makes it sound like South Central LA is Beirut. Next she is going to reveal all of her battle scars.
-Probst was hysterical how he mocked the losing five during the reward challenge. He seemed to especially take pleasure in needling Benry which was surprising. Benry has been pretty low key.
-Holly is really stepping up her game which I talked about a few times the last few weeks. Great rebound for sure and she is a wild card to take it all.
-Purple Kelly got a chance to finally talk during TC and now I see why Probst never asks her any questions. She looked like she was reading a script from Mean Girls when she answered Probst's question.
-I have said from the beginning that I think Benry has had a solid shot to win the game all along but I really dont know what to think right now. He was discussed at length today as someone to vote out and so the word is out. He doesnt have any close friends other than Fabio so I am starting to think he wont win.
-You can tell how absolutely no one respects Purple Kelly when she votes for Benry and no one else does. Her own supposed alliance doesnt even fill her in on whats up, especially Brenda who voted NaOnka.
-Dan is a guy I am rooting for as he represents Long Island and he showed off the guns during the immunity challenge. He probably could give Benry a game in an arm wrestling contest.

So there you have it. Lets hear what you think. Post away.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Another Survivor casting call is all set to go on November 3 at the Atlantic City Hilton. Just show up and discuss why you would be perfect for Survivor. This is the second such casting call in the next go-round of gathering new players. There were some who questioned whether Survivor would be ending soon but this shows concretely this is not the case for sure.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I thought it would be interesting to look back on the first impressions I made on the cast of Survivor 21 Nicaragua based on their intro interviews before they went out for the contest and I wanted to see how accurate my view of them was. All in all I thought I hit on a lot of these people's tendencies and behaviors. Take a look at what I wrote back in August and than below that is a recap of how right or wrong I was on these people.


So the cast for Survivor Nicaragua was finally revealed this morning on the CBS Morning Show. A full cast of 20 was introduced along with their vidoes on the CBS website. Here as the tidbits you need to know about each player heading into the game.

Ben Henry (24): Pretty boy young buck. Worked for Girls Gone Wild. Will try and use his "boyish" looks to get by. Worries about his bad temper getting him in trouble. I hate guys like this. Hope he goes first. Seems very conceited.

Jimmy Johnson (67): Claims he is going to lay low and not fall back on his coaching instincts where he tells everyone what to to. Will use the strategy of making himself atractive to the others to bring to the end aas he believes no one will give him the million dollar.

Alina Wilson (23): wants to prove she is not just a pretty girl. She wants to show everyone she is a bad-ass. She is a pretty girl who is trying to use her looks to get others to trust her.

Brenda Lowe (27): owns a paddle board company, Hispanic former beauty queen, kinda boring in her pre-show interview.

Chase Rice (24): works in a pit fuel. Lost his father and his ability to play football due to ankle injury. Seems like a really nice, genuine kid who has a lot of perspective. I am rooting for him.

Dan Lembo (63): Tough guy Italian dude. Very muscular guy for his age. has huge guns. Is known as Mr. Connected....Mafia reference????? Hmmmm. He is hinting at it. Raised in Brooklyn during mafia height. The guy is also probably filthy rich as he lives in Watermill Long Island which is all mansions. One of the most exclusive towns in New York.

Holly Hoffman (44): Swim coach who claims she is tough. Claims she has a mean streak and plans to come in and be friendly and make alliances.

Jane Bright (56): farmer chick, she claims she is fearless and nothing at camp will deter her as she has seen it all working outdoors. Claims she can outdo any girl in a fitness test. I like her. She seems like she takes no BS and works her ass off.

Jill Behm (43): emergency room doctor so she could come in handy if anyone gets sick or hurt. That alone makes her someone that would attractive to keep on the tribe. Has very short hair....looks kind of butchy but she is a mom also. Competes in cycling races and seems like she is very fit.

Jimmy Tarantino (48): is a commercial fisherman so he is another one that will probably stay around awhile with his ability to get food. Has long hair for an old guy and seems pretty chill. Won the online Survivor contest. Seems like another good guy to root for here.

Jud Birza (21): Ughh...he uses the word RAD in his interview questions. Another pretty boy California dude who surfs and he knows people think he is going to be the goofy hanging out dude. Claims he has more going on upstairs.

Kelly Bruno (26): As I reported, she is the first female contestant to compete with a prosthetic leg as she lost her leg at six months old. Was teased in school.....terrible. Got involved in competitive sports and is trying to prove handicapped people can do well. Her dad was killed in January in Haiti during the earthquake....Wow this girl has been through a lot. Will be the sentimental favorite for sure.

Kelly Shinn (20): shes a nursing student....very young obviously. Seems very well spoken for her age. Typical young Survivor blondie. Was biggest flirt in high school.

Marty Piombo (48): seems like another really nice guy (the OLD tribe is full of likable people) and his mantra is to remain calm. Thinks he will be a leadership type as he is a business executive for Yahoo. That could hurt him as early leaders put themselves at big risk. Could be early boot or the end with the strategy.

Matthew Lenahan (30): They call him "Sash." Big time real estate broker in New York City so he definately is rich. Thinks he already has all the women wrapped around his finger. Very arrogant. Hate guys like this. Probably will be the douce of the season. Says he has always dominated everything he ever did.....please.

NaOnka Mixon (27): big time track star...should be a big asset to challenges. Another one who seems very into herself. Says she is the secret weapon. Claims she is not nervous and is a stallion. She really seemed like she was on drugs in the interview video on the CBS site.

Shannon Elkins (30): I dont know why but this guy has annoyed me since the first time I saw his photo. Yet another Survivor pretty boy. Is a little league coach but claims he can take orders. Seems very blunt and in your face. I dont like him. He seems like he is pretty athletic but the interview is cringe worthy as he talks like he is 15.

Tyrone Davis (42): likes to tell others that he survivved the projects. Is now working as a firefighter and claims he is a good people person.

Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff (48): shes the goat rancher who is also a nurse in the Army. Her tone of voice is like a teenager. Admits she talks too much. If I were to place money on anyone being the first voted out, it is hands down her. The type of annoying player that is always kicked out right off the bat.

Yve Rojas (41): The Survivor hot mom. She too talks like she is a dumb teenager. Was in ROTC. Her nickname was Evil Yve growing up.


All right so with all that being said, lets see how I did in sizing up the players here.

Benry: I was harsh on the guy as I usually cant stand players like what he appeared to be in his interview. He has been for the most part a standup, nice guy so I missed here.

Jimmy J: Johnson tried the strategy he talked about but it failed miserably. Surprised he was out so quickly.

Alina: She didnt show much badass but she also got her hands dirty. Yeah she was hot too so I got that right.

Brenda: Yeah she was boring in her interview but she opened up in the game.

Chase: Chase I nailed perfectly. He is that kind, genuine guy he showed in the interview and yes I am rooting for him along with one or two others.

Dan: Dan was a big disappointment. I was hoping he would threaten to break someone's legs but he has been non-existent and for all his muscles at his age, he is aas delicate as glass.

Holly: We saw the mean streak with burying Dan's shoes and she did come in and make an alliance with Wendy of which she smartly abandoned. She has played well since her early hiccup.

Jane: Was right on with her too. She did prove her mettle in challenges and no doubt I think she is the toughest woman out there.

Jill: Didnt see much of her medical expertise with Dan's injuries and she did well during her stay.

Jimmy T: Boy did I miss on this guy. Ha I thought he would stay around awhile. I didnt think he was this obnoxious like he was on the show. Complete washout there.

Jud (Fabio): He annoyed me with his childish language skills and so far I havent seen any "I wil show I am smarter than they think" ability.

Kelly B: She got teased in school and got teased on Survivor. Just terrible. One of the biggest disappointments of the season was not seeing her go far in the game.

Marty: I cant believe I wrote he seemed like a nice guy. And that he said he will try to remain calm. Tell that to Jane. The guy had game though but he was too aggressive.

Sash: First of all I forgot his name was Matthew. Also I guess he is straight in talking about how he gets women wrapped around his finger. I am sure Shannon is laughing somewhere.

NaOnka: HAHAHA. I wrote it seems like she was on drugs during the interview. Yeah that about sums it up.

Shannon: Another guy who I pegged right away as a blowhard pretty boy. He got what he deserved.

Tyrone: Tyrone was not a good people person at all in the game. He was very confrontational all throughout his stay there.

Wendy: Yeah I was never more accurate with anyone than her. I could see it a mile away with her being the first boot. Easy one there for sure.

Yve: She was the hot mom for sure but nothing happened here which was worth discussing.

Not too bad I guess. Good job me.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


There will be a lot of crazy shizz going on in the next few weeks of Survivor Nicaragua and none of it good. The end result of the upcoming riduculousness should lead CBS and Mark Burnett with the realization that the show must go back to the drawing board in how the compile the casts for each season. You will understand very soon what I mean.

I have made note on here many times over the last year or so about how I totally am opposed to the way Survivor gathers their casts each season the last few seasons. When the show first originated and through the first 10-15 seasons or so, Burnett and the rest of the producers went the old school way of discovering the cast by asking for and than sifting through thousands of paper applications and the videos that went along with them. These applicants were mostly fans of the show who armchair quarterback strategy from their couches every week and thus feel they have what it takes to be on the show. In other words, these are the types of players that made the show great. Those who had an appreciation for Survivor and who knew all of the nuts and bolts about how to play the game. You had Rob Cesternino, the self-professed Survior expert and Todd Herzog who went in with a "fool proof" plan on how to win the game which he did. When you combine 16-20 different formulated strategies, than you get great Survivor play. Unfortunately, those days are a thing of the past.

For the last five seasons or so, Survivor has taken to the streets conducting "talent searches" for the seasons. In other words, it pretty much was that if you were hot or buff, you caught the eye of the show and you were put on. All in all Burnett was very open about how this was done and so we get seasons like we have had the last few years filled with pretty boys and hot chicks and the occasional blowhard like Russell and Marty who actually have a sense of how the game is conducted. In fact I am willing to bet quite a bit of money on the fact that many of these players probably never even watched an episode of the show. Hence the game play sucks now and we get the garbage we are going to be seeing real soon. In fact Marty and Sash are really the only ones on the show who seem to have any idea wha they are doing. The rest are in it for fame and thats it. What a joke.

I can only hope this changes going forward but at this point I really have no belief it will. Burnett has sold out his show to the glamour and look of the player and not whats inside their head as far as their strategy is concerned. Very sad.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


As we talked about a few weeks ago, it appears that the info that was leaked regarding former Miss California Carrie Prejean being on S22 was bogus. Putting this more into perspective is the recent revelation that she is three months pregnant. Unless Russell Hantz is the father, that confirms that she was not there. Back to the drawing board here. At least we know that Rob and Russell were there. I am sure more on this will be leaked soon of which I will report it here.


All right well another tidbit has been discovered about what exactly the tribe was looking at in the previews for next week's episode. So if you dont want to be spoiled than go away but for those who do this is what supposedly went down. And again dont shoot the messenger if its not entirely accurate although this seems plausible.

So the tribe heads off for a reward challenge and it looks like its going to be another random drawing for the teams. The losing tribe of Holly, Brenda, Benry, and whoever else was there got back to camp to see that the crates they had with a lot of their food and belongings burned in the fire. They left the crates too close to the ashes and it went up in smoke. Hence the looks of despair.


My good friend Ron over at Reality TV Calendar informed me of a MAJOR spoiler for the next two weeks of Survivor Nicaragua. Instructing him not to give me any clue about the winner or final three, he blew me away with the info on the next two weeks. I wont post it here for those who dont want to be spoiled but you can e-mail me as always at rangerfan28@yahoo.com for the info.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


As always the commentary and than the Nobel Peace Prize commentary.

Things start off back at camp after TC as NaOnka thought Marty was too tough on Jane and that she would have hit him if it were her. We also see Chase talk disgustedly about what Marty did to her. He is very supportive and kind to her as they sit around the fire talking.

The next day we see Sash and Marty getting water as the latter tries to find out who put his name down on the parchment. He admits he still feels in trouble and needs to come up with a new strategy. He proceeds to confront Dan and Benry and instruct them to put the word out they are voting NaOnka and than blindside Jane, thus flushing the idol out of play. He continues to talk about how Jane would win if he got to the end of the game as the woman herself watches what is going on in the background.

We area than taken to the reward challenge which is a huge obstacle course where the tribe will randomly be split into two teams. The object is to go through a series of obstacles together to grab three keys which will unlock three locks and raise a flag. Whoevere gets the flag raised first win reward which is a zip line tour followed by a barebecue. The crazy part of this was the fact the men and women were drawn to go against each other. Chase was the only one not to get selected and was told to pick a tribe to endorse to win. If he picked the right team than he goes on the reward. He shockingly picks the girls and the battle begins. The men jump out to a huge lead but than slow some as Dan has a tough time getting thorugh the netting. In the end however the men get it done and head to the barbecue. The men than turn to Chase and give him hell for not picking them to win. The men are also given the option of giving up their spot to one of the ladies but they all refuse. Marty makaes a last comment about how Chase joining up with Jane is like watching Dumb and Dumber.

We are than taken to the zip line tour for the men as the fly through the air over the jungle. Its soon time for the feast as the drinking begins and also talk of strategy as Marty hatches his plan about flushing the idol out and Jane gets kicked out. Fabio seems pleased with the plan and they also start talking baout Brenda. Sash seems quiet as he believes he and Brenda have the power in the game. Back at camp, the women praise Chase for sticking with them but Brenda seems unimpressed. She notes how he doesnt make good moves in the game. The rest of the women talk about how Marty has to the first to go. Holly tries to make her move in talking to Chase about getting Marty out and whether Brenda can be trusted. Chase makes it a point to also ask NaOnka about whether she can be trusted and she says she can. He soon confronts Brenda about it and she gets very quiet about the plan of ousting Marty. She talks in a confessional about how paranoid he is and about what a baby he is acting like. Soon it appears that the women are tired of his act and he possibly will be sent packing.

Soon we are back at camp as the tree mail arrives signaling the immunity challenge. The stakes are high as the challenge is revealed as one that requires a good memory due to the fact it will be a game where symbols are shown to the tribe and thus the mmebers have to remember the order the were shown. If they mess up they are out. The last person standing gets immunity. The game begins as Jane and NaOnka go out at the start. Soon they are followed by Dan. Holly, Kelly, and Sash go next. We are down to five as Marty, Benry, Brenda, Fabio, and Chase go to the next series of the challenge. Fabio goes out first from the final five and Chase goes next. Finally we see Benry go out as Marty and Brenda are the final two players in the game. We soon see Brenda smiling as Marty puts up a different symbol than what she had as she gets immunity.

Back at camp, the talk begins as Fabio and Benry talk about Marty's plan and how they want to get rid of NaOnka. They agree to lay low and say they are voting her out. Chase and Marty soon talk and the latter lays it down about how NaOnka has to go. Next we see Chase talking to Holly and Jane and he correctly figures out the plan Marty really has. He wants Marty out. Marty in turn tells Brenda that Sash and he agreed to blindside Jane and he claims it was his plan. She seems all right with the plan. However she soon grabs Sash and they talk about what to do. Sash wants Marty to stay for a bit but he notes that all the women want him out so the pressure is there for them to go with the majority on this. They both can go either way as TC starts.

The first line of questioning concerns the reward challenge and how the women put up a big fight. Sash points out that bonding took place between the guys followed by Fabio talking about how the women and Chase were talking back at camp. We than see Marty talking again about Jane and how a huge threat she is. Brenda validates this. Jane retorts about how she thinks she does have a target on her back. We finally see NaOnka cop an attitude about the food stealing incident and Marty chimes in about how it didnt have enough of an impact with the rest of the players. She goes on a rant about how she hates the guy and he talks about how her dad wont be proud of her. She goes on a huge rampage and drops f-bombs everwhere. Probst is shocked but correctly points out how she likely will go to the end of the game based on her behavior. Soon the votes are cast as Marty is sent home by a tally of 7-4.

Wow that cerainly was an explosive episode to say the least. Let the commentary begin.

-All right I feel much better this week now that Marty has mercifully been sent packing. After screaming for two weeks about how stupid these people were for letting him stay in the game, I will acknowlege how "smart" they were for finally doing the right thing. It almost didnt happen unbelievably however as Sash and Brenda were talking at the last minute baout how they wanted him to stay around. Huh? I still dont get that line of thinking from two seemingly smart people. But in the end they sent him home and now we can finally move on from those two weeks of idiocy.
-As far as Marty is concerned, the guy had some serious game. I know some of you will say he really didnt and that he was incredibly lucky to have dodged elimination the last two weeks before tonights show. Valid points yes but you arent seeing the whole picture. In tonight episode for example, Marty hatched a very good plan to flush the idol from NaOnka and blindside Jane. Very sound strategy for sure but the others saw how dangerous he was and he went home. Yes he failed with that particular plan but the guy was always thinking about the game. As classless as he was during his distribe against Jane last week, he was absolutely right about her being a huge threat. Marty was playing Survivor the correct way in identifying those who are likable and have a great story as threats who need to be dealt with. He did with Jimmy Johnson also which I hated to see but he saw how the others saw stars in their eyes when they looked at him. All in all I think we surely will see Marty again during a future All Stars season. In fact you cant count on it. I despised the guy but I respected his game.
-Benry and Fabio are in a whole lot of trouble now. I have stumped for Benry the entire game but thigns are not looking good now. They marked themselves by going along with the plan to blinside Jane and that sets them up as being the next to go. The fact they are both young, likable, and atheltic makes it even more of a certainly they are targeted the next time around.
-Jane got the last laugh on Marty which was great to see. I have liked Jane from the beginning but she still faces tough sledding the rest of the way as Brenda wants her out and so far she gets what she wants in the game.
-NaOnka is such a classless bitch. I dont like to be that harsh with my words on a public forum such as this but I cant help it and you know what she deserves every criticism she gets. Its beyond ridiculous how she acts and again I come back to the fact she is a phys ed TEACHER and as per the requirements of the job, should serve as a role model to her students. Unreal. I can only imagine what is going through the mind of her principal and the parents of her students. I can certainly envision the letters pouring into his office by the boatload and they begin with something like this "Dear Mr. Principal. About your physical education bigot..uh teacher NaOnka. I want my son/daughter (insert name here) removed from her organized seminar on how to act like a loser....er I mean her CLASS (which is funny I use this word since she has none)." And on and on it goes. Without a doubt NaOnka is the nastiest individual male or female who ever appeared on the show.
-Every player left in this game will be fighting like hell to be the one who takes NaOnka's hand and escorts her to the finale. Before the show started NaOnka should have negotiated a share of the winnings based on the fact she is the slam dunk person to take to the end as she will surely get the Russell Hantz treatment.
-I have been saying from the very beginning that Chase is airy....and not in a Fabio "I spelt my name wrong on the SAT's dumb." The guy doesnt have the head to play this game unlike a Marty who is always looking to make the right mvoe to advance. Whats interesting is how Brenda is now taking pleasure in ridiculing him every week. She seems like the girl who had a one night stand with a a guy from work and than mocks the guy behind his back to her co-workers after it didnt go well. The shame of it all is that he is a really nice guy but you know what they say about nice guys. He has almost no chance to win this unless he goes on a Coly Donaldson Australia immunity streak.
-That was just crazy how the men and women were drawn randomly to play against each other in the reward challenge. I think the odds of that happening were just as long as they were when the tribes wound up being drawn the same way they had been during All Stars with the exception of Amber going to the other tribe.
-By the way Chase picking the women to win the reward challenge was pathetic to see as he clearly was trying to be a rebel with the pick. It backfired as he totally lost the respect from the men. Always stick with the bros.
-Purple Kelly almost cried at the end of the challenge because she was so happy she finally was filmed in a scene.
-Holly keeps giving me the feeling that she might win. Thats a sentence I never thought I would say after she buried Dan's crocks. I would have thought at that point that there was a better chance of Dan winning a foot race against Benry than Holly still being around.
-Dan oh Dan. Watching you in the cargo net was comical. I like you bro but what the hell were you thinking coming on here?
-The cast for this season has been a winner. Good job there Burnett.

Thats all for now. Lets hear the opposing views.

Survivor Nicaragua Episode Preview

Survivor Nicaragua kicks off another episode tonight with 11 players remaining in the game off the ouster of Alina last week. Lines have clearly been drawn with Sash and Brenda running the who on one side with a very suppostive Jane in the rear while Marty tries to do whatever he can to hang on from the outside with Dan working as his spy. Marty was spared for the second time in a row last week but the noose is tightening. The previews show Sash and Brenda talking about keeping their alliance strong and how there are threats lurking around them from the other players. The sideshow through all of this is the continuing battle between Marty and Jane. She seems totally infatuated with getting him out of the game and so something could happen as soon as tonight. Stay tuned.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Strategy: What Sash Should Do!

All right its pretty fair to say that Sash seems to be most in control of what will go on at this point for the duration of the Survivor Nicaragua season. With a hidden immmunity idol in his possession along with a seemingly strong alliance with loyal tribemates such as Brenda and NaOnka, its set up right for Sash to go all the way to the end of the game. He has already gone on record as saying he wants to bring NaOnka to the end of the game as he correctly surmises that no one on the jury would give her the million dollars due to her alienating tactics since the start of the game. Brenda would seem to be the other person he would bring to the end due to the tight relationship they have had and how they have both been like the ringleaders in the alliance. In my opinion, Sash would be possibly making a one million dollar mistake if he went that route. In fact if the season wasnt already taped and he had been able to follow my advice, than he could almost guarantee himself the million dollars. Lets see what the hell I am talking about.

First and foremost Sash is getting it half right with NaOnka. That is the right call all the way and everyone left in the game should be thinking the same thing. She is a slam dunk betable final TC opponent. Instead of Brenda however, I think the person that Sash should take to the finale is none other than........(wait for it)............DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats right Dan! Let me explain as this makes total sense.

For starters, Dan should have been out of this game weeks ago. He is one of the worst players in Survivor history from a physical standpoint and its painful watching the guy even walk. Everyone left in the game knows this and the only reason he is still in the game is due to the fact that no one takes him seriously as a player. There are much bigger fish to fry than worrying about a cripple who has no alliance or any kind of foothold in the game. He also has openly spoken about wanting to leave the game and that kind of talk gets no respect from anyone on Survivor. No way anybody rewards that kind of attitude. Also Dan has made it known that he is not doing this for the money and that he has his Ferrar's and big house back home....which he does in living in Watermill, Long Island which is one of the richest towns on the East Coast. So again no one would darea give him more money that he alreayd has. So Sash absolutely should pull Dan aside and tell him that he wants to bring him all the way to the end of the game. Dont let Brenda in on it obviously and cast her aside at the final four. Sure he wont get Brenda's vote at the final TC as she will be ticked for getting the boot so close to the end but he can throw one vote away in the likeliehood that he gets the others. Its almost a fool proof plan. The only thing that can go wrong is for Brenda to win immunity that last challenge but even than I still think Sash would stand a good chance of winning as Brenda has made some enemies to this point. Either way he wins the game.

What do you think about this strategy? Foolproof or no?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Survivor Redemption Island Concept: No Thanks!

All right so its been reported ad nauseum by now about how the upcoming Rob VS Russell season will introduce the Redemption Island concept that has been a part of some of the international versions of the show and will now hit the U.S. shores. The concept goes that starting sometime around the merge, each booted contestant heads off to this Redemption Island place and awaits the next booted player to face off in a head ot head battle for the right to continue to stay in the game. Eventually around the time when six people are left, whoever the last person standing on Redemption Island will officially be placed right back into the game to the shock of the players still competing. And so it goes.

Most critics (which include yours truly) can see right through this concept as a means to keep the Survivor superstars Russell and Rob in the game as long as possible. The hope goes that if one of them should be booted early, this will give them the chance to get back into the game and thus save the season theme of the two doing battle. All in all I think this is a horrendous idea. I have said on here on too many occasions to count that when Burton and Lil were brought back into the Pearl Islands season, it marked a low point in Survivor's history. For the first time ever, all was not lost for someone kicked out of the game. I was not along in feeling disgust over this and so the concept was set aside until this upcoming season when Rob and Russell just so happen to be playing. Whatever. Anything that eliminates the original Survivor notion of where once you are voted out than you are done for good in my opinion undermines everything that the show was based on. I only hope that whoever emerges out of this doesnt get rewarded with the dough. If so that would be beyond ridiculous. Your thoughts on this concept?

Survivor: Nicaragua - Life at Ponderosa (Alina Pt. 2)

Survivor: Nicaragua - Life at Ponderosa (Alina Pt. 1)

False Survivor Spoilers A Ploy By The Producers?

All right so we all now know that the previously formidable Survivor spoiler missaye has seen his/her stock drop in that community big time after the tidbits that he/she was sharing about the Rob VS Russell season turned out to be complete bunk. Specifically speaking, the whole Carrie Prejean, Kimbo Slice appearances and the fact Prejean helps Rob out etc. That all apparently didnt happen. Word is that whoever the source was for this info did this as a means to throw off the Survivor spoiling community from completely ruining the season after S19 and S20 H VS V were totally destroyed with the release of 100 percent accurate boot lists. So the fight is now on to keep everything a secret as we head to S22.

Now I have no idea if there is a boot list out there for S21 (the current season) as I havent wanted to look for it due to the fact that this season has been pretty enjoyable. Either way there is no doubt that the leaks seem to be harder and harder to come by....that is until the supposed bombshell that was let out by this Salamander person of which I posted halfway down the page. Either way this is a battle that will continue so long as Survivor and other reality shows like it tape their episodes. The only thing that could change this was if Survivor was shown LIVE of which only the finale is to this point. My idea as crazy as it sounds is to in fact do a LIVE Survivor edition during the summer when there is very little original programming to combat it. Run the show like normal and have a new episode every three days. Yes it would be risky but do you honestly think that ratings would fall due to this concept? I actually think they would go up due to the curiosity factor of an unscripted or unedited season and the fact that nothing would be spoiled. Just a thought. What do you think?

Survivor Spoilers FollowUp: Rob VS Russell

All right so this is pretty interesting. It appears that the place where I found the spoiler that I shared with your all below has now totally disappeared from the place that I found it at. There is no sign of it anywhere. In fact the whole thread that had follow up posts on it is missing now. That leads me to seriously think two things: 1). It is the most legit Survivor 22 spoiler to date AND 2). Due to its validity, the good folks at Survivor demanded it to be removed from that site so as not to spoil the season. Interesting thought huh? So far nothing has come my way ordering me to remove the post but I wouldnt be surprised if I got a message about it. Either way it sounds much more plausible than the other garbage that was put out there apparently intentionally to throw people off.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Survivor Spoilers: Rob VS Russell....DONT READ IF YOU DONT WANT TO BE SPOILED!!

All right I know on the heels of the missaye disaster that potential Survivor 22 spoilers are dangerous territory but I would be doing all of you a disservice if I didnt post some of this info I just came across. This latest bit of spoilers comes from a guy named Salamander and boy is it detailed. Stop reading now if you dont want to POTENTIALLY be spoiled. As always take it for whats its worth and dont shoot the messenger if it is wrong. Sounds good to me. Scroll down for the information.

I know I have posted bad info before Anti but that was just to screw around. I swear if people check these they will check out cause they are true. Pleas wait before you lock this cause both these people really are on. This is not Missyaes fan-fic. I will absolutly not reveal where I got this info from but more will follow once they are to atleast top 5 in Survivor Nicaragua... -Johnny Chan (World Champion Poker Player) was there (Did VERY well)

-Woman named Charla Guillory was there.-1st Boot

Russell and Rob were both there that is not fan fic. Rob lasted longer though then first believed here. Russell was boot before Merge (Juror #1). Rob was F6 boot.....

I can shed some light on the whole Redemption Island thing.
Example: Boot #1 loses to Boot #2 In Redemption Island Challenge. Boot #2 stays, and Boot #1 is out of the game.

Russells team dominated Premerge wins (6/8) immunity challenges. Merge at 12. Robs team is decimated to Rob and 3 women. Russell (Premerge Boot, Juror #1-For Now), and lone female are Premerge boots.

Russell goes onto Redemption Island beats the first guy. 4 females are booted in a row, (ALL the challenges are physical so Russell wins). Finally an Alpha male is booted (Someone who can actually be a contender). Beats Russell but Probst and team say he is disqualified cause he stepped out of his lane during the challenge. I have no clue if this was just or unjust but what I heard was it was a pretty shitty call. Down to to 7. Next 2 boots are both females, Russell easily beats them both. Wins spot back in the game (#6 Robs Place)..... All left are 1 woman from Robs tribe, and 3/4 men on Russells tribe and Russell. Russell is the goat because no one is voting in the end (So They Think) for a RI contestant. Keep in mind the contestants had NO clue this was going on untill Russell was brought back so struck alotta them as unfair. Russell is F3 with 2 other men. All I know is he gets no votes. Will post more later

So there you have it. Johnny Chan being on was something that you first heard here. I broached this even before taping started so I feel vindicated here. Also it looks like Russell makes another final through this Redemption Island crap. At least his torch gets snuffed but not at the hands of Rob if this is correct. Let me know what you think of this.


We are already down to 11 players left in the game after Alina got sent home as expected. So lets once again rank the remaining players based on likeliehood of winning.

1. Sash: The guy seems to be the one in control right now and he has made strong bonds with Brenda, NaOnka, and now even Marty. Making good on his promise to Marty could help him later on if he makes the end of the game so I can see why he did it but leaving such a dangerous foe around could hurt him as we move on. Still no one seems to be gunning for him and he is showing a mind for the game.

2. Brenda: I am going to keep Brenda at number two due to her tight pact with Sash but he has already made it known that NaOnka is his main girl to take to the end. Since three go to the finish, there is room for Brenda and I expect that to be the firm plan in his mind but I think her path could be more rocky than his due to her past fights with Marty.

3. Benry: His comments about Alina were the first time in the series that I thought less of the guy who to this point has played a great game. Again no one seems to be paying attention to him which bodes well for his survival deep into the game. He seems almost too good to be true to this point so maybe an eruption is coming soon.

4. Chase: Like Benry, Chase has been playing a low profile game for such a strong guy. Marty and Dan are leery of him now but he doesnt seem to be in any sort of trouble. Look for him to start picking up individual immunity these next few weeks and be a factor all the way through.

5. Marty: Despite losing his best ally in Jill and not having the idol anymore, I still cant bring myself to downgrade Marty much more than this. The guy is very cunning and always seems to have a plan in place. Yes he has gotten lucky the last few weeks in avoiding elimination but a little bit of luck is always needed to win.

6. Jane: I am putting Jane right behind Marty due to the fact that I think they both are in similar predicaments. Both have been targeted by the others and both have gone at each other pretty good. She might have put the focus on her a bit by winning immunity and no doubt she wasnt helped by Marty's speech to the others about her ability to win, but I dont see the others really worried about her yet.

7. Holly: Holly keeps moving up the rankings as she seems to have completed her Survivor comeback. She no longer has people gunning for her and she has made nice inroads with the younger people. She also seems tough and feisty enough to get where she wants to go. Dont forget about her.

8. Purple Kelly: She continues her hiding in the bushes game and thats really all that can be said about her. She is just there. Thats pretty much it.

9. Fabio: Despite winning immunity and hanging around, can you really see a jury giving this guy a million dollars? Sorry I just dont see it.

10. NaOnka: Yes she might get to the end of the game but this is a ranking of who has the best chance to win and not who gets to the finale. She really has zero chance to win after her latest stunt of stealing the food and she is nothing more than a prop right now to take to the end of the game as a person that everyone thinks they can beat.

11. Dan: In hindsight I should have put Dan above NaOnka. The guy is still here which is crazy but he looks like he will stay for awhile due to the no respect factor. In other words the others dont fear him at all and he has no strategic game to think of. Actually if you think about it, Dan would be the next logical person to bring to the end of the game with NaOnka due to the fact he has already expressed how he doesnt need the money and how he wouldnt have earned his way through. Just a thought.

What do you think of the latest rankings? Lets start a debate.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Episode 8: Its Merge Time

Wrapup and than the views! As sure as the sun coming up in the morning.

Things get started at the LeFlor camp during the next day's morning as Marty talks about how he feels like a Dead Man Walking. Fabio gets back to camp with the tree mail as there is a key and a map included. It soon was obvious that it was merge time as they were instructed to head to the other camp to merge. This comes as great news to Marty who now gets a second chance due to this bit of news.

We soon head over to Espada approaching a locked box. They too discover the merge is near and they head back to camp to wait. Strategy talk begins as Benry privately begins to size up the others, namely Alina. Alina tries to talk her way into keeping the six Esapa's together and how she wants to dump Marty. NaOnka wasnt buying it however and it seems clear Alina will be out first if she doesnt get the idol. Soon the LeFlor head over to the Espada camp and there is shock that Jill is out. The firsty thing they do is open the chest and see a ton of food. There are also new buffs and a new tribe name will be decided on by the rest of the clan. Marty comes up with the name Libertad which means Liberty and the other dont disagree. The food gets gorged upon quickly and it seems all is going well now. NaOnka and Brenda however decide to go take a walk and discuss things. They both spill the beans on both tribes and NaOnka finds out from Brenda about how Sash has the idol. They than decide that Marty should go before he can infiltrate the group.

We next see Chase and Jane talking about the country as they get the water and a bond seems to form there. She feels comfortable telling him about how she was disrespected on her tribe and he tells her she will look out for her. Breakfast is being cooked and NaOnka is in a bad mood as she winds up getting the smallest tortilla that she was making for everyone. She decides to take matters into her own hands and so she digs into the remaining case of food and swipes the flour. She places it into her bag and walks off as Holly saw the whole thing happen. NaOnka goes ahead and hides it into the dirt. She than goes back and takes fruit and the utensils needed to cook. Alina walks back into camp at this point and talks strategy. NaOnka tells her they are gunning for her and she realizes now she has to win immunity. Whats shocking here is that NaOnka gives her one of the oranges she stole and the convo continues. There was a reason for NaOnka doing this as she believes she will get her vote when she is on the final jury.

We soon see Marty looking for the cooking bowl and the tribe realizes that a lot of things are missing. Fabio gets annoyed and Holly right than and there confronts NaOnka about the missing items. She immediately claims she got the stuff but put it back. She starts arguing with Fabio and its heated. She walks off in a huff and the rest of the group is shocked. Chase and Alina try convincing NaOnka to admit what she did. She goes along with it and comes clean to the group. She also reveals that Alina was along for the ride. We hear Marty pipe in with his opinion that he doesnt buy it.

We later see the tribe cooking dinner and the view is that Alina is even more marked than she was before. Sash believes however that NaOnka is the perfect person to bring to the final three as he knows no one would give her any votes. He tells NaOnka of his plan to get rid of Alina and that she is his number one ally in the game. Jane than shows the group that she caught more fish and Marty soon sees that she is making inroads in the tribe. He begins a mission to convince the others that she is a huge threat in the game due to her story and how she is bonded with everyone. It is here where we arrive at the immunity challenge. Immunity is not individual and the challnege consists of each person having metal handles causing tensions on a bar. If you ease the tension on the handles, the bar falls and it shatters a tile. The last man and last woman standing win immunity. We quickly have Kelly and Dan drop out, followed by Alina. Brenda is next, followed by Benry, Sash, NaOnka, and than Holly drops out giving Jane immunity. Jane wants to keep going however as she wished to beat the men. Marty drops his and its down to Fabio and Chase for the men. Chase soon drops and Fabio wins immunity.

Tension is high at camp as the talk begins on who to vote out. With Jane no longer an option, the talk begins to center on Marty amongst the girls. Jane wasnt him out bad. Kelly wants to get all the girls together and Sash to oust Marty. Chase and Holly also talk about getting Marty out so it seems unanimous. Sash however wants to keep him around as he he promised to keep him around when he got the idol from him the last time around. Jane seems annoyed by this but Brenda seems like its not necessary to rush it since there will be plenty of time to get rid of him later. Alina thus is back on the block again as Dan spills the beans to Marty that Chase is looking to blindside him. Marty immediately goes to Sash and looks for answers. He goes ahead and asks Holly to give the South Dakota word of honor to Marty that she is voting Alina. What a mess it is.

Tribal council arrives soon as it will be Alina or Marty getting the boot out of the game. During the TC, Marty talks about clearing the air and how it wasnt true about how he didnt like Jane. He calls out her startegy and she takes big offense. It gets heated between the two as he gets passionate about how she will win if she gets to the end of the game. Dan soon reveals that NaOnka and Alina stole food and claims she was punished which got snickers from the others. Soon the votes are cast as Alina is the near unanimous vote by a count of 10-2.

Now as always the opinions:

-Its like watching Groundhog Day when it comes to this season's edition of Survivor, specifically speaking in the way that Marty continues to dodge elimination each week. What amazing is how seemingly smart driven players like Sash and Brenda continue to let him skate by and not pick up on the threat he is. I dont buy the notion that he is not to be worried about anymore due to the fact he doesnt have the idol. The guy has a mind for the game and he will stop at nothing to win it. How they can rationalize voting out Alina and Jill over him is beyond comprehension. What a joke this is.
-Watching these people keep Marty around gives you the feeling of watching horror unknowing horror movie victims before they are chopped up by Jason or Freddy. Marty is lurking with his machete and he is ready to strike. You also get the feeling that Sash, Brenda and company are totally feeling tons of regret when watching these episodes at home. They know they screwed up. It just remains to be seen how bad.
-Alina I will miss you. Your amazing body, cute face, and feistiness. I think she got a bad rap in this game for no reason. People were always gunning for her but I dont know why. And Benry calling her a dirt squirrel? What the hell was that? We must be missing something as I havent seen anything that she has done to deserve the treatment she got.
-Sash is so pathetic with his little plea to keep Marty around so he adheres to the word he gave him. Forget that. Marty would not hesistate for a second to rip Sash apart the first chance he got if the roles were reversed. You would think that the exchange he had with Shannon at the beginning of the game would have toughened him up. I guess not.
-Even if he were to get voted out the very next TC (dont hold your breath with these idiots), Marty goes down as the best player of the season by a mile. Its not even close.
-The reason why I love Jane so much, and I have spoken her praises since the beginning, is the fact that she sticks to her guns and doesnt take crap from anyone. I loved how she went back at Marty during TC. And I totally loved how she kicked his ass in the challenge. Her sticking it out when she already won immunity was awesome. Right now its looking like a long shot for her to win due to the comments Marty made to everyone during TC but she certainly has earned my respect.
-Speaking of Marty's attack on Jane during TC, I thought it was totally tasteless and disrespectful the way he cavalierly talked about how Jane losing her husband made her the de facto winner due to her "story." I hope he feels som regret for those commens as they were terrible to make to someone who just lost their spouse. He basically was hinting that she was USING that story to advance her cause which no one with a heart would ever do.
-NaOnka stealing the food was so Russell-esqu but she was not slick enough to get it done without being noticed. She is a total psycho through and through but I actually thought this was funny for some reason. What was interesting was the fallout from this as the tribe seemingly forgave her for what to me is the biggest sin in Survivor. When food is as scarce as it is, anyone who consciouosly takes it from the rest of the group deserves to get their ass sent home that very day. No questions asked. Fabio goes off on here and than seconds later claims its all okay now. Marty was the only one who really went to town on her which is shocking. (Sigh)
-One thing that Sash did which was smart was his desire to take NaOnka to the end of the game. Everyone knows she wont get one vote if she gets to the end of the game and so she is the perfect person to bring to the finale as its a guaranteed win over her and greatly improves the odds of winning.
-Fabio was annoying as hell today. Whenever he talks I cringe. He is that idiot in your high school class who always embaressed himself in front of everyone to the point that it made you uncomfortable.
-Dan.....what else can I say. Even in a challenge where he had to simply stand a put tension on some sticks, he was only able to last 3 seconds. Ridiculous. The funny thing is that I actually believe he stands a great chance to get to the end of the game if he doesnt quite due to the fact that no one takes him seriously and he is not a threat to anyone. Crazy stuff happens sometimes in this game.
-Holly continues to intrigue me. I really respect the way she has played the game after a rough start. She really has transformed herself into a factor and has done well in the challenges. I wouldnt be shocked if she won. No seriously.
-Purple Kelly's uselessness goes on and on and on.
-I wish Chase would take a more active roll in things. He is way too much of a follower for such a strong guy.

All right thats all I got for now. Check back as always for more. Lets hear your opinions.

Survivor Casting Call Set

I have gotten a lot of questions on when the upcoming Survivor casting calls will be and it appears the first one for upcoming seasons is going to be on Friday November 12 from 12-6 PM at the Alabama International Auto Show. So for those who think Survivor is nearing its completion and that they wont be doing these gatherings anymore, this is obvioously evidence to the contrary. Also this without a doubt has been the new means for the producers to gather the cast instead of looking through the videos and applications like in the past. In other words if your hot or are a stud, you will be pulled aside and strongly considered for the show. Thats just how it is now....A Road Rules/Real World type cast with a few B-list celebs thrown in. Like I said the show is still good but most of these new people have not even seen an episode of the show and thus the quality of game play in my view has suffered as a result of them not coming in with a studied plan. AGREE OR DISAGREE?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Carrie Prejean, Kimbo Slice Not On S22 After All?

All right as most of you know, I have not allowed spoilers to be posted on here since I began the site but I bent that rule some in discussing the upcoming Survivor 22 Boston Rob VS. Russell Hantz season due to the volume of inquieries I have gotten on what went on with that season. So I proceeded to post spoilers that were originally let out by the super sleuth "missaye" who was the one who spoiled S 19 and Heroes VS Villians and was pretty much dead on. So I thought this was a good source to go with and so he/she reported that both mixed martial arts guru Kimbo Slice and former Miss California Carrie Prejean would be on the Rob VS Russell season. Well after going with this for weeks, missaye posted yesterday that these news bits are in fact FALSE and either he/she posted them to mislead everyone or that the person he/she gets their info from was wrong. Either way it seems we back to square one with this and thus its still possible Rob and Russell have immunity to the merge after all. What a mess.

Survivor Nicaragua Updated Tribe Rankings: Who Is Currently The Favorite?

For the first time since the beginnig of the show, we have a new favorite as Sash takes the mantle after stepping up in a huge way last week and taking hold of the hidden imunity idol from Marty. The old guy is still dangerous himself though and it not to be underestimated. Lets see who the final twelve stack up.

1. Sash: No doubt he earned the top spot this week after convining Marty to give him the hidden immunity idol and thus voting out Jill in the process which is big since she is the dangerous Marty's biggest ally. I thought he missed a golden opportunty in not voting out Marty instead and that could come back and bite him but thats a concern for another day.

2. Brenda: Brenda is a power payer of which there is not doubt. She tkes a backseat to Sash however as he has the idol and he seems to be calling the shots now. Still she has been playing a great game and will be a force to be reckoned with.

3. Marty: Even though he no longer has the hidden immunity idol, Marty is not to be taken lightly. The man is still incredibly cunning and has the merge coming up to get him right back into the game. He is hurt by the loss of loyal Jill though.

4. Benry: The guy continues to get it done in the challenges and he is a slam dunk winner in the likability deparment. No one seems onto this yet which is surprising. He is the total package of what a Survivor winner looks like.

5. Chase: Ultimately I feel Chase is the third wheel in the Brenda/Sash power play but the good 'ol boy is also well liked and is without threats at the moment.

6. Purple Kelly: The merge is here and thats where someone who plays the under the radar game like Purple Kelly does well. She has been pretty useless to this point but we have seen this script before.

7. Jane: Jane got herself into a bit of trouble this past week with Marty but now that the merge has arrived, Jane will certainly not be the first target of the group. Other than Marty she is well liked and no doubt can win the game if she gets to the end here.

8. NaOnka: Only because she has the hidden immunity idol do I even have her this high. We all know her bad attitude will doom her fate in the game.

9. Fabio: He just continues to get by with is hazy demeanor but no one takes him seriously. He is mascot and thats it.

10. Holly: Holly has saved her game over the last few weeks and found new friends with the young people. You never know.

11. Alina: She narrowly missed getting the boot last week but I said all along that if she advanced to the merge, her chances would improve. Well she made it so lets see how the first week goes before we move her up.

12. Dan: He was a joke in the challenge last week but like with Alina, making the merge is good for him as power players get targeted at this point. Amazing he is still around.