Monday, August 30, 2010


Have to report on some ridiculous rumors that are out there and a big whopper is one that is saying Boston Rob and Russell Hantz are going to "sponsor" or pick one contestant to win Survivor 22 and that they get rewarded based on how far that person goes. This one is getting some pub on some Survivor message boards out there and after looking into it, I have been told this is not true. Yes we still dont know all the details about the setup but this sponsoring business is happening. Next.


The Phillipines version of Survivor kicked off last week with their "Celebrity Edition." All of the celbrities involved are local personalities that no one would recognize in the United States but its interesting that other edition of Survivor have undertaken this concept whereas the original U.S. version has failed to do so. Creator Mark Burntt and even Jeff Probst have stated too mnay times to count that there will not be a celebrity edition so there goes that thought. I am sure behind the scenes however that these two will pay attention to the Phillipines edition in order to see if this is really worth doing.

Analysis: All in all I have said that I dont want a celebrity edition of Survivor because what you would likely get are B-list celebrities or past their prime personalities like you see on Celebrity Apprentice. No thank you. I dont think this will ever happen so dont lose sleep over it.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


In a recent interview with Fancast, former Survior Australia contestant and current "The View" host Elisabeth Hasselbeck claims she was in fact contacted to do both Survivor All Stars and Survivor Heroes VS Villains and declined both. "That part of my life is over with despite what a blast it was to compete in Australia. It was tempting for sure but I have way too much going on right now. I dont see mysef going down that path again." The ultra-conservative Hasselbeck also incured the wrath of an Anti-Gay organization in Illinois by saying she support gay-marraige. "I am not ultra-ultra-conservative on every issue; I actually support gay marriage," she said. "I think the gay marriage thing would definitely surprise people." The organization Americans For Truth About Homosexuality claim she abandoned her Christian values with her statements. There was not reply from Hasselbeck about the groups remarks.

Analysis: I am glad Hasselbeck never made it back to Survivor because she is on my short list of Most Annoying Survivor Contestants ever. She certainly would give Sugar Kiper a run for her money in the crying department. In fact she might even be more annoying now on The View than she was on Survivor with her shireking monologues and arguing with the other women. Good riddance.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Some favorite Survivor vets took a trip across the globe in a charity event for Armed Forces Entertainment in Misawa, Japan. Two-time Survivor winner Sandra Diaz-Twine, Tom Buchannan (Africa), and Johnny Fairplay (Pearl Islands) will be among those in attendance for the troops stationed there. At the function it was reported that Fairplay confirmed the Boston Rob-Russell Hantz battle for S22. Yet another bit of evidence that this is going to take place.

Monday, August 23, 2010


There are strong rumors out there that Survivor host Jeff Probst could be in his swan song with the show as his contract is up after these next two installments in Nicaragua. Probst has made no secret about his desire to break into other media ventures and was mentioned prominently as a potential replacement for retiring Larry King and his CNN show. Survivor itself is signed by CBS only through S22 but the next location for a possible 23 and 24 editions have already been set for the Phillipines.

My View: I love Probst just as much as anyone as he truly has made this show his own. No doubt ratings could take a big hit when he leaves (a la Simon Cowell leaving American Idol and their expected ratings drop) but at this point its only rumors. I still think in the end Probst wont leave and I have been told that Survivor will likely be renewed for 23 and 24 in the few months or so.


Got another update on this and its been confirmed concretely that yes Boston Rob and Russell Hantz will be heading up opposing tribes in Survivor 22. There have been rampant rumors about whether any other All Stars will be involved and the setup of the game but at the very least these two will be there.

The biggest speculation has each heading up a tribe as a sort of coach or mentor while being protected by some sort of immunity until the merge. How this affects the sanctity of the game is an interesting thought but more on this when it comes out.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Survivor Revisited: Kel and the Beef Jerky

It was one of the more absurd occurences in Survivor history and it had a huge effect on the victim regarding his place in the game. In the latest edition of Survivor Revisited, we take a look back to Survivor Australia when the infamous "beef jerky" incident took place. To those who werent fans at the time, here is a quick reviews:

It was only day 5 in the Outback when former Marine Kel Mitchell faced accusations from long time survivor villainess Jerri Manthey that he was off on his own chomping down on a stick of beef jerky. Manthey quickly ran back and reported this to the rest of the tribe who called him on the carpet and basically decided he was guilty while dismissing his explanations. The next day the Ogakor tribe lost the immunity challenge and as a result unanimously voted out arguably their strongest player based on these unfounded accusations.

All in all this was a very harsh thing to witness and you had to feel sorry for Kel here. The man was voted out strictly on the words of another tribe member who had no hard core evidence and they even went so far as to search his bag behind his back, finding nothing. To me it was one of the more shaameful and dissapointing acts that I witnessed on Survivor and it really should have never happened in the first place.

Now for starters let me put it out there that Kel DID NOT have beef jerky......a fact that was later confirmed by the producers of the show after the series ended. And what really made no sense in all of this was the fact that every tribe member has all of their personal items checked before they head out and especially when the show was new like it was in Australia, there was a strict list of items that they were allowed to bring. So there was no way Kel could have gotten into the Outback with any beef jerky. And what was really more aggravating in all of this is that we as fans were robbed of seeing a guy who looked like he could have been a real contender to win it all. A very fit, muscular guy with a military background would have been a top person to put your money on to take the prize money. Whats more, Kel seemed like a genuinely nice guy. I guarantee you both Kel and Mark Burnett would have thought you were crazy if you said beforehand he would have been the second person voted out of the game and the first person kicked off his tribe over the useless Maralyn Hershey. It was all so ridiculous and it almost rightfully cost the Ogakor tribe as they were horrendous in challenges after he was evicted. If it wasnt for a freak Michael Skupin accident, there is now way Colby or Tina finish in the top two.

So all in all, this was an absurd happening that will live on in Survivor infamy. What did you all think of this episode? Was it unfair that Kel was accused like this?

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I have been asked why no new Survivor radio shows since the first two I did a few weeks ago. Well the plan was to run the radio show during the series starting in September and that will be the schedule going forward. I am figuring on a Thursday show in order to recap Wednesday's episode which will be one hour long. Be sure to tune in as always and follow the old shows at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/survivorradio

Be sure to bookmark the address above so you know where to go on show day.


It was one of the most memorable fight scenes in Survivor history and it has stood the test of the time all the way back to the shows second installment in Australia. The battle pitted fitness buff Alicia Callaway versus animal rights champion Kimmi Kappenburg and it was both humorous and downright silly. First the backstory to the confrontation:

Early on in the first few days in the Outback, Kappenburg became "friendly" and close to a group of chickens that her tribe had won at a reward challenge. Talking and feeding them from the day they acquired them, Kappenburg exclaimed in a confessional that she is a vegetarian and doesnt believe in harming animals, especially for food. So when it was time for lunch or dinner and one had to meet its destiny, Kimmi would make a theatrical exit in front of everyone while pointing out her views to her annoyed mates. One day it all came to a head when the fiery Callaway called her out on it and the argument was on.

Now what made this fight great was not what was said but with the classic finger wagging and head twirling that Callaway threw at Kappenburg. Vintage stuff anad that scene alone made both Kappenburg and Callaway memorable players in Survivor history.

AS far as Kappenburg herself, she wound up being the fifth person voted out of the game and the second from her tribe. Her annoying accent and obnoxious cackling at night combined with her ineffectiveness in challenges doomed her fate. Now as far as what has gone on since than, here is teh scoop:

After Survivor Kappenburg wound up getting married in August 2004. Weeks before the wedding however, she was involved in a serious car accident that required hospitalization and almost put the wedding on hold. She also dabbled in television with guest sports on the Rosie O'Donnell Show, Howard Stern radio show, and a recurring bit on the David Letterman Show. She currently works still as a bartender on Long Island New York and also a freelance production assistant for tv commercials.

Analysis: Yeah not the most impressive Survivor contestant but surely that scene was a classic and what she will always be remembered for. I do remember how annoying she was but she did step up big time in the eating immunity challenge in episode 2 of that season. She was totally overmatched however for the show and she really deserved to go when she did.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Attention all Survivor fans: I just finshed reading a very insightful and very interesting book on our favorite television show that I think you will all enjoy. You can purchase it by clicking on the link to ther right. Its called THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SURVIVOR and here is the gist of what its about from the Amazon description:

From situational ethics and tribal loyalties to stress and body image, this collection of essays employs cutting-edge psychology to delve into the dynamics of the hit television show Survivor. Containing new thoughts and theories on the past 13 seasons of the show—which many consider the mother of reality television—this analysis looks at the root behaviors and emotions that come to light while people are being filmed competing for a large sum of money while stranded on a deserted island. Insight into the program’s psychodynamics explores why macho alpha males rarely win, what makes fellow survivors like one another, and why the behavior of certain players, such as Rob Cesternino, became infamous.

This sounded intriguing to me and I got to say it was a very easy page turner that all Survivor fans will love. Here are a couple of additional reviews:

"As a huge Survivor fan I was interested to see what Psychologists had to say about the game and the people that play it - and was facinated by the points the essay writers came up with. If you are interested in psychology or just interested in Suvivor you will love this book. Sometimes the observations made are really humorous and make you laugh, other times really infomative and make you think. Although a great recycler of books (by giving away or selling them on) I have kept this one so that when I watch the show in years to come either new seasons or old seaons I can refer back to the book for interest sake."



Check the links to the right. Great prices on all of our favorite seasons. Make great holiday gifts as we all know that Christmas will be here before you know it.


Want to know what some of the rules are that all Survivor contestants must obey in writing before they appear on the show? Well yours truly has come across some of these rules and regulations that must be followed or else expulsion from the show could result. I have been told that the actual documents all players must read and give their John Hancock on are 9 pages long. Some of the more interesting tidbits are the following:

•details about consolation prizes, which aren’t guaranteed.
•details about voting and being on the jury, and staying at Ponderosa and/or the travel location (where non-jury members go) post-season.
•a rule about what is considered private property (only the luxury item and clothes brought to the location, which have to be pre-approved), and a clause that says “criminal damage” is grounds for expulsion.
•a disclosure about the lack of privacy, and the fact that contestants may be filmed even when they don’t know they’re being filmed, even while naked.
•the consequences of disobeying rules about plants and wildlife.
•consequences of disobeying producers or refusing to vote, among other things.
•insistence that contestants obey US law, and a clause that says they may help prosecutors if contestants violate US law.
•a rule that says producers can change the rules any time, including mid-challenge.

Interesting stuff for sure. I was always wondering what would happen if a few tribe members started to do the deed. Would they just film it like perverts? I also find it interesting that players are not supposed to abuse plants and wildlife but yet a bunch of trees and vines are cut down to build the shelters. And how about all the trees that need to be cut for the challenges that are in the jungle??? I wonder if the need a permit for such actions. Anyways I thought you would all find it interesting.


One player you will never see on Survivor again is three time veteran and two time finalist Amanda Kimmel. Kimmel, who just recently competed on the Heroes VS Villains edition where she got voted out for the first time, said in a recent interview that she will never go on Survivor again. In Amanda's view, "The game has changed and I dont like the diction its going. The new era of play that Russell Hantz has brought to Survivor has ruined it for me. I dont want any part of it." Amanda did go on to say that she loved her Survivor experience and will treasure the memories she has from it.

Analysis: Amanda Kimmel is certainly not a player that anyone is going to miss in my opinion. Although she was a good enough player to make it to two final Tribal Councils, Amanda was more of a coatail rider in her China and Micronesia seasons. She never made that one big move to make the game her own and this was proven in Heroes VS Villains when she gave the idol clue back to Danielle after she briefly impressed me by stealing it from her. All in all she was nice to look at but not a memorable player.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Quesitons are being asked about the potential conflict of interest of one of the Survivor Nicaragua contestants as it was revealed that Holly Hoffman, who was chosen and competed on the just completed S21, has a son who works for a CBS affiliate. Survivor rules clearly state that a Survivor contestant may not have any ties or a family members that have any ties to CBS or its affiliates. Hoffman's son confirmed when reached that yes he is a reporter for a CBS news affiliate but co-anchor Angela Kennecke came to his defense when she claims that he was hired AFTER Hoffman was selected for the show.

Survivor producer Mark Burnett has made no comment on the matter

Analysis: There always seems to be a controversy or another when it comes to Survivor but to me this is a whole to do about nothing. I will take the explanation that Hoffman's son was hired after she was selected and even if he wasnt, I would find it hard to believe that Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst would allow their hit show to be called into question because they helped a fellow CBS staffer's mom do well. I am not buying it.

What do you all think? Conflict of interest or nothing to worry about? Post below.


By far the most talked about Survivor contestant in the upcoming Nicaragua series that begins in September is 67 year old former Dallas Cowboys/Miami Dolphins head coach adn current Fox Sports analyst Jimmy Johnson. Being the second oldest contestant in Survivor history behind the ageles Rudy Boesch certainly increases the difficulty level for Johnson but in a recent interview he did with The Miami Herald, the former coach had to deal with awkwardness right off the bat as his fellow castaways didnt believe it was in fact him.

“You’re a look-alike,’’ they said. “Jimmy Johnson would never do this,” they said.
“Why would a guy like that be here?” they said.

Well he was there in the flesh and although he couldnt reveal any results or specific happenings of his experience, Johnson admitted he did this for the experience and not the money. “When I was a kid, I dreamed of actually living on the Amazon. Just in the wild. In nature. I dreamed of stuff like we did (on ‘Survivor’).”

Johnson has always been a huge fan of the fan and had applied for the past seven years, with one time making the final cut before he was let go due to a blockage discovered in one of his arteries. So after some medical work to get him back in good health, Johnson finally got through. And like many of the other contestants this season who have admitted as much, Johnson preacticed dilligently at home such Survivor tasks like making a fire from scratch and building a shelter.

Overall Johnson claims the experience was "great" but also "hell." For starters, “We could hardly even get any drinking water to boil because of the parasites and such,’’ he said. “You’re thirsty, dehydrated.”

No doubt Jimmy Johnson will be the most watched contestant right off the bat and it will be intersting to see his interaction with the other players and to see if his coaching habits come into play. Either way Johnson should be applauded for deiciding to do something unconventional and to put himself out there as a famous media person.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


It was the moment when we all saw for the first time that the show of Survivor was in fact REAL and that the elements the cataways were dropped into were in fact dangerous. Of course I am referring to the Survivor Austrlia accident that caused contestant Michael Skupin to be removed from the game after a horrifying face plant into a fire that caused severe burns to both his hands. It was disturbing and at the same time riveting television and since Survivor was only in its second season, many believe this even catapulted the show to true icon status due to the drama that unfolded that day.

The setting of the accident centered on a normal day in camp when Skupin was trying to do the mundane but necessary task of keeping the fire going in order to cook the day's rice meal. Skupin proceeds to bend over the fire to blow on it when a plume of smoke came into his face and caused him to pass out into the fire. Using his hands to brace the fall, Skupin immediately came to and let out a blood curdling yell. He immedinately ran into the water where the damage was first realized: major burns to both hands with the skin peeling off. A medivac was immediately flown in and Skupin became the first injured evacuee in Survivor history. To this day, no injury was as frightening with the possible exeption of Russell Swan in S19.

The evacuation had a trmendous impact on the game as the Kucha tribe at that point had the Ogakor group at their mercy with being up in numbers by a count of 6-5. One more win in the immunity challenge would have allowed Kucha to go into ther merge with the advantage and thus pick off Colby, Tina and company one by one. With Mike's departure the field was even and the loose lips of Kimmi Kappenberg served to destroy her old tribe when Jeff Varner was ousted at the merge, thus giving the Ogakor's the advantage they needed to get the aformentioned Colby and eventual champion Tina to the end of the game. No doubt in my mind Kucha would have won that challenge if Mike didnt get hurt as Ogakor had no confidence and was a team full of bickering. In fact it wouldnt be a stretch to say that Skupin stood a great chance of getting to the end and winning the whole thing. His highlight of course was his ability to hold the 200 pounds of water on his shoulders in the strength challenge versus the much younger Colby and he would have won that one too had his pole not broken as the cowboy was shaking from the weight and seemed seconds away from falling in the water.

So with all that took place there, many have wondered what ever happend to Mike and will he ever come back to Survivor??? I did a little digging on this topic and discovered that Michael Skupin has been quite busy since his appearance on Survivor and it appears that he would have little time to do the show again due to his work. Specifically speaking, Skupin has become a born again Christian and has made it his lifes work to help other in need. He created his own web site http://www.mikeskupin.com/ and goes around the country giving lectures and doing fundraisers. With his motto being "Discover Your Inner Strength", Skupin has taken his message all the way to the White House as he has met with former President George W Bush and First Lady Laura Bush.

All in all, it appears that Michael Skupin has put every ounce of himself into his new venture and he should be applauded for it. The link between his injury and what he is now doing with his life is very coincidental (and Skupin wasnt shown to be religious in Australia) so one could assume his brush with his health made him look inward for strength which is where the motto came from. Either way this is a nice ending to a great player's experience on Survivor and I honestly hope we do see him again soon.

What did you all think of Michael Skupin? How good in your opinion would he have done if he didnt get injured?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


As I reported here many months ago, Survivor Heroes VS Villains contestants Sugar Kiper and JT Thomas did in fact have a one night sexual romance that was confirmed by both parties after the show ended. What was also learned recently however is that this encounter took place BEFORE H VS V and Sugar claimed that JT promised to stick with her during the competition. Well we all know they didnt stick together as JT was one of the 9 Heroes who put her name down and made her the first person booted from the game. Talk about being dumped!!!

Analysis: Yet another story about planning taking place befor the game began. There are still the rumors about Parvati being brough out to Samoa to meet with Russell before H VS V but this gives new meaning to getting to know each other before the game took place. And sure you can say that many of the players in that edition had previous relationships over the years and even played with each other which is fine but these two were on their seasons not long before the H VS V series so its not likely there were any previous contacts established. Even though she was only there for three days, there was never any interaction shown between the two that would lead one to think there was something going on. And the fact that she went for Colby on the first night showed why Ms. Kiper might have gotten the name "Sugar."

Monday, August 9, 2010


Survivor host Jeff Probst did a recent interview in response to circulating rumors about upcoming All Star type seasons being in the works, highlighted by the Russell VS Boston Rob potential showdown. While not coming out directly and saying yes it will happen, Probst answers left a lot of hints on the table that this is in fact still going to occur. For instance when asked about the rumored Russell VS Rob battle being a part of S22, Probst answered, “I would love it. I would love to see Rob and Russell go head-to-head or represent different tribes, something like that,” Probst said. “Yeah, because it is a matchup that you want to see, ‘cause in a weird way Rob is suddenly the hero [now] and Russell’s the villain. In what world does that make sense?

Probst also gave an interesting answer when he responded to an inquiry about having too many All Star seasons by saying, “Heroes vs. Villains was great. But you do have to space those out, and you have to have the stars to pull it off. So I don’t know that we can do it every season, but I think what’s happening is we’ve been on long enough that we now have over 300 people to chose from. But it is fun to bring back people occasionally as a little bit of a spice. Maybe you don’t do the whole season but maybe you bring a few back or maybe you do one tribe like we did with Fans vs. Favorites. So yeah, we’re open to all those ideas.”

Notice how he said "maybe you bring a few back or maybe you do one tribe." A few back? As in Rob VS Russell??? Exactly right.

Analysis: I continue to check in with my sources close to the show and I am still told that this is still happening. This line of discussion has never veered away from it so bank on it happening. You all know I love this idea as we may finally see the idiot get his ass voted out.


Well it appears that despite failing to win after making two final tribal councils, Russell Hantz has indeed left his mark on Survivor and has changed how the game will be played regarding the use of hidden immunity idols that he so famously scarfed up like he would a box of Oreos. Survivor host Jeff Probst has publicly acknowledged that starting with the Nicaragua editions, hidden immunity idols will be much more difficult to find and also have les clues given out on its whereabout. There was no word on whether how often they would be put in play however.

Analysis: I am definately glad to hear this because I have stated many times on here how ridiculous the hidden immunity idols were getting last season. Many of you agreed with me as I put up a poll asking if the hidden idols were ruining the sanctity of the show which 62 percent of you say YES to. I thought it was amazing how Russell systematically gathered up all the idols in S19 and believed at the time it was a decent storyline. However Heroes VS Villains got downright ridiculous with all of those idols and it had a huge impact on the game which it shouldnt have had. I have always said that one or at most two idols should be hidden in play and not reinserted into the game once they are played. We have gotten too far from what Survivor really was supposed to be all about. I think finally Probst and Mark Burnett are getting the memo here.

What do you all think about the hidden idols? Too much of a good thing? Get rid of them altogether?

Survivor Nicaragua Cast Info

So the cast for Survivor Nicaragua was finally revealed this morning on the CBS Morning Show. A full cast of 20 was introduced along with their vidoes on the CBS website. Here as the tidbits you need to know about each player heading into the game.

Ben Henry (24): Pretty boy young buck. Worked for Girls Gone Wild. Will try and use his "boyish" looks to get by. Worries about his bad temper getting him in trouble. I hate guys like this. Hope he goes first. Seems very conceited.

Jimmy Johnson (67): Claims he is going to lay low and not fall back on his coaching instincts where he tells everyone what to to. Will use the strategy of making himself atractive to the others to bring to the end aas he believes no one will give him the million dollar.

Alina Wilson (23): wants to prove she is not just a pretty girl. She wants to show everyone she is a bad-ass. She is a pretty girl who is trying to use her looks to get others to trust her.

Brenda Lowe (27): owns a paddle board company, Hispanic former beauty queen, kinda boring in her pre-show interview.

Chase Rice (24): works in a pit fuel. Lost his father and his ability to play football due to ankle injury. Seems like a really nice, genuine kid who has a lot of perspective. I am rooting for him.

Dan Lembo (63): Tough guy Italian dude. Very muscular guy for his age. has huge guns. Is known as Mr. Connected....Mafia reference????? Hmmmm. He is hinting at it. Raised in Brooklyn during mafia height. The guy is also probably filthy rich as he lives in Watermill Long Island which is all mansions. One of the most exclusive towns in New York.

Holly Hoffman (44): Swim coach who claims she is tough. Claims she has a mean streak and plans to come in and be friendly and make alliances.

Jane Bright (56): farmer chick, she claims she is fearless and nothing at camp will deter her as she has seen it all working outdoors. Claims she can outdo any girl in a fitness test. I like her. She seems like she takes no BS and works her ass off.

Jill Behm (43): emergency room doctor so she could come in handy if anyone gets sick or hurt. That alone makes her someone that would attractive to keep on the tribe. Has very short hair....looks kind of butchy but she is a mom also. Competes in cycling races and seems like she is very fit.

Jimmy Tarantino (48): is a commercial fisherman so he is another one that will probably stay around awhile with his ability to get food. Has long hair for an old guy and seems pretty chill. Won the online Survivor contest. Seems like another good guy to root for here.

Jud Birza (21): Ughh...he uses the word RAD in his interview questions. Another pretty boy California dude who surfs and he knows people think he is going to be the goofy hanging out dude. Claims he has more going on upstairs.

Kelly Bruno (26): As I reported, she is the first female contestant to compete with a prosthetic leg as she lost her leg at six months old. Was teased in school.....terrible. Got involved in competitive sports and is trying to prove handicapped people can do well. Her dad was killed in January in Haiti during the earthquake....Wow this girl has been through a lot. Will be the sentimental favorite for sure.

Kelly Shinn (20): shes a nursing student....very young obviously. Seems very well spoken for her age. Typical young Survivor blondie. Was biggest flirt in high school.

Marty Piombo (48): seems like another really nice guy (the OLD tribe is full of likable people) and his mantra is to remain calm. Thinks he will be a leadership type as he is a business executive for Yahoo. That could hurt him as early leaders put themselves at big risk. Could be early boot or the end with the strategy.

Matthew Lenahan (30): They call him "Sash." Big time real estate broker in New York City so he definately is rich. Thinks he already has all the women wrapped around his finger. Very arrogant. Hate guys like this. Probably will be the douce of the season. Says he has always dominated everything he ever did.....please.

NaOnka Mixon (27): big time track star...should be a big asset to challenges. Another one who seems very into herself. Says she is the secret weapon. Claims she is not nervous and is a stallion. She really seemed like she was on drugs in the interview video on the CBS site.

Shannon Elkins (30): I dont know why but this guy has annoyed me since the first time I saw his photo. Yet another Survivor pretty boy. Is a little league coach but claims he can take orders. Seems very blunt and in your face. I dont like him. He seems like he is pretty athletic but the interview is cringe worthy as he talks like he is 15.

Tyrone Davis (42): likes to tell others that he survivved the projects. Is now working as a firefighter and claims he is a good people person.

Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff (48): shes the goat rancher who is also a nurse in the Army. Her tone of voice is like a teenager. Admits she talks too much. If I were to place money on anyone being the first voted out, it is hands down her. The type of annoying player that is always kicked out right off the bat.

Yve Rojas (41): The Survivor hot mom. She too talks like she is a dumb teenager. Was in ROTC. Her nickname was Evil Yve growing up.

So here they are. Should be good to see. Post comments below.


A new twist to Survivor will be introdued this season as Mark Burnett and company try to level the playing field when the OLD goes against the Young in this seasons edition of the hit show. Specifically speaking, joining the immunity idol will now be a Medallion of Power which will be used to give the tribe that possesses it a specific advantage going into the challenge. If the tribe that has the medallion deciced to play it, it than goes to the other tribe at the end of the challenge. The Medallion will be up for grabs in the first challenge during the first episode.

Analysis: Interesting concept although I got to see how much of an advantage it gives the tribe that holds it before I give my judgement. Clearly something needed to be done here with the Old VS Young concept since any physical challenge will obviously favor the young bucks. One great thing about Survivor is that they always seem to come up with a new concept to keep the show from turning stale. Nice work.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Reality show kindpin Mark Burnett is at it again and this time there are some whispers that maybe he has gone bonkers with his new ideas. Specifically speaking, the cable tv channel Investigative Discovery has signed Burnett to a deal for him to develop two new talent reality shows profiling people behind bars. One of the shows will be called Talent Behind Bars while the other will be called Dancing Behind Bars. Inmates will take part in these copycats from America's Got Talent and Dancing With tThe Stars which has caused some negative reaction from the press. Never one to be denied, Burnett claims everything is moving ahead with the shows launching sometime soon.

Analysis: What next huh????? Burnett is a television genius for sure but these ideas make me cringe. However people will be talking about it and the curiosity factor will get them tuning in. The one question I have is: what do the winners get? A shorter prison sentence. Relief from toilet cleaning duties???? Ahhh good to see our tax dollars at work.


Thats right. Tomorrow morning at 7AM ET on the CBS Morning Show, the Survivor Nicaragua cast will officially be announced to the public. Of course I have known the roster for quite some time now as there have been many leaks, with the biggest being that former NFL coach and current Fox Sports analyst Jimmy Johnson will be included. This season pits the OLD VS the Young starting Wednesday Sept. 6th.

Analysis: Just a formality here. We know all the names. Now we will just be getting some more photos and personal info before we get to the premiere. Stay tuned.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Whenever I put up a poll for all of you to vote on and express your opinion on a Survivor matter, most of the time I am not surprised by the results. With that being said, I am definately surprised so far by the poll results when I asked all of you about who you would vote for if and when Boston Rob and Russell Hantz face in possibly in Survivor 22. Here was how the voting has broken down so far:

Boston Rob: 14 votes
Russell Hantz: 12 votes

I have to admit that I thought Rob would get at least two third of this vote but its beck-and neck. Very surprising indeed as it is fair to say that Russell Hantz is the most despised player in Survivor history. When you also factor in how Rob reinvented himself into the good guy during H VS V, this becomes even more eye-opening. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that I believe despite the hate people gave for Russell, they do respect his game. I can understand that. I also believe that Rob is still hated a great deal from the All Star season where he went all Russell Hantz on everybody.

Either way, I still thought this poll would be more in Rob's favor. My question to the Russell voters is this: what was the reason for the vote??? What was the reason you didnt vote for Rob?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


At a meet and greet sessions with fans along with Survivor Samoa winner Natalie White, bad boy Russell Hantz was asked directly about the rumors of his impending return in Survivor Nicaragua versus old foe Boston Rob. Nicaragua is the location of the next two installments of Survivor with the latter of the two being the one that Russell and Rob are supposedly going to be a part of. After taking the question, Russell answered with a "no comment" and the issue was dropped.

My View: Interesting that Russell would offer a no comment after supposedly writing on his facebook that he was retired from Survivor. I once again checked in on this rumor and once again am told that its still on at this point. Lets hope it stays that way so we can finally see who is the greater player of the two and we can settle this debate for good.