Sunday, May 16, 2010


Well tonight is what we have all been waiting for. We very well could see the first ever two-time Survivor champion as former winners Sandra and Parvati are very much in the thick of it as far as prospects of winning. Based on the up-to-the-minute poll results that I posted the other day, it seems like the readers believe Sandra will reign supreme tonight. The voting breakdown:


The results here are not surprising to me as I strongly believe that either Sandra or Parvati wins. And remember this is a spoiler free site and I have no knowledge of who wins. I have said all along that I thought Russell had NO CHANCE and I will stick by that view as he once again turned the entire jury against him. He will always have a big asterisk next to his name as someone who was a grat strategic player but who couldn't finish the deal.

I think people are underestimating Jerri's chances here as I believe she is the darkhorse to win it. She has been through the ringer as a three time player and she has played a very good game this time around. I think she definately is deserving of a win and could take it all if she goes up against Sandra and Parvati in finals due to the view of many not to give out a second million to a player.

Finally there is Colby who I dont believe for a second deserves consideration as the winner this time around. He blew his best chance in Australia and has been truly horrendous in H VS V. The fact of the matter however is that if he can win two immunity's in a row, which is a very tall task since he has been making a habit of being the first out in the last few challenges, than he has a great chance to win due to his extreme popularity and the view that he survived against all the villains in crunch time. Valid points but I still don't think he deserves it and he won't get there without the immunities becasue the one thing that the remaining villains agree on is that he has to go first.

Should be a great show tonight and the reunion show is always a personal favorite of mine. As always I will be here giving you an extended play-by-play and analysis. And once H VS V ends, be sure to stay tuned to the site as I will still be posting daily articles on the latest happenings on Survivor along with my periodic "Where Are They Now" articles and "Survivor History Revisited" postings.

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