Friday, May 14, 2010

How Bad Will Russell Get Ripped In Front Of Final Jury If He Makes It To The End????

With only five survivors left in the game, the finale Sunday should be great from start to finish. Always the biggest highlight of finales is when the final two (or three) survivors face the jury. These riveting moments are usually filled with anger and rip jobs from those who were all pretty much voted out by the final grouping. Sue Hawk began this tradition in her memorable dress down of Kelly and Richard in Borneo and some great highlights were Tom, Lex, and Kathy tearing apart Rob and Amber in All Stars and Clay stupidly screaming back at the jury in Africa. Performances in front of the jury oftentimes dictates who wins and failure to impress results in a million dollar letdown (just look at Amanda for evidence).

So that takes us to Russell Hantz and the strong possibility that he makes the final of heroes vs villains. It would be smart for the other four remaining survivors to take him to the final as he once again has alienated the entire jury against him and stands next to no chance of winning as I said weeks ago. What I really am looking forward to seeing however if he being ripped to shreds by the scorned jury and THAT will be the highlight of the show for sure. And there is almost no doubt in my mind it will happen. The questions I have is: how bad???? and what plan will Russell have to combat this????? Does he say he is sorry and try and kiss jury butt or does he go with the "its all part of the game routine." Let's break it down with who is on the jury so far and the likeliehood they will rip Russell.

Coach: Coach certainly has made no secret of his disdain for Russell but I just cant see him doing a major number on him. Coach is too wishy washy and always shys away from direct conflict. I can see him spouting off on a "I am too ethical to talk ugly to others like Russell does" or something along those lines. Not much of a chance here of him ripping him. Rip O' Meter: 2 (out of 10)

Courtney: Courtney is great when it comes to insulting with one-liners and she stands a good chance of unloading on Russell with some sarcastic comments. He was never out and out rude to her until just before her ouster but she will definately have something to say to him. Rip O' Meter: 7

JT: Like Coach, JT doesn't strike me as someone who will confront anyone in the game directly. After all he shook Russell's hand and said well done after he was ousted by the Evil One so I think deep down he respects his game and wont take him on. Rip O' Meter: 1

Amanda: Amanda is too nice to take it to Russell and he really didn't do much directly to her. Move on. Rip O' Meter: 1

Candice: This is where thigns will get rough for Russell. Candice was used by him and she definaetly seems like one who gets the claws out when she is done wrong by. The guilt she expressed after her ouster tells me she is burning on the inside for being fooled by Russell and costing her the game and the respect from the rest of the heroes. Expect sparks to fly and it to get mighty uncomfortable for him here. Rip O' Meter: 10

Danielle: If there was an 11 on the scale than Danielle would get it. She will let it all out Boston style on Russell and tear him apart for screwing their alliance and trying to pit her and Parvati against one another. This will be intense. Rip O' Meter: 10 plus

Rupert: Gave one of the all-time great anger stares to Russell after he was voted out and he alredy has went off on him once in the game. Look for more of the same here although there is a chance the big softie will take the high road like he did with Rob in All Stars (although Rob didn't really screw him during that game). Rip O' Meter: 6

So there you have it. Should be a fun time seeing the idiot squirm in front of the jury and I cant wait to see how he spins his behavior this time around.

What do you all think? Is Russell going to get it handed to him or will the jury be more benign than I think?

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