Monday, December 9, 2013


With the finale of Survivor Blood VS. Water getting ready to launch this Sunday, let's handicap the odds of each of the remaining players to take home the million.

1. Tyson (2-1: That hands down favorite. I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised at how good Tyson has played. Primarily the focus Tyson has shown in this his third time playing Survivor has been interesting to me. Interesting in that he didn't take the game seriously at all the first time in Tocantins as he goofed around too much and had no plan. Than in Heroes VS. Villains he toned down the goofiness but showed how gullible he was in getting himself voted out by falling for Russell's crap. The third time's the charm? Apparently so. From finding two idols, to playing coy with everyone, to keeping his mouth shut....for the most part, Hayden was right in saying the game is his to win. Tyson Apostle the winner of Survivor. I can't believe I am uttering that but barring some last minute realization by Gervase and Monica that they are being taken for a ride, he takes home the million.

2. Monica (5-1): Monica is the only other person who has a snowball's chance in hell of winning. She has won three immunities which is impressive and it always caught my attention in the beginning episodes when she made it a point to take out the people who were moving against her. I like her personally but her paranoia annoyed everyone else. She has somewhat of a case to win with the immunities but the overall sense I get is the other's believe Tyson and Gervase carried her.

3. Gervase (50-1): Gervase has had a tough time keeping his mouth shut all season and his obnoxiousness was his undoing. His alliance with Tyson has been ironclad and he deserves props for being loyal but he also has to be knocked for that as well. The fact he doesn't sense he has no chance in taking Tyson to the finale reveals how poor his feeling for the game is.

4. Ciera (30-1): She is not well-liked and is now going to be looked at as a flip-flopper after going the rock route. I liked her dogged determination and he guts to make a big move but honestly if it weren't for some crazy happenings in the beginning, Ciera would have been gone a long time ago. Lucky she made it this far.

5. Hayden (20-1): I can't move Hayden higher than 20-1 because the others won't let him get to the finale. IF Hayden does win the next two immunities and gets into the finale than we have a discussion as he is very popular with the jury members. Would love to see it as he has been a class player the whole way and one to root for but I can't see it.

6. Tina (40-1): Gosh I feel so bad she just lost her son. Simply awful. It really makes my discussion about her a moot point. She has re-deemed herself after her first boot flameout in All Stars but she doesn't have much of an argument to make to win.

7. Katie (35-1): Like with Ciera, Katie should have been gone long ago and the comments that were made by the others confirm that thinking. Nice girl who gets props for making the rocks move but that's about all the good comments I can muster.

8. Laura (25-1): It would be a nice story for Laura to be the returnee from Redemption Island a second time in the game but even if she does do so, she was not well-respected by the others. She is about as big a competitor as you can get and I have all the respect in the for her challenge acumen but she can't do it.

There you have it. Let me hear some of your thoughts.


Looked what the cat dragged in. After a long hiatus, Survivor the Reality Show Blog lives again. And just in time for a likely Tyson coronation next Sunday in the finale of the greatest season ever Survivor Blood VS. Water. This season has been a jackpot, slam dunk winner for Probst and company. I was skeptical at first about it working but it has delivered and than some with tons of drama thrown in for good measure. It really was with this season that made me this site and so here I am once again. As always the old features will be back and than some. Please re-like the site and let's get the dialogue going again. I look forward to chatting with all of you soon.