Friday, May 7, 2010

Some Additional Thoughts On Last Night

After such a packed episode, there were a few things that I missed in last night's wrapup.

First off, I am confused over the voting in the first tribal council when Candice went home. Russell hatched the plan to split the votes 3-3 on Colby and Rupert. Than the Parvati, Jerri, and Danielle decide to blindside Candice. When the actual votes were cast, Parvati and Danielle voted for Rupert while Russell voted for Candice. Did I miss something???? Why did Russell vote for Candice and the girls for Rupert? Shouldnt the votes have been Parvati, Danielle, Jerri, Colby, and Rupert for Candice with Sandra, Russell, and Candice for Rupert??? They made it out to seem like Russell would have no clue they were blindsiding her but than he casts a vote for Candice? And than complains about it afterwards??? I dont get the voting at all there. If I missed something or anyone else has a better idea as to what went down than please post a comment below.

Secondly, after being in such a terrible spot, why would Colby decide to step down during the first challenge for a plate of doughnuts????? What was up with that? I have hammered Colby all season for lack of heart and determination and this is further proof that he is a shadow of his former self. Where is the drive to go for immunity at all costs? Where is the killer instinct??? Weird.

More to come later when I view the secret scenes.

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