Thursday, March 31, 2011


So Sarita goes to Redemption Island to face Matt for the immediate chance to get back into the game. Zapatera is hurting, Rob is dominating, and Phillip is still nutty. Lets see how the remaining players stack up as far as chances of winning.

1. Boston Rob: Still has the idol which he likely will have to use this week. This is a key episode for Rob if he wants to win the game. He needs to come out of this threat with the numbers on his side and if he doesnt, than he is delaying the inevitable as far as him being ousted.

2. Natalie: Same deal as last week. And the week before. Rob's golden girl.

3. Grant: Grant is the man when it comes to challenges and he has a chance to make some noise when the immunity becomes individual. I can see a scenario though where Grant gets targeted if word gets out that Rob has the idol. Rob gets duped into playing it and Grant goes.

4. Matt: I am going on the premise that Matt gets back in the game since there is next to no chance Sarita beats him in the challenge. Matt thus goes right to the upper levels of the rankings and he surely has earned a ton of cred for winning all those duels. He is also very well liked which Rob correctly saw as a threat. Another battle between the two could be in the offing. Instead of Rob VS. Russell we have Rob VS. Matt.

5. Mike: He is still solid as far as likeability. However he easily could be the one Rob targets when the merge arrives. He makes the perfect tough guy to go after. If he survives that than the sky is the limit.

6. Ralph: Got to keep Ralph up there with the idol in his pocket. He is such a dumbass though that I cant see anyone really giving him the money.

7. Julie: Staying on the darkhorse winnner with her. You go!

8. David: David is going to make things very interesting in the next few weeks. I could see him taking control of the game or even aligning with Rob if he had to since he seems done with his tribe. One to watch.

9. Steve: Not much of an edit from him either. Boring is the word. Needs to step up.

10. Ashley: Useless is the word here. Do something soon Ash or you will keep dropping.

11. Andrea: The key is whether her and Matt make a move when he gets back in the game. On the slim chance he doesnt come back than she is toast. Not much has been said from her lately so maybe her best is yet to come.

12. Phillip: I will say it again. Its crazy he is still in the game. Enough already. Coach 2 should get his real soon.

Thats how I see it for now. Right now I see only a select few who actually have a shot. Lets hear what you think.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Another episode to dissect. Commentary first and than the commentary that is not suitable for children. Lets get to it.

Things start off back at the Zapatera camp as Steve tries to patch things up between Sarita and David. They all discuss coming together so that they don't crumble as a tribe. Sarita tries to smooth things over with David but he quickly shoots her down. Clearly he is agitated that she is still around.

The next day, we go over to Redemption Island as Stephanie and Matt talk. They discuss food they miss and Stephanie goes on and on. Matt just sits and takes it all in. He wants to go right to the duel and kick her out. Meanwhile at Ometepe, Phillip and Rob decide to go see the battle. Phillip reiterates about how he doesn't trust Rob anymore due to him trying to keep him out of the loop with the idol. Rob on the other hand feels he has to go and chaperone him there. They convene at Redemption Island with Ralph and David as Matt and Stephanie are told what they have to accomplish.

Both are instructed that they will play a memory game. First person to make five matches wins and stays on Redemption Island with the loser leaving. Both shockingly get a match right off the bat but soon Matt winds up winning again, sending her out of the game. Crazy stuff as he just cant seem to lose a challenge. Stephanie goes out by telling Ralph he should boot Sarita. She also warns Rob the Zapatera tribe will try to get him later on. She than burns the buff and leaves. Rob also leaves annoyed at Phillip even more as he knows he is planning a big move at the merge.

Back at Ometepe, Rob and Phillip talk about not dividing the tribe and they should discuss with them everything that went on during the duel. They get back into the camp and report everything that Stephanie said. He also tells the others what Phillip said when he walks away and Rob suggests to them that he will flip when he gets the first chance. The plan is hatched that he is going home next.

Over at Zapatera, the tribe asks David and Ralph what happened at the duel. David walks away as Ralph tells the others that he think he will flip as well. Eventually David suggests they go fishing while the others ignore him. They all agree that he has to go next.

The next day, we find Ometepe hanging out eating rice. Phillip observes the girls talking about saving rice for Rob and they wont let him eat the crispy bunch that Rob likes. Phillip gets mad and notes how they all kiss up to Rob. Rob soon walks back in and the girls tell him what happened. It brings us to the immunity/reward challenge which is an all-out obstacle course where both tribes will go through the obstacles working together to grab balls which they must use to shoot in a basket. First tribe to score six wins immunity and reward which entails the winning tribe being taken for a picnic. As always making a long challenge short, Ometepe wins yet again. Sarita visibly struggled during the challenge so based on that she could be the one to go.

Soon we see Ometepe flown to their reward which brings them to the top of an active volcano. The picnic begins as they all dig in. Rob looks for the clue again and zeroes in on the cookies. He sees it and slyly slips it into his pocket. Than in a big comical scene, he flips the clue into the volcano.

Back at Zapatera, the mood is awful as they are starving and realize how bad things are in now being down 6-5 in manpower. Sarita asks about who they will vote out and they all say David. Ralph however speaks up about how good David did in the challenge but Sarita continues to push him to be kicked out. Soon though Mike and Steve talk about Sarita's weakness and that they got to keep the tribe strong. They are torn in that they don't trust David but note Sarita is poor at challenges. They soon arrive at TC to determine who goes. In the end Sarita goes home by a count of 3-2 as she laments not bringing her stuff. David throws in one last dagger when he says "Don't get too confident."

All right now for the good stuff...the commentary.

-First off, I feel bad for Sarita. That is the prevailing feeling I had in all of this. You could see the betrayal on her face and no matter what you thought of her as a player, she stayed true to her tribe to the end and didn't deserve the shots she took from David. In fact it was truly classless when he threw that last dart at her after she was voted out by saying "don't get too confident." That was unnecessary and it shows he was studying Russell a bit too much. She has no chance of beating Matt. I don't care if Matt's foot fell off. He is going back into this game which will make things very interesting.
-Speaking of going back into the game, we saw in the previews that the merge is here and since I fully expect Matt to go back in, this sets up as a very interesting development as far as what Rob's game plan is. Clearly Matt feels betrayed by Rob but Rob has Andrea in his alliance. We all know she has a thing for Matt and I am curious to see how that dynamic unfolds. Does Matt swallow his pride and do whats best for his original tribemates? Does he convince Andrea to jump ship to Zapatera? Does Andrea and Matt disagree on how to proceed? Looking forward to it.
-Getting back to TC, it was obvious that Sarita was going based on the edit. They tried to convince us David was the slam dunk choice but the losing streak in challenges necessitated David staying. The 3-2 count was a surprise though and I surmise that Ralph was the other who voted for David. Steve, Mike, and Julie probably felt Ralph was too in his own world to trust telling him it was Sarita.
-David is starting to take on a starring role alongside Rob and whether you like it or not Phillip. He has that edge to him that makes you want to dislike him. His in your face style will keep you tuning in to see if he gets voted out. He also is not to be taken lightly since we have seen great minds like his do very well in this game. Julie has been my darkhorse all along but David is a contender.
-If you weren't convinced Sarita was the boot the first half of the show, than it was confirmed when she was shown to say "help me" twice in the challenge. That sealed it.
-The immunity challenge was great. Even though we have seen this challenge before, the intensity was huge. Grant was the MVP for the second week in a row and he is stealing Rob's thunder a bit when it comes to that part of the game. Grant is interesting to me as physically he is a beast but his edit is inconsistent. Its looking like he goes far but I haven't seen anything yet that tells me he will win.
-The Phillip saga goes on and on. Unreal.
-Getting back to the upcoming merge, Rob has a lot to deal with and no doubt is going to be incredibly paranoid. He knows they are coming for him which is where his hidden immunity idol comes from. Based on the fact he has the idol, there is very little chance he goes home next week. We could be looking at a big blindside when he plays it but the key will be if he gains an advantage after the vote. There are a ton of worries in the form of the out for revenge Matt with Andrea, the flipping Phillip, and all of Zapatera. This is going to be the critical part of the game that will determine if he wins or not. If he gets through this with a leg up, than write the check.
-Speaking of Rob, the best part of the episode was when he tossed the idol clue into the idol. That was great. And it goes to show you how much of an advantage he has and how experience is everything in this game as he continues to zero in on the idol clues and slyly puts them away before anyone sees it. The rest of the tribe are clueless and its amazing to me that they don't have the notion to also look for it. As annoying as Kristina was, she had that part down pat which is why Rob sent her packing.
-Natalie and Ashley continue to do nothing. They cant win right???? I don't think so.
-The Curse of Russell????? It seemed like Zapatera was going to buck the trend of tribes going into the toilet after they throw a challenge when they wont the first one after Russell got the boot. Now they are on a three challenge losing streak and in chaos. Yup the Russell curse is at work. Even when he is out of the game, he still affects it.
-I said it once and I will say it again. I am already tired of the Redemption Island concept. I hope when Matt gets back in next week that this is the end of the line with it.
-By the way I am so tired of hearing tribes worry about going into the merge down in numbers. Forget that already. No matter what the numbers are, the tribe with the advantage almost never picks off the other team one by one. It just never happens. That concept should be put to rest forever.
-Boston Rob is kicking ass. Hope you enjoy watching it Russell. He is better.

That's all folks. Check back in tomorrow for more. In the meantime lets hear your thoughts. Post it below and lets discuss.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We are getting closer to merge time with 12 players remaining in the tribes and two more on Redemption Island. Lets break it down from each tribe to determine who is likely to be sent away next?

Ometepe: Boston Rob continues to run things and is seemingly in a great spot with the hidden immunity idol but ideally he wants to save that for the merge when Zapatera might try to gang up and boot him out. As far as his own tribe is concerned, both Andrea and Phillip remain thorns in his side for different reasons. Andrea due to her past with Matt is certainly dangerous. Whose to say that Matt doesnt come back in the game, hooks back up with Andrea, and than joins up with Zapatera to go after Rob when the merge gets here? This would be a very possible happening which Rob has surely thought about. As far as Phillip is concerned, he walked in on Grant and Rob holding the hidden immunity idol clue which was big. Phillip is so out of control that Rob constantly has to worry about him ruining his game and undermining his efforts. Now Phillip (nor Grant) knows that Rob already has the idol which is big but still Phillip has overstayed his welcome by about a month. He has to be taken care of ASAP and he is the prime person to go.
Candidates For The Boot: Phillip, Andrea
Voted Out: Phillip

Zapatera: Over at Zapatera, things are getting a bit sticky as David unbelievably cast his lot in the sinking ship known as Stephanie. The rest of the tribe stuck with Sarita despite her shortcomings in challenges and so David looks foolish for jumping ship away from a previously solid Core Six. On the surface he looks like the sure fire one to go next but its not that simple. If Zapatera loses their third immunity challenge in a row, deperation will start to set in and they almost would have to vote Sarita off in order to maximize their efforts to win the next challenge so as not to fall further behind Ometepe. David will have to schmooze a bit this week but he seems like he can talk his way out of this.
Candidates For The Boot: Sarita, David
Voted Out: Sarita

Thats how I see it. It looks like it should be interesting for sure. As always check back for the wrapup and commentary tomorrow.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


So since we are mid-week until the next episode of Survivor Redemption Island, I thought it was a good time to revisit the All Time Survivor rankings from the mind of yours truly. As frightening as it might be to tap into my noggin, I felt it was appropriate to update the rankings in lieu of what we have witnessed for far on Redemption Island, namely Russell getting his ass booted out early and Rob utterly dominating the game. So with that in mind, here is how the top ten all time players currently look.

1. Sandra Diaz-Twine:
I'm sorry and I dont want to start the debate again but as the only two time winner, she gets the crown. You can tell me whatever you want about her play style and what not but the fact of the matter is that she played twice and won twice. No one else ever accomplished this and so the line starts behind her. She beat newbies and than All Stars. I can only hope she plays one more time before Survivor says goodbye just to see what happens.

2. Richard Hatch: Its too bad Hatch doesnt like to go see his accountant because we have been denied seeing the original master at work again. No doubt if he didnt get in trouble, Hatch would have been on Heroes VS Villains and likely could have beaten Russell at his own game. The man wrote the book on how to play Survivor, namely the alliance factor and will go down as one of the most colorful players ever. He was overconfident in All Stars and it nipped him in the bud but there is no doubt if he got another chance, he would be focused and likely run the show.

3. Rob Mariano: You and I both know that Rob really was the winner of All Stars. And the funny thing is that I hated his guys that season. But you can logically say he didnt deserve to win that season and Amber took it only because he played quite possible the biggest jerk game ever and got screwed for it. What separates him from Russell and really makes him an all time great is that Rob realized this and proceeded to change his demeanor and game play the next two times around and turn himself into a hero. Behind the scenes he is his devious self but I am a huge fan now and he is absolutely tearing it up in Rdemption Island. If Rob doesnt win this season, than it will be criminal. If he does win, he goes to number 1 all time as I give him credit for All Stars.

4. Parvati Shallow: Love her or hate her (and I love only her ass), Parvati was a real player who has a title under her belt and a runner up finish. She played the sex card better than any female ever and you can argue that she got robbed in Heroes VS Villains. Her alliance with Russell though did her in and that was a mistake she has to live with. Be that as it may, she got her hands dirty and did great in challenges which made her the non-typical Survivor hottie.

5. Russell Hantz: This seems about the right spot for Russell. I will admit he got robbed in Samoa for S 19 but he didnt make the necessary adjustments in his game that Rob did in Heroes VS Villains and Redemption Island and paid the price for it. He is going to go down as the most polarizing player in history but also one who is slightly overrated as well. He rolled 7's on many occasions such as Tyson changing his vote at the last second which spared him and what not but the fact of the mattter is that Russell never won the game. And his performance in Redemption Island was pitiful and again he never made adjustments to his game to suceed which Rob is showing can be accomplished.

6. Rupert Boneham: Rupert was everyone's favorite and he always acquitted himself in his seasons. If he doesnt get backstabbed by Jenna in All Stars, he wins that seasons and he almost got through Heroes VS Villains. The problem with Rupert is that he didnt have the mind for the game like Russell or Rob has. He made some funny TC decisions such as sticking with an injured James in H VS V and voting out Tom and not trusting Sandra later on when she pleaded for an alliance. That will stay on his ledger as negatives but pound for pound Rupert was possibly the strongest player ever who was one of the most liked and hardest worker participants ever.

7. Rob Cesternino: The guy had the body of a couch potato but this so-called "Survivor expert" had the best mind of possibly anyone who ever played. He was awesome in Amazon and would have won if he had just won that last challenge. Even Probst calls him the best player never to have won the game. Thats all you need to hear there. Lets hope he comes back one more time here.

8. Colby Donaldson: I have mixed feelings with Colby as he aged before out eyes and it wasnt pretty at the end there. He was a thoroughbred in Australia who I felt deserved to win due to his utter domination in challenges but by the time Heroes VS Villains cam around, he was just a weak pony who was infamously labeled by Danielle as being "weak in challenges." Wow what a fall from grace this was. Either way the Big Texan gave us some big moments and has his spot secured in the Survivor Hall of Fame.

9. Tom Westman: Here is one for the old guys as Westman oversaw the biggest tribal domination ever in Survivor history. He was the leader all the way through Palau and is one shining instant where the voters got it right at the end by giving him the dough. He showed his age some in Heroes VS Villains but all in all Tom was one of the most well-respected players ever.

10. Jerri Manthey: I know I am going to get ripped for this but I dont care. Jerri Manthey deserves her spot here as a woman who always gave it her all in challenges and had a fierce competitive fire. She did great in Heroes VS. Villains and her reputation as a villainess was way overblown. Anyone would have blown up at Keith in Australia as the guy was an idiot but unfortunately it stuck and that hurt her in future games. All in all though she always did her best and even won immunity in H VS V. Great job.

Thats how I see it. Would love to hear some objections on this. There are other worthy players such as Stephanie LaGross,a Cirie Fields, Todd Herzog etc. but this is my list and I am sticking to it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Another week and another boot as Krista is sent home for good and partner in crime Stephanie was sent to Redemption Island. Here is how the remaining players stack up.

1. Boston Rob: Its almost getting boring putting him on top every week but no one else has stepped up to even be considered a threat. David had some potential but he screwed himself by aligning with Stephanie. No one else is even nipping at his toes.

2. Natalie: Natalie remains here not for anything she has done. Its just for the fact she is being carried by Rob to the end of the game where she could pull a Natalie and steal it from Boston's finest if he pisses off enough people which he has been known to do. At this point though she has no redeeming qualities as far as being worthy of winning.

3. Mike: Mike is still the guy to beat in Zapatera. Just my opinion. Nothing has changed here.

4. Grant: Grant and Rob are best buds and they have been working great together. No way does Rob bring him to the finals though as he would be more of a threat to take it all than would Natalie.

5. Julie: I keep pushing Julie higher and higher up the rankings. Unlike Sarita, she has remained without controversy on her own tribe and physically has what it takes when the challenges become individualized. She has a mind for the game and has already showed it by choosing not to go with Russell.

6. Ralph: He still has the hidden immunity idol and could be a fun choice to win it all. He is annoying as hell though with the way he whines during almost all of the challenges this far in the game.

7. Ashley: Still cant figure out why so many people voted that she was going to win when I originally placed the poll up before the season started. Sorry I just cant see it unless she starts making some moves to call her own.

8. Andrea: She is hanging around. Thats pretty much all you can say right now. Things change for the better if/when Matt gets back.

9. David: He is in big trouble now that he decided to go against the Core Six. By voting that way, he told the others he is willing to flip which is not a good thing. He is smart so he could figure a way out but he has work to do.

10. Sarita: She has no chance to win. Has done nothing but whine and show weakness.

11. Phillip: Any day now he will get the overdue boot. What a tool and piece of work he is.

12. Matt: He will shoot way up the rankings when he gets back into the game which seems any week now. Nice story unfolding here.

13. Stephanie: Good riddance. She played tough but she was too much to take with her voice.

Thats how I see it. Lets hear some divergent opinions here.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Boring wrapup first and than the commentary that you all waited breathlessly for follows.

Things start off at Redemption Island with Krista walking into camp and greeting Matt. Krista is looking forward to meeting Matt and they start cuddling under the shelter as the rain falls. They talk about religion as Krista lays down the challenge that she will give him a run for his money when they go at it.

The next day at Zapatera, Steve talks about seeing his name on the parchment. He asked Stephanie outright and she tells him it was to keep the strongest people around. Steve tells her its a poor move and they start arguing a bit.

Over at Ometepe, Natalie and Ashley have a spa day as they clip each other's armpit hairs as the others are working. Phillip notices this and starts to get annoyed. He asks the girls to check on the fire every half an hour or so. They brush him off however as no one pays any attention to him now. He talks about booting Ashley and Natalie if they go to TC.

Redemption Island tree mail arrives as Krista and Matt find the Bible in it. Her and Matt start to pray together and seem to be getting along. Soon the challenge is on as Probst brings in Andrea and Natalie and Julie and Mike to watch. Krista and Matt are instructed on what to do. They will use a grabbling hook to grab three bags. Once they get all three bags, they will use a ball to work through a maze. First person to complete the activities win and stay in the game and the loser leaves for good. As always making a long challenge short, Matt wins again in a tough, closer than it appeared duel. She begins to cry adnd gives her Bible to Matt.

Back at Zapatera, Sarita complains of a tooth ache and she is in pain. Julie thinks she is a drama queen and the word is out on how she is not fit for the game. Julie and Mike start talking about she is annoying them while David starts talking about having Stephanie unseating Sarita in the group. He tells her to start sucking up to the others in order to get in good.

At Ometepe, Phillips is on the prowl again as the storm clouds start arriving in. He gets annoyed again about how the girls are not helping him gather wood. Phillip finally goes off on the girls and Ashley gets annoyed and confronts him about it. He calls Ashley and Natalie lazy and the fight gets nasty as he calls them beauty queens. Rob decides to try and squash it right away and tries to bring everyone back together.

Meanwhile Stephanie starts getting into the game at Zapatera by talking to Steve and she apologizes for voting for him at the last council. He appreciates it and is willing to hear her out. She goes on to tell him that she wants Sarita out.

Soon its challenge time as the tribe waltz in. Both tribes are instructed that two members of each tribe have to launch balls on the beach where the others have to try and catch them. First tribe to grab five balls win immunity. There is also reward which is the tribe being flown for a mountaintop picnic. Launching the balls for Zapatera is Stephanie and David and for Ometepe its Phillip and Natalie. Making a long challenge short, Ometepe destroys Zapatera and wins immunity again.

After the challenge, we see Ometepe arrive at their feast. Of course Rob sees the hidden immunity idol clue and no one else is paying attention. He decides to let someone else grab it which Grant does. Phillip discovers them looking at it and calls them on it. They tell him about it and Phillip thinks he is in a three man alliance with them. He notes he is bothered that the two tried to hide it from him and he is going to strike later.

Back at Zapatera, the talk starts on who is going home. It will come down to either Sarita or Stephanie as David begins to speak up for the latter. Stephanie goes to Julie and pleads her case as Sarita starts to walk into where they are chatting. It appears as though Stephanie is gaining ground as David takes the idea to the rest of the group. Once they arrive at TC, Probst brings up the thrown challenge to get rid of Russell and David admits they let Ometepe off the mat and gave them confidence. Ralph talks about how he would have done better with the shooting. We than hear Sarita and Stephanie talk about their merits in challenges. Davis and Probst agree that Sarita sat out so she cant be the goat. We get the votes cast and find out that the person voted out is Stephanie by a count of 5-2.

Now for the all important commentary:

-As far as the vote goes, it was the right move and Zapatera has impressed me in doing the right thing all along going back to booting Russell, Krista, and now Stephanie. They have completely eliminated the Evil Alliance and also eliminated the threat of either of the girls jumping to Ometepe as they promised to do at the one duel. Yes Sarita has been pretty much useless in the challenges and around camp but she is not a threat to anyone and the trust factor she carries is something that cant be taken too lightly. Stephanie was fighting an uphill battle the whole way and even though she was fighting until the end, she was destined to go.
-One person who put a big X on themselves was David who totally misread the whole situation. He let his personal feelings for Sarita cloud his better judgement and now he has put himself out there as someone who went against the previously formidable Core Six. No doubt the rest of the tribe took notes and will likely toss around the idea of kicking him out next. David has great potential in the game (dont you just picture Rob Cesternino when he speaks????) but he might have ruined it for good with that move there.
-You can debate until the cows come home about whether or not it was wise to throw the challenge to get rid of Russell. Even though I dont usually endorse this move, the presence of Russell was such a distraction that it wouldnt have allowed the tribe to move forward with him still in the game. The paranoia that he brought to camp would have overwhelmed them and so things could have been a lot worse than they are now. Surely Russell would have divided the group by now so the bonds that Steve and Mike have for example likely would not have been so solid. Yes they have lost some challenges since but thats classic Monday Morning QB.
-Regarding Sarita, I have been very disappointed in her. She is incredibly wimpy and whiny despite her good looks. But she is the classic case of if she can get to the merge, she will go quite far in that no one has any reason to vote her off at that point.
-The immunity challenge was just all right. Again they as a whole have been lame for a few seasons now. Mike looked terrible in getting his butt reamed by Grant. Grant is one of the more physical players the game has ever seen. Sucks he lost his shirt though. Some cold nights out there.
-Was a very quiet episode for Boston's finest. He is still completely in control and dominating. By the way he couldnt have said it any better when he and Grant got caught with the hidden immunity idol clue. A rare slip up by Rob there but no worse for wear. Phillip can go tell everyone whatever he wants. No one knows that Rob already has the idol.
-By the way Probst identified to the others that Grant was a former NFL player. Why didnt he say the same regarding Steve? I wonder if Steve desired not to have that info revealed. Either way it made the whole Stephanie voting for him because he is not a strong enough player laughable. As they show his muscles bulging out of his 50-year old plus body while hauling firewood.
-Phillip was entertaining for the first two episodes but enough is enough. I cant even believe we are still forced to look at him. Could you imagine if he beat Matt on Redemption Island?
-Speaking of Redemption Island, it was a typical victory for Matt. No one in their right mind would have believed Krista had a shot to beat him. My only question now is when does Matt get returned to the game? Hasnt he earned that right already? There comes a point where it gets unfair to keep having him do challenges. Eventually the law of averages will take effect and pick Matt off so it would make sense for Probst and Burnett to get him back into the game quickly.
-Thought it was interesting that Krista was also religious like Matt. I find it interesting in the sense that she decided to align with the most evil player in Survivor history in Russell. Wouldnt that be a conflict of values there? Hmmmm.
-Andrea looked like a woman scorned there didnt she? Matt is quite the player it appears.
-Even though Phillip is annoying as hell, he had a point with ranting against Ashley and Natalie. The two of them are even more useless than Sarita. Watching them pluck each other's armpit hairs was beyond gross. Yup I cant look at them with any sort of sex appeal after that. If either one of them wins than Survivor should cease operations right now.
-I still dont like the Redemption Island concept. Not interesting at all to me from the start.

Thats all I got. Check back for more tomorrow. In the meantime lets hear what you have to say.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


All right we are moving right along here on Survivor Redemption Island as Krista was the latest to get the boot and be sent to face off against the seemingly unbeatable Matt this week. With that as a backdrop, lets take a look at what is going on in each tribe and figure out who is likely to go home from each group.

Ometepe: We start here as it they were featured more prominently in the previews for this week's episode with Phillip having yet another meltdown in front of the tribe. In particular, he seems to be going over the edge due to the lack of work ethic from Ashley and Natalie. His presence is a major distraction to the team and they all cant wait until he is finally booted out. The one caveat is that with Matt still hanging aorund in the game, Boston Rob has to be thinking of getting rid of Andrea who can become a big problem for him if he reunites with Matt and the two them try and get revenge. So dont discount this scenario despite what the previews show. If Matt wins again as expected, than the pressure will increase even more on Rob to get her out of the game. It would be the right move. Be that as it may, he could have an impossible time convincing the others again to keep Phillip around. He is the one who is the most likely to go this week.
In Trouble: Phillip, Andrea
Getting the Boot: Phillip

Zapatera: Things are not as peachy over at Zapatera as they used to be with the first few cracks showing as David got into it with Sarita. Be that as it may, they did the right thing and got rid of Krista so as to eliminate one person who will jump to the other tribe in a merge. Stephanie is still around and she surely is the one to go if they happen to lose again. I couldnt even figure out wo in the Core Six would go if she somehow stayed but it would make no sense for anyone to go outside the alliance. It would be one of the dumber moves for sure as the numbers are squarely on the side of the majority in this tribe. Its Stephanie and no one else.
In Trouble: Stephanie
Getting the Boot: Stephanie

There you have it. Enjoy the show tomorrow and check back afterwards for the wrapup and commentary.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


All right Kristina is finished as we expected but Matt remains a big wild card. Lets see how things currently stack up with another episode in the books.

1. Boston Rob: Rob will likely have this spot all to himself until he either wins the game or is voted out. I cant rememeber anyone this deserving of a win as Rob is right now. He is toying with everyone and its not even close for second.

2. Natalie: She hangs in the number two spot as Rob is going places and thus so is she. Nothing to really talk about here.

3. Mike: Same story. He is a nice guy, seems very secure in his tribe, and has an idea of what he is doing.

4. Grant: Grant is the third wheel in the Rob alliance and I think he will be cut loose once he is not needed anymore. Still he has been a very trusted Rob ally.

5. Steve: Steve is in tight with Mike and he had made no enemies. Ho hum.

6. Ashley: The last of the Rob foursome, she has done nothing noteworthy at all yet. Hopefully she makes her place in the game soon.

7. Ralph: He has the hidden immunity idol which usually guarantees a higher rank but Ralph is so dumb that he will screw this up somehow.

8. Julie: Watch out for her. I said it weeks ago and I still endorse her as the wild card.

9. David: He has a tiff with Sarita that was much adieu about nothing but the guy will use his oversized brain at some point.

10. Sarita: The weakest in the Zapatera Six, she is starting to become annoying.

11. Andrea: She wants to make moves in the game but is stuck in an alliance with people she doesnt like. If Matt gets back in the game her stock shoots up.

12. Stephanie: Surprised she was kept over Krista as she is the more strategic player but she has nothing going unless a merge happens where I can see Rob pulling her right in and dumping Andrea.

13. Phillip: Get this guy out already. Enough with this loser.

14. Matt: He will beat Krista next week. Should have a return to the game soon.

15. Krista: She is going home soon. Could be the most nondescript player in the game.

There you have it. Let me know who I have ranked too high. Also bash me for putting people too low. Lets hear it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Lets get the wrapup out of the way so we can get to the commentary that all have waited so patiently for. Or you can just skip the boring wrapup and get to the good stuff. Sort of like skipping the readings in history class that was assigned for homework and going right to the questions so you can get it done and go out to play. But I digress.

Things start off back at the Ometepe camp as the rain starts to fall. Luckily they have the tarp to protect them from it. Phillip realizes that he is the odd man out and he thinks they should beware of him. The next morning, Rob complains about Phillip kneeing him in the back while they slept. Rob is completely annoyed at him and notes that everyone wants him out of the game. This is a good thing according to Rob as it takes the heat off of him.

As we head over to Zapatera, the mood of the tribe is great as noted by Steve as Ralph catches some fish. Things cant be better apparently. Steve believes that the core six should try to bring in Krista and Stephanie so they are strong as a group. The tree mail also soon arrives as its time for another duel. Krista and Stephanie head out to see the Redemption Island battle as the others dont seem to care. The two girls start to hatch a plan however as they decide to cause havoc and chaos if they can reach the merge. They are joined by Rob and Grant.

As far as the challenge, Matt and Kristina face off in a battle where each has to collect puzzle pieces. They will complete a puzzle in the shape of a cube. First person who gets it right stays around and the loser heads home for good. As the challenge gets underway, Matt gets all the pieces to the platform first. That edge gets him the head start but he soon stumbles. Kristina has a shot to pass him but she too stumbles. During the game Matt starts talking to Rob as to why he voted him out. Rob wasnt going for it though and gives nothing away here. We soon see Matt complete the puzzle as he wins again. Kristina goes home and Matt is becoming a serious player. Stephanie chimes in after the challenge as she confesses that she and Krista might possibly decide to defect when it comes to a merge. They insist they are telling the truth as Rob nods his agreement.

Back at Ometepe, the girls are talking about food as Phillip decides it was a good moment for him to make an impression on them as he goes to hunt for crabs again. He soon starts helping Andrea make a fire as Ashley and Ashley talk about missing Grant and Rob. Andrew however notes that Ashley and Natalie dont do much around camp. She also talks about how she wants to get rid of Natalie before Phillips as he tries to talk her up in a private moment while continuing getting the fire going. She asks him outright if he ever tried to throw her under the bus and he tells her it never occured. He notes that if Matt comes back, he will go in an alliance with the two of them against Rob. She doesnt give an answer as Rob and Grant get back.

Soon we go to Zapatera as Stephanie and Krista dread going back to camp. They feel proud of talking to Rob and they decide not to tell the others about their convo with Rob. Its than the next day as Steve and Mike talk about the team concept. Krista finds this nutty as Stephanie and her start working on a meal for the tribe. Mike knows the two of them are up to no good as they prepare for the challenge.

Both tribes soon meet up for the immunity challenge as each tribe has to have one person act as a caller as the others are blindfolded. Using verbal command they will direct the tribe to collect four puzzle pieces. The caller than has to use the pieces to do a puzzle for immunity and reward which is a breakfast meal. The callers are Boston Rob and Stephanie. David was annoyed that Sarita picked Stephanie as the challenge begins. As always making a long challenge short, Boston Rob shows why he is possibly the best puzzle player ever as he wins for the tribe. Zapatera realizes after that David should have been in there.

After the challenge, we see Ometepe basking in their win as they dig into the food. Donuts are scarfed up quickly as everyone goes crazy. Grant finds the hidden immunity idol clue as Rob sees it also. They work together as Grant set a pick for Rob to walk away. Rob smartly decides to switch the clues by giving back the first clue and keeping the second. Hook line and sinker.

Back at Zapatera, the talks begins as the team gets annoyed at each other for not having David in there. Sarita tries to say David under pressure is not good as he takes offense. Things get heated between the two as they get crazy. The cracks are starting to show as Steve talks about being annoyed at everyone. It seems a slam dunk that Stephanie or Krista will go home but of course this being Survivor its never that cut and dried. Sarita and Julie talk about David since they think he is threat as a lawyer in real life. It does come back to Krista and Stephanie though. The two of them talk about hatching their own plan as they talk about dumping Steve by calling him a bad athlete.

Soon they go to tribal council as talk centers on how Krista and Stephanie have been left out in the cold. Krista tries to put it out there how dumb the core six are in really playing the game. Mike calls her on it and shuts her down quick. They soon begin talking about the challenge as Stephanie is put out there as its noted how she failed in it. The votes are cast as Krista is sent packing by a count of 6-2 with two ridiculous votes on Steve. She will go head to Redemption Island and battle it out with Matt to stay around for a bit longer in the game.

All right now for the good stuff, the commentary.

-As far as the vote is concerned, it was surprising that Krista was sent home over Stephanie as the latter seemed like the easy choice due to her big mouth and having the more strategic game. As the episode unfolded though, I was glad Krista was sent home because she was almost completely useless and offered nothing as far as the game was concerned. Her defense and strategy talk at tribal council was laughable and it was great seeing Mike shut her up. I dont care what the preview is showing, Matt will not lose to her. Nothing earth shattering there. As a whole Zapatera eliminated a major threat of defection as we saw at the Redemption Island portion of the episode. Stephanie is on borrowed time and needs a miracle to stay around. Even though David and Sarita butted heads, you would have to be a fool to take a chance going against the core to go with Krista or Stephanie. Lets move on now.
-As far as the challenge itself was concerned, first let me say that all of these contests are getting boring as hell. Every challenge now ends in a stupid puzzle and are all low budget ones for sure. We have heard that Survivor is cutting back on costs which is why they do seasons back to back in a specific location but the challenge suck right now. Remember how awesome they were back in the day? One of my favorites was the strength duels where the strongest guy on the tribe carried weight like when Colby and Mike battled in Australia or Rupert and Osten in Pearl Islands. A relic of the past.
-Zapatera and specifically Sarita were dumb as hell for going with Stephanie in the puzzle role. It was obvious to everyone and their dogs that David was the designated New York Times crossword puzzle nerd on the tribe but he was shut out by Sarita and whats more amazing is that the rest of the tribe went along with it. And what was even more nutty was the fact that Ralph was involved in the challenge. The guy doesnt even know his right from his left as we saw when Stephanie tried to give him directions. They bungled it all the way around but they really werent that upset as it was addition by subtraction.
-By the way David going at it with Sarita was a non-issue. You cant expect them to get along every minute of every day. Just keep an eye on it. David is freaky strange looking though. Ladies he is the guy you meet on a blind date and than you run to bathroom to have your friend call you so you can say to him you have to go because of a family emergency.
-Stephanie saying Steve was a terrible athlete was funny as hell. Former NFL player here you air head.
-Speaking of Stephanie, her facial expressions are funny and she does have immense attitude for what its worth.
-I am still trying to determine if Julie has some hotness to her. Yeah I think so. I also think she can beat David in an arm wrestling contest.
-Over at Ometepe, Boston Rob is tearing shizz up. He is mastering this game and you are seeing a master at work here. Really you can totally see the difference in playing with amateurs as Rob is running circles around these guys and gals. What he did with Grant and the hidden immunity idol clue was classic. Giving the first clue back and taking the one that was in the coffee was genius. Just being able to come up with something like that on the fly is why this game may never see a better player. I can only hope we are not being set up to see Rob get screwed at the end like he did in All Stars (and I hated his guts that season) due to a bitter jury. Also his performance with the puzzle was incredible and he hands down is the best ever in that aspect of the competition of the game.
-I cant fathom how Phillip is still in this game. Those who drew his name in the office Survivor pool are thinking they lasted four more weeks than they originally thought.
-I cant believe that Andrea was engaging Phillip in strategy talk. Not saying much about her for sure.
-Ashley and Natalie better not win this game. I am just saying. They are just nice versions of Krista at this point. Doing nothing and looking pretty.
-I wonder if Grant and Steve recognize each other from playing in the NFL.
-Was surprised seeing Matt talk some junk to Boston Rob. I didnt think he had it in him. Either way its obvious that Matt has a big ax to grind and he no doubt is worrying Rob. The threat of him coming back and rejoining Andrea is a major issue hovering over the game. Stay tuned.

All right I am out. Updated rankings tomorrow. Post opinions below and lets discuss. Ciao.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011



1. Once all 16 players are signed up and ready to go, the game will begin. Each tribe will get the AOL screen names e-mailed to the members of the respective tribes and its encouraged that you begin chatting and getting to know one another. Again its recommended you create a separate screen name just for the game so the tribe know you are here for talk when you sign on. Just like with the show, the more you are open and cooperative with the others, the better your standing in the tribe.

2. An immunity challenge will be posted on the site at a scheduled time and the tribes will begin work on it. All challeges will have a time aspect to it such as being the first to e-mail me the results or which tribe produces the most of something I asked for in a specific time period. I will than post on this page who wins. Losers must e-mail me votes on who to kick off and those who fail to vote will get a vote cast in their direction. Most votes ensures elimination from the game. No Redemption Island aspect here folks!

3. There will be hidden immunity idol clues on the web site which is up to those paying attention to find. The clue will direct you to retrieve something from the web to e-mail me. You can share this with the others or keep it to yourself. Up to you. Those who wish to play an idol MUST SPECIFY in their e-mailed vote they want to play it. All votes than cast for that person will be tossed.

4. If there is a tie, a revote is cast. If there is still a tie, a special challenge will be held to see who goes.

5. I reserve the right to switch up tribes or turn the game on its head at any moment. Be prepared.

6. Two people make the finals and the winner collects $80 which is sent to the recipient via PayPal from my account.

Thats pretty much it in a nutshell. Be sure to fill out the info below and mail in your $10.00 to reserve your place in a tribe.


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If you havent purchased your spot for the next installment of Survivor Online than be sure to use the BUY NOW button above to do so. Only $10.00 for the game with half going into a pot for the winner. 18 players, two tribes, challenges, tribal coouncils, and everything else that makes up the hit show all from the comfort of home. Fill out the questionaire below in addition to your payment. Starting soon!

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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Here we go again. Original Survivor winner Richard Hatch was ordered back to jail for nine months due to continuing legal issues involving his failure to pay taxes on the one millon dollar prize he won on the show's first installment. Hatch, who is currently competing on the taped Celebrity Apprentice, was on probation after his first prison stint but apparently he failed to follow up on the court mandated order to clear up the tax issues. He will have 26 months supervised release with 25 percent of his income ganished in order to pay back his debt. With good behavior Hatch could be out in five months.

Analysis: Unreal. For someone that is so seemingly intelligent and well-spoken, Hatch has proven himself to be a real idiot when it comes to this tax crap. Just pay it and be done with it. You won a million bucks and so you got the money to do it. The fact he allowed this to happen again is just absurd. This also destroys any remaining "hope" of seeing him on Survivor again.

Friday, March 11, 2011


After quite a bit of time away, the return of Online Survivor is here just like old times. For those who are not familiar, years ago I organized online Survivor games modeled just like the show and conducted competitions full of intensity, strategy, and above all else fun! Those who are new to the concept, here is how it works:

-There will be a separate page (which I will construct shortly) that you will access for the game. There will be two tribes of 9 for a total of 18 players. Each tribe will receive challenges that will be posted on the page for them to work on together and submit to me correctly. Winning tribe wins immunity and avoid Tribal Council. Losers cast votes later that day for whom they want to kick out. Just like on real Survivor. During non-challenge times, its advised that you stay in touch with your tribe through e-mail or instant messenger. In fact its strongly recommended you use instant messenger (create a new screen name just for the game I suggest) so that you can stay on top of what goes on.

-As like with the real show, there will be curveballs thrown such as hidden immunity idols where clues are put on the game page where you have to go out on the web and find what I am hinting at, along with tribal switches etc. All in the name of being the number 1 Survivor.

-Entrance fee for the game is $10.00 per person which is payed for via PayPal. Half of that sum from each person goes into a pot where the winner receives $90 bucks for winning the game. For most the money is the side note in having fun and meeting new people.

-As always I expect a nice clean game with nobody getting out of hand. I reserve the right to remove those who get too unruly or who disprupt the game in any way.

If this sounds like something you would be interesting in trying out, than feel free to fill out the application below and lets get started. I look forward to providing a fun experience for you.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011


So we are all still trying to come to grips with the fact that we were there to see all-time villain Russell Hantz finally get voted out of the game and than get the proverbial boot a second time after he lost to Matt on Redemption Island. So only four episodes in and the much-hyped Russell Hantz VS. Rob Mariano duel never even got underway. So what to make of it all? Lets get right to it now that I have had a night to sleep on it.

First things first: I can safely say that the Redemption Island twist is already a bust in my mind and I just want to be done with it already. Anyone with half a brain could figure out that Probst and Burnett put this ultimate gimmick in the game as a means to keep Rob and Russell relevant for as long as possible and it really didnt do any good at all with Hantz being out already before the game really got going. And now doubt the much talked about Rob VS. Russell duel was a colossal disappointment since we didnt even get to see them go at it. I have said more than a few times that one of the best Survivor moments of all time was when Rob called out Russell on live tv during the Heroes VS. Villains reunion show by saying he "would no problem going back out there and kicking your ass all over the island." It was a classic moment and the idea was planted in Probsts' head. So it was not a shock when both came back to do it again and take out the ruler once and for all. Instead what we got was a bunch of a talk and no action. I got to say that I am incredibly bummed about this as I really was hoping to see these two renew the rivalry but they never got the chance and that was Burnett's and Probst fault.

Starting both Russell and Rob on opposite tribes clearly was the mistake in hindsight. Why not start them off against each other on the same tribe? That way you guarantee some kind of duel between them before they could possibly fall victim on opposite tribes which is what happened. Yeah it would have been odd having them both on the same tribe from the get go with the other tribe made up of newbies but I am sure they could have figures it out. Or how about not having two tribes but just throwing all 18 people in one group and having at it? Why the heck not? We have had people voted back into the game, tribes divided on race, fans vs favorites, and now Redemption Island. Nothing is out of the realm of absurdity in this game.

So what we have now is no doubt a hugely disappointed audience that is left with the masterful Rob who is still a scene stealer but little else. The rest of the cast has already proven to be incredibly boring. Really who in this game outside of Phillip is even remotely interesting? And Phillip is just a character who is there for laughs and thats it. You cant tell me that both Probst and Burnett knew that Phillip was a sacrificial lamb with that personality. They knew all too well that he was not long for the game with that type of behavior. The rest of the group is lame as hell as we have no breakout personalities at this point. Lame.

I know I wrote after the opening episode that it looked like a very promising season but I can conclude after four episodes that it has gone downhill fast. There was no Rob VS. Russell duel, Russell is out, Redemption Island is a boring waste of time, and the rest of the group sucks. Ratings were their lowest ever so far to this point and despite being renewed for two more seasons, this is going to prove to be the cliff season for Survivor if things dont get more interesting quick. I hope I am wrong but I dont think there is any debate that this season has gone bust already.


Russell Hantz is no longer a threat to return to the game and Kristina will head to a duel with Matt on Redemption Island. With that being said lets take a look at who currently stands the best chance of winning the game.

1. Rob Mariano: Boston Rob is doing his thing and playing as well as he ever has. His work in finding the hidden immunity idol was classic and he passes Russell on the all time ranks for sure. Now that he does have the idol and a firm alliance that is still doing what he says, he is the man to bet on. Whats great is that you know Rob could care less about the money since he and Amber have made tons of dough doing reality television. He wants the title and he is earning it.

2. Natalie: If Rob continues with his plan to take Natalie to the end of the game, she actually stands a chance to win if Rob pisses off enough people. She has been quiet so far and doesnt seem like she has a winner's edit but did Natalie White shen she won?

3. Mike: Now that Ralph potentially screwed himself by revealing he has the hidden immunity idol, Mike takes the lead as far as who has the best shot from Zapatera. Everyone likes him still and he is playing hard.

4. Ralph: Ralph drops a bit due to the idol flub with Russell but as long as he has it, he stands an excellent chance since Zapatera has the numbers over Ometepe.

5. Grant: Seems very buddy buddy with Rob and is at rusted ally. Very physical dude who is a major factor.

6. Steve: Steve and Mike are close and both guys have done nothing to earn wrath from the others or to out themselves in jeopardy.

7. Ashley: The final chapter of the Mariano 4 alliance, Ashley is staying out of the way and staying relevant.

8. Julie: I like her and I am rooting for her if Rob cant win. Made the decison of the season to snub Russell and it could result in a million bucks.

9. David: Seems like he gets into it with Sarita this week and I would side with him if that becomes a faceoff due to his brain skills.

10. Sarita: She seems like a feisty one who could be getting into some trouble with her argument with David next week.

11. Andrea: She remains a worry for Rob who will likely feel increased pressure to dump here with Matt continuing to win.

12. Krista: She is lucky Stephanie has a big mouth or her demise would be close by.

13. Stephanie: Again if Zapatera loses she is out. Nothing changes there.

14. Phillip: The guy is a lunatic and he is only around for the fact that no one takes him seriously. Has one or two episodes tops left in the game.

15. Matt: Still around after his second straight win. Looking like a solid bet to return where he will become a major factor and shoot up the lists as he is still well-liked.

16. Kristina: She has almost no chance to beat Matt. Cant wait to see her go.

There you have it. Let me hear who is too high or too low.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Lets get the wrapup out of the way and than the commentary that everyone and your mother loves.

Things starts off at Redemption Island after TC as Russell meets up with Matt. Matt was shocked to see him as Russell tells him his tribe lost the challenge to kick him out. Russell talks about how he is ticked he was lied to and doesnt think Matt will be much of a challenge in the duel.

The next day back at Ometepe, Phillip wakes up the tribe with his sweeping around camp. Rob and Grant mock him in the tent regarding his tight pink underwear. The girls join in as they think he is gross. Meanwhile over at Zapatera, Krista and Stephanie talk about their bad spot in the game and how they are not having any fun. Ralph and Steve vow to keep their eye on them however as Ralph decides to show the rest of the group the hidden idol. Everyone is ecstatic. They talk of using the idol as a defense against Russell if he returns.

We go back to see Phillip getting the tree mail as he tells the others about how only two can go see the duel. Kristina agrees to go with Phillip along with Ralph and Sarita from Zapatera. They soon arrive at Redemption Island as Russell and Matt get set to go. Both guys are instructed they have to stack block on a platform while avoiding tripwires which can cause the blocks to drop. They must build enough to knock them over like dominoes which will force a ball to smash a tile to win. Matt soon takes the quick lead as he gives it a shot to win it all. Unfortunately the blocks fall short. Russell then falls short as it gets so tight. Matt gives it another shot and ultimately wins, sending Russell home for good. Russell breaks down in tears as he is upset about finally being kicked out. The highlight is Russell getting into it with Ralph who retorts that he found the hidden idol in 15 seconds when the game started. Russell asks to see it as Ralph begins to dig into his bag. Realizing he is giving away too much info to the others, he claims he was bluffing. Russell calls him a liar and tells Phillip and Krista everything he can about the Zapatera dynamics. Phillip says he know Ralph was telling the truth originally and that he will try to vote him out later. Kristina and Phillip have a ton of info now to bring back to the others. Russell exits the game soon after as Matt remains on Redemption Island.

Back at Ometepe Rob calls for beach day as he wants to look for the idol privately. He starts a game called Royal Treatment as he tells others he is constipated as he brings the others well down the beach as he makes his escape to go to the "bathroom." Soon he is off an running back to camp as he goes full bore for the idol. He concludes its by this one tree and eventually the others start to wonder where he went. Finally though he looks up and finds it in one of the last trees he looked at. He makes his way back to camp as the others ask if he is all right.

Back at Zapatera Sarita and Ralph report on the fact Russell is out of the game as he was defeated. They also told the others about how Russell revealed everything to the others. They all start to pound on him as Stephanie and Krista get annoyed. They begin a debate about how dumb it was to toss the challenge. We than see Phillip and Kristina talking about what to do with the information they just discovered. Phillip starts to talk strategy as Kristina is all ears. Kristina however thinks he is a windbag and will sit back and let him dig his grave. Once they get back to camp they tell the others about what happened. We than see Rob and Phillip walking with Grant as he asks Rob about whether they will take Kristina into an alliance in order to give up the information. Rob is annoyed at this and tells him what he wants to hear so he can get the news. Phillips tells everything as Grant confirms that Phillip has no trust left and that he has to leave the game. Rob is in agreement.

Back at Zapatera the tree mail arrives as the challenge is layed out. They figure they are building something. The two tribes arrive as the challenge will center on how good they use tools. Both tribes will search for an ax which will release saws. They will cut down planks which gets the rest of the group up on a platform where they will hammer in three nails and break tiles. Whoever wins gets immunity along with a barbecue. Zapatera went nuts in the challeneg as they completely destroyed Ometepe early on. Stephanie and Sarita screw up at the end which made it a game. Still Zapatera takes it at the end of a very close challenge.

Back at Zapatera the tribe basks in the feast they won. They talks about how much stronger they are as a team now. As we head over to Ometepe, Phillip calls a tribal meeting as he tries to keep their spirits up. Rob is so done with Phillip as he continues to annoy everyone. The girls start talking amongst themselves as Kristina tries to incite the girls. Natalie gets concerned about her and talks to Rob about it and how she thinks she might have an idol. Rob continues with his thought about how Kristina is dangerous and they talk about splitting it again with three on Kristina and two on Phillip. Things never being easy when it comes to votes, Grant and Ashley talk about how Phillip should be the one to go. Grant takes it to Rob as they discuss the merits of Kristina or Phillip. Rob is worried about this and thinks its possible one of the girls could flip. He believes tonight's vote will determine if he is in control.

Once they get to TC, Kristina once again talks about how she feels she is in trouble. Rob however talks about how Kristina really just became a part of the team recently. Kristina soon discusses about how Phillip is disruptive at camp and that he should go. Phillip retorts right back at Kristina about how she doesnt do anything around camp and that she should go. Each of them get a chance to discuss why they should stay. Soon the votes are cast as Krstina goes home by a count of 4-3.

All right now for the good stuff. Lets get to the commentary.

-First things first. I cant believe that Russell Hantz is officially out of the game after only four episodes. No doubt the whole Rob VS. Russell storyline that this whole season was centered on was a complete bust. Not even the Redemption Island concept could keep him around long enough for them to meet up. Just a big disappointment all around when it came to this part of the game. I am 100 percent certain that when Russell was dueling Matt, Probst and Burnett were saying in their heads "please Russell just pull it out long enough so we can get you back into the game." And I honestly thought there was no way he was going to lose. Russell being done this early? No way. And when Matt failed on his first attempt, I thought he was finished. But obviously it didnt go that way and once it was finished, Russell broke down and started to cry which was unexpected. I think all of the effort and emotion he has put into the game the three times he has played washed over him and it was understandable. I was completely cool with it and wasnt going to take him to task. After all the guy pretty much has played Survivor for like half of the previous year and a half. He has the perfect opportunity to go out there with dignity and respect from the others who seemed to feel a bit of sympathy from his show of emotion. However in typical Russell fashion, he became a classless jerk once again and ripped apart Sarita and Ralph and exposed the dynamics of the tribe to Kristina and Phillip in a vow to live on in them. It was a pathetic display and horrible sportsmanship. Just say "you got me" and move on. But no Russell has to make an ass of himself one last time which is not a surprise. Good riddance is what I say. Yeah he was a great player but I also think he was overrated. Thats for another post which I will get to this week (keep checking back) but overall I think Russell Hantz will go down as the biggest villain ever on the show.
-Usually I start off talking about the boot but since the Russell dynamic and Redemption Island played such a big role today, lets stay with that. We already touched on the Russell aspect of it but Ralph screwed up big time and got too caught up with his battle with the Evil One to the point that he needlessly gave up the fact he had the idol. He even almost took it out and showed it to everyone but Sarita stepped in and said no in a vain attempt to salvage the situation. Ralph than tried to play it off like he was joking but no one was buying it. Phillip and Kristina were all over it and that was it. In a game where secrets and information is everything, the cat was now way out of the bag for Ometepe to hear. To that point Ralph had played a great yet annoying game but this was a major blunder for sure and could ultimately cost him big time. Yeah he seemingly won his battle with Russell but in the end the fact that Russell got that info out of him could give him the last laugh.
-Now to the boot. Kristina was a dead woman walking since episode one so it was basically just putting her out of her misery. It also was a confirmation that Rob is completely in charge over at Ometepe as clearly Grant and Ashley wanted Phillip gone but they played the good soldiers and didnt question orders. Kristina was a terrible player as was shown when the first person she targeted was Boston Rob. Just a dumb move that ruined her from the start. And trusting in Phillip? Are you kidding me? Yeah she was horrible and deserved to go. Now as far as keeping Phillip around, I really didnt care which way the vote went. But the fact of the matter is that Phillip is a major distraction and he is likely taking away a lot of the focus of the tribe. He is as big a loose cannon as there ever was on Survivor and the decision to keep him around could blow up big in Rob's face.
-Now I noted how the tribe continues to pay homage to Rob and do what he says but if Ometepe continues to lose like this, the troops will start to get restless. Ometepe really has not won any challenges since Zapatera threw the last one and there really hasnt been anyone to blame. They just physcially are not as strong as Zapatera with both the men and women (have you seen the size of Julie?) and ultimately thats what it comes down to.
-Speaking of Zapatera, the tribe was awesome in the challenge and proved to themselves that they were in fact a stronger tribe without Russell. The proof is in the results no matter what Stephanie and Krista bitch about.
-Speaking of Stephanie, she has lasted about three more episodes than I thought she would.
-Rob finding the hidden immunity idol is obviously huge. He still has threats remaining like Matt on Redemption Island and a numbers dilemma if they get to the merge at this point so having the idol is immense. Once again he played it perfectly with setting up the others to go rest away from the beach as he went to look for it. Great job my man. Russell a better player? I dont believe that to be true. That sounds like a good poll!!!!
-Forgot to mention Matt. The kid has great nerve and is becoming a big factor. No way Kristina beats him and so the scenario remains for Matt to come back in and hook up with Andrea and try to oust Rob. Which is why its so key for Rob to have the idol. Good stuff ahead.
-All right let me say this. I do feel a bit letdown that Russell is completely out of the game for good. Lets face it he made it interesting. I also am upset we wont get to see Rob vote him out and settle the duel. We got robbed (sorry for the poor choice of words) there for sure and thats a shame. I will also say this. I have this nagging feeling we havent seen the last of Russell in THIS season. I dont know why but I still cant wrap my head around the fact he is really gone. Its the same feeling you got when Jason or Fredd Krueger were killed in the 1783682 movies they starred in. You never got the feeling they were completely gone not matter how many "final chapters" there were. Just saying. You heard it hear first.

I have nothing else to say on this. In the next few days you will get:

1. Updated Tribe Rankings
2. A Russell Hantz Epilogue
3. A Rehash Of The Rob/Russell Battle
4. There is no four.

Check back in tomorrow for number 1 and if I am not too tired number 2. And I am not talking about going to the bathroom. Peace.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


All right we are three episodes in on Survivor Redemption Island and I must say the season has been great so far, highlighted by the first ever voting off of Russell Hantz. That was certainly sweet to see but we must move on to those players who are still actively in the game (yeah yeah Russell is on Redemption Island but he is out of sight and out of mind for awhile). So what do we have in store for tomorrow's episode? Who is likely to be voted out from each tribe? Lets try and figure things out.

Zapatera Tribe: We start here since this is the more straightforward of the two as far as who is likely to be sent home. Now that Russell is out of the way, the core six of Mike, Steve, David, Sarita, Julie, and Ralph should have a nice bond going on. There really is no ill will between any of them and so they will certainly gang up on the two outcasts Stephanie and Krista. That plan to go along with Russell was not the right move after all huh girls? Really these two are screwed and they now it. The only glimmer of hope is for Krista since Stephanie surely will be the first to go after she insulted pretty much everyone at the last TC. Krista kept quiet but she too is now marked. Thats the price of investing in the Russell Hantz stock and seeing it crumble. Nothing to debate here. Stephanie is out next.

Candidates For Elimination: Stephanie, Krista
Who Is Going: Stephanie

Ometepe: Ometepe is a bit more interesting as we still have perpetual outcasts Phillip and Kristina as deserving candidates to be booted but also keep Andrea on the list. Rob doesnt trust her at all and he knows she feel betrayed but him for kicking off Matt. She is seen as dangerous to his game and so in the back of his mind, she might be the right choice to boot due to the fact she is a huge threat to jump to the other side in a merge. Also with Matt still in the game, the threat of him coming back and reuniting with her is scary to Rob. Now as far as Phillip and Kristina are concerned, the same deal is still in play for each. Kristina has no leg to stand on and no longer has the hidden immunity idol to protect her. She is the easy boot for sure based on nothing else. And with Phillip, he is a loose cannon for sure that could be more trouble to keep around than just sending him home. The caveat is that Rob seems to like the idea of using Phillip like a pawn which he did in episode 2. I truly think Phillip is loyal to Rob and I think Rob suspects this as well so he may not be looking to move him yet. All in all I think Rob knows he has to dump Andrea to eliminate the threat of her flippping or reuniting with Matt. He also would eliminate the female 4-3 advantage in the tribe as well as an additional bonus. I think she goes home.
Candidates For Elimination: Andrea, Phillip, Kristina
Who Goes Home: Andrea

As always check back right after the show for the wrapup and commentary. Enjoy the episode.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


No doubt that if you slipped truth serums into the morning latte's of Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst, you would find out that both are very letdown for the fact that everyone's favorite villain Russell Hantz has already been voted out of the game. Since the season's central storyline was Hantz' battle with Boston Rob, it no doubt was a big disappointment that The Evil One is already over at Redemption Island after his tribe couldnt wait to toss him aside. So the last remaining salvation for Burnett and Probst is for Russell to take charge in Redemption Island and this make a return to the game where he no doubt will come back in blazing hot and looking for revenge on those who kicked him out.

But there is an interesting dynamic to this new concept as we the viewers havent been told WHEN the first REDEEMED survivor player will be put back into the game. Probst never gave us a timeline of when enough duels have taken place to make it sufficient for someone to have earned their way in and so this is a loophole that both he and Burnett will no doubt exploit as a means to get Hantz back in quickly. If Russell beats out Matt this week, whose to say he wont be returned? Or even if he has to wait for an additional duel, its totally up to those in charge as to when they dedice to end the series. Surely I cant imagine a scenario where they allow Russell to fight his way through four or more duels in order to get back into the game. The chances of him winning all of those duels are highly unlikely and so their best course of action is to have him win two duels and than get himn back in. After all the Redemption Island twist was put in specifically for this season no doubt as a means to keep Rob and Russell relevant as long as possible. This was the doomsday scenario they feared with one or the other guys getting voted out quickly and so the Redemption Island twist was the means to keep them going in the game or else have a huge letdown for those fans tuning in to see Rob and Russell go at it.

So there you have it. Always the conspiracy theorist as I am, I would not be shocked in the least to see Hantz not have to stay around long on Redemption Island if he can string a few victories together. What do you think?

Thursday, March 3, 2011


As big an episode as you can get last night as Russell Hantz finally got the boot. He heads to Redemption Island where he will duel with Matt. Here is how the updated rankings look like with your favorite Boston resident at the top once again this week.

1. Rob Mariano: Rob is playing an awesome game right now and its a thing of beauty. He warded off a potential love alliance with Matt and Andrea and convinced Phillip to be his pawn. On top of all that he finds the hidden immunity idol clue and does anyone really think he wont find it? Here's hoping Rob finally gets the title that was robbed (pardon the pun) from him in All Stars.

2. Grant: Grant at this point has to be Rob's biggest ally as Boston's finest continues to worry about the girls outnumbering the guys. Seems like a very solid guy to hand with and someone who has the likability going right now.

3. Ralph: Ralphs shoots up now that he dodged the Russell threat and after booting his nemesis, he didnt have to burn the hidden idol in the process which no one else knows about. This is a big advantage for the guy who is well liked on the tribe.

4. Natalie: Its interesting that I think three of the favorites are on the tribe with the deficit in man/woman power. Natalie was the one Rob spoke about taking to the end of the game so you got to go with this for now. She hasnt been heard from much which we all know means good things for getting far in the game.

5. Mike: I really like Mike and have from the beginning. I have complete respect for those who served their country and I will always root for those who went through this as long as they are classy which he has been. In tight with Ralph which always a bonus since the guy has the idol.

6. David: I have changed my opinion of David as I thought all along he would go with Russell but it never happened. He was anit-Russell from the beginning and was an active member in throwing the challenge which got him booted. Also he is clearly the most intelligent person in the game and we all know how the mind can take you far (Rob Cesternino anyone?).

7. Ashley: The final piece in the Boston Rob alliance, she too has not had much of an edit yet. She must go far.

8. Steve: The guy has taken the bull by the horns and came up with the idea of throwing the challenge which achieved its objective. Reminds me a bit of Tom Westman as an older guy who is very fit.

9. Julie: She earned major props in my view for refusing to be baited by Russell and his barbies. Great gutsy move when many others went the other way. She has a rough home life right now so I hope she does well.

10. Sarita: What a beautiful woman she is. Maybe its just me. Anyway if she profiles as someone who if she gets to the merge, she could go a long way.

11. Andrea: Andrea is dropping fast after Matt was booted. Rob is worried about her and thats bad for her spot in the game. I have not been impressed yet with the chick. She still has time to turn it around but she better not challenge Rob. She will lose for sure.

12. Phillip: I cant believe he is still around but I love it. What an entertainer even though he doesnt mean to be. I cant picture him at a merge though as Rob will figure he is too much of a firecracker.

13. Krista: She is another one who is dead now that Russell is out but lucky for her Stephanie was more annoying and so they will focus on her first. She has been just as useless though.

14. Kristina: I still think she is gone if Ometepe loses again. She has not made any inroads with anyone since episode 1.

15. Stephanie: The mouth that roared should see her bootie kicked off soon. There is not much here anyway.

16. Russell: I cant believe we are talking about him being out of the game right now but I fully believe he will win over Matt. If he gets back into the game look out. I actually hope he does so Rob can vote him out. That it would be a perfect season in my view.

17. Matt: I dont think Matt is going to hold off the charge of Russell. A motivated Russell is a dangerous Russell. Can anyone actually picture him off the show completely after episode 4? I dont think so.


This is what Probst had to say about Survivor Redemption Island episode 3.

Historic Moments in time:

Jan. 10th , 1935 Canned Beer invented

May 6th, 1954 – First Sub-Four Minute Mile

July 20th, 1969 – Apollo 11 lands on the moon

March 2nd, 2011 – Russell Hanz voted out of Survivor: Redemption Island

Survivor fans all over the world will no doubt remember this day for decades, and if science hurries up, perhaps centuries to come. Those that missed the episode will no doubt tell their kids years from now, “I was there. I remember it like it was yesterday. Sitting on the couch and yelling at the TV.” And Russell Hanz will no doubt be telling this story to his grand kids, “I was so good they had to purposefully lose a challenge to get rid of me!”

It happened.

After back to back seasons during which he was never voted out, lasting the entire 78 days, Russell Hanz finally met a tribe he couldn’t control.

Russell Hanz is gone.

More on that later…


More history was made as Matt and Francesca squared off in the first ever Redemption Island duel.

Some background:

We decided to use smaller versions of previous challenges as the duels because we knew they worked and we didn’t want any risks when it came down to a one-on-one duel.

The decision to let two members of each tribe watch was made just a few days before we began. That was Mark Burnett’s call. He was right. It created yet another layer by separating the tribe. The two people at the duel have valuable information but in exchange for it, they’re away from camp where alliances can shift quickly. The opposite is true for those left at camp. Information is king in this game so anytime you can create a situation in which some people have the info and others don’t, you increase your chances for great reality.

The idea for the Redemption Island Arena came early in the process but the design and execution of the Arena was still mind blowing. The first time I walked into the half finished Arena I knew it was going to be a good season. The creative team that is our Survivor Art Department really hit it out of the park with this one. They created a ruin that looks as though it has been there for hundreds of years. It was built small enough to remain intimate but large enough to accommodate our cameras. It is one of my favorite builds of all time. What will they do next year?!

From a producing point of view we were certainly nervous before the first duel. Remember, this is a massive format change. Survivor had worked just fine for 21 seasons and now we are changing everything. This was our first test of the twist that we had pinned the entire season around – would the duel work?

From a drama point of view we couldn’t ask for me. I really thought Francesca was going to win. She was ahead so quickly that it appeared over. But Matt never panicked. Not for a moment. He continued to take his time and re-work his stick until he had it just right and then he went on a tear and made history, winning the first ever Redemption Island duel.

Matt is now the guy to beat on RI and if he can continue to win, Matt will get a chance to come back into this game..

The possible threat of Matt returning is already causing Rob major stress. You saw him trying to soothe Andrea, but I don’t think she was buying it. If Matt gets back in the game and Andrea is still around, there will be trouble.

I’m guessing so many of you were finding a lot of joy when Zapatera lied to Russell about who lost at the first duel. It does seem fitting that everything Russell had done to others for two seasons is now being done to him.

What is most fascinating to me is the justification of ethics. My most favorite topic. When someone is taking an action that “we” support then it’s awesome, it’s fantastic, it’s brilliant. But when it’s someone that “we” don’t like taking the same action, they’re a villain, a loser, untrustworthy. I’m just sayin… the Zapatera tribe is acting as dickish to Russell as Russell has acted to his tribemates in the past. Is one action more acceptable than another?

Stephanie is no joke. She is a player. She’s smart and she’s feisty. Her idea for a fake idol, while not a new idea, was still a good one. It was a worthy performance as she pretended to protect her bag. The double team effort to get Julie to flip and join their alliance was a valiant effort. I give Russell credit, he chose the right person for his alliance as Stephanie is a barracuda. Stephanie’s problem now is quite obvious. She and Krista have nobody left. They must make a move or they’ll be gone soon.

Damn that was nasty. Note to future Survivors, if you’re gonna shave body parts that previously have not been shaved, please do it a few times before you leave for location. Let your body get used to the sweating and the clothing rubbing against the skin because nobody should have to endure that visually disturbing sight.

As for the challenge itself, you might remember this from last season. It was a huge construction build and so unique that we decided to use it again. If you are one of the people strapped to the wheel it’s a bit unnerving to be spun round and round while going under water, having to take a gulp of water and then spit it into a tiny trough. You wanted to play Survivor, you got it.

Now to the more interesting aspect of the challenge.

It’s very easy to back seat drive in this game but if you examine Survivor history, throwing a challenge rarely works out well.

When you let the other tribe win a challenge you give them confidence. You give them what they need to begin to believe in themselves. You risk the momentum shifting to them.. Often, you are also giving up a valuable reward. All so you can get rid of one tribemember, which also reduces your numbers, potentially making you weaker when you go to the merge.

Zapatera was so focused on getting rid of Russell that they could see nothing else. From day one, their focus has been “get rid of the cancer.” They wanted him out so badly, they not only threw a challenge, but they gave up a TARP! Next to flint, a tarp is the most sought after item on Survivor.

The other big risk is that anytime you go to Tribal Council, regardless the plan, you risk being voted out.yourself. Blindsides are very common in this game.

That’s how badly Zapatera wanted Russell gone!

Having said all of this, I’m sure there are times when the risk feels worth the reward. Leaving Russell on your tribe is risky. He’s a proven player who can manipulate and if you go to a merge, and he’s on the bottom, it’s a given that he’ll flip.

I’m not second guessing Zapatera’s move, but it will be interesting to see if history repeats and Zapatera lives to regret their decision.

I don’t know if it’s my Midwest roots but I understood Ralphspeak almost immediately. Sure, it takes a moment, you have to let it roll through your brain, but as it makes it’s way across your neural pathways, it slows enough that you can pick up enough words to make sense. Ralph is a sharp dude, don’t underestimate him just because of the unique way in which he speaks.

Ralph’s biggest issue is not his manner of speaking, it’s his ego. Ralph is heading down the same slippery slope of ego that has consumed Russell. Ralph is not quite as smart a Survivor player as he thinks and his biggest liability is his mouth. He doesn’t think before he speaks. Ralph has the idol and he’s been strong in challenges. He has so much going for him but if someone doesn’t get his ego in check he’ll do himself in.

When the entire tribe knows they threw a challenge and they’re about to vote out the person that they threw the challenge to vote out… and that person knows they threw the challenge too… why do they still lie to me when asked, “Did you throw the challenge?” I never get this. Maybe it’s just a basic premise surrounding the idea that “saying less is more” at tribal council. But now that I’ve seen the interviews confirming that they absolutely threw the challenge, I am once again confused as to why they wouldn’t say – “Yes we threw it, so we could vote out Russell. Come on Probst, how hard is this to figure out?”

As I often do I refer back to the idea that maybe this is why I am only a host, not a player.

Did you think Russell had Julie convinced? Ah we’ll never know how close she was to flipping sides. A lot? A little? None at all?

After all was said and done, Julie stayed true to her alliance and just like that – Russell was voted out.

Were you happy? Sad? Are you rooting for him at Redemption Island or do you want to see Matt destroy him?

This is brand new territory for Russell but we all know that Russell can never be counted out. He is always playing. But he will have his work cut out for him with Matt. Matt has had a few days to adjust, Matt has been to the Arena before, Matt has already competed and won a duel. On top of it all, Russell thinks he is going to battle against Francesca, a far cry from the athletic abilities of Matt.

Will Russell try to intimidate Matt? Will he try to befriend him? Will Matt ask Russell to pray with him? Ah so many good questions.

You don’t want to miss next week – it is do or die time for Russell Hanz. You can’t get a better tease than that.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The commentary awaits.....after the wrapup of course. HA tricked you.

Things start off at Redemption Island as Matt meets up with Francesca. He expresses how shocked he is as they both wonder why Phillip wasn't there. They also discuss about how Rob is a scoundrel.

Meanwhile at Ometepe Rob is basking in his glory of blindsiding Matt and having Kristina play her idol. He goes and tells Phillip about how the guys need to stick together as they shake on it. The wild card is Andrea as Rob knows he needs to smooth things over with her.

The next day at Redemption Island Matt and Francesca open up the tree mail for their duel. Zapatera meanwhile gets a tree mail about how they have to send two people to watch what goes on in Redemption Island. They have to pick stones to see who goes which David and Steve get. David happy Russell and his girls don't get to see what happens. Andrea and Ashley get to go from Ometepe. Rob is worried about this as he thinks Andrea will get the chance to talk to Matt. They soon gets situated as they watch Matt and Francesca duel. The concept is that they both have to make a long pole to retrieve three keys which opens three locks. Whoever opens the three keys first wins and stays in the game while the other goes home. Francesca gets her stick completed first and gets the first key and soon grabs the second. Matt is having all sorts of issues as Matt gets into the game. He quickly gets the first and second keys as they get tied. Soon Matt gets the third key and opens up his locks to win. Francesca gets sent home now for good. She tosses her buff in the fire as she leaves. As the viewers leave, Steve thinks about telling Russell than Francesa beat Matt.

Back at Ometepe the girls return as they tell the others about Matt winning. Ashley told them that Matt wanted to come back and get revenge. Rob realizes he has to talk with Andrea and they sit down for a heart-to-heart. He apologizes to her and tries to explain what is up. Rob tells her she is safe and that Kristina and Phillip are going next. Andrea doesn't buy it and is looking for a way out and begins to cry about Matt being booted.

Over at Zapatera, Steve and David return to tell the others that Francesca won. The idea is to surprise Russell if he gets voted out and he goes and sees Matt. Steve soon tells the others other than Russell and the girls that Matt really won. Russell knows all too well that its 6-3 as he continues to look for the idol. Ralph meanwhile keeps spying on him as he takes great pleasure that he has it. Soon the evil three talk about crating a fake one. They begin to craft one as they try to sell the others on it. Steve notices this as the plan seems to work. Russell tries to work it as well.

Soon Russell and the girls talk about how bad his bug bites are. It looks pretty nasty as Mike notices. Steve, Mike, and Ralph soon talk about kicking him out for sure as they note how useless he is. A plan is talked about in regards to throwing a challenge. The others are concerned about it, particularly Julie. They hatch a plan where its one thumb for throwing it. Soon they meet up with Ometepe as Probst explains the challenge. Three members of each tribe are tied to a wheel while the others spin it. The three on the wheel must suck water and spit it into a bucket. Once a ball in the bucket rises up, the others will work on a puzzle. First tribe to complete everything wins immunity. Soon Zapatera give the thumbs up as the plan to get rid of Russell is put in place. Julie is told to miss the bucket when she spits which she is not feeling great about. Ometepe soon takes the expected lead as Rob gets going on the puzzle. David soon gets a shot at the puzzle but Rob takes it as he continues his excellence in puzzles. Zapatera seems happy about their defeat as Russell looks pissed and soon thinks they threw it.

Back at Ometepe the tribe is happy with their win. They get the reward as well which is pillows and tarps. Rob zones in on the hidden immunity idol clue as everyone looks for it. He than finds the clue under the chair that Phillip is sitting in as he takes the chair behind the shelter and takes it.

At Zapatera things get intense as talk begins over who goes. The plan is for the rest of the tribe to give three votes for Stephanie and 3 to Russell. Meanwhile Russell and the girls talk over what to do as they discuss how the others threw the challenge. They know a split vote is coming and so they need one person to flip. Russell soon approaches Julie on this with Stephanie's help. She lies to her and tells her that they have the idol. Julie is buying it due to Russell's past going to the end of the game. Russell and Julie shake on it as they say Ralph. They shake on it as Russell vows to protect her.

At TC talk begins as Ralph talks about the division in the tribe. Sarita notes about how Russell's legacy was a reason why some would go with him and that he didn't live up to his word about how he was not going to screw anyone. Russell than hints that the others threw the challenge. Mike acknowledges it as he talks about getting rid of some "fat on the tribe." Julie hints at her thought on going into the merge with numbers. Stephanie and David than go at it as far as how to play the game as he talks about how dumb it was to throw the challenge. Soon the votes are cast as Julie nods her agreement with Russell. The votes however reveal a three way tie between Russell, Ralph, and Stephanie. The revote goes 5-1 in favor of Russell as he finally gets his torch snuffed in a truly classic Survivor moment.

All right now for the good stuff.

-Get the coffin ready because I can now die in peace. I finally witnessed the most despised person in the history of reality tv in my opinion get his torch snuffed out. It was a beautiful moment as I almost had tears in my eyes. Not really on the tears part but I was ecstatic. And what made this even sweeter was the fact I totally expected Ralph to go home in classic Russell blindsides. Some chatter was that Ralph was going out early and it fit the tone of the episode as I felt like we were being set up for another big time Russell escape. In fact I was preparing to give him the title of Teflon Russell for this post but thank goodness I didn't have to use it. Now the other side of this which was echoed by my wife is that it sucks to see Russell voted out so early and a teeny part of me agrees with this, especially for the fact that Rob wasn't the one to do it. But be that as it may, it was well overdue and I have to give major props to Julie who is my MVP of the season right now based solely on this move. I am totally rooting for her now as it took guts for her to go against The Evil One when so many others in the past went along for the ride. No coattail riding here as she stood up and made a big time move that could pay dividends later on. Love it and love her. Wow I know I am rambling now but I still cant believe what I just saw. Russell finally got his. What a great scene this was for sure.
-Don't tell me any of you thought Russell was actually going home. NO ONE thought this and really we are back at square one when it comes to spoilers which I think is great. All of the info I read has been completely wrong and so for the first time since S19, we have a season where the lid has been sealed on the results. Now lets get those ratings up.
-Let me just say that Stephanie is as annoying as any contestant I have seen awhile and it was great seeing the "Oh Shit" look on her face when she realized she was toast. And really no one should feel sorry for her or Krista who had the misguided plan to hitch onto the Russell train. Stupid little girls. And Sarita should have totally done a smackdown on her for being so disrespectful and rude. Whiny little brat. She is gone next for sure.
-Ralph had to enjoy this more than most and he still has the idol which no one knows. Loved the way he spelled Ressell.
-Now I never endorse tossing a challenge but I cant argue with the results. And honestly this is the first time I can ever remember the split vote working. I think Jeff is wrong about this tribe being in trouble. I think they are closer now more than ever after reuniting in their effort to dump Russell and once they bounce the little girls, they will be even tighter. And also props for David who changed my opinion of him as I was leery of him aligning with Russell.
-Did I say how much I love Julie now? You rock girl.
-Telling Russell that Francesca beat Matt in the challenge was great. The master manipulator getting played again this season. Tell me Russell was it worth coming back?
-Over at Ometepe, Boston Rob is playing the best game of anyone and its not even close. Classic scene with him finding the idol clue with the brainless Phillip sitting right on it and not knowing. Would love to have been in his living room tonight seeing the look on his face when he realized he let that opportunity slip by. And Rob is so great with how natural he tries to make it look as he convinces Phillip to switch chairs and than takes off with the item with the clue taped to it. Great stuff and Rob is playing the game big time now. He deserves to win finally after all these tries. Whether you love him or not, Rob Mariano is one of the best to ever play the game. Enjoy him while he is around.
-I am glad Phillip is sticking around for another episode. More entertainment. More cringe inducing: Coach or Phillip? I hear a new poll forming!!!!
-Andrea weeping over Matt was pathetic. I know I said it last week but I felt I needed to say it again.
-Kristina has lasted two more episodes than I thought she would.
-The Redemption Island duel was boring. Not much moved the excitement meter for me. You and I both know it was a ploy just to keep Russell and Rob in the game as long as possible but I will give it another chance. Could you imagine if Russell loses and goes home next week? Now that would not be how Probst and Burnett drew it up.
-Technically Ometepe still hasn't won.

All right that's all for now. I have to sit down after such a huge happening. Great stuff. Please post away your thoughts. I would love to hear what you thought of this incredible happening.