Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jeff Probst To Replace Larry King??????

Last night talk show legend Larry King formally announced that he will be ending his show at the end of the summer after a 25 year run. Citing the desire to spend more time with his family (I thought his wife was divorcing him????) King will step down after more than 4,000 episodes. The question now is: Who will replace him?????

Already the rumor mill is swirling with possible successors such as Piers Morgan (America's Got Talent), Ryan Seacrest (American Idol), Katie Couric (CBS Evening News), Joy Behar (The View), and even former President Bill Clinton. Another interesting name is none other than Survivor's own Jeff Probst. Whats interesting is that Probst has served as a fill in for King at times over the last few years and he was met with rave reviews for his work. One thing about him is that he is always prepared and always gives an honest effort.

There has been no official word yet on King's replacement but there no doubt will be plenty of talk going forward on this.

MY VIEW: I actually think Jeff Probst would do a great job with this and I would have no problem with him filling the role. Its hard to equate the two but Probst always asks thoughtful questions on Survivor and surely would do likewise here. Ryan Seacrest doesnt fit this role (too pop culturish with his association with Idol), Joy Behar wouldnt work because she is way too political liberally, and Bill Clinton would be a joke. I do think Piers Morgan is an interesting choice as he certainly has the attitude to not back down to anyone. Ultimately my pick would be Steve Kroft from 60 Minutes. Someone with that kind of background and from a powerhouse like that show would work best here. That's just my opinion though. What do you all think? Who would be a good replacement for Larry King? Would Jeff Probst work?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Update: Survivor Canada Looking More and More Likely

As I first touched on a few weeks ago, Survivor creater Mark Burnett has expressed interest in stagin a cold weather version of the hit reality show in the coming years. "Survivor Canada" apparently is picking up more momentum as the Toronto Star has reported that Burnett has began surveying the landscape in an effort to determine if it truly is a feasible venture. No details have emerged about the type of setup needed but obviously it will require much more than a warm weather climate would.

MY VIEW: I stated before that I didnt think a cold weather Survivor would work and I stand by that view. For starters, a major appeal for the audience is seeing good looking people running around in skimpy bathing suits on a gorgeous beach setting. That would be a huge negative right there for Survivor Canada. Also how cold are we taling about???? Siberia cold??? or Vancouver cold? There is a big difference there and the big thing for me is that cold brings a whole new level of desperation and difficulty for contestants. It is much easier to deal with heat than cold and undoubtedly, contestans will think about withdrawing from the game more easily due to cold than they would in a hot climate. So all in all I dont think this will work. I think people will tune in at first out of curiosity since it is something new but overall it wont be a success.

What do you all think??? Would love to hear from opinions on this.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


This past season of Heroes VS Villains on Survivor was one where I dedicated a great deal of posting time to discussing who is possibly the best player ever. With such heavy hitters like Russell Hantz, Boston Rob, Rupert Boneham etc., surely it would be settled once the season ran its course. The only caveat was the absence of original winner Richard Hatch (who you all know I consider the best player ever before the season began due to the fact he wrote the book on how to play the game). Be that as it may, we had our first two-time winner of Survivor when all was said and done as Sandra Diaz-Twine took home the check. So as the only two-time winner I surmised, she had to be considered the best player ever, especially after toppling all of these great All Stars. When I put it to a poll, the results shocked me however. The poll asked now that Sandra became the only two time winner of Survivor in history, is it indisputable that she be considered the best participant ever?

The voting broke down like this:

12 respondents said YES and a whopping 29 said NO!!!!!!!

I have to say I was totally blown away by the hating on Sandra. I know there is a faction out there that feel she flew under the radar or rode coattails etc. Valid points no doubt. However I feel people are missing the big picture here with Sandra and how effective she really in fact was. For starters, she continually avoided the guillotine by putting herself in a position to be the swing vote many times over (in Pearl Islands she was the swing vote almost every time). And when her alliance crumbled in H VS V, she went to Plan B and perservered her way to the end. And on top of it all, her abrasive personality was overlooked as the jury rewarded her twice with the big check. In other words she earned the jury respect which has always been Russell's flaw and what keeps him as a second tier player in the best ever discussion behind the top tier of Richard Hatch, Parvati Shallow, and Sandra in my opinion.

You can say the first time was a fluke but twice is anything but that. I admit that Sandra is not a "sexy" choice to win Survivor and I have no problem with anyone suggesting that Parvati should have won H VS V and thus grabbed the best ever label but facts are facts. Sandra is the only two time winner of the best grueling social/physical game in television and for that she derserves respect for it.

What do you all think? Let's hear the explanations of why she is not the best ever? Who supports my idea????

Monday, June 21, 2010

Neil Patrick Harris Receives Survivor China Immunity Idol

How I met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris recently turned 37 (how is it possible that Doogie Howser is that old) and in the process received a very special gift from CBS Survivor producer Mark Burnett: The Survivor China immunity idol. Harris posted a photo on his twitter account with the idol and claims that it was one of the coolest gifts he had ever received. Nice touch by Burnett.

My View: Its interesting that Survivor would decide on giving the idol to Harris among all the things they have on set. I guess the immunity idol is probably the coolest to give to someone but my only question is: Why the idol from China and not the one from Australia? or Borneo? Or one of the many from H VS V???? Would love to hear the reasoning regarding its selection.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Rupert Boneham To Be Honored

Everyone's favorite Survivor good guy, Rupert Boneham will be honored at a banquet June 26 with the Catalyst 4 Change Award from Wernle Youth & Family Treatment Center. The honor is in recognition of Rupert's work with his Rupert's kids foundation stationed in Indianapolis, Indiana. Past recepients of the award include former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz and talk show king Regis Philbin. Rupert began the charity with the one million fan favorite award he won after All Stars and the organization had helped countless children avoid the pitfalls of youth.

My View: Once again good guy Rupert gets the recognition he deserves for all the wonderful work he does with Rupert's kids. This man truly aims to make a difference and further solidifies his reputation as the most likable Survivor player ever. In fact other than Colby Donaldson, no one is even in the same hemisphere as Rupert in popularity. I was annoyed at how Stephenie and some of the other players bad mothed him some in H VS V. Sure he can be quirky and get annoying with the fire but him calling out Russell and calling him a disgusting, terrible individual was the highlight of H VS V. Way too go all around Rupert for all the good work you do.

Colby Donaldson To Host New Reality Show

America's favorite Survivor Hero has a new gig. Colby Donaldson, he of the Survivor Australia, All Stars, and H VS V fame, will host a new show on the History Channel called Top Shot. The show centers on 16 contestants competing Survivor style for the title of Best Shooter in America. The series will be 10 episodes long and brings Colby back to his roots as he began shooting as a six year old growing up in Texas. Top Shot airs Sundays at 9 PM ET.

My View: Its good to see Colby back on the tube and this seems like a very interesting reality show concept. Just when you thought they couldnt come up with another Survivor style elimination game, we once again are reminded that this is surely not the case. Colby has always been good in front of the camera with some movie and TV spots to his credit. I expect him to succeed here. Will I watch? No as I dont feel like getting into another reality show but the idea is interesting no doubt.

Back From Hiatus

Recharged my batteries after an intense Heroes VS Villains season. Got lots of new stuff to share with you all about past players and a look at the upcoming season in Nicaragua. Best of all new polls will be added weekly. Enjoy and thanks for reading. Also be sure to become an official FOLLOWER so you can get alerted when I make new posts.