Friday, May 14, 2010

Heroes VS Villains Extras

Just finished watching the deleted scenes from last night's episode over at the CBS Survivor website. As usual nothing earth shattering here but these are the tidbits I gathered from it:

-What cracked me up was Russell giving a 3 1/2 minute diatribe on how he is a decent person outside of the game and how he is nothing like the player he is during it. This always make me laugh when players say stuff like this. A person's behavior in the game is EXACTLY a reflection on their personality at home. There is no OFF button you hit when you go back home. And Russell proved my theory when he was arrested for pushing down an 18 year old GIRL outside a bar. What a bunch of garbage that comes out of the man's trap.
-Rupert really is some kind of insomniac as he was once again shown staying up all night casuing loud noises with his activities around camp. To say he was inconsiderate is a huge understatement, although it had nothing to do with him being voted out,
-Colby admitted he in no way believed Russell's word when he swore allegience to him and Rupert. However he had no other option so he had no choice but to go along with it and hope for the best outcome.
-Rupert looked absolutely crushed when he was doing his final words. How could he not have seen it coming and how on earth could he have trusted Russell??? It was definately hypocritical of him to rip The Evil One apart and the next day align with him.

That's pretty much it. Can't wait for the finale. One day away. Remember to vote on the polls if you haven't done so.

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