Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Episode 3 is here of Survivor South Pacific and so lets get right to the annoying wrapup and than the good old commentary.

Things start off at Redemption Island where Christine and Semhar meet. Christine seems shocked at her ouster and think it was Coach who had it out for her.

Back at Upolo, the tribe talks about what went down at TC. Mikayla and Coach talk about the situation as Brandon interrupts. He feels remorse about lying to knock out Mikayla.

The next day at Upolo, the tribe gets the tree mail about the upcoming Redemption duel. Two players of each tribe can go see the contest and Coach and Stacy get to go. We soon head to the challenge as Ozzy and Elyse join them from Savaii. Soon the duel is one and making a long challenge short, we see Christine outlast Semhar who is the first out.

After the duel back at Upolo, Brandon is sitting by the fire lamenting his decisions in the game. He felt ashamed at what he did when he lied. He than decided to tell the other about the Hantz tattoo as the others are shocked. He apologizes up and down and is ready to accept his consequences. Coach than takes a walk with Brandon and they discuss what went down. He also is starting to doubt his relationship with him in the game.

Over at Savaii things are better as Ozzy brings in some more fish. Mark soon realizes that there is a pecking order in the group and that he, Dawn, and Cochran are in trouble. Ozzy soon decides to align closely with Keith more so than the others in the alliance. He tells Keith he has the idol in order to tighten their bond. Keith than immediately tells this to Whitney. He does this in order to form a second bond with someone in case things break down with Ozzy.

Back at Upolo Mikayla and Brandon have a chat and she unloads on him some. They start to argue as they walk back to camp. He tells the rest her approach to him and calls her out in front of the tribe. No one says anything as the tribe starts to realize what a flake Brandon is. Mikayla and Brandon both start crying in confessionals after this conversation. We than find Coach and Sophie talking about what went down as he admits to seeing some Russell in him.

It is soon challenge time as the stakes are high in both tribes. Immunity is up for grabs and once again making a long challenge short, Upolo wins immunity. Coach was the MVP of the challenge as they bask in their win.

Back at Savaii the talk begins on who should go as Papa Bear is clearly in trouble. Ozzy surmises that its between Papa Bear and Cochran. The two of them know whats going on as they know whats coming. Meanwhile the big five alliance is aiming for Papa Bear and that seems to be the consensus as they will tell him they are voting Cochran. They do the opposite when telling Cochran what is up. Papa Bear seems doubtful of this as he questions Ozzy and the others why. He knows its him as he heads into the jugle looking for the idol. Elyse sees this and tells the others. They follow him in knowing he is looking for the idol. He ultimately cant find it and so he decides to make an idol to throw them off. Papa Bear tells Jim he found it as Cochran begins telling the others its an act. They head off to TC with that hanging in their heads but ultimately they wind up ousting Papa Bear.

All right lets get right to it and I mean the commentary.

-We start with the ouster and Papa Bear was the obvious choice all along no matter who Survivor tried to make it seem otherwise with their poor attempt at creating doubt regarding this. Papa Bear made a terrible act in trying to convince the others he had the idol but no one was buying it. Cochran gets a stay of execution but just for the time being. HOWEVER I will say this. I had the nagging feeling in my mind that Cochran does better than we think. Remember how in Nicaragua we thought that Fabio was going to be gone right off the bat and than he won? I am not saying Cochran will win but he could start slipping through the cracks and before you know it he is at the end of the game. Just saying. And judging by the previews for next week, its looking like Cochran is going to start making some moves. Anyway I thought it was a shame that Papa Bear was knocked out so early. I thought he would go a lot further than he did since he was a likable guy but he got caught in the dreaded numbers crunch. It just goes to show you how crucial it is to make that first day alliance of else you are finished. Now I do think he will do well on Redemption Island and I can totally see him coming back into the game after going on a Matt run.
-Jim is so freaking annoying. I cant wait to see this schmuck voted out of the game. He can go smoke the marajuana he sells and get the hell out of there. I cant see Ozzy staying with this clown for the duration of the game.
-Speaking of Ozzy, he made his first big mistake by telling Keith that he had the idol. About 2.5 seconds later Keith goes and tells Whitney that Ozzy has it as he tries to score points to get her in the sack. No seriously though that shows you that Keith cant be trusted and that Ozzy screwed up. Boston Rob was able to win Redemption Island by keepping the fact he found the idol secret all the way through the game. It was brilliant and was a huge reason why he won the game. Ozzy could have done the same but he now eliminated the element of surprise which is a bad development in is game.
-His counterpart Coach on the other hand is doing very well. He was a beast in the challenge and he seems to have a very firm spot in the tribe. Coach has always been a quietly good challenge performer and that just continues this season. I like his chances.
-This whole thing with Brandon is actually really sad. The guy has some serious issues and he should not be in this game. He is causing a ton of havoc and I cant see the group putting up with this much longer. Stacey has got to be pretty happy about this development.
-As far as the duel was concerned, it was predictable that Semhar would lose to Christine. Its good she is out so we can stop hearing her stupid poems. Coach cant be too happy with Christine still around but even if she miraculously came back into the game, I cant see her doing anything to hurt his game. She didnt make inroads with anyone other than Stacey before she was voted out of the game.

So there you have it. Let me know what you thought of the episode. I will post more as it comes into my head. Also the rankings and bonus videos will be posted tomorrow.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Two of the most popular players in Survivor history are back on reality TV and this time past winners and romantic couple Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca are giving the Amazing Race a try. Having successfully defeated cancer, Zohn is back to try and raise funds for his soccer charity and Jenna will be by his side as she has been since they met almost 10 years ago during a Survivor party. The new season gets underway Sunday at 8 PM.

My View: So great to see these two, inparticular Zohn, back competing on TV. The only shame is that the two of them didnt make their return on Survivor which would have made for some dramatic TV after Zohn's cancer issues and Jenna's past of leaving All Stars when she correctly feared her mom was close to death. I actually was looking forward that season to seeing how they both would do the second time around but we didnt get a chance to see in particular if Jenna's win was luck or based on skill. Hopefully we get to see them in action on Survivor at some point.


According to Savaii memeber Jim Rice, the tribe had the puzzle figured out even before the challenge began during episode 2 this past week. Rice used Twitter to claim "We had that puzzle figured out before Probst said go, knew what to do, 0 hesitation, 0 wrong moves." Apparently, during the portion when Probst instructs the tribes on how the challenge works, Savaii whispered to each other the solution and so they were able to come back against Upolo after being behind early.

My View: Rice is a blowhard so its hard to verify this but the way Savaii came back so quick with no wrong moves on the puzzle lends credence to this. Either way it was an impressive performance by them in that contest.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Two down and many more to go. Lets take a look at how things stack up for this upcoming week in regards to who has the best chance to win the million bucks.

1. Ozzy: Ozzy remains in the top spot for the simple reason that his alliance and his tribe as a whole are more stable than what Coach is experiencing.

2. Coach: He has to shore up his alliance a little better as there are some worrisome cracks with Brandon being chief among them. He did get rid of Christine though which was the right move as it also neutralizes Stacy.

3. Albert: The guy is already under the radar and he seems to have the total package such as being nice and very athletic. One to watch.

4. Keith: Same deal with this guy who plays the Albert role on Savaii.

5. Sophie: I like how she thinks the game and she wont be getting the boot anytime soon due to her alliance.

6. Elyse: No threats in her way for quite awhile.

7. Mark: I am higher on him than most but I think he will go a lot farther than people think.

8. Whitney: The Souther belle has the hots and the under the radar game to hang around.

9. Rick: He is in tight with Coach but again I cant ever see him winning.

10. Edna: She will move up the further this goes along but already we have seen her game is weak like when she was caught in a lie the last episode dicsussing who would be voted off.

11. Mikayla: The word is out on her which is the reason for the big stumble in the rankings. It could be her or Brandon next in a showdown.

12. Jim: Jim is moving up due to his alliance with Ozzy and Keith but he will be booted as soon as they dont need him anymore or if he pops off again.

13. Dawn: She has rallied and is now being very quiet which is good.

14. Brandon: This guy is a psychiatrists dream. Some major stuff going on in that noggin of his. Coach could soon realize he is not worth the trouble.

15. Stacey: Has no leg to stand on now that Christine is booted.

16. Cochran: Got a small reprieve with the win last week. Not long for the game I believe.

17. Christine: Should beat Semhar in the challenge.

18. Semhar. See you chick.

Thats how I see it for now. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Lets get the annoying recap out of the way so we can get to what you waited all week for which is the commentary that four out of five moms approve.

Things start out at Redemption Island as Semhar tries to make camp. She is visibly upset and tries to make the best of it. She twirls a poem in talking about her situation in the game.

Back at Savaii that night, Cochran thanks the group for keeping him around. He reiterates how he wants to help out and do better. Ozzy also talks with Keith about strategy and how it would be a good idea to keep Jim around.

The next day at Upolu, Coach talks about how he felt bad vibes from the girls as he talks to Edna. He feels like he has a second chance though and feels happy about his alliance. They also discuss the immunity idol and how they believe someone has found it, specifically Stacy or Christine who seems close to each other. Soon another pact is hatched between the two.

Over at Savaii, Cochran is hard at work cutting coconuts and other things around camp. Ozzy than heads down to the beach and at the same time is looking for the idol. Eventually he sees the idol buried in the tree as he exults in his good fortune.

Over at Upolo we see Brandon and Coach talking and the former is very respectful of him. Brandon eventually feels guily about lying to Coach and he soon tells him everything. Coach does feel nervous about this and tells Brandon he doesnt want to be made a fool twice. Brandon though claims he will not do him wrong. Coach eventually believs in his word as they pray together.

Over at Savaii, the fishing begins as a fishing trip commences with Jim, Ozzy, and Keith. Jim starts plotting already and wants to have an alliance with the two guys and Whitney and Elise. The plan is to oust Chochran, Dawn, and Papa Bear.

At Upolo, they too decide to go fishing. Makayla speaks about how she plays professional pro football and how she is a tomboy. Brandon though doesnt like her and doesnt feel comfortable around her. He vows to get her out of the game and that she wont stand in his way for the dough. Meanwhile Christine is back to searching for the idol and the rest of the tribe think she has it. Christine eventually does find the clue and she continues to look for it.

The challenge soon beckons as immunity is at stake. As always making a long challenge short, Savaii wins immuntity as they come from behind to take it. Upolo is headed to tribal council to send someone else to Redemption Island.

Back at Upolo camp, talk begins on who should go. Coach thinks they should split the votes 3 on Stacy and 3 on Christine in order to flush out the idol if they have indeed found it. Brandon and Coach soon start talking as he tells her he wants Makayla to go. Coach is a bit disturbed by this and doesnt want to do this. The rest of the alliance is out off by this also. Christine sees the group talking and Makayla comes to which Coach asks for privacy. Makayla is totally surprised by this and Edna soon gets into trouble with Christine as she gets caught in a lie about who they are voting out. Things start to break down overall and its all over the place as they go to council. Soon however the verdict is in and we learn that the tribe has decided to can Christine.

So there you have it. Definately a good tribal council tonight. First off, Christine was the obvious choice there. She literally did EVERYTHING wrong from Day in this game. In reality, if there were a manual on how not to play Survivor, she would have written it. She starts off by challenging Coach in front of everyone. Than she immediately goes to work looking for the hidden immunity idol which is as quick a death sentence as you can get in this game. She also had a rotten attitude that never plays well. So yeah she sucked and good riddance. She could beat Semhar in the challenge but she wont be long on Redemption Island.
-As far as the fallout from the vote, Stacy is looking like she is next in line as she doesnt have a leg to stand on now that Christine is out. Also on a related front, Brandon made himself look foolish by owning up to a lie in front of everybody. This guy is just a mess right now. Coach is absolutely right in that he is wrestling with some demons inside. The thing with Makayla is downright weird. He is feeling like he cant trust himself around her? Downright nonsensical. Coach has got to be having second thoughts on having an alliance with him and thats even before learning he is a Hantz.
-Speaking of the Hantz thing, it was a priceless look on Coach's face when he learned about this. If I were Coach, I would have immediately gone back to camp and tried to figure out a way to get out of his deal with him. Of course he might have already set in motion that venture with his relationship with Edna. Maybe I am giving Coach too much credit but hacing Edna on the side is a brilliant move so that he can easily cut Brandon loose and pull her in his place if things continue to get weird. We are headed down that road I think.
-Yeah by the looks of things it seems like Brandon is going to continue wreaking havoc like his uncle did. The apple doesnt fall far from the tree. This guy is going to be a big problem for Coach. Lets hope he works his way out of it.
-Ozzy is totally reminding you of Boston Rob. Admit it. The way he just found the idol right off the bat and seems in total control. He makes an alliance with Keith and than a bigger alliance with weirdo Jim, Whitney, and Elise. The similarities are eerie.
-Jim continues to annoy me. He is way too overconfident and I just cant see Ozzy and Keith wanting to keep an alliance with that loose cannon throughout the remainder of this.
-Edna has a scary resemblance to Shii-Ann. They are like twins.
-Rick and Whitney have had the least air time of anyone to this point. They must be around for awhile.

Thats all for now folks. Post your throughts below please. Lets hear what you have to say. As usual more will come tomorrow. Check back as always.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Its always hard doing Survivor rankings after only one episode but some themes are already started to form. So without further delay, here is how I currently see things stacking up.

1. Ozzy: Again this is not easy after only one week as far as forming rankings but Ozzy takes the top spot due to his likeability in his own tribe and the lack of power players coming after him. He wont face any issues until a merge at the very least.

2. Coach: Yes this is rareified air for Coach but so far so good for the Dragon Slayer as he made the all important first day alliance. The fact its with 5 people makes it even more impressive for Coach. Maybe he did learn something.

3. Mikayla: She is the female to watch as she doesnt fool around and is a big time challenge performer. Could be one of those female Survivor stars in the making.

4. Sophie: I love how she already has Brandon figured out such as the fact he is possibly hiding something. This is always a good sign when it comes to longevity and so there you go.

5. Mark: Yes he is older but something tells me he will be a big time player. His edit looks good so far and the Papa Bear thing means he has the respect of his tribe.

6. Albert: The guy performed like Hercules in the challege and he is in the Big Five alliance.

7. Keith: The pretty boy strong guy is someone who is always a threat.

8. Brandon: He is a Hantz and so he has to be watched. Once the tribe figures out he is Hantz could be trouble though.

9. Rick: Another Big Five alliance member. I cant see him winning though.

10. Elyse: She seems to have her stuff together and is an independent sort.

11. Whitney: She is the hot Southern Belle of the season. Lets hope she sticks around for the fact she is eye candy.

12. Stacey: Seems obnoxious but she also seems friendly with Coach. All or nothing.

13. Edna: She bonded with Coach on Day one and here is that.

14. Jim: No one seems to like him and the jerk of the season will get tiresome real soon.

15. Dawn: I am glad she rallied because I like her. Yes she is from Long Island. I cant hide it.

16. Christine: Everyone is already onto her since she has been looking for the idol and has challeged coach.

17. Cochran: The biggest nerd in Survivor history will be lucky to see another week or so.

18. Semhar: Whoevere goes to Redemption Island should detroy her. Unless its Cochran.

So there you have it. Lets hear what you think.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Here we go. Survivor South Pacific is underway and as always lets here is the wrapup which is followed by my famous commentary.

Things start off of course like they always do with Probst introducing the cast and doing his spiel about the new season. Coach and Ozzy get focused in on as they talk about why they returned. Some of the other castaways talk about why they came out and the game is on as they row to shore. Soon we go to the beach as Probst welcomes everyone into the contest. Brandon Hantz is told by the girl next to him that she hopes its not Russell as he claims that he will never take his shirt off since he has tatoos with his last name. Once Coach and Ozzy come off the chopper, the reactions are that Ozzy is the one they want and Coach not so much. Cochran clearly is the nerd of the game ad talks himself up right away. Coach and Ozzy than pick an egg to determine their tribe and again the reactions are that the red team is happy they are getting Ozzy and the blue team is not happy Coach is going their way.

The game soon gets underway as Ozzy and Coach are going to battle head-to-head in order to prove their worth. The prize is a reward of food and fire. Big stakes for sure. Making a long challenge short, Ozzy wins for his tribe. The tribes than head over to their camps. Coach is left by himself to walk to camp with the exception of Edna who waits for him.

Once at camp, Ozzy is told to show the rest how to build the camp. The rest of the tribe than introduces themselves to each other. Semhar catches Ozzy's eye right away with her looks. He zeroes in on her as a potential alliance partner. He also tells the tribe to take things easy and not waste energy. Cochran has issues though about going into the water due to his appearance. Over at Upolo, Coach faces his fear to the rest of the tribe about how he is not a threat to the others and shouldt be looked at as a strategic player. We than learn about the occupations of each member. Coach than takes charge with building the shelter. We than see Christine going off to search for the immunity idol. The rest of them see this and Coach talks about his concern about her.

We than go back to Savaii as they all sit in the water and chat. Jim lies to the tribe about what he does as he starts playing the head games. We also learn that Mark is gay and also being a former NYPD detective. Eventually they all realize they have to get fire. Ozzy talks about how he doesnt mind sleeping on the ground as some of the others start to worry about not having a shelter.

Back at Upolo, we have Brandon Hantz talk about his LOCO tatoo and he worries they will think he is a bad guy. They continue to work on the shelter as the girls start to get their hands dirty. Makayla draws the attention of Brandon who worries bout her.

That night, the Upolo tribe talks about the game and Coach makes a point about how a strong 5 can go far in the game. He soon hatches a plan with four other members and an alliance is hatched. Coach feels better about his game and also talks about how he is here to win this.

The netx morning we visit Savaii as Dawn starts to stress out. She talks about how she feels old as she takes a fall. The tears start to flow as she later talks to Ozzy. He consoles her and Mark also talks about how he has her back.

We than visit with Savaii on Day three as some of the members start brushing their teeth. The shelter also becomes the top priority. Ozzy than talks about how Cochran worries him a bit as he doesnt have much to offer around camp. Over at Upolo, Brandon starts fishing as he tries to work the social game which Russell always failed at. He starts to catch some fish as he continues to vow to not take his shirt off or reveal that he is Russell's nephew. Sophie however is leery of Brandon and thinks he is hiding something.

The challenge than beckons and immunity is at stake. Semhar was horrendous and the main reason why Upolo was able to beat Savaii. Jim notes to Probst how ticked he is about her performance. Once back at Upolo camp, they all celebrate their win as Coach congratulates everybody. They also know that there is a hidden immunity idol clue hidden in camp and the seach begins. The attitude is a lot different at Savaii as Semhar apologizes for losing and she calls Jim out in front of the others. Mark and Dawn also soon talk about how they have to stick with each other since they are older. Ultimately the think Semhar should go. Ozzy speaks up for Semhar though and thinks Cochran should be the one to go. He than goes up to her and tells her she has to start politicking. Jim goes behind Ozzy's back though and tells Chochran about how he is going for him.

Soon tribal council beckons and it comes down to Semhar and Cochran. Ultimately the tribe decides to vote out Semhar. She now heads on to Redemption Island.

So there you have it. Now that the wrapup is out of the way lets get to the grand commentary.

-The first episode is always chock full of things to talk about so I really dont know where to start. I guess the first boot is the correct place and Semhar finds herself on her way to Redemption Island which I think was the right call. Cochran is the biggest nerd in the history of Survivor but he was not as volatile as Semhar who immediately banged heads with Jim. She wont last at Redemption Island long at all so she will be out of sight and out of mind shortly. Also so much for Ozzy's budding interest in the girl. Oh well. Anyway lets move on because I dont like to waste too much time on the first boot since they are insignificant.
-Cochran is that must see character this season. His scenes are like watching a train wreck since he is such a dork and honestly didnt you flashback to Rob Cesternino at least once when he appeared on the screen? Yeah admit it. I dont think he will be long for the game since I cant see anyone aligning with him but he is entertaining.
-Now lets get to Coach and Ozzy. Ozzy was embraced with open arms while Coach got the cold shoulder. Things ended up better for Coach though as he formed a 5 person alliance right off the bat. So basically it took Coach only 3 days to do something he failed to do in all of the time he spent in his two previous outings. This is a very positive sign and step for Coach in his Survivor career because finally he is taking initiative. Also I like the way he zeroed in on the woman who stared him down when he walked over (I dont have all their names down yet and I am too lazy to go look them up as I write this so thats the best I can do). He is identifying who can be a roadblock for him in the game and working toward keeping them at bay. Good stuff Coach. And I have to be honest in that I am rooting for Coach and could care less about Ozzy. I think Coach gets too much heat and ridicule in Survivor so I guess I feel somewhat bad for the guy. Now lets just see how solid this 5 person alliance will be.
-Regarding Ozzy, he has to be loving life in his tribe with all of those hotties. He made out well didnt he? Anyway he hasnt really made any inroads with anyone yet but he is in no danger right now since everyone seems to love him. He has always had that likeability factor going for him which is key and he really is mentoring everyone as well as Coach so he is good for the time being.
-Dawn looked like the sure first person when she started breaking down on Day 2. Tears = Get Your Ass Out Of Here in Survivor but lucky for her she rallied. You would think someone with six kids could face anything but I guess you dont realize how strong you are until you go out there. By the way she is from Long Island. Shout out.
-I havent zeroed in on who I think the Hottie of the season is yet. That blonde Southern girl is a real factor however.
-Was surprised to hear Mark say he was gay. The fact he was an NYPD detective is what added to the surprise. Good for him for sticking to his guns and being proud of who he is. He seems to be well respected in the tribe and already I think he will be a conteder.
-The early Asshole Of The Season who I want out ASAP is that Jim guy. What a little biatch this guy is. Rolling his eyes behind Semhar's back. Good for her for calling him out. Also he is a medical marajuana salesman? I wonder what the qualifications are for that job? Some a bowl an hour for a week and live to tell about it? Whatever. Cant wait to see his whining ass kicked out.
-Now for Mr. Hantz. This could go either way when it comes to his chances in the game. Was funny as hell when Edna said to him she hoped the mysterious player was not Russell. The fact he cant take his shirt off because of the Hantz tatoos is going to draw attention in short order and I was impressed with Sophie for already sensing something is up. Coach has a terrible history with Russell and so it will be key to see how that plays out. I think he is facing an uphill battle but he is a Hantz so you cant count him out yet.

Thats all for now folks. Check back for bonus scenes tomorrow and much more. Post your thoughts below. Ciao.


Tonight Survivor South Pacific gets underway and the big story of course is the return of Coach Ben Wade and Ozzy Lusth for their chance to finally break though and grab the title and million bucks. Unlike with Rob VS. Russell, this twosome comes in with a lot less hype but with just as much to prove. Ultimately I think both Coach and Ozzy will stick around for awhile since the rest of the tribe will treat them like celebrities but once the merge comes it will get dicey. In the end I dont think either guy will win but I honestly think Coach will get further for the simple fact that Ozzy will have more heat on him for being a big time ohysical threat. You heard it here first.

Anyways like always I will be back after the show for a full episode recap along with my famous commentary. SHould be an interesting season.