Sunday, May 9, 2010

Family Visit Episode On Tap Thursday

After a one season hiatus in S19, the always popular family visit episode returns this Thursday on H VS V. All I know so far is that Russell's wife will be there which is interesting since he is now headed for a divorce. I would assume Rupert's surprisingly attractive wife will also be there but not sure about Sandra's husband who appeared in Pearl Islands since she remarked that he is off in Afghanistan with the armed forces. I am interested to see if Colby's mom comes out like she did in Australia and who will Jerri bring out???? Finally I would assume one of Parvati's parents will be visiting her.

Obviously the interaction between Russell and his wife Melanie will be interesting to watch since this is most likely one of the last blissful moments between the two before divorce proceedings started. It will be weird to see him be affectionate to her since I don't think the man has a kind bone in his body. We shall see.

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