Thursday, April 29, 2010

Amanda Finally Gets Snuffed

Why Candice? WHY???? Oh man she blew it tonight by trusting the Evil One. What is it about this guy that everyone keeps falling for his bullshit? Unbelievable. You know the drill. First the recap than the analysis.

Things starts off with Russell throwing a temper tantrum with Parvati and exclaiming how insulted he was not to be told of the hidden idol that she had played at tribal council. Thought this would be a much bigger eruption but it was pretty tame overall. Meanwhile the Rupert sums up the attitude of the heroes after the terrible defeat by claiming that he "is done."

The next day things start off with Russell chatting with Candice and doing a major sell job on how she should join up with him and go to the final stages of the game. Candice is Russell's insurance policy in case Sandra flips to the heroes tribe and grab the numbers. Smart move and very predictable. Candice of course sucks it all up as she has been desperate all game to get a foot hold into a strong alliance.

The reward challenge soon commences with a shuffle board battle between three separate random groups of tribe members. The object obviously is to get the stone as close to the target X as possible. Reward is a stay at the Robert Louis Stevensnon house and a private screening of the classic movie. In a very boring contest, Colby, Danielle, and Amanda win reward and head off for the evening.

Once at the house, they take a quick tour and than settle in for the movie. During the whole tour and into the movie watching, Amanada was intensly searching through every nook and cranny for a clue for the newly buried hidden immunity idol. Unbelievably, Danielle discovers the clue buried in the popcorn. Colby was oblivious to it all but Amanda's idol radar went off and she ran over to the other side of the room and picked up Danielle's clue. A cat fight erupts between the two as Dannielle threatens to hit her unless she gives it back. Colby quickly tell Amanda that it is Danielle's clue and in a JT worthy boneheaded move, gives the clue back to her.

Once back at the camp, Danielle tells Parvati, Jerri, and surprisingly Jerri about the clue and her and the Evil One go out for a look. Predictably, Russell finds it in two seconds while Danielle's back was turned and heads back to camp. He immediately goes over to Candice and confesses that he has the idol and shows it to her in a move aimed at building trust between the two.

At the same time as all of this, Sandra is in the process of spilling the beans to Colby and anyone who will listen about the chaos that Russell has created in the villains tribe. Soon a plan is hatched with her and the heroes to vote out Russell at first and than Parvati after they discover that he possibly could have another idol. Sandra is trying her best to pull it all together as they head to the immunity challenge. Once at the challenge, the tribe learns that they must constuct a 10 foot high tower built out of blocks. In a very boring challenge, Jerri narrowly beats Russell to claim her first ever immunity necklace.

Once back at camp, the strategizing begins as Russell instructs the others to vote out Amanda due to her resemblance to Boston Rob as a schemer. Candice claims she is down with the plan but she is than shown with Sandra and heroes confirming that they will vote out Parvati. Word is that Candice spilled the beans to Russell about the plans and she is grilled by Sandra and the heroes. She claims she is solid with the heroes and will vote with them. Colby seems unconvinced and says that if the plan doesn't work, it is her fault.

A very intense discussion than begins with Sandra and Candice regarding why it is a great idea to vote out Parvati as a means to eventually get out Russell. Candice debates with her and you can see the passions that Sandra has for voting out Parvati. Candice doesn't want to go that route however and we are left hanging as tribal council begins.

At council, Russell confirms that Sandra is the outsider in the villain five and the tensions is palpable. Rupert does most of the talking for the heroes and soon the votes are cast. In a very intense reading of the votes, Amanda goes down 6-3 as Sandra is forced to stick with the villains after not being able to convince Candice to vote with the heroes. Before the votes were read, Russell played the idol even though he didn't have to. That earned a rebuke from Parvati for wasting it. Good stuff.

Now that that is done, let's get to the good part. THE ANALYSIS:

-Candice really sucks. The heroes had it in the bag and had Sandra ready to go along but this bimbo blows it for them. Once again Russell has everything fall correctly for him. What a joke.
-Candice is so stupid and doesn't even realize how she is being used. I know the heroes didn't treat her very well and include her in things but Colby was in the same boat and still stuck with his team.
-Loved seeing Parvati give it to Russell for wasting the idol. The dickhead's instincts were off here as he incorrectly thought he was getting the votes. Crack in the armor? I wish.
-I was happy to see Jerri finally win an immunity necklace. She has put in her time and deserved it. You all know that I think her reputation as a villain is overblown but she frustrates me with her voting with Russell.
-Was I the only one who thought "threesome" when Colby won the reward with Amanda and Danielle? But continuing with the indifference he seems to have in the game, Colby showed no interest. Ummmmm....you have two hot as hell chicks sharing a bed with you. What's the problem man?????
-Watching Danielle and Amanda fight for the idol clue was an awkward bit of television. Was kind of ridiculous actually. Felt like I was watching a couple of 5-year olds.
-And what was with Amanda giving the clue back???? Are you kidding me??? Been hanging out with JT too much. This is a perfect example why Amanda will never win Survivor. She doesn't have it in her to make the right moves on her own. She needs Todd or Parvati to lead the way. She had the game in her hands and she simply handed it over to the enemy. You got to fight to the death for that clue. Nothing more or nothing less. Terrible.
-I don't know about you but I am getting sick of seeing Courtney's reactions at tribal council. Stop showing her making dumb statements after every comment. We don't care.
-Kudos to Sandra for trying to make the right move to bust up the alliance. You can't blame her for voting Amanda. Once she knew Candice wouldn't commit, she had no choice. Why incite them?
-The missed opportunities to vote out Russell reminds me of the frustration I felt during All Stars when everyone kept passing up opportunities to vote out Boston Rob or Amber. Will be too late before you know it.
-Colby looks like he is sleepwalking through the game but he showed some emotion when he won the reward challenge.
-Danielle is an idiot for telling Russell about the idol clue. And of all the people to take with you to look for it, why take the idol King? Do these people even use their noggins?

That's all I got for now. Check back for more tomorrow.

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  1. Why would anyone waste voting out jury goat Russell Hantz.