Thursday, April 1, 2010

Boston Rob Bites The Dust At The Hands Of The Evil One!

Wow! That's all I can say. You can probably count on one hand the amount of episodes in Survivor's history that was as monumental to the game as tonight's. Some that come to mind were when Ozzy was blindsided in Micronesia or when Richard Hatch was voted out of All Stars. So to say that great Boston Rob being voted out at the hands of Russell was huge is the understatement of the year. It is clear that the Evil One is now totally in control and much to my frustration, its looking more and more like we are in store for a back-to-back heavy dosage of Russell going far in the game. More analysis later but first the a very unhappy-recap.

Things started off at the heroes camp with lamentations by Rupert and the others about voting out James. Colby than goes into a monologue about how he is shocked that he is still in the game and that its now or never for him to step up and make a difference in challenges. Meanwhile over at the villains tribe, Boston Rob is trying to figure out how all went wrong the night before when Russell pulled a rabbit out of a hat and got Tyson voted out. There is also a great deal of annoyance by Rob, Sandra, and the others about the laughing and cocky attitudes being displayed by Russell, Parvati, and Danielle. Quickly the focus than turns to Jerri as the Evil Alliance begins their recruitment of her and whisper sweet nothings in her ear. Jerri is being seduced easily and seems smitten with the idea of switching sides.

We than move onto the reward challenge which centers on an in water basketball challenge where a volleyball is tosed around and with both tribes trying to shoot and score the ball into their opponent's net. Right off the bat the heroes have a major edge to their game as Colby looks like a man possesed and Candice also doing well in scoring the second bucket. The rout was completed when Colby nailed the final basket for a 3-0 shutout win for the heroes. So off to a picnic they went for some fruit and wraps where a clue for yet another hidden immunity idol is found by Candice. In a sign of newfound tribal continuity, the heroes decide to look for the idol together and use it as a team in order to fight the villains.

Back at the villains camp, things get amped up as Russell now turns to Coach and gives him the spiel he gavae Jerri about joining up with their alliance. Surprisingly, the easily swayed Coach is seemingly having none of it and he calls Jerri out on the carpet for indulging Russell and falling for his garbage. Jerri seems concerned with his questioning of her and at this point there is no indication that a shift has been made in the tribe dynamic.

We than go to the immunity challenge which was an obstacle course/puzzle where three memebers of each tribe take turns going twice through the obstacle course in order to retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces. For the heroes, Colby, Candice, and Rupert run through the course, while Parvati, Courtney, and Coach run for the villains. After getting off to a quick lead, the villains get undermined by the terrible effort put forth by Courtney. JT and Amanda get a nice head start on the puzzle and they work quickly to shut the door on Rob and Sandra making a comeback. The heroes win immunity and in the process are starting to show the continuity and teamwork that has been missing for so long now.

Once back at villains camp, we surprisingly see Russell and Rob having a conversation about who to vote off. Russell abruptly exclaims that he wants to keep the tribe strong and think they should vote out Courtney or Sandra who are sitting right in front of the two. Rob admonishes Russell for his missing tact and mocks his apporach. Undeterred, Russell solidifies his plan with Parvati, Danielle, and Jerri about blindsiding Rob. With only 4 of 8 votes in the bag, Coach becomes the key to ensure a non-tie and Rob's ouster. Coach however vows to Rob that he will stick by him and that he will not go against his friend. Rob reveals that he is playing on Coach's desire to uphold his honesty and integrity and proceeds to begin working on Jerri. While in the tent with just the two of them, Rob confesses to Jerri that she should trust him and that he believes she will do the right thing. Clearly the decision is weighing on both Jerri and Coach as tribal council looms.

Once tribal council begins, it doesn't take long for the fireworks to go off between Rob and Russell. Words are exchanegd and evil glances are traded. Coach pleads with the two of them to bury the hatchet and keep the tribe strong but to no avail. Once the votes are read, it reveals that Jerri did in fact jump ship to the Evil Alliance, giving 4 votes to Rob, while Coach goes off on his own and votes for Courtney, rendering the 3 votes for Russell by Rob, Sandra, and Courtney meaningless. So the gauntlet has been thrown down and Russell comes out on top. As he gets up to leave, Rob surprisingly hugs Jerri but than totally disses Coach and calls him a weak man. Ouch!

So Russell once again gains a huge victory and once again sends home who he wants to send home on command.

Now for my famous analysis:

-First off, Coach is clearly now the most infuriating player in Survivor history. Unable to have the balls to make a stand one way or the other to Rob or Russell, he instead throws his vote in a blind direction and costs his supposed friend his place in the game. Just like Tyson before him, Coach makes a decision that changes the scope of the game in a huge way and to the ultimate benefit of Russell.
-It is getting to be downright ridiculous how Russell continues to get by with all of these crazy occurences. We already talked about the absurdness of last week and now this. What will it take to get this guy out????? I mean enough already.
-I was very dissapointed with how Boston Rob let Russell talk down to him the way he did at tribal council. I thought Rob would rip into him in a classic Rob Mariano diss fest but it didn't happen. Russell totally called him out in front of everyone and mocked his game play. And Rob's response? "Your entitled to your opinion." Huh?
-I did love the cold shoulder that Rob gave to Coach after being booted. Now THAT was classic Boston Rob.
-I still find it surpsising how I actually rooted for Boston Rob this time around. I hated him after All Stars with the intensity that I hate Russell now. However in going against each other, there was no doubt who I was rooting for. My hatred for Russell is without peer.
-At this point I really believe that if the world ended tomorrow, Russell would find a hidden immuntity idol that would spare him death.
-BTW what did Danielle do to piss off the producers? The chickens have gotten more air time than her.
-I'm sorry. I just can't type another Courtney sucks post. On wait I just did. Well did you see the challenge? Pathetic!!!!!
-For the first time in the game, the heroes look fairly competent. Getting rid of James was the best thing for them to do. I can't help but think that they would be in a much better spot if they had kept Tom and voted out James the previous council.
-Did you catch the pushing between Rupert and Russell at the end of the reward challenge? The Big Guy wasn't taking any crap from the Evil One. We need a good Survivor fist fight. Now that would be good tv.
-Colby totally redeemed himself this week with great efforts in both challenges. Looks like the Colbster is back on track. Maybe I was too harsh in calling him washed up?????
-BTW Candice has been quietly very good in challenges. She is more athletic than people give her credit for.
-The villains are in a bad spot right now going forward without Rob. Things could crumble quick without their spiritual leader and the previews for next week are showing that.
-Amanda is still around. She is the female Russel.....except that she is hot....and she is nice....and she has morals....ummmm yeah they are nothing alike. Getting late!

Well that's all for now. More updates daily!

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