Friday, April 16, 2010

Next Week's Preview: Russell Swears On His Kids???!!!!!

Russell has sunk to a new low in my book. The preview's for next week's edition of Survivor show Russell swearing on his kids that he is with "y'all", meaning the heroes. Ugghhh....the old swear on my kids but I am really lying bit. Why do they have to go there??

Now I am totally understanding that lying is a part of the game. Almost every big time player in Survivor history has lied at least once along the way. Some may say a lie is a lie no matter in what context but to me if you swear on your kids and are lying, that is a whole new set of boundaries that should never be crossed. Anyone that is reading this who has kids I am sure could agree. I am the father of a 9 month old son and under no circumstances would I ever swear on his name and lie about it. That is just disgusting for Russell to do that. But than again this guy has reached uncharted heights in the distasteful department. It all started off with a bang with his awful lie of being a victim of Hurricane Katrina and now this.

And speaking of Katrina, I was surprised at how little attention was paid to this. When he uttered that line in the premiere of S19, I almost wanted to throw a fastball with my remote right through the television. Hurricane Katrina was one of the most devastating natural disasters in our nation's history that claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent people and wrecked devastation never before seen in our side of the globe. Things are still a disaster down there years later and it is deplorable for him to lie about being a victim of this terrible event. A pure scum is what Russell is.

Again you can all say that I hate on Russell too much and you may be right. However the depths that this man goes in order to win a GAME shows just how little character he really has. Thoughts???????

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