Friday, April 16, 2010

Why Was Courtney Brought Back For H VS V?????

For those who have been following along on my daily ranting and raving about Survivor, it is a clear understatement when I say that Courtney Sipes is one of the most pathetic players the game has ever seen. I know I have been very hard on her throughout her existence in China and Samoa but no can argue with my rationalizations. Flat out, Courtney is completely ill-suited for Survivor.

I will start off with the weight issue. Flat out, Coutney looks sick and I mean that literally. She has to weigh no more than 95 pounds and in a game where losing weight is a guarantee, I don't know why the producers of Survivor would deem her a good fit for the show. On the original edition of Survivor, Richard Hatch lost 30 pounds. Now he was a big man to begin with and had weight to spare but Courtney can literally spare about five pounds. There were strong rumors when she was in China that she was anorexic to which she flatly denied. But something doesn't look right there.

Moving away from the obvious weight issue, the other problem I have with her is her game play. In China she hooked on with Todd and rode coattails to the end. Now this strategy has become a legitimate form of game play, like or not. I have no issue with her in that respect. I do however have issue with the decision by the producers to deem her worthy of coming back for Heroes VS Villains. Let's be frank here: S20 is an unofficial All Stars 2 edition and Courtney was anything but an All Star in China. In fact Todd Herzog should have easily been in the game over her. What did she do to garner the invite? I am stumped and would love to hear from anyone else who has a clue. I am not holding my breath however as there is no way anyone can come up with a plausible reason for her being included in the cast of S20. Its just not happening.

Now again let me say that I have no issue with her as a person like I do with say a Russell. In fact I found her quite humorous at times and she certainly doesn't back down from anyone. But seeing her in challenges is cringe-inducing and her ridiculously skinny body makes me uncomfortable.

What do you all think? Am I making too much of this? Or am I right in arguing that she has no business being in the game????

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