Thursday, April 15, 2010

You Got To Be Kidding Me JT!!!!

Ahhhh yes. Another infuriating episode of Survivor starring Russell Hantz and the idiots who play the game with him. In fact idiot might be too kind a word for the kind of garbage that took place tonight. In a move that will go down as one of the biggest dumbass moves of all time, JT in his infinite wisdom decided to give The Evil One the heroes hidden immunity idol. WTF?????? And JT really can't wear the dunce cap all alone, although he gets the one with the "I am the biggest dunce of them all" written on the front. Rupert, Colby, Candice, and Amanda share in the lunacy and this move has changed the scope of the game from this point on. Before we get into my thoughts, let's get the recap out of the way:

Things start off with the villains heading back to camp after booting Coach. Jerri proclaims that she knew nothing of the move and confronts Danielle about it. We than get one of those awkward Survivor moments where someone in the loop (Danielle) tells the ignorant unsuspecting person (Jerri) that things happened at the last minute and that's why we didn't tell you bit.

The next day's reward challenge is when things ratchet up as each tribe has to square off against each other in five individual matchups that centers on everyone standing on very small foot holds for as long as they can. If your feet hit the ground you lose the matchup. First tribe to win three faceoffs wins reward which was a visit to a makeshift Outback Steakhouse. Before the challenge gets underway, we see JT once again tell Russell to hang in there. Jeff probs the heroes what they think of Coach being voted out and Rupert once again blurts out that there is a female alliance on the other side. Ughhh!!!!

Anyways to make a long challenge short, the villains win and head over to Outback for a nice meal. Once they are seated, the six of them open up their napkins, with Parvati's dropping a parchment with a hidden immunity idol clue into her lap. She quickly scoops it into her underwear and notices that no one got wind of what she had. With nervous tensions coursing through her body, Parvati excuses herself and exits the restaurant where she shows Danielle what she has. A bond is cemented between the two as the decision is made to keep Russell out of the loop. Clearly this is a major power play by Parvati.

Next we head over to the heroes who are sitting around camp with JT deep in thought (JT thinking???? insert snicker here) and than shares with the others his idea (using the word lightly) of giving the hidden immunity idol to Russell. His reasoning (stop laughing) is that the idol will protect him and allow him to vote out Parvati who the heroes believe is running things in the tribe. Than the rest of the girls would be voted out one-by-one and all the heroes would make the final five as they ditch Russell into sixth. Shockingly, the rest of the heroes agree to go along with it and the plan is cemented. JT even goes so far as to write a set of instructions to Russell about the plan.

So that takes us to the immunity challenge where the tribes must face off in a water obstacle course where each member must navigate a bag filled with puzzle pieces and attached to a rope through a series of obstacles and onto the beach. Once all five members get back to the beach, the puzzle is than assembled. Once again to make a long challenge short, the heroes win yet again. The real story here however was Colby informing Russell of the plan during the challenge as they were the last two to go and were standing on their platforms out in the ocean waiting their turn. Colby told Russell to vote out Parvati and than to come along with the rest of the heroes. Russell of course agrees and the deal is made.

So we immediately are taken to the villain beach where Russell is showing Parvati the letter that JT wrote. She mockingly reads it and tears JT a new one for the dumb move. Jerri and Danielle soon join them and they begin debating whether to vote out Sandra or Courtney. Parvati tries to save Courtney who she has grown close to and who she feels she can control better. In an anticlimactic tribal council short on drama, Courtney gets the ax however and than there were 10.

Now that we got that cleared up, its time for the acclaimed opinions:

-It still amazes me how Russell constantly steps into ^&%##. I mean you can't make this stuff up anymore. Now people are giving him idols? This is getting to be too much.
-It really annoys me how Jeff Probst goads contestants into giving him the answers he wants to hear. Two weeks in a row now he has asked the obvious question to the heroes about their views on the men being voted off from the villains tribe. Of course the answer is that they think there is a female alliance which is the answer he was looking for all along. This goes back to my argument that the producers influence the outcome of the show. By constantly getting the word out there that the heroes think there is a female alliance, Probst gives the idea to Russell to make it seem that way so that they throw him a life raft which of course happened when JT gave him the idol. If that doesn't convince you that they have some pull on the outcome, than nothing will. If this wasn't put out there, Russell would not have used this as leverage and the heroes would not have given away the idol.
-The look on Russell's face was priceless after talking to Colby and than after getting the idol from JT. His look was totally saying "Did these morons really just give me a hidden immunity idol???? Me????? The great Russell Hantz???""""
-You know one thing I always think about when I watch Survivor is how the contestants react to seeing for the first time all the things that took place around them that they didn't take part in. For example, I would love to have been a fly on the wall in JT's living room when Russell and Parvati mocked his note.
-Like I said before, its bad enough that JT will go down as one of Survivor's biggest morons for that move. What just as infuriating is the how Rupert, Colby, Amanda, and Candice all went along with it. I guess I can't be too shocked about Rupert and Amanda since they never were the sharpest tools in the drawer. However I really though Candice and Colby would have been the voice of reasons here to no avail. Someone had to step up here and stop this madness but sadly no one did. This travesty is on all of them.
-Courtney is gone FINALLY!!!!! Why was she here again???? I will address this on a separate post.
-I did enjoy Courtney giving it to Jerri at tribal council and Sandra didn't back down to Danielle who is really starting to get annoying now that she actually has been seen for more than 2.5 seconds.
-You can totally tell that Russell wants to bed Parvati in the worst way. I can't blame him however. If I were not married I would be all over her like peanut butter on bread. But wait isn't Russell married??? Oh yeah he is a scumbag. I forgot.
-Forget Parvati actually. Amanda still takes the cake for me against any Survivor chick ever.

That's all for now ladies and gentleman. Anything else on your mind that I didn't mention?????

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