Friday, April 23, 2010

Parvati Shows The Evil One Whose Boss

Wow that was some episode last night. Never before were two hidden immunity idols played at the same time and the result of tribal council and the repercussion were huge (very bad for the heroes). The bottom line is that Parvati stepped up and wrested control of the game from Russell and at this point is the clear favorite to win it all. More opinions later but first the wrap.

We start off with the heroes sitting around camp with very bored looks on their faces. Apparently being together for so long has caused the tribe to become stir crazy so when Rupert and Amanda discover the merge tree mail, excitement overwhelms the group. The same sense of anticipation envelops the villains who must go to the heroes camp in order to make the merge official. Beforehand, a pow wow is held with Russell telling Danielle, Jerri, and Parvati his plan to tell the heroes that Parvati played a hidden immunity idol that resulted in Courtney being sent home. JT will also be the target at the first merged tribal council.

The plan is put into place as we see the villains marching into the heroes camp and JT expressing shock that Parvati is still in the game. A quick conclusion is drawn that she had a hidden idol and that Russell should still be trusted. The Evil One immediately kisses crazy hero butt, in particular Rupert and JT. He professes his loyalty and tops it off with saying the he swears on his kids that he is with them. JT eats it up and Russell is shown in a confessional saying how he has them hook line and sinker. Not to be denied, Sandra quickly tells Rupert about how Russell is lying to them and that he is totally in control of the women. Rupert tells this to JT and Amanda who stubbornly blow him off and call him paranoid. The big guy won't be denied in his concerns however. Meanwhile, Amanda and Parvati renew their friendship as Parvati shows her the idol that she secretly has.

Its now immunity challenge time as each of the ten members of the newly named Yin Yang tribe climb poles that they must hang onto for as long as they can. In a test of endurance and desire, Colby and Sandra drop off within seconds, followed by Russell, Rupert, Amanda, JT, and Jerri. Candice is next in a give up move, which leavaes Parvati and Danielle. A discussion ensues and Parvati decides to step down and give her the victory. This immediately catches the heroes attention which is discussed once the tribe heads back to camp. Colby and JT discuss how she must have another idol and its decided that they will now vote for either Sandra or Jerri. Amanda takes the info right to old friend Parvati and tries to throw her off by telling her the heroes are voting for her and to play the idol for herself. Parvati is all over the lie however and quickly blows Amanda off in her mind. With this knowledge in her brain, Parvati decides on making a bold move at tribal council. More on that later. As far as Russell in concerned, he decides to once again give Parvati his hidden idol which now gives her two idols to play.

As far as tribal council is concerned, Rupert lets it known that he doesn't appreciate Danielle and Parvati taking so many bananas, Russell exclaims that there is still fierce original tribal loyalties, and JT admits he feels he is being targeted. Despite his vow to vote with the heroes, Russell sticks to his original tribe and five votes are thrown JT's way. The heroes meanwhile settle on voting for Jerri and in the ultimate tribal council move of all time, Parvati pulls out her two idols and gives one each to Sandra and Jerri in order to protect as many villains as she can. So the five votes for Jerri are null and void and the five for JT are good. The former champ goes home as he salutes Russell for a job well done. The Evil One than turns to Parvati and tells her she has some explaining to do. Great stuff.

Now the moment you all have been waiting for: THE ANALYSIS:

-Parvati is definately the top dog now and The Evil One has been outdone by his "queen." I have to admit she is playing a great game once again and she is even at the top of my list of those who DESERVE to win.
-Parvati is very interesting to me as she runs and hot and cold in my mind. I think she is very trashy and her laugh sounds like fingers on a chalkboard but the girl has some serious game. I love the way she wrestled the game away from Russell. I have a poll up regarding the best player ever which Russell is winning going away. As a former winner Parvati has a leg up on Russell and she know is outplaying him. In my book, Parvati joins Richard Hatch in the all time rankings of best players ever. I think more and more people will agree going forward.
-Amanda is an idiot. You all know I think she is the hottest thing since the sun was created but her game sucks. She is so transparent and she completely bungled her talks with Parvati. She totally screwed her own tribe and now will pay big.
-JT made a terrible decision no doubt. One of the worst in Survivor history, if not the worst. To make matters worse, he continually fell for Russell's bullshit and it ruined everything for himself and his tribe. Now doubt he was awesome in Tocantins but he was terrible from the beginning of H VS V. Her played way too many alliances (James, Tom), he lied constantly, and he didn't stand out in challenges. Than the move with Russell solidified his place in the Survivor Hall of Shame.
-Kudos to Rupert who I have been hard on this time around after his stupid voting early on in the game. I lvoed Rupert in Pearl Islands and All Stars but have been dissapointed in him in H VS V. However he got back on my good side with his calling out of Russell's lies which was to no avail. He saw through the crap and should have been believed. Now unfortunately he is going to pay for that error.
-Candice wears a dunce cap this week for her give up in the immunity challenge. She has a history of excelling in this contest and she flat out threw in the towel when she looked totally at ease. She claims that Parvati and Danielle looked like they would be going for awhile (when in fact Danielle looked like she was in great pain). She could have made a big difference in winning as Danielle would have been exposed along with Russell. In other words more targets for the heroes.
-Russell is still a scumbag for swearing on his kids and lying about it. This is a huge no-no in my book and anyone with kids can understand. Guy has no class.
-Sandra is being underestimated again which I have warned against all season. She was overlooked in Pearl Islands and won a million bucks in the process. Can she go two for two?
-Colby totally hates Jerri still to this day. This is always a good side feud to keep track of.
-I think these hidden immunity idols are exciting but they are starting to get annoying. Do I hear overkill?
-Once again I get the nagging feeling of producer influence as Parvati magically gave the idols to the two people on her tribe that were mentioned as possible targets. Wouldn't it be more obvious for her to keep one for herself as she knows the heroes hate her? I'm just saying it looks fishy once again.

That's all I got for now. More updates tomorrow. I got a lot more to hit on.

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