Thursday, April 8, 2010

Coach Exit Stage Left

Wow are the villains blowing it. Unbelievable. Yeah let's vote out three of our strongest players in succession and make ourselves a tribe of estrogen and an egomaniac. Coach bites the dust this week in a episode that has a lot to talk about. So first the recap and than the analysis:

Things started off at the heroes camp where JT decides to take matters into his own hands and venture out looking for the hidden immunity idol. Sensing he was up to no good, Amanda proceeds to follow him into the jungle and spy. JT eventually finds the idol behind a creek and once immediately in hand 7037956668, is spotted by Amanda and than a second later Candice. Knowing that he risked looking like a snake if he didn'share the discovery with the others, JT decides that its best for everyone on the tribe to share in its use. So everything seems hunky dory until we are shown Candice and Amanda chatting under the shelter. And in a replay of the extra footage scene first reported here, Candice and Amanda reveal to each other that JT is making promises to each of them, along with Rupert and Colby. Candice can't hide her disgust for JT and the word is now out between her and Amanda as far as his game is concerned.

Meanwhile at the villains tribe, Russell is in all his glory as he boasts of eliminating the great Boston Rob. On the flip side, there is buyer's remorse being expressed by Jerri to Coach as he confesses that she already regrets joining up with The Evil One much to the dismay of Coach. Having none of it, Coach chastises Jerri for her foolhardy move and rants himself in a confessional about how Russell is a bully.

Things start to get interesting when the tree mail arrives as the villains get the impression that a merge is imminent. Fearing a loss of their items left behind at camp, the tribe proceeds to tear down the shelter in a close-minded effort to take everything with him to their new merged destination. The same thought failed to germinate in the heroes tribe as they bring nothing to the challenge and are shocked to see that Boston Rob has been eliminated. It is at this moment that Rupert voices out loud his thought that there is a female merge and JT mouths "hang in there" to Russell.

After finding out that there in fact was no merge coming, the villains begin to bicker over who is to take part in the challenge with Coach finally speaking up and volunteering Courtney and Sandra to sit out. This was a huge blunder of a decision as it now guaranteed that those two would be required to take part in the immunity challenge. The reward itself was a feast of pizza and beer and the victor would need to win three rounds of a one-on-one bowling challenge. To make a long challenge short, the heroes win yet again, 3 rounds to 1 and thus engage in another big feast.

From missing out on pizza to sitting around eating burnt crab legs, the villains tribe are both starving and demoralized. The defeatist attitude is permeating everyone and causing tensions to rise. This is expressed when Jerri goes into a sore loser attack on Coach, Sandra, and Courtney for volunteering them to take part in the challenge. Sandra fires back in her take no crap from anyone mode and its clear to see that this tribe is on the fast track to failure.

Sensing that her butt was on the line, Sandra concocts a plan to get Coach voted out by telling Russell that he is gunning for him. And The Evil One falls for it hook line and sinker as Sandra mocks his gullible nature and how she truly is a better schemer than he is.

We are than taken to the immunity challenge where two tribe members are tied together and than must navigate a mud filled obstacle course. Also one round will feature a one-on-one race through the course due to the tribe numbers. After deciding that Danielle and Jerri would sit out, the first battle pitted Russell and Sandra versus Amanda and Candice. After starting out close, Sandra got very winded and forced her and Russell to come to a complete stop as Amanda and Candice won the heat. Up next was Rupert going against Coach in the individual battle. This one was close throughout until Coach sprinted past the big guy at the end. The finale than placed Colby and JT against Courtney and Parvati in a ridiculously unfair matchup. Predictably, the two guys destroyed the ladies as Courtney injured her ankle in the process. Off to tribal council again for the villains.

Back at camp, the plan is hatched to vote out Coach by Sandra, Courtney, Russell, and Parvati. Uncomfortable with voting out another good athlete, Danielle confronts Russell and begs him to reconsider. The Evil One is having none of it and a shouting match ensues. Danielle doesn't back down as both lose their tempers and finishes when Russell leaves in a huff cursing at Danielle. Sensing trouble in paradise, Sandra begins to think there is hope for her and Courtney. However after thinking it over, Russell confesses to Danielle that he has had a change of heart and will vote out the ridiculously weak Courtney.

We are than taken to tribal council where Jeff tries to get answers about the reasoning in voting out strong members like Rob and Tyson. Courtney is also attacked by Jeff in the process as being weak and she doesn't take too kindly to it. Courtney also proceeds to attack Coach which is met with sarcasm and disbelief from Mr. Wade. Eventually, the votes are cast and a close vote was cast with Courtney and Coach each getting 3 votes and than the decisive blow coming down on Coach. The villains are down to six members with Russell being the only man left. Crazy stuff.

Now that that's out of the way, it's time for my critically acclaimed analysis:
-Jerri is totally on my *&^$% list this week with her lamentations and regrets about voting Rob out. This always drives me crazy when an idiot like her votes out a great player like Rob and totally does the wrong thing. Than 15 minutes after its done, they regret the move. Get your head in the game you idiot. This is your third time playing the game and these are the decisions you make????
-Another thing Jerri did that pissed me off was when she went all crazy chic after the reward challenge and blamed everyone and the insects about what transpired. I was so hoping Sandra would throw a clump of dirt in her face.
-I want to hurl every time I hear the heroes say "We are the fantastic five."
-Russell fighting with Danielle was great for two reasons. One is that its about time someone goes right back at the bully and gives him a taste of his own medicine. Two is that the Danielle-Russell faction is on life support due to his decision to make the final call on Courtney, to which Danielle was totally against. Clearly Russell is putting all his eggs into Parvati's basket.
-Let's not forget that Sandra is a former champion and the move she made tonight to save herself and Courtney was well played. She has got game folks.
-JT is totally being marked by Amanda and Candice. It's very clear how much Candice in particular can't stand him. Something tells me he rebuffed her advances one night.
-Rupert is one slow dude. Strong as an ox but I think my 5 year old niece can beat him in a foot race.
-Loved Jeff Probst calling out Courtney at tribal council and basically calling her weak. The man speaks the truth.
-Speaking of hurl which I referenced earlier in my "Fantastic Five" comment. Don't you all just picture Courtney hurling quite a bit at home after a meal????
-Russell throwing out Coach and making himself the last man standing in the tribe is without a doubt a ploy on his part to make it look like there is a girl alliance and that he believes the heroes will come to his "aid" once the merge hits. Oh man this guy is too much.
-What's crazy about this episode is that Coach of all people was the only person making sense in his analysis of the tribe and what the villains needed to do to succeed going forward. The words "Coach" and "making sense" don't appear in the same sentence too often. I got to say I will miss his wild rants and sayings. I was down on him at times this go around but all in all I like the guy.

That's all for now folks. Vote on the polls and offer up your comments. Love to get feedback here.

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