Monday, April 5, 2010

Russell Hantz Coming Back a Third Time?????

As I have previously reported, it is now looking more and more likely that the rumors of Russell Hantz playing a third edition of Survivor are all but true. Producers have been mum on the topic but according to close friends and relatives, Russell will in fact be playing AGAIN! As far as the ramifications to this bit of news, let's delve into that shall we????

-Like I have stated before, I think the news of Russell coming back to play the game a third time is an indication that he doesn't win Heroes VS Villains either. It would make very little sense for both Russell and the producers to get together yet again if the Evil One conquered H VS V. It is no secret however that the producers have a huge man crush on Russell as he is definately a boost to ratings and would be more than willing to let him come back and try again for that elusive title that many feel he deserves.

-There are also strong rumors that Russell is having serious marital problems and his canoodling with Parvati certainly won't help matters. Spending so much time away from home can't help either. Proof of possible turmoil is shown on Melanie Hantz' MYSPACE page where she lists herself as SINGLE. Interesting.

-Finally, maybe the producers are giving Russell another shot so that the large legion of Evil One haters like me can finally see his torch snuffed out. I am still holding out home to see it in H VS V but at this point its looking like he is going far again and I won't get my wish.

Either way, get ready for some more machete hiding, bold face lying, and idol searching from Survivor's most talked about player ever. In my opinion, I could care less whether he comes back or not. I hate the man but I will admit he makes the show more interesting with his antics and makes you want to root for his ouster so much more. After the publicity he has gotten in S19 and S20, I find it very hard to believe the new batch of players will allow him to get a hold of the game. Better to vote him out right away before he does his thing. Of course the sensible thing never seems to happen on Survivor (producers influence????.....been down that road before) so who knows.

What do you all think about this? Is this good for the show? Or have you had enough of Russell???? Let me know with a post.

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