Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Poll Reaction: Who Is The Most Undeserving Winner Of Survivor?

Just checked out the latest total results for the poll i put up about two weeks ago where I asked who was the most undeserving Survivor winner ever???? Included were six former winners who for some reason or another could be viewed as undeserving:
Tina Wesson-Australia
Natalie White-Samoa
Danni Boatswain-Guatemala
Sandra Diaz-Twine-Pearl Islands
Jenna Morasca-Amazon
Amber Mariano-All Stars

After receiving 17 votes on the matter, the results were not surprising. Receiving the most votes was S19 winnner Natalie White who defeated Russell Hantz in without the doubt the biggest travesty in Survivor history. Everyone here knows the disdain I have for Russell but you would be a fool not to admit that he absolutely tore it up in S19 and blew away the field. He clearly was the victim of a bitter jury.....a jury made up of a bunch of idiots who had an 8-4 advantage in numbers and who than ended up internally combusting and opening the door wide open for Hantz and White to make the finals.

Behind Natalie with 4 votes was Sandra Diaz-Twine which surprised me some. No doubt her role in the current Heroes VS Villains and he portrayal of being weak by Russell has cast her in a very negative light. However I think she did well in Pearl Islands and certainly deserved to win over Lillian who was already on her second chance in the game. Sandra always placed herself as the swing vote in almost every tribal council in that game and she stayed true to herself by not holding back her temper one bit. Through it all she never received one vote. She deserved to win in my book.

Rounding out the rest of the field was Danni Boatswain with 3 (she was boring and really did nothing memorable to warrant a title), Tina Wesson with 2 votes (I understand the votes as Colby was just as if not more worthy of the win), Jenna Morasca with 1 vote (I thought she proved herself by holding off Rob C and Matt E in the final endurance challenge), and Amber Mariano with 0 votes.

I actually think Amber should have gotten a great deal more votes as in my opinion, Boston Rob should have been given the check. Every big move was pretty much orchestrated by Rob and Amber followed along. Also if it weren't for Rob conning Lex into keeping her around, Amber would have surely been sent on her way.

Be that as it may, keep the votes coming. Also share your opinions here if you wish. Would love to debate with you.

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