Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Philadelphia Phillies/Survivor Connection

Baseball is upon us yet again which as sure a sign as any that winter is over. Wait a minute....this is a Survivor blog. Why am I talking about baseball here? Well in an interesting quirk, Survivor does in fact serve a very prominent role in the Philadelphia Phillies clubhouse. Specifically speaking, ace pitcher Cole Hamels has been married to former Survivor Amazon contestant Heidi Strobel for 4 years now. They in fact welcomed in their first child, Caleb Michael on Oct. 4 2009.

The less publicized Phillies-Survivor couple however is Heroes VS Villains own Stephanie LaGrossa and starting pitcher Kyle Kendrick. No kids at present time but according to Stephanie they are in the plans after she got back from Samoa.

All in all I thought this was a pretty interesting connection in that two memorable Survivor player married two MLB starting pitchers from the SAME organization. So in other words 40 percent of the Phillies starting rotation is married to former Survivor contestants.

Just a random fact I thought you would find interesting as I watch my Mets fall behind quick to the Marlins. Ah its going to be a long season.

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