Friday, April 2, 2010

Poll Update: Best Survivor Player Ever

I must say that after a week of having the poll up, I am very surprised with the results when I asked who was the best Survivor player ever! Included were the original champ Richard Hatch, the evil Russell Hantz, the intense Boston Rob, the lovable Rupert Boneham, along with the consistent Amanda Kimmel and the controversial Parvati Shallow. So far 9 votes have been cast and only Russell, Rich, and Rob got the love. What I am surprised at is the fact that Russell got five of those votes while Rich only got 2 (along with Rob getting 2).

I have stated many times over that I believe wholeheartedly that Richard Hatch is the best player ever. This is not just because I hate Russell; I cant stand Hatch as well. My view was based on how masterful Rich played the game when there was no blueprint to study from. He also invented the first alliance and devised a plan that is the standard that every subsequent player is measured against. I do believe that Russell is the "hot" name right now due to his back-to-back showings where he tore it up in S19 and looks to be doing the same in S20.

The bottom line to me is that Russell should never be considered the best ever until he wins the game. People overlook the very crucial aspect that makes a contestant great and that is to play a cutthroat game that could tick off a great number of people but at the same time earn their respect and their votes at the end. Russell failed miserably at this in S19 and if he is not careful, he will be doing the same in S20. Now if Russell wins heroes VS. villains, than he has my vote and the title. But again in my book you can't reward someone with the greatest ever label unless they have the million dollar check.

What are your thoughts??? I would love to hear some dissenting opinions.

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