Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Things Are Getting Ugly With Russell and Soon To Be Ex-Wife

Came across some interesting info today. Its been an open secret that the boot lists of Survivor Heroes VS Villains has been completely spoiled and have been circulating around the Internet since last summer (this critic still hasn't seen it...NO SPOILERS HERE!!!). Since the sam thing happened in S19 (the other Russell season), it became fairly obvious that Russell or someone in his inner circle had let slip the results. Well apparently a poster by the name of missaya (forgive me if I misspelled his/her name) has been the chief spoiler on other Survivor message board sites and through it all had spoken very highly of Russell's game and how he is the best player ever. About two months ago the posts from this person suddenly stopped and within the last few days started to appear again. From what I have been told (and again I dont peruse the spoilers) is that now this individual is blasting Russell at every turn and ripping him to shreds as a person. Interesting. Could this missaya person be Russell Hantz' soon to be ex wife Melanie? Melanie....Missaya....close enough. Why the sudden change in opinion of the man????? Well since its no longer a secret that the Hantz' have begun divorce proceedings, (of which you heard it here before most sites had the info) it would make sense that Melanie Hantz would have an ax to burn nad relish the opportunity ti blast her ex-hubby.

What do you think? If this poster really Melanie Hantz? Did Russell get what he deserved in having his wife leave him????

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