Friday, April 2, 2010

Awesome Secret Scene From The Heroes

Just got done watching the secret scenes that are posted at the CBS web site (the ones that end up on the cutting room floor). The one that really stood out big time was centered on the Heroes tribe the night of Day 17. Candice, JT, Amanda, and Colby were all sleeping when Rupert decided to go out into the jungle and look for the idol. This obviously goes against the agreement made between all the heroes at the reward feast when they decided to look for the idol together. Needless to say, Candice ventured out soon after Rupert and according to Amanda was gone for two hours that night.

Rupert is soon joined by Amanda in searching for the idol and they start to work together to find it. At that point Candice comes marching in accusing Rupert and Amanda of being underhanded and violating the tribe agreeement. She even goes so far as to demand Rupert and Amanda empty their pockets. Not to be outdone, Amanda fires back at Candice and accuses her of having the idol since she was unaccounted for for two hours. Candice immediately denies this and than we are taken back to the camp where Amanda continues to pepper Candice with accusations that she has the idol. At this point Candice starts to cry and immediately Amanda is struck with the notion that she has taken things too far. She hugs Candice and apologizes for what she said. They both begin to chat about JT and soon realize that he is in tight and making promises to each of them, along with Rupert and Colby. At that momemnt, Amanda and Candice decide that JT is being too sneaky and that if they lose the next challenge, he is the one that would have to go. Candice even goes so far as to suggest a secret alliance with Amanda who seems lukewarm to the offer. The best part comes at the end when Candice says, "Even though I don't trust you, you skanky little hoe."

-Whoah this was certainly a big piece of video worthy of being shown in the episode. I wonder why it didn't make the cut. There is certainly a lot here. It looks like JT is now being targeted which I think is right. He has been playing way too many sides and sooner or later it will blow up in his face. The girls are onto his ploy and thats a bad sign for his chances here.
-It does seem suspicious that Candice was gone for two hours if Amanda has her calculations correct. What was she doing? Was she really looking for the idol? My gut says no.
-Amanda is certainly hounding Candice. There is no love lost there. However the idea of them working together makes sense. They are the only two girls left in the tribe and they both have an ax to burn with JT it seems.
-Rupert surprised me with his decision to start looking. The video is grainy as far as whether he was doing this to be sneaky (as he was shown working with Amanda). However this goes to show you how the heroes are not the tight "Fantastic Five" they are making themselves out to be.
-Candice is certainly susceptible to the waterworks. This is the second time she has cried in the game. Get the girl some kleenex please.

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