Saturday, April 3, 2010

Heroes VS Villains Tidbits

Just a few things to get to this morning. First is that on one of the bonus scenes from the CBS website, Russell esposes on how he thinks Courtney and Sandra are two of the weakest players in Survivor history and that they shouldn't be in the game. I totally agree with him on Courtney but he is way off base with Sandra. Sure Sandra is not Michael Jordan when it comes to athletic ability but she has the one thing Russell fails at miserably and that the winning one million dollar check signifying her status as Survivor champion.

For sure Sandra was not overly impressive in winning Pearl Islands but the fact of the matter is that she got there against some pretty long odds. She did enough to sway the jury and ultimately has bragging rights over Russell for the time being.

The other thing I wanted to share is that later in that video Russell throws one last dart at Rob when he says that "He has a new baby at home. She shouldn't even be here. He should be at home with the baby." Ouch! I am sure Rob won't appreciate getting parenting skills from a man who cuddles with a woman 10 years his junior at night when he has a wife and kids at home watching.

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